the origin of the Titans has been revealed and now everyone is confused so what's up guys Fox in here the brand new attack a Titan episode and releasing this on Father's Day I don't know if that was planned most likely not but absolutely genius so let's get into this go ahead and give a closet thumbs-up and subscribe be sure so to bone notifications to youtube actually sends you my videos so let's go ahead and get started this really is a tacit I didn't road-building the episode you got to get anime Watchers super familiar with this great Marley nation once again this episode no opening it must be another epic episode and let's just be completely honest the previous opening no longer fits that all it would have been really nice that they had updated the opening midseason you know similar to what a one pictures did for sa ola cessation near the end but then again that this is the resource restrain wit studio the episode starting to do y'all for some Marley stoves just to set the mood you got Girish on his adorable sister fail looking awfully worried how fun is this just a second ago Grisha looked extremely excited just a great example of immediately regretting your actions today's are a special attack on Titan episode of the titled daddy issues I mean that day finally you're getting the anime version of where it all began and trust me manga readers are equally as excited you really are getting the warm welcome from Marley this episode and by you I mean the younger I shine the lowly for example this asshole smashing poor Krish and calling him a devil well that's just a good morning in Marley town an important thing here is to notice he called him an alien I do believe this was the first time this term has been mentioned and you're gonna be hearing it a lot from now on in these hackathon an enemy LDS are the group of people who could turn into Titans for younger Asian face face here really reminded me of some of the tacit and dreaded faces from season one as for the blimp scene you really got quite the change in scenario and mood pretty quickly I did love that the enemy gave you an idea of how Girish and Fey got over here to this grassy location especially seeing the change in expressions from a moment ago but then again going from ultra happy to scared so yes let's go ahead and welcome mr. Kruger coming in at the spun in a story being a spy within Marley what this plump buddy Mario come on these guys were totally slacking they were just pissed off Grisha caught them by the way it didn't really matter for the eager siblings Grisha was really a phone for breaking the Marley laws at this point in the story more richest people of the audience living in specialized zones the armband there were already hinted at it in the previous episode because really Krishna's dumbass left their dedicated area without a permit something that his mama should have drilled into his head countless times so you got mr. Krueger giving Krisha beatdown this must be some tight and made of stuff right there and man mr. Krueger did not hold back one bit although perhaps mr. Krueger wasn't too bad I mean he's still allowed Krishna to get a view of that blimp only cost you a street beatdown unfortunately you do have one casualty from this gracious sister Fei let's just say Krishna got the better deal here poor Faga turned into freakin dog food bye Mario I was running how much did he was show up Fay unsurprisingly they cut out a bunch I'm surprised that they even show that wounded arm although you gotta block the body little kids may be watching this next up back at the Jaeger home my god do i hate this chubby soldier sure I had nothing to do with it I just brought her back and went back to work my ass I don't know if it's worse but of course this guy easily got away with murder like it was no big issue the anime definitely picked this perfect voice to make you dislike this guy even further on the flip side he had poor Papa and Mama Jager in their current situation they really were in no position to even question the Marley soldiers nonetheless they wanted a one-way ticket to join up with Fay overall this whole scenario was really helping to feel Krishna's rage against the Morley nation is there really any surprise now to find out where Erin got it from next up the Titan history the anime version you're now hearing about the original Amir Fritz supposedly she made this deal with the devil almost 2,000 years ago that is what supposedly started everything in other words what brought the Titan curse on to earth keep in mind throughout this I won't be saying supposedly since this current one is all Marley's version of history basically being Marley's propaganda against the Odeon people although this really goes back to that infamous quote about history being written by the victors you could expect truth and lies to be mixed here for everything presented in this episode even in the tagging Titan manga the full truth has not been revealed yet anyway from you mirror later came the 9 Titan powers the anime finally confirmed for you here a concrete Titan number 9 Toto Aran currently has two O's Titan powers the hand of rage Titan and the founding Titan he has the female Titan Reiner has a plot armored Titan Zeke has a beast Titan Amir has the jaws heighten the car Titan made a small appearance helping out the Beast the colossal Titan was once burnt and now the almighty power suits with Arman in the one final Titan power let's just say it's currently at Marlee you'll see it in attack on Titan season 4 so like in 10 years getting it to the dark side of Titan history brought to you by the marley history books after ye mir died the titan power was split into nine pieces supposedly the ninth item powers were abused to pretty much rule over everything morally and pretty much every other nation unsurprisingly were a casualty of this Titan takeover the result was this grand Empire called el Dia for this let me just mention I do plan to make a full video on this soon and overall for this part there seems to be a lot of truth here especially about using the Titan powers for one's gain this then gets into darker Titan history stuff regarding the LD and people forcing the people they