oh lost oh no But we are looking for a lost toy She’s a figurine used to be on that lamp in the window name’s Bo Peep Bo Peep. Oh, yes. I know Bo You do hop on in we’ll take you to her Grab well Okay, this is the scene where woody meets Bo Yeah right nine years later in the playground and so we’ll start here where Bo over here is that we stole hell. Yeah. Yeah subtitle by redhoodyperson And if you remember the bow is lost girl outside. So she has no idea what he’s past And this is what he’s she’s learning about that no, no, no No, he he went off to college but he gave us to Bonnie. She’s this you have a little girl no way Yeah, yeah, it’s why I’m out here Her other toy is trapped in this antique store and I have two second-chance antiques. We know that store That’s great. That is great. If you know the store you could really help me find him Let’s try one more way where you’re really flailing here for she’s gonna walk away. Oh Okay, these are this is every attempt to try and pull her back to okay, she’s done She’s not gonna go do it and I have to I have to pull out the heavy artillery. Okay. All right No, no. No, but hey, but you see body needs him just like Molly needed you you like that upper register. I still have since 95 Still have a squeaky thirteen-year-olds voice. They say it’s gonna change one of these years. Well, that’s woody, right? There’s a great woody line here which is but he gave us the body Bonnie needs him to get through kindergarten Look who jumped 40 school buses and landed back into my life. Hi Duke Who’s the cowboy Duke meet? Woody? What do you mean Duke? Kaboom? Canada’s greatest stunt man, huh? Oh, yeah, huh, huh? Yes, huh – hold on one more. Oh Yeah, great sooo, one more and the same kind of idea where Duke is just reciting the commercial It’s constantly playing in his head there, right? But do you want do you want Duke doing the commercial or do you want what the Duke? Like should I be doing the voiceover of the commercial like Duke? Kaboom Canada’s greatest stuntman, but if it was the commercial Maybe it would be different like Duke kaboom. Canada’s greatest stuntman Look who jumped 40 school buses and landed back into my life. Hi Duke Who’s the cowboy Duke woody? Uh Duke meet woody woody mean Duke kaboom Canada’s greatest stuntman, huh? Oh, yeah ha ha Ha ha he’s posing Duke Duke. We need to hold on one more. Oh, yeah What brings you back Pete we need your help Gabby Gabby has his toy and my sheep no Billy Goats Gruff Those are my girls. She thinks he is. Yeah, he’s been she lost a while exactly She learns that he has a kid still look no later on seven Fantastic years 7 you would not believe the things that I have seen when you’re talking about the rag doll He told you about it’s like you you’re telling her the secret you guys had talked about him right gossips about him over the years Is that a whisper? Yeah, looks like she’s alright on her shoulder. So you’re just being you don’t want woody to hear it Whoa, who’s this? You remember the rag doll? I told you about the cowboy Yep. No way don’t stare. I’m totally staring Woody this is giggle, Mick dimples Hey Nice find girls. Where do you get all this stuff here and there, you know some kids play rougher than others So I try to be prepared. How long have you been out on your own? Seven fantastic years seven, you would not believe the things I have seen All right this is giggles intro into the film and Woody has just met with Bo and now if I was gonna introduce cables to would Ethan gigs Yo, come on out. There’s someone I’d like you to meet be right down So what’s the situation we had an out of town or whoa, who’s this you the ragdoll? I told you about the cowboy. Yep No way Don’t stare I’m totally staring. Okay. Let’s try one more where When we’re here with giggle here. She says what’s the situation she’s in full police officer mode And then when she sees woody she snaps right out of it for what? Who’s this? Okay, that’s the same thing where She realizes he’s a cop. She goes right into his shop and top talking shop with him. Got it. Okay, okay Perfect gigs yo, come on out there someone I’d like you to meet be right down What’s the situation so we heading out of town or whoa, who’s this? You remember the rag doll? I told you about the cowboy Yep, no wait Don’t stare I’m totally staring. Whoa you tell me he was a cop Howdy Sheriff Officer giggle mcdhh impuls here and pet patrol from minneapolis. Yeah search and rescue and caterpillars miniature poodles spiders, okay This is the scene. This is the intro of ducky money. Yep. Yep And so just remember that buzz is tied in to the game and you guys are so angry that he’s there. That’s right So I’ll read opposite you with bunny and Buzz. Okay. Hey Lightyear. Hey up here astro boy If you think you could just show up and take our top prize spot you’re wrong. You did roll. You don’t understand. I’m trying to Cheat the system and get with a kid. Yeah, we know no, I need a childish shower you with unconditional love join the club pal Come on, help me get out of here. I’ll help you with Bunny what are you doing? Hmm, I can’t reach a man help me out here. Come on. Oh, sorry ducky yet I’m not a mind-reader, you know, what’s not to understand, huh? You gonna make me say it what With these tiny legs I cannot reach without your help record on the first page If you just be more angry at this guy, like really he’s he’s ruined your chances of ever getting with a kid Right right gosh, dang, you can do with them. Angry Zig me. Okay? This is the one in the RV we’re just talking about where it’s between Buzz and Woody what he’s sitting there This is the yeah, I think it first learns about the inner voice. Is this it? Yeah, this is it I’m gonna take the next watch Oh keep an eye on porky. No, no No, I need to do this a little voice inside me. We never leave me alone if I gave up What do you think it is who the voice inside? Eeeh who do you think it is fascinating? So your inner voice Advises you what? All right. So this is where Woody has is missing and Buzz gonna go into action here in the RV, so Then on the bed the whispering to each other and Buzz realizes that What he was right thing the entire time there’s a secret mission in uncharted space No time to explain attack. All right, this is scene we’re gonna do next is the the interesting of Gabby Gabby and so woody in for Kia come into the store and We’re gonna start here where Gabby Woody’s talking about Bo Peep. And the first time I see them in person Dexter. Oh, The story’s about to open don’t worry, we’ll take you where no one will see us. Oh, no. No, we can’t stay Yes, you can Bo Peep oh Yes, I know Bo you do hop on in we’ll take you to her Oh, you don’t have to do that Benz mix it up. Oh, well, okay Benson be careful with our new friends Well, I want service. Uh, thank you for your help. I haven’t seen Bo in years May I ask when were you made you you really you’re just trying to get to Figure out exactly what you need and so when we get to page Two well as soon as he’s Saying oh, thanks for your help you go right into Excuse me, when were you made? So like your your goal has completely changed to your own personal goals. Thank you got him in your trap and now you Start picking away out Gee, I wonder if we were made in the same Factory. Wouldn’t that be something I gotta say? You are in great condition. Um, great. Let’s try one more where you’re being very Defiant here. Yes Temper tantrum what? Yes it not that. Oh and then we know you get to here. Like here’s the one thing you do know like this this and this Okay, no, no, I am NOT a toy I’m a sport be quiet I was made for soup salad, maybe chili and then the trash I am Let me give you a different direction, but it’s pretty much the same direction Really try and forcibly to understand that you are not a toy whoever I give you like you he’s been running this for For-4 seems in your knees. Listen, you’re not getting it right. I’m trash Porky porky I am NOT a toy. I’m a spork be quiet I was made for soup salad, maybe chili and then the trash I’m winner I’m trash trash trash Trash trash trash trash You

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