Kristoffer Fogelmark & Albin Nedler
Co-songwriters & co-producers Previously worked with Tim on “Pure Grinding” We first met Tim in Los Angeles when he was
working on his second studio album “Stories”. We just ended up hanging there all night, talking
and listening to the tracks and gave him feedback on the stuff he was working on at the time. And at
one point we played some of our stuff that we had been working on. He really loved one idea, that was the
seed for a song with him called “Pure Grinding”. We became friends that night and
continued working after that. My first impression of Tim was probably that he was such a humble and warm person.
You could feel that he almost saw through you in a way. He knew you from the moment you
met him. I think that’s a skill. We started working on “SOS” the second week we
were there. It was the second song we wrote. That was the result of many different seeds going back
and forth. And then when we felt we had it, everybody in the room just started singing melodies. And
Tim was very particular with how you sang certain phrases. He’d have you sing one phrase like 50 times, over
and over. At first, we didn’t really understand, ‘why are we repeating this very line?’.
But then when he finally got it, it was like, ‘okay, now I understand why he did that’. One vocalist we talked about was Aloe Blacc and
we ended up having him on the track too. Sadly, after Tim passed away, but that was the
original idea. It was important for us as well because that was Tim’s vision and they have a lot
of history together since they did “Wake Me Up”. (Making of “Wake Me Up”,
Avicii & Aloe Blacc, 2013) I remember when we did “Wake Me Up”. That was huge! That was a moment that defined,
I think, the real impact that he had on music. “SOS” is I feel really honored that he asked for me. I feel like, “SOS” was a song that was probably
ahead of its time for when he wrote it. And he wrote these lyrics obviously
about some of his battles. I think it’s a really important topic to approach
and to share especially with his visibility and his access to ears and hearts. To give people
the words to be able to say, ‘I need help’. “SOS” was written in parts. You can almost tell
when you listen to the song afterwards that it’s versed, it’s very floating and open
and the chorus gets very tight. Not so much ambience and wet
sounds going on, it’s kind of dry. Then the drop comes which is
like pure party and good vibes. I remember that we were sitting working one night
and he pulled up another song that we’ve been working on and I told him, ‘Man, this drop
is dope, we should have this melody for the other song because it’s way better.’ First
he was like, ‘No, I don’t know about that.’ But I convinced him, we tried it and then he
looked at me and said, ‘Okay, you’re right.’ It’s such a shock when that melody comes from
nowhere and it’s a really cool addition to the song. I’m really happy we did that. It’s kind of a miracle that we managed
to get Tim’s MIDI information. So everything we hear is him, actually playing. It’s crazy if you think about it, that we could keep it
the exact same way that he played the song. And that way it is never wrong. We didn’t have to recreate anything.
That would have been impossible. Here’s the MIDI information from
when Tim first played it. These are the actual notes. That’s the drop melody. All his notes, all his particulars, everything
you hear on this version was Tim’s vision.

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  1. I wish I was there to say to Tim,

    "You have a million fans out there. More enough to felt loved. It must be hard to live on, but we can give you a million reasons why you should live on. But we would not stop what you want, we are just saying we will miss you when you are gone."

  2. I really just cried after seeing this
    Avicii was truly a GOAT
    he will be a major missing in the world of djs and in the world of edm
    You will always be remembered in our hearts and will always have a place in our hearts tim

  3. How can you dislike this? It's awesome to see how they produced it and how they really try to finish it in his legacy!
    Song is amazing!

  4. 日本語訳をつけてくださった方、ありがとうございます

  5. Son: why do beautiful people die so early?
    Mom: when u go out in the garden what flower do u pick?
    Son: the most beautiful flower.

  6. We still love you your here in our hearts mind n music…unforgetable n send brave guy.. 💔Joanne uk…x_x

  7. Thank you for telling the story behind. Loved listening to them talk sincerely, Kristoffer, Albin and Aloe… and watching Tim, Tim of course. Touching and sad. But at the same time the music Tim created cares in itself the hope and the promise that all will be bright. That is the most important, this uplifting feeling of hope it gives you.