have oppressed and taking over to have their kids there by increasing the number of L Dean's and subjects of the AMIA on the planet in other words a whole lot of great being going on just drop the gene if you take in any history class you should be all too familiar with the similar stuff throughout our human history as for some of the more questionable stuff papa Grisha mentioned about a thousand seven hundred years or so of ethnic cleansing keep in mind if this was true there would have been no Marty nation or anyone else left he'll almost none of the other worlds now an LD in population should have even existed either at least not without at least a vast majority of them and a majority of nations being at least part LD and blood at this point next up getting into the great titan war ultimately the great LD a nation supposedly fell once the Titan Power said help began fighting amongst themselves this was known as a great Titan war really this massive civil war only involving giant naked people from there's a few takeaways here the first was Papa gursha claiming this war was about eighty years ago in other words almost a complete counterpoint to the previous cleansing that supposedly took place multiple nation is supposedly then how to rebuild themselves and had become a vast majority in a very short time period the second key takeaway the great nation resulted in mari taken control of seven and the nine tides empowers the two titans that are missing was a founding titan and the other one aaron curly has mix up how this all relates to the current story these paths attack on titan seasons supposedly after the morally nation came out on top the royal blood family and elders fled over to the nearby island the king fritz and the royal blood family then made millions of colossal Titans from his people which were used to build the three layered walls pretty much lock in themselves in isolation on the nearby island keep in mind the royal blood fruits family is the race only they got renamed later within the walls they just had to step away using that puppet King for safety measures unfortunately from this great escape the king didn't escape with everyone a good amount of aliens were actually left behind for one reason or another this included the Yeager family as for younger YCJA here you really had a young kid coming to the realization of just how cruel this world really was the sister just got turned into dog food meanwhile the brainwashed Papa was trying to reason this whole situation to him Oh a fire was just burning inside of this Yeager kid Eren can't even compare the truth to the matter is that grisha's Papa wasn't completely brainwashed if anything papa Grisha was fully aware of what was going on he really just wanted the propaganda to work on Grisha that way history wouldn't repeat itself like it just had he was fully aware about the terrible position their people were born into something worth knowing here is a great tight in Ireland the manga time has used in the name utopia the name mentioned this episode is Cohen rakuen in Japanese which means something like the vine island also known as paradise island quite the ironic name actually next up you got a short time skip with critius growing awareness of his ignorance really just more of Marley's lovely hospitality at play too so getting into the dull Krisha you got to see the origins of his medical bankrupt turns out grisha's Papa ran a clinic within Marley I do want to what extent they allowed these suppose that Devils to practice medicine someone could take advantage event for the actual meeting that took place right here another important stepping point for Garissa really not a shocker to find out this undercover group within Marley was trying to plot against their oppressors perfect way to recruit Grisha to aim for the soft spot next up the truth about faith yes it was true the poor girl actually got fed to hungry doggies guru SHINee about Faye getting cured but actually finding out the details you could just imagine that Mario basser must have gotten off this too moments later you have Grisha officially becoming part of Fight Club pretty terrible idea by the way 200 let's just go ahead and brand yourself with user groups logo come on you don't have to make it easy for Marley to find you guys that being said Grisha was freaking hard once upon a time I wonder if Aaron ever saw that mark backs up another key player being introduced VL their whole group mentioned about getting some key information although this had been through the help from the owl within Marley this included getting suppose it historian documentation from the LD an empire that had been long lost this parsha actually reminded to what the interior military police had done and with tech advancement within the walls next up another key here regarding Titan history this time you're getting another version of Ymir's past although to be completely honest this was pretty much Griffiths version of events Grisha claimed that Titan powers are used to advance human lives overall which is pretty much the complete opposite of what Marlee propaganda taught them this right here is a perfect example of people choosing to believe that truth most convenient to them I mean think about it Korea had no idea how to even read this stuff Boresha was basically making it all up as he went along the other guy is didn't even question it talk about being hyped up and living in the moment Girish Amon describes this whole group has chosen individuals and except a key player coming in no not Dena but Dinah the lovely blonde from the firts family so related to historian from her family tree looks like it was love at first sight for Grisha almost a desta meeting of these two by the Titan guns as for Dinah she's part of the earlier people who chose to stay behind for one reason or another instead of escaping to the island she represented the royal blood family branch that was also hiding out within the Marla Nation one day el dia would rise in power they were really just waiting it out hopefully one day their fallen Nation el dia would rise into power again right here they mentioned that she needs some information their family only knew unfortunately