Around the world… …monarchies are holding up surprisingly well Many are doing more than just surviving… …they are thriving 44 countries have a monarch as head of state Since the millennium only two royal families have gone out of business… …those of Samoa and Nepal… …where in 2001 a murderous Nepalese prince… …killed nine family members, and himself In effect, ending the royal line In the 20th century revolutions and two world wars… …ended 110 monarchies How do you keep a monarchy alive? Queen Elizabeth II is perhaps the best-known monarch She rules over 16 realms and 86% of Britons… …think she’s doing a good job This is partly because she says nothing of consequence… …in public The British royals have also proved they can move with the times… …welcoming a mixed-race American actress into the fold In Thailand monarchs are apolitical, on paper… …but their close ties with the army have legitimised… …many military coups… …undermining democracy Strict laws also protect the monarchy’s image Mild criticism of the royal family, and even their pets… …is landing increasing numbers of people in prison The power-hungry new king Vajiralongkorn… …is less popular than his father… …and some wonder whether the institution… …will survive under his rule In Saudi Arabia the king and his crown prince… …Mohammad bin Salman… …have absolute power Part of the Al Saud dynasty’s success comes from its wealth Riches from oil boost the country’s economy… …creating large pots of money to buy the loyalty of subjects Lavish welfare handouts are used to keep the people happy And well-paid goons are used to keep them quiet On April 23rd the country executed 37 people… …many of them Shias… …for alleged terrorism Monarchs who survive today have mastered the art of tightrope walking The best maintain popular support by staying out of politics… …putting their country’s interests before their own… …and adapting with the times If they don’t… …they risk disappearing for good

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  1. There's a lot of Frenchies in here…. Only if the Monarchy is useful for the public may they thrive.

  2. maybe in a democracy it's possible to have a powerful monarch that can veto and correct the policies of a corrupt, self-serving class of politicians and bureaucrats

  3. The real scroungers and leeches of our society and country. Everytime a new one is born we have to pay for them. As for the bollocks, they bring in more money than we give them? Bullshit! That's now been disproved by the tourist watchbody on most visited places via tourism? It's our galleries, historic buildings, countryside, theatre etc. Time for them to go and work for a living. Outdated, outmoded and as for the utterly ridiculous belief they are anointed by God? Such utter and complete bollocks! We could put the money given to them and their extended family to far better use.

  4. I'm British and no one asked me or anyone I know if we like the Royals, so where did they get 86% ??????????

  5. Vejam a CARA DA BRUXA.
    ELA já morreu e esqueceu de deitar.
    Os Ingleses saquearam o mundo e ainda tem estupidos que aplaudem a rainha da carne seca.

  6. These monsters (royal families) are pedophiles…rapists and murderers and will die of KURU!!!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!!!

  7. Republicans v. Royalists, Leavers v. Remainers, Tories v. Labour, and Andy Murrays Wife v. Andy Murrays Clingy Mum:
    Its nice to see in spite of everything there are still some people with a sense of humour.

  8. The Royal Family are leeches and Harry am his missus have had another sprogg for the tax payer to look after.

  9. In today's modern Brittan thete is no room for monachy. They have no power and bend their own rules to suit themselves. When people are in dire need of food and housing we are paying for royalty to live in luxury. This is WRONG!!!!!

  10. In a monarchy you only need one smart person, in a republic you need 650. God Save The Queen 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  11. I honestly don't understand the point in royalty anymore. Imagine having so much wealth and infouence for doing nothing apart from BEING BORN with a certain surname.

  12. Monarchies are a thing of the decadent past. They represent a coloniel past that we need to move away from and toward the future.

  13. Thank god we never followed those idiotic French and their silly republican ideas. Look at the lack of turmoil in English history compared to France and tell me we didnt do the right thing.

  14. This question has already been answered by a Monarch. No, Monarchies are not a thing of the past. A well educated Monarch sharing the powers and the Head of the government. Just as a US President would do, as head of the Executive branch. In the UK the Monarchy contributes revenue but, by the rules in place. The Monarchy consents to little and takes a back seat, the Monarch can't disclose her/his political leaning and never uses their power. The whole point of the Constitutional Monarchy is to limit the power of the few ie; the Monarchy. We did this by sharing the power with new Branches of government (Legislative,Judiciary and the Executive). The power of the Monarh was limited. However, over the years the goverment has gained more and more power. Essentially creating an Absolute Parliament, rather than doing its original job in limiting he power in the hands of the few. It's not Monarchy that is a thing of the past. It is the State of today's system that is a thing of the past. All limits on power loosen over decades. It is up to the educated and educating to solve these issues in the way the Prince of Liechtenstein has done for this Millennia. Read "The State in the Third Millennium" and the Constitution of Liechtenstein 1862+1921. Good luck to Republicans who want the Monarch gone. History has shown Republics last a while or get destroyed. France is in its Fifth Republic, Federal Republic of Germany is cooperating withe Frenh govt in forming one nation, Elysee Treaty 1963 + Aachen Treaty 2018. Russia is full of nostalgic Communists. Peoples Republic of China is a totalitarian mess, keep ahold of your Social Credit scores. Monarchy and Democracy (Direct/Indirect)will outlive every system.

  15. the royal family do NOTHING!!!! tourists stare at buckingham palace! thats fine keep that! but get rid of the royal family cos they are completely irrelevant!!

  16. Why hasn't the queen stepped in and desolved the parliament that want to take sovereignty away from The Uk .

  17. No – because it keeps the likes of phony " For the people" perverse righteous hypocrites politicians like Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn on our level! Which is where they belong!

