“Heaven” was a record that was made during
the Avicii/Coldplay sessions when Avicii was producing for Coldplay. It’s another one of those
records where we’d always been meaning to get to it, and we had kind of checked in with
Chris Martin and the Coldplay camp, and the timing never quite lined up, and it didn’t really
bother us because we had other records we were putting out. It just sort of – kind of like
“Heart Upon My Sleeve” – it was a record that was around and that we knew we
wanted to finish, but it wasn’t urgent. With Tim’s passing, it became urgent,
sadly. Both to us and to Chris, and when it all happened, they reached
out to us and were unbelievable. Great, how’s it going? Great man, it’s really great. Have you met Tim before? Oh, dude come on. We have written like six songs together. Oh, great. That one, it’s so nice. Yeah, that chord. Maybe we can use it as a mixed
sound with the “…” before. Do you like it better when its more, with
a higher synth – You’re so talented man. Do you like the synth? What? You like the new synth? Yeah I love it. I visited Tim in the summer of
2016 when they rented a castle south of Siena in Italy. I was
there to go through the six songs for the EP. We went
through all of the songs, actually, and discussed what kind of album he was
working on, and he also had ideas about the artwork. Being close to Florence, he was
into Dante’s Inferno, which was quite cool, and he was talking a lot about that.
He said that he had been in an inferno. He had a break up with his manager
and he wanted to take a new route. Then he played me a song called “Heaven”
with Chris Martin that they had done together, and he said “I want to end the album with
this song. I want it to be the final song. It is going to start at the bottom, you know –
Avicii in Buddhism being at the bottom of everything – and then work ourselves up,
and the last song will be “Heaven.” Listening to the song, I especially
remember the piano. There is a break when the piano comes in
with harmonies and it gets… I can’t sing on pitch, but it’s
so beautiful. It’s like “wow”. That was a very special moment.

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  1. Heaven me recuerda cuando empecé a escuchar a Avicii a inicios de 2012 y es como si estuviese vivo pero dentro de cada uno de nosotros sentimos el dolor de su partida. 💕#alwaysinourhearts TIM❤️

  2. Don’t get me wrong the song is really good, but this is pure manufactured bullshit cash grab. Supposedly avicci would have had a song with Chris Martin and sat on it for a while cause of timing. They just don’t want it to be to blatant they are milking his death with a song called heaven which they probably as a favour to his memory got Chris Martin to lay vocals over an old unfinished avicci beat. And used old footage of when he helped them produce their album and said it was done back then. But notice how you never see Chris Martin laying the vocals with avicci there. Just showing them working on the beats which can be from any song they did.

  3. Amazing I have no words, I’m in love with this song. Thank you to the team for completing it with a lot of passion behind it ♥️

  4. Heaven for me as a fan of Avicii from 2011 is the 2nd best song was released by Avicii after Wake me Up.
    Tim is the BEST ARTIST in EDM EVER and Avicii is the BEST DJ in EDM EVER.

  5. Ese tesoro estuvo guardado por 5 años! No puedo creerlo, se imaginan cuantas canciones que obvio serán un hit avicii no lanzo? Te amamos avicii
    We love u forever avicii💙

  6. I remember back in the days, 2016/17 when Heaven was "leaked", as he described, it was just lying around, and it was removed every month from YT and Soundcloud, and a new version came up every time… Now that it's out i get super chills and nostalgic vibes, even though it's a brand new song. Singing along on it after 1 min of release :))

  7. Been listening to this song for 2 yrs now? And I can't download it anywhere because it wasn't released yet, so I'm really really thankful because you included this in the final album. We miss you, Tim! ❤️

  8. Thank you for giving us these little snippets into the life of a legend. It really blesses my heart every time. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. One of the best song that I’ve been listened, thank you Tim I still missed you brother. 😢🙏🏻

  10. RIP TIm, we will always love you. We made this video for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLM7A8WmXok

  11. Miss you Tim❤❤
    Rest in Peace

    Avicii=WORLD LEGEND~~~
    "One day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.."

    We will remember you forever dude! R.I.P Avicii❤❤..

  12. The song is titled Heaven.
    And that is where he is right now..

    Rest in peace Avicii.. While you might not be here anymore.. You will always be in our hearts..

  13. Sorry but I honestly feel as tho Chris wasn't treating him with respect. I saw this whole thing with him and Chris, and to me it was completely disrespectful! And yes Tim was INSANELY TALENTED, he was at a level that Chris will never reach! Rest in Peace young brother your with Jesus in heaven. May Abba Father Bless and Protect and Provide for you all and your families Abundantly in Jesus Christ Mighty name I pray, Amen❤🌈💪👑🙏

  14. Please Release These Songs:
    – Stay with you
    – We burn (faster than light)
    – Enough is enough
    – Our love
    – I´ll be gone
    – Your love is so amazing
    – Forever Yours
    – Lord (all my life)
    – Unbreakable
    – Dreaming of me
    – Cant Love you again
    – All I need
    – Stepping stone
    – Gotta get up

  15. Sos is shit. They lied that it was Tims vision, but actually Tims vision was ”in your arms” love song. Not a song about asking for help. I hate music business.

  16. Disastrous… Seeing Martin With Avicii Is Like… Where The F**k Is MF Manager And Why's The Late Wasting Time With Chris!? Happy Ha (e)lloween – All Saints Day – Holy Day Of Dead To Avicii… Hopefully, Heaven Does You Good…

  17. I really don't like that I didn't know about his passing,and when I read the comments to ,,The Nights" I saw ,,You sure didn't live for money , and heaven didn't diserve you" or something like this. IN my curiosity combined to,maybe sheer stupidity I researched it, and when I read the word ,,suicide",it froze me,not because I am sensibile to this kind of thing,because I love his music and I was simply unaware.And it KILLS me to this day that I didn't know. Again HEAVEN doesn't even deserve legends like you. I hope your proud of what YOU managed to do here, with people that loved you. I'm so sorry for everyone that knew him and had to hear that he commited sucide.He just didn't deserved to die.

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