the manga and enemy doesn't really do fully into this from the looks of it it doesn't seem like they knew all that much or at least it was on the level what the owl had already told them anyway this Titan Shawn should look very familiar the nine almighty Titans the first time you saw this in the anime was back in the attack of Titus season two ending that was really part of the reason why I would have enjoyed is more cryptic ending for season 3 I mean there's stuff in the season two ending that hasn't even had been explained in the manga yet this now gets into fleshing out some of the early events mentioned recall the great titan war Dinah here claim to know the reason why the king fled as he knows how far the founding Titan has a power to control all the Titans well likely this doesn't include Titan shifters also known as the other eight Titans right here you have this amazing shot of the great item or you can spot the female Titan down there the armored Titan is most likely the one with the shield and the car tendon is super easy to spot to one of these Titan guys has a hammer – supposedly this great Eldeen King refused to fight in the create item war before this war although the families who held Titans were logged into the Civil War for years and years the Titan powers were ultimately lost after the great founding Titan King came into power but for whatever reason chose to flee to the island it's so nice to see this anime like painting version for the cause of Titan – within the walls really a call back to the wall worshippers holding arms in a similar fashion so the right here you have Dyna doubling down on the hey chat or the founding Titan and the other LD ins to run away it is easy to see the reason further hatred although so many details of that war are pretty fuzzy it feels like they're passing all of the blame to the Roth family branch who left I mean who told them to stay behind or they restricted at this point notice two groups and Marly hating the other LDN people on the island which is the people that stayed behind and of course some already nation itself it's also interesting to notice how quickly Grisha became the leader Frigg over this revolutionists group didn't the guy just joined recently already calling the shots this definitely take o Dinah's fancy I mean wow blushing in tears chrishelle was super effective Dinah's super soaked next key player up a song of Jager and royal blood his name was ich tun tun tun finally revealed for the enemy the beef tendon wasn't Grisha but Grisha son this does mean the beast Titan is Erin's brother half-brother complete with royal blood you definitely don't want to mess with this monkey onii-chan before moving on I do have to mention Zeke and Aaron's earlier conversation on the rooftop there Z claimed that both of them had been corrupted by Grusha that both of them were victims of that old man and before leaving Zeke said that he would one day save Aaron at least for a gracious side of things keep in mind how much more Grisha was focused and happy about Zeke being this child born of royal blood then that infamous family portrait already at this point and seek wasn't looking all too happy or maybe the guy was just sleepy I don't know at the Rayleigh's dine and grisha's still seem like a happy couple one day we'll take back our rightful birth right if only we had a couple of dragons anyway going into the next key point of this story you got the beginning of the warrior program at morally this was ultimately how Reiner Annie and the other guys turned into warriors Marley currently held seven and the nine Titan powers why not take advantage of these LD and Devils and use them in wards let's just go ahead and use our almighty Titan powers to get the founding Titan on the island don't worry it'll be a piece of cake of course he had Molly's reason for this supposedly the founding Titan king wanting to attack in the near future but from the owl came the real reason the great marley nation had become this powerful war power using the power of the titans they controlled unfortunately over time they would lose their advantage technology advanced ministers around the world meant that they had maybe a century perhaps even decades left at one point or another emmonak wouldn't be able to rely on their titan powers to have this advantage ultimately funny enough this actually turns into a tale of morally wanting that titan oil located on Paradise Island the founding Titan would just be a nice bonus in other words that whole Marley public reason for the warrior program was fake the barley nation really just wanted to get ready Annette fans in reality the king did leave a message but that was over eighty years ago if anyone tried to invade the island people to use a million so colossal Titans to wipe out everything on earth for others they showed that very familiar cause will Titan shot from the attack on Titan season two ending for Gretchen dinars group this surely meant they were in competition with the marley government to retake the founding titan which one of them would be first of course via zeke enrolling in the warrior program this created a close opportunity for them to sneak someone on the island and for Zeke here oh the foreshadowing playing with the monkey toy also a horse and some fallen soldiers nearby really reminds me of the recent devastation the Beast heading cost' for Irwin in the survey corps oh and does history repeat itself just like krishna's Papa did to Grisha Grisha was now doing something similar with his own propaganda tour is a young Zeke let me just mention here there is a side of the story for the young Zeke if you are interested I have a full video diving into the bees tank tonight what makes a guy tick definitely check that out afterwards keep in mind the season through the enemy is not gonna be able to reach that ultimately you really have this strong peril of the young critius situation Zeke was being forced by his parents into this position to lead the alien people the poor kid did not have a ultimately this resulted in Zeke rebelling against his parents and backstabbing them goodbye Papa and Mama thence we're not letting me see the damn blimp ultimately