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Beating the record of most-calculated digits of pi

Pi is the ratio of circumference and the diameter of a circle. It begins with 3.1415 and it goes forever. So we use pi for everything in your daily life. Designing buildings, build bridges, highways. Pi is one with most important constants in mathmatics and science My name is Emma, I’m a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform We have calculated 31 trillion digits of pi on Google Cloud Platform. In the past, super computers and desktop computers were used to calculate pi. and today, this is the first time that Cloud was calculated to break the world record. So the biggest challenge is you need a lot of storage. You want to calculate 31 trillion digits of pi, you need approximately 170 terabytes of storage. Thats the equivalent to 2,000 blu-ray discs. And also during the calculation we read and write a lot of data. We read 10 petabytes of data over four months. So in order to download 10 petabytes of data you’d need to spend two and a half years with your home internet. And if there is a single error, like somewhere in those bits the final calculation will be broken, so it’s very important to keep everything consistent. Google Cloud has a mechanism called Live Migration. When there is early signs of hardware failure or when you need to operate the underlying operating system Google Cloud moves the virtual machine from one host to a new host so that your application won’t get interrupted by hardware failures or underlying software maintenance. When I was a kid, I had no idea that I would one day like break a world record. No, no it’s been more than 20 years since I first met pi, and thought of calculating pi. and I was able to download the program to calculate pi on my computer. I studied computer science in university and I joined a lab where one of the professors were a former world record holder. He said from engineering standpoint, it’s not really useful to have trillions of digits of pi. You probably need up to 20-30 digits to send rocket to space and you won’t need more than that. From computer or software standpoint it’s really interesting to do more digits.[What would your professor say about your new record?]So he’s very, I don’t know how to put it, but mentally consistent person, like he lacks strong reactions. I think they would be excited.

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