  18. Whilst as a committed individual I have nothing but admiration for the Queen, as for the institution itself. , load of b****cks. This anachronism
    Serves no useful purpose except to the weak minded and innately servile, in the UK it has .
    has been emasculated to the point of irrelevance . However, it does serve one big purpose insofar as the establishment is concerned,
    It is the embodiment of Britishness, and a rallying point for those people who need a focus for their patriotism, and social climbers.
    What makes a mockery of this is the fact that duplicitous politicians have for years undermined this concept on the alter of diversity, social cohesion, and pandering to whatever current fad buys them votes. Democracy in the U.K. is under threat as never before , we-have a parliament
    that now considers itself able to ignore the will of the people, they think they are the masters rather than the servants of the people, and the Queen,well says nothing. Her ministers of course tell her that to comment on political matters or to refuse to approve legislation presented by them would .provoke a crisis, well the they say that as a bunch of self serving s*ts. The last monarch to give politicians the finger was Queen Anne, 300 years ago, since then , nothing, but they are good at breeding*like rabbits, There is nothing that British royalty does that Disney couldn’t do as well, difference is they would show a profit, and still bring * in the tourists, The whole show is a scam designed to ensure the continuance of a system whereby the social elite can continue to enjoy a life of privilege, complete with pathetic titles such as lord this and lady that to pander to their inflated ego’s, sad self opinionated people, , give them a cheap gong or phoney title rather than honour genuine people who deserve recognition with something useful such as a financial reward or anything that would enrich their lives, but no let’s keep perpetuating this ridiculous charade

  19. Sorry, the monarchy is anachronical. It just doesn’t seem fair to pay some people money just because they are the offspring of a royal family. They are nothing special, they are humans like us

  20. Yet another article that suggests the recent wedding and baby of a certain Harry Windor was the result of some kind of diversity policy.

    As a Brit, I am not a fan of the Royal Family, but I think that idea is cynical, and possibly racist.

  21. Monarchy should have been done with in the 20th century as it has no basis to exist in this time. One needs to remember what royalty would do to their subjects in order to elicit tax and land appropriation.
    Get rid of monarchy and this stupidity and give back all the money they stole.

  22. The best thing about having a monarch is that you don’t have to have a president. In a constitutional democracy the elected houses can just get on with governing without all the head of state show business attached to monarchs and presidents.
    Other than that they are an expensive nuisance.

  23. After queen Elizabeth Charles should take over and that's it the young princes are not doing Thier duties any more we used to like Harry but he changed a lot not because she's ethnic but she's a liberal activist and if they're thinking of living in Africa to dodge any duties we must call on government to give less of our money to the queen . And all this shit of talk about him being forced to walk Infront of his mum's coffin so what would he have been pleased if he was denied to do so . He didn't think of mum when in America he was dancing g naked .

  24. I vote for a monarchy.the alternative is a president who will no doubt be an ex politician, and as ours are all bent and useless we would be better off as we are..

  25. Calling someone SIR or LORD or your HIGHNESS is a worse form of racism than calling someone black or white

  26. Yes, they are a thing of the past. We are literally awarding god-like status and great wealth to a family by accident of birth.

  27. I’m sure we would survive without monarchs.
    How can I be so sure you might say.
    Well they give nearly as much as they take.

  28. They told us this in the 80s 90s 2000s and now. They run the show don't kid yourself. They are worth a Trillion dollars. And still have power. Plus who do you Think owns BP

  29. These comments are disgusting. Monarchies are great! Long live Elizabeth II! A wonderful woman and a wonderful queen.

  30. I would love for Europe to restore its monarchies.

    I see no point of being a parliamentary democracy if the country is also not a constitutional monarchy.

  31. God Save the Queen! They are not irrelevant as the queen of Britain leads a superpower at best and a Global Power at least

  32. Don’t need them don’t want them.
    Buck house in London where Liz and Co, rattle around in, one of the many pads.
    Yet within hundreds of yards people are living in cardboard boxes!
    Queen of the people , I don’t think so.

  33. They've lived off the people enough, we now have politicians and presidents. Lady Dianna showed potential but that was put to an end? enough is enough. The people have lived in poverty for the monarchy lavish lifestyle. Times have changed and their contribution does not equate.

  34. "how to keep a monarchy"? You don't. They're not for the people only to keep the people in poverty, control and or prison. This program says it all. Anachy and arcaic.

  35. Like everyone else, if you lose your job you lose your house and all that goes with it because people trying to make a living under distressed circumstances have little help from anyone if at all. Money for food even in a western society? I certainly don't have it delivered to my table. I have to go without until whatever can be arranged if? day or days later. I never see at Buckingham; food kitchens for those desperately in need. Invitation only to those who are complimentary to their socialite damenas.

  36. Good question, but you now have to go and find out who and where the devil is, I will not say good luck with your quest, you never wanted to listen and you had ample time to, so it didn't have to be like this but it is to late, I am going to look after my wife and sit back and enjoy the ultimate success of your ambitious choice

  37. Personally I think we should go back to absolute hereditary enlightened despotism.

    The common people are too stupid to make rational decisions,

    I also want my family's castle back

  38. Everyone here complaining about the British monarchy spending tax payers money are ill informed. There's a deal going back a few centuries between parliament and the royals – parliament pays the royal expenditure, parliament gets the revenue from the royals' property. In fact based purely on this alone, the tax payer makes £2 for every £1 they spend. That's an 100% return. So stop complaining and long live the queen.

  39. It's time for Canada to appoint its own head of state. Our ties to the UK, regardless of what pro Brexiteers will say, are fairly ordinary with that of any other nation state.

  40. Why do Americans think they have any say in the right of other countries affairs is the real problem question.

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