crusher realized that since he was committing all too late for this shot notice a couple of things Tom from the previous episode is holding on to young Zeke Zeke right he actually got left behind in the care of his grandparents part of Zeke turning in his poor parents to the marley government was his grandparents being spared an except like the anime jump directly into Krishna at Paradise Island at first I thought the enemy cut out crushers torture scene well almost really can't show you giris close to Titan being sliced off and also his fingers being made into hot dongs anyway at this platform right here they actually saw this back in attack Athena season 2 via humours flashback the Ameer flashback was actually supposed to happen in the next episode or two but it got moved up drastically at the time for the enemy I recall that causing some people to think the king was using his royal as power to keep fueling the outside with Titans as for Grisha here mr. krüger makes a return the guy was Dilys so hood you're in charge of punishing Eldon's what a fun job that must have been even the other fun mario brother returned you got the guy going from turning little girls into a dog chew toy to sparta kicking LD inspires into the devil eyelid just to rub salt on the wound to this iconic line from mario you are free next up here's a fun fact all of these LD and restorationist you actually seen the before there were many of the Titans seen in the Tron start in season one the easiest one to spot is the santa claus tightened at 8 Aaron I'm gonna be doing a deeper comparison in the changes video coming up next step on the chopping block dinah for this this scene definitely hit me way harder than the manga version it almost had me choking up for these guys the voice acting was perfect so you got Kruger keeping Dinah from being virile blood a secret when Krisha was being tortured he actually spelled everything hoping that they was spared Dinah but nope Mario must not know the secret of this blonde as for the Dinah Titan it doesn't that Titan have a lovely smile so you have an ex revealed this episode tightened Dinah was actually the one that a curse shows other woman man later also snagged on on kahana's so looks like even in titan mode Dinah was desperately trying her hardest to get back to Grisha well she got close she kept on running into eren jaeger battles does mean that Aaron killed his stepmother anyway back in present day he got me Carson Aaron's serving time for barking at captain Levi it turns out everything you just witnessed it really was ever in reliving critius moments which is really the stuff unlock recently due to his father's basement books right here for the English enemy Arman noted Aaron mentioning Who am I which hiding was really missing the point of what this meant in Japanese or my notes here how Aaron switched to using the word washy meaning I definitely more formal Aaron throughout the series has used a way more casual audit the only time Aaron really spoke more formally was anytime involving Levi Aaron's usage of watashi here really helps to hammer down how much gracious memories had been affecting him mentally whenever Grisha was very desperate on the island he kept on going back to what ah she by the way you really just have to love me cos on this shot she's sporting this awesome new bed hairdo she's just asking for a head pant come on Armin deliver anyway back to Aaron wrote playing as Christian dreamland that Mario major here mentioned something important regarding Titans he specifically wanted to make at the rate of 4 meter my legs tighten in other words Marley is fully aware of how much or what about those sutures needed to make a Titan a given size after this you find out exactly what is making this major tick this guy's really just awful deep down for the guy this whole Eldeen abuse was really it's simply a way to kill some time oh it's just too awfully peaceful back at morally I'm not sure why this guy didn't just become a soldier on their front lines the major here also double down on the magical Titan juices those being made from Titan spinal fluids among other things this shoulda meant that if your Titan shefter plus dr. kambou we know saw someone that happened to be a spy handling the Titan juices it really shouldn't have been too hard to recreate the special juices somewhere else anyway getting into the twist mr. Kruger killed his plump body quite the sweet revenge too especially being devoured by a Titan of course we can't show that on screen but back to Kruger or should I say the owl a little bit of blood plus Titan lightning later this guy summon Aaron's almighty Titan so yes quite the cliffhanger at least now you found out the last Titan and Marley that in control where this thing was hiding it anyway getting into the manga two enemy changes from hero and I will have a completely new video out in a few days maybe Wednesday so really just a Highland star with fake and censored partially in the enemy you really had no overall shot oh the poor girl's body even the far shot of a face body was covered up next up is grisha's torture scene of course this whole thing got censored you didn't see them actually cutting the guy's finger or his mini Titan down there I got a feeling my videos gonna get flagged if I even show that on screen then the other major censored the scene they didn't show the majors face being chewed off by that smaller Titan come on that would have been fun I got a feeling they were just saving on animation I mean it's definitely not a complaint based on what they did this episode but they did use a lot of stones so the total attack of Titan chapters covered about – the rest of chapter 86 + 87 three more chapters left for two episodes this is gonna be fun so post down below what do you think about the origins of the Titans is it confusing I'm super curious especially from anime only people was this episode filled with way too much info anyway go ahead and leave a customs up and subscribe definitely check out my manga changes video for the previous episode I'll be having a more in-depth video hopefully this week and I'll see you guys later

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