Every year, Arctic sea ice grows and extends through the winter. On March 7, 2017, Arctic sea ice reached its annual maximum extent, setting a new record low. A low September minimum extent and a warm winter contributed to the low Arctic ice maximum. On February 13, the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice combined extent also set a new record. Globally, there was less sea ice than at any time since satellites began continuously tracking in 1979.

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  1. You've clearly picked what information to use like a liberal Democrat journalist and have failed to mention that antarctic ice is growing faster then ever, also that global average temperatures are actually decreasing, its a perfectly natural state of the planet, controlled by the sun

  2. This is great news, new shipping routes means less CO2 per trip by taking a short cut. This is great news because there will be more regions to farm as things get warmer up North. This is great news because Polar Bears will have more to eat now. This is great news because that ice has fresh water to decrease salinity. This is great news because now oil exploration companies can get at that oil cheaper. This is great news NASA, thanks, now can you please get back to space and stop wasting money on this crap.

  3. NASA = "National Aeronautics and Space Administration". That's "AIR" and "SPACE",
    not "global warming religious fanatics" association.

    1979 to 2016 = no time at all in geologic time scales. It's been getting
    warmer since the last damned ice age. Before that it was warmer, then
    got cold enough to cause a damned ice age over and over again. There was
    no man made industrial revolution back then.

    In the 80's all the scientists were warning of the coming ice age pointing to all their
    knowledge and computer models as facts. They were all wrong then as well.

  4. I am baffled by the hostility towards Nasa and earth sciences in general in the comments section.
    Sometimes I think we are going backwards with mankind in terms of intelligence; but probably its just because these days everyone can drop their (uninformed) opinions all around the net. Lets hope its just that…lets hope we still move forward.

  5. Ну вот,скоро нам хана!))) Сами виноваты,только деньги на уме! Копали,Взрывали,Изучали не думая о последствиях и не следя за экологической картиной!!!

  6. Да? С сентября покров начал расти. а в марте снижаться. Может потому что МАРТ это весна? А когда все застывало это черт возьми зима?? и в Антарктиде было лето? и потому там не было льдов? Или еще гольфстрим дает о себе знать? . То что происходит глобальное потепление никто не спорит. Но это выдавать за ГП. абсурд.

  7. It is not intended to live on this Beautiful Earth FOREVER… Sad to see and Sad for those who will be dealing with increasing global warming…But HEY…. Who gives a CRAP I love my M///3 and my cell phone and my tablet's and my plastic dishes…. Let's all live in Indian huts and live completely off the land… Yeah right…. That will never happen… Anyway carry on with your devices on ✋ as I will….

  8. Doesn't look like carbon tax is working , we should scrap carbon tax and look for practical solutions like no more travel for politicians .

  9. It's Russian's fault!! The fault of Russian hackers!! Putin is warming up the Arctic personalty by himself!!

  10. Lowest since satellite tracking began tracking in 1979 – pretty small sample for a doomsday prediction.

  11. 1980 : Where ok for the next 7 billion years.


    *Not a hate comment just a joke 🙂

  12. Deniers are unlikely to change their opinions without being.hit over their heads with reality. Ignorance means ignoring facts. Hanging on to views is an egocentric problem. The bigger the ego, the greater the attachment to the view.

  13. Why when comes to show the North Pole and Antartic the NASA showes only with animation film computers and not with real pictures or films from the satelites? And when they show some pictures half . I mean does not seems real with all these tecnologies.

  14. I hope they update this to show the above average ice cover from Baffin Island to Labrador. Currently causing the postponed mission for Climate change by Canadian Coast gaurd vessel. Reason : To much ice and is needed as a rescue vessel.

  15. I hope that NASA continues to show a full balance and scope of the issue both in time scales and spatial domains. For instance, yes this year we saw a dramatic low glacial minimum at both poles – but it looks like Greenland might've seen its mildest net melt in decades? And might see a surface mass balance gain for the year?

    The fact that it seems we only hear of negative news about climate change and never positive makes it very suspect – especially when it has and continues to be used as a political instrument.

    The Democratic Party of the United States has aligned itself with many anti-capitalistic forces and for this reason – for climate scientists to align themselves politically with this party is to also align with so many other political controversies. I will assert here and now based on what evidence I have read about the potential for sea level rise by 2100 – the near-term politicization of science, increasing punishment of the world economy, and deep pessimism constantly bludgeoned in our collective psyche – is far worse than any outcome due from climate change by year 2100 or even 2200 – at least any confident predictions I've studied.

    Science advocacy and alarmism is creating institutional biases – and when it comes to ever increasingly hyper-complex studies, such biases are potentially dangerous. For example – a climate change measure and prediction might lead high energy taxes and thus the slow down in the development of the livelihood of billions of people – the quality of life for those billions then not outpacing world population growth itself – and dramatically increasing the likelihood of substantial military conflict.

    World population must be urbanized for it to become stabilized and the more we stifle global economic development with unnecessary obstacles such as intentionally-punishing energy taxes – we only increase environmental and sociological catastrophe down the road.

    This is why it is so troubling science has become so politicized – though it has led people to become more skeptical of it. No one should ever believe science because a scientist told them to, no one should ever "believe" science period.

    It is the use of the word "belief" within scientific circles, news releases, and "celebrity scientists" which has confused the public. There are no beliefs in science. Only variances of records of evidence. "Scientists believe…" should never be uttered – despite it being so absolutely common – especially in the sensationalist, anti-U.S. press.

    It is up to you NASA to give us all sides and please do give the "positive data" of climate science as well. I am tired of having to find this data myself independently which then only creates more suspicion of the "institutions" which leave it out.

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