  8. It's like he was asking for help when the industry was "eating" him. Such a shame that they didn't protect him enough. These big sharks are very dangerous, sometimes. Tim, you'll live in our hearts forever. ◢ ◤

  9. Who’s cutting onions 😭😭, everyone misses you Tim / Avicii “ The Legend “ who will NEVER die . God just needed a new club and he chose the best DJ ever to be the BOSS ⭐️⭐️🤴🏼King AVICII of EDM 👑❤️👍

  10. Let's show our gratitude by making this the most liked video on you may you soul rest in peace

  11. I miss you so much Timy
    Can you hear me !? 😢🍃🇸🇪
    greeting from 🇧🇴

  12. World: Avicii?…

    Avicii: yes..

    World: close your eyes….

    Avicii: OK…

    World: what do you see?

    Avicii: Nothing…

    World: that's us without you😢

  13. SOS which means ""Save our Souls"
    The message of this song is dedicated to God regarding his struggles.
    Tim didn't killed himself, someone sinister was behind it.
    RIP Tim! Rest in Peace in Paradise with God. <3

  14. … 😍 🆘 This song is absolute F I R E 🔥 Doing a Cover on this was so special‼️♥️

  15. I can not afford to talk about my troubles when it is really painful.
    Because I can afford to talk about my troubles.
    I want you to have an environment where you can consult even a little.
    So I want to contribute to be able to improve the environment by buying an album.

  16. "My father told me one day you'll leave this world behind,so live a life you'll remember…"
    "Not afraid to close my eyes…"
    I can not believe how SOS was unfortunately true for Tim's future

  17. I can't believe these unfinished songs were about his troubles anf about "putting his mind to rest" when i heard this song on Pandora, i was like wsit a minute… he has more songs! And the lyrics of SOS really shook me up because i learned recently before that he committed suicide. It's beautiful to hear his amazing voice and the music he created in 2019.. thwnk you for making this album

  18. Was this one for his fans? Are we the part time lovers? Did he want to find away to keep us close with his music despite no longer touring?

  19. やっぱ天才やな

  20. everytime i think of Tim and his death it breaks my heart. It reminds me the we will be gone too and we should do some thing. Like literally this past week daily i have been thinking about Tim and what i should to to make my life great

  21. It's bittersweet that we have these clips where we get to hear the stories behind Tim his music. It's nice to hear how these songs started and developed, but it feels strange that the main artist isn't there to talk about it. RIP Avicii, I hope that you're somewhere else and know that people look up to you and your songs.

  22. Avicii will be loved for generations following previous amazing artists. Let us stand together and keep Avicii's dream running strong. Live long and Prosper.

  23. it's so sad how they are still milking him after his death … they caused him to kill himself from the pressure .. and now they dare to still continue to make money off of him …. the music industry is so cruel

  24. 字幕つけてくれた方神すぎる…ありがたや…

  25. "When i was 16 my father told me you can do anything you want with your life, you just have to be willing to work hard for it" ~Avicii

  26. Man I miss him and I never met him. Wake Me Up came out when I was real heavy into drugs and the only thing that kept me sane was my love of music. That song really spoke to me and now SOS coming out with Aloe Blacc singing on this track as well is really special. We miss you Avicii. ❤

  27. Every word you are about to read is completely genuine. Please note that I'm not here for likes, nor subscribers, but for the wonderful artist that is Tim Bergling. We miss you Tim. As they say, Legends Never Die. #AviciiForever #LegendsNeverDie

    "He said one day, You'll leave this world behind… So live a life you will remember… My father told me when I was just a child, these are the nights that never die…"

    R.I.P Tim.

  28. Great song and as dedication to him and the song and artist I will be singing wake me up, which I know and love 💕

    On my return to of my relaunch of Evolution coming soon on Facebook

    To keep his music alive I also have got permission to remix his tracks

  29. Sos is shit. They lied that it was Tims vision, but actually Tims vision was ”in your arms” love song. Not a song about asking for help. I hate music business.

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