[Music] assumptions that people make of me are that first of all they don’t think I’m a run a company I don’t dress exactly like a CEO or anything like that I go to work in shorts why do humans make assumptions let’s kind of just check your environment your surroundings you grow up in a certain way of life and you kind of create these ideals in your mind [Music] your name is Elena and this is your story you are 30 years old you are a hair stylist and cultural background latina my name is Brianna I am 28 years old 30 kind of threw me off for a work I am an assistant event coordinator and I am half Hispanic half Caucasian your name is Oscar and this is your story you are 33 years old for work you are a bartender your cultural or ethnic background is half Cuban half Caucasian my name is Simon I am 37 and I run a small chemical company and my ethnic background is Persian but whitewashed I have quite the family I have four younger brothers an older sister and we just grew up in a house of chaos to be quite honest I can no longer be in a quiet room I need to hear the sounds of screaming or punching my dad moved here so that I could be born here and then he started a company to send me to school and all this stuff my father passed away from cancer I took over his Chemical Company I don’t know maybe it’s my upbringing maybe it’s my culture but family is very tight in Middle Eastern world [Music] your favorite toppings for your perfect burger are bacon grilled onions and cheese to work out you go to the gym lift run etc and you do not have a sweet tooth favorite toppings dead on but yes Mayo Oh deal-breaker to workout I do go to the gym and I do lift weights and I definitely have a big sweet tooth yes toppings for your perfect burger would be cheese peppers and no mayo to work out you’d like to go hiking or do yoga and you do not have a sweet tooth for my perfect bird you’re super right about no mail not into that I’m so not into that and to workout I like to like surf dancing and conventional kind of stuff I’m not like a super go to the gym kind of person I have am a sweet tooth Oh like kind of unnatural to be quite honest it’s like what kind of sweets everything the only thing you don’t like is hard cookies that’s a Snapple Factory most middle easterners would want you to marry someone middle eastern and if not Middle Eastern at least the same religion I generally don’t date my culture yes I have been in love before just period I feel as though everyone has their first love you know you find them when you’re 16 years old and you think this is the one and only true love for you and you know as you grow you change when you die Simon here believe you will go to heaven if you found out you had six months to live tomorrow the first thing you would do is be with your family you do not know how you will die the one whose death was the hardest for you was your grandmother when I die I just hope to die hot healthy not from a disease if I had six months to live the first thing I would do is go to a faraway beach in Brazil or the Pacific that I think when I die of cancer it runs in my family I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die of cancer I know I’m gonna die of cancer yeah yeah there’s a lot of cancer in my family and of all the people who have died the one that’s hit me the hardest my dad passed away nine years ago so it would probably be my dad your turn Briana when you die you believe you will die happy and with no regrets and if you found out that you had six months to live tomorrow the first thing you would do is go to a faraway beach in Brazil on the Pacific but specifically to surf and you do not think you know how you’ll die and of all the people who have died the one that hit you the hardest would be your grandpa when I died I mean I hope that I’m happy and have no regrets if I found out I had six months to live that’s probably what I would do Hamid goes I love to travel and just get out and venture the world I do think I know how it will die I think I’m gonna die in a car crash oh really yeah I don’t know I’ve always just had that feeling that it’s just gonna be sudden impact in dunzo so and of all the people that died the one whose death was hardest for me was my father he actually passed away in December oh I’m sorry and I know you had mentioned nine years ago right you’re on New Year’s Eve 2006 at 10:31 p.m. [Music] was he sick um you know it kind of was super studied yeah my dad was like sick for a long time yeah and you never want anyone that you love to die obviously but like when he passed away he’s a little different it was time so it was like a huge relief almost which you never want to say but gosh like seeing someone get sick and for three years was shitty so I’m sorry for your loss oh it gets better all right it’s good to hear it’s super nice to meet you all right so do you want to start no after you ladies first I’m just kidding Briana at the beginning I said that I would date you thank you based on ya pretty hair you’re dressed well and after this conversation and getting to know you I would still date you you seem chill and the beach and we have some things in common so for those reasons I think he’d be fun to hang out with so initially I said I would not date you face up on you know you’re so well put together and groomed I feel like you would take longer than me to get ready five minutes okay oh wow fantastic but after all of our talking and you know getting to know one another I would definitely consider going on some dates with you it could be fun to get to know one another I think it’s natural to make assumptions that’s why all these you know dating apps are so popular because you’re just looking at someone literally and just swiping left or right I am I learned that as much as I like to try and not make any kind of assumptions about people I still do really give people a chance know no matter what cuz you never know what person is gonna change your life nice medium yeah super fun and every motion I’ve ever had in my whole entire life was just focused on that stage right [Music]

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  1. She def didn't find him attractive when opening her eyes. You can tell he really likes her and he is genuine.

  2. The dude is cute 😂 and the girl is really pretty too. They’d have cute kids 😂♥️
    These guys shouldn’t say how they think they will die. Don’t speak such things into existence. The tongue has the power of life and death -biblical

  3. as a person who is from iran (kurdish) i think this man does not act or have the personality of an iranian you know i dont really have a problem with him i think he just acts like it

  4. I mean I can understand why she was silent when he mentioned his father's death. She was already trying not to cry.

  5. She kinda disrespected him by saying "Ladies first. *kekek*" That would've been a deal breaker for me then again she isnt all that attractive.

  6. Am I the only one that wasn't bothered by her not saying I am sorry for your loss? I mean his was 9 years ago hers was two months. And she was OBVIOUSLY sorry.

  7. He looks so well groomed…. dude… he has a basic v, neck basic jeans, basic shoes, shaved head and a small goatee… thats 1/10 difficulty on grooming for a man. I shave my own hair in a minute or less every week, beard gets shaved with clippers every 3 days for around 1 minute. The guy is so low maintenance… how did she come up with the idea that he would take a longer time getting ready than her?

  8. Girl looks at his clothes and decides not to date him but changes her mind after learning that he is CEO!!

  9. how can she guess half cuban half Caucasian, thats like saying half ice cream half chocolate. you can be a nationality like cuban and white.

  10. If anyone said a part of their story was a "snapple fact" I would tell them to look over their shoulder and run

  11. Sooks over been called say 700 days older. WTF girl loose your ego. I’m 45 I don’t care if someone thinks I’m 28 or 68

  12. hahaha i found my first love at 15 and now iam married to that person …iam 25 now… YOU definetly dont cahnge if u dont want to …

  13. Simon:if I die,I’d rather die healthy…

    Me trynna comprehend how he’d rather die…


  14. in all the videos whenever i go to the comment section it always has to be the girls who are rude why cant you ever say something about the guy being rude or just them both?

  15. why he remind me of the man from that movie when he kidnapped the three girls and he was moving weird what was it called?

  16. I feel like this would be a blast to do an just take me out my nerves to speak to the opposite sex in a date

  17. i really don't get americans…, in Europe we don't have dating or other "stages" if the person in front of you makes your heart stop, then thats it you don't "consider going on dates with people" lmfao

  18. I'm not being funny but both Hispanic and Cuban is also Caucasian. How many races do they have the USA? 20?

  19. judging a book by its cover is perfectly normal as long as you dont know the person. just dont act on your judgment untill you get to know the person.

  20. Aw I hope they went out.. sharing grief can be really helpful cuz not everyone understands. I really could have used somone like that in my life. It’s hard for your partner to be there for that & know how to handle it. Much love💕✌🏼✌🏼

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