the next day record day the AIDA board had sanctioned the dive I woke up and went straight to Herbert's room would he be able to dive how would this film end you I still wasn't sure until I saw Herbert begin his packing technique and breathing exercises we were on for a world record attempt beyond 200 meters setting up 7750 240 meter world record attempt this can be absolutely stunning today I'm more or less relaxed after what he did yesterday I was told it was a good dive and where there were no problem survey the teeth working together pretty good so I touch board it works out this time too he's packin air for the final countdown he's gone diver down moving slowly one-thirty forty 200 meters you three minutes herbert neech had just made scientific and sporting history by being the first man to dive down to beyond 200 meters on a single breath of air good I'm still unbelievable crazy stuff fantastic

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  1. Fantástico, una preparación para esto es algo bien rigurosa y de mucha dedicación el que sabe de esto sabe de lo que escribo, bendiciones por el gran trabajo.

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