Hey everybody, we’re here with another episode! I’m King-chan! This is An-chan! We’re with Yummy Japan I’m guessing An-chan has another surprise for me today We’re in Gotanda today at a shop called Da Capo what does that sound like to you? Sounds like a fancy, classical musician! You’re in the right boat, it’s like a CDs and records shop but I also have another surprise for you today OK…we’re at a CDs and records shop to EAT?! Let’s do it! I’m down! Do you have any clue what Taiyaki is? I have no idea>:( It’s in the fish world… …fish??? I’m kind of scared!!! It’s not what you’re thinking, though! There’s a little twist on it. OK, I’m kind of anxious, kind of excited! I don’t know WHAT I’m feeling right now! Let’s do it! Hello! Welcome! What would you like today? What do you have in store for me today, An-chan? Let’s episode, you had a nice little TREAT for me! I definitely have something up my sleeve this time… So why so many CDs and records? Don’t worry, we have subtitles for you! Amazing! So listening while you eat! That sounds pretty fancy to me! Let’s eat! Let’s do it! Alright guys… So we’ve planted this seed that King’s going to eat fish buy Taiyaki is a stuffed pancake with different fillings we have bacon and eggs we have red beans and sweet potatoes we have a bunch of stuff, custard, we’ll just try different things! Here it is! OK NOW I’m excited!!! Let’s dig in! I’m read to eat! Do you have any idea what this is? It looks like some kind of pancake or something Yeah, Taiyaki is like a stuffed pancake We have some different flavors so I hope your tastebuds are ready! I’m definitely ready!!! These are the fishies you’re talking about!? I don’t think these can swim… So the first one we’ll have you try is called Tai-Tama Whoaaaa Itadakimasu! Do you see this?! Bruh?! *tears of joy* Whoaaaaa Oh my GOSH What are you tasting? Mmmm, I’m in heaven! It looks like breakfast in there! It’s definitely breakfast in there, I taste bacon something green, egg something creamy… not sure what but defiitely some kind of creamy taste So you’re correct, the Taitama actually is bacon and egg with spices and little green in there as well. So you’re correct. Let’s FINISH HIM!!! This is one of the best fish I ever tasted!!!! Oh my goodness… That’s me floating like a cartoon! So next up we have Taiudon Do you know what Udon is? NOODLES! This one is a special one it has a nice surprise in the tail That’s an iNtErEsTiNG SPOT for a surprise to be… I can’t tell you WHAT the surprise is you’re going to have to see for yourself. That is definitely very good!!! Kind of spicy!!! But I have the tail so I’m interested in this surprise… It taste like a …. **SECRETTTTT** Sweet taste! A very sweet taste! A very sweet, delicious taste! Umaiiii There were no noodles inside the Taiudon There’s a special story about that they actually source the ingredients from a local curry shop NAMED udon So it’s a play on words. That’s some art right there. Some jokesters!! Oh my goodness!!! Creamy heaven! Mmmmm whoa!!! Where’d they create THIS at?! Definitely sweet. Very sweet. We’re eating dessert a little early, huh? Yeah!!! I appreciate you!!! I’m definitely lost for words! Oh my goshhhh So next up, we have Chestnut! You can only get this one in the Autumn season OK, so it’s seasonal…. let’s check this out… It’s like a sweet potato Perfect temperature. Almost like an applesauce type of feel. Applesauce type of filling. Very sweet. Would you put this in the dessert or….??? Not sure! This one’s definitely a tweener. It’s not fully a dessert I’m in heaven right now!!! So next up we have the special of the day. It’s red bean and sweet potato! OK..interesting… 7 days a week, there’s a new special everyday. So today is the Thursday special. Another sweet taste! I’m getting the bean taste Definitely getting more bean than anything I only learned one word in Japanese so far its. UMAI So for the finale… you’re leaving this one to me??? It’s kind of hot right now. Let’s dig in!!! What are you tasting? Sweet bean taste…. So the surprise is in the tail… I’m pretty curious what’s inside… You OK???? I’m ok…. What is that?!?! Sweet, salty… a little in between… Was it mushy? A little mushy…. I don’t know what it was…. Verrrry salty! Good, but at the same time, off guard. It caught you sleeping? I think it was like a **SECRETTTTT* You ate the whole thing! You dint’t save any for me! That’s what happens when it’s too good! You should’nt hae brought me if you wanted some! Let’s head out… Where’s our next destination?! So we’re wrapping things up today. King got one to go. You know it!!!! Had to! Da Capo… Which is the record shop, they have a few around the city and of course, Taiyaki! Ya’ll should take a visit!!! Definitely. It’s An-chan here and I’m King-chan, here with Yummy Japan We definitely found something good to eat on these Japanese streets. We out!!!

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  1. Glad to see taiyoki with a variety of fillings and not just filled with anko. The bacon-and-eggs selection sounds delicious!

  2. No hate to the current hosts. But the problem with changing the hosts of channel vs just CREATING A NEW CHANNEL. Is that people didn’t/don’t sub to company’s or channels. They sub to the personalities in the videos. These guys would probably kill it if they were on a different channel.

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