brother most horizontal backflips in 30
seconds I’m ready Let’s do it what is up everybody welcome to another
episode of world record Wednesdays we would break or set a world record every
single Wednesday today I am with the fanatic I found these guys on Instagram
they are super cool we’re gonna do some bat tricks we’re gonna do some trick
shots and of course we’re gonna break some world records here we go this is how a trickshot drug ler throws
a baseball pitch we’re gonna start this video off with a
little bit of a trick shot competition we’ve got the white bucket in the black
bucket the white one the close one is worth one point the black bucket is
worth two points everyone’s gonna start with three balls
good catch the top three will move on to the finals
here we go seems so easy but then watch if you’ll miss I’m like how do you how
do you miss one mister one so I need some more fuel to miss yeah two points
advances all right five of us got one point so
the five of us oughta throw one more ball all right so now three of us made
it again so now it is that the three of us are gonna have two balls – and one of
us is going to head into the fights I need to to to win what would you do
right now leave a comment what would you deal with you would you go to in the
white bucket try to attempts on the far bucket let me what you do I think that
deserves a thumbs up time for the vitals okay the three of us
are moving on to the finals they’ll do a comment contest for who you think is
gonna win Josie Shafie n– or Josh let’s do it position I let you down I’m sorry everyone’s but
let’s see who wins I were taken away the easy bucket there’s gonna see who is the
first person that can make the far one they are the winner for the win you lose
no pressure there’s a few thousand people watching you on YouTube and Josh Jones the winner that’s his
name tall so Josh come on baby before the next thing every single video I’ll
give out Instagram shoutouts to people that follow me on Instagram and like and
comment most recent post per chance when Instagram shout out comment three
baseball emojis on my most recent post thanks every time is about to attempt
our first world record for this video you guys have maybe seen people doing
the the bat flip switch I have tried this a couple times and it’s a lot
harder than I thought Abraham is going to try to set the world record for most
horizontal backflips in 30 seconds sir you ready I’m ready let’s do this I definitely can’t do that a beauty can
send me a video of it because it’s pretty difficult but there’s more that
came from here we go you guys are enjoying this video and love other
sports videos make sure you check out whistles sports they’ve got tons of
crazy video subscribe to their channel while you’re over there it’s a good time
alright the guys are getting warmed up for the next World Record we’re gonna
try to set the world record for the longest pitch and hit of a baseball so
basically it’s gonna pitch it way from the outfield to the hitter at the
batter’s box should be good how you feeling about this record I’m
about to get it you’re going to get it yeah how many attempts first first Wow that is today’s video everyone thank you
so much for watching give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe
these guys on YouTube they just started their YouTube channel so make sure you
check that out and make sure to follow us on Instagram let’s go fanatic 5
that’s all we have let’s go well let’s not go to the beach let’s go to the
baseball field we’re inside this beat-up not every time
I’m perfect we’re gonna start

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  1. WHO IS PUMPED FOR SOME BASEBALL?! This was a super fun video – be sure to check them out on Insta – that’s how I found them. If you haven’t yet – make sure to subscribe! I’ve got some awesome stuff lined up. The next episode of World Record Wednesdays will feature Venom Trick Shots (The Billiards/Pool Trick Shooter from the Dude Perfect video) and the following week is a bit of a surprise…but let’s just say it’ll be…AMAZING. Congrats to JrBandProductions for winning this video’s juggling balls! Like/Comment early for your chance to win EVERY SINGLE VIDEO! Click that bell so you’re notified when I post! 🙂

  2. I've been subscribed to your channel for 4 years and you've always made the best videos but that's amazing and then that has to be the best one yet

  3. Bat flipping that fast and with such control is nuts, as was the intro and montage. I’d say Taylor hit a home run working on this one. Great job by all!

  4. @Josh Horton I love watching all your videos. And you've done a lot of sports videos. Can you try and do a bowling video?

  5. I’m excited for the following week. I’m curious why it is a bit of a surprise. And can’t wait for the video with Venom.

  6. Hmmmmmmm……….., I think Shafin will win and Josh Horton, my favorite boi will win, like if anybody wants him to win


  8. That intro was so 🔥 Thought you were going to take home the gold on that bucket game though Josh 😂 Awesome World Record Wednesday once again! Can't wait to see what's in store for the next episode!🙏🙏🙏

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