– Antonio Brown and
Ben Roethlisberger made beautiful magic together as the
league’s most dynamic aerial connection for upwards of a half decade. Then all of the sudden the
two Canton bound superstars just couldn’t play nice. This is the inexplicably
stupid history of their beef. (playful music) The Pittsburgh Steelers
drafted Ben Roethlisberger 11th over all in 2004 and he
provided immediate dividends, taking over as starting
quarterback in week three of his rookie season and
setting an NFL record by winning each of his first 14 career
starts and guiding his squad to the AFC championship game. He won Super Bowl extra
large for an encore becoming the only
quarterback to ever hoist the Lombardi Trophy before
blowing out 24 candles. In the ensuing years he’d break
every meaningful franchise passing record, get a nine
figure contract extension, and win another Super
Bowl in February 2009. He was an established,
bona fide super star going into his seventh season in 2010 when the Steelers used a sixth
round pick on a little known wide receiver out of Central
Michigan named Antonio Brown. By year two he burst on the scene, teaming up with Mike Wallace
to form one of the leagues top receiving duos, leading
to a lucrative five year extension after just his second season. Once Wallace left for Miami in 2013, Brown and Ben set fire to the entire NFL and by the time the dust
settled on a 2016 season, Brown had posted the
most prolific four year receiving stretch in
the history of the game. That led to another big money extension ahead of the 2017 season
which definitely seemed to cement his status
as a Steeler for life. The first few games that
year were business as usual but then came a week
four trip to Baltimore when Brown broke wide open
for what would’ve been a huge third down play only for Big Ben to never even look his way. Brown threw a temper tantrum
taking his frustration out on this poor cooler. Then a couple days later
when Ben was making his weekly radio appearance he
threw his wideout under the bus for creating a needless
distraction, explaining that, “It’s not like I
intentionally didn’t throw “it to him, I was doing
what my reads tell me to do. “I don’t even want to say I made a mistake “because I was reading the
side I was supposed to read. “It’s just unfortunate that it happened “and it’s unfortunate that he
acted and reacted that way.” You see over the years
Roethlisberger has consistently gone on the radio and
aired team dirty laundry on a public platform and it’s pissed off a whole bunch of his wideouts. After Emmanuel Sanders left Pittsburgh to sign with the Broncos
he went out of his way to note how much better of
a leader Peyton Manning was than Ben Roethlisberger
and noted his discussions with Wallace on the topic of Ben calling teammates out on the radio. – I said if Ben called
me out on a radio show, the next day I would
literally walk up to him in the locker room and say
hey man, like don’t do that. Keep my name out of your mouth. – [Narrator] Legendary
Steelers wideout Hines Ward also voiced similar beliefs
regarding Ben’s leadership as it pertained to those radio segments. – [Hines] You know I just
think he had to take the initiative to kind of do more as a leader, not just being able to call
guys out on his radio show. You don’t have to air it out to the public where everyone can hear. – Things were at least fine
on the field throughout 2017. Brown notched his fifth
consecutive All Pro season as the Steelers won 13 games and repeated as division champs. But 2018 represented a
huge fork in the road for the organization
with Roethlisberger aging and star running back
Le’Veon Bell on sabbatical their window to contend was diminishing. They kicked off the season
by failing to defeat a Browns squad who had lost
34 of their previous 35 games. So tension was already
high when they welcomed Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs
to the big ketchup bottle. Near the goal line, down 12
with just a couple minutes left Brown expected and
wanted that touchdown but Ben had other plans and was
able to scramble for the TD. Brown was irritated even though
his team, ya know, scored. They’d ultimately come up
short and about an hour and a half following the game a tweet from a former team PR
employee threw gas on the fire when he intimated that Brown’s
massive success was simply and exclusively due to the presence of the two time Super Bowl champ
delivering him all those balls. Brown responded with his
first public acknowledgment to the world of his discontent
in Western Pennsylvania. He’d delete that tweet,
but this is the internet where nothing is forever. No putting that toothpaste
back in the tube. Roethlisberger tried to
downplay the situation, showering Brown with praise
and writing any antics off as a byproduct of his passion
and burning desire to win. They looked to put this behind
them and the team rebounded with a six game winning
streak providing a comfortable cushion in the AFC North leading into a week 12 game in Denver. The Steelers were down a
touchdown with just a minute left but this Roethlisberger scramble set them up with a first
and goal on the doorstep of the goal line in what should have led to a game tying score. Instead, when Ben looked
Brown’s way on this third down his toss was plucked out of the air by D lineman Shelby Harris. As he’s won’t to do, Ben took to the radio to publicly broadcast
his blame of the wideout and while he was at it voiced his belief that they should’ve just thrown four straight times to
JuJu Smith-Schuster. Brown shrugged it off as
constructive criticism that he wasn’t taking personally. While Ben spoke to the
media in front of his locker and dug in on his stance
defending his unorthodox and antagonizing methods. – You have to know how to motivate different guys in different
ways and I think that’s part of being a leader, being a captain. Sometimes you have to be honest with them and so I think that I’ve earned the right to be able to do that with
as long as I’ve been here. – Everything was falling apart and it showed on the field. After that painful loss
in Denver the Steelers dropped three of their next four, putting themselves on the ropes and their playoff chances,
which looked like a certainty a month earlier, on life support. Then all hell broke loose
starting with the Wednesday leading up to that final
game of the 2018 season. Former NFL wide receiver James
Jones reported on NFL network that Roethlisberger would
consistently agitate Brown and it reached a boiling
point when Brown allegedly ran the wrong route in
a walk through practice and Ben demanded they replace
him with someone else. An irate Brown then chucked
the ball at Roethlisberger before storming out of practice. Hashing things out would also be tricky with the apparent lack of trust and respect Brown had
for his signal caller. While head coach Mike Tomlin
tried to excuse Brown’s absence by making up a phony knee injury, there was no keeping a lid
on this brewing circus. Brown would go completely
AWOL ahead of their biggest game of the season,
skipping the entire week of practice, including
a Saturday walkthrough and their team meeting that night. Yet he somehow was under the impression that he’d still take the
field and play the next day and when he didn’t he left
the stadium at halftime. They wound up missing the playoffs despite losing only two
of their first 10 games, just the forth time that’s been done since the NFL’s 1978 expansion
to a 16 game regular season. Ben then did his final
radio segment of the season and while he said some nice
things about his wideout, he also made sure to point out
that Brown wasn’t returning any of his texts or calls. About seven weeks later
things reached DEFCON one. See Ben Roethlisberger had been accused of committing sexual assault both in 2008 as well in 2010 and in mid
February Brown had liked a pair of tweets that
alluded to Ben getting away with these despicable allegations. If there were ever a chance
before that these two could bury the hatchet moving forward this was the match that burned
any and all remaining bridges between Brown and his quarterback. But Brown didn’t stop there. The very next day he took to social media to accuse Ben of having
an owners mentality that he can call out anybody he pleases with no means of recourse anyone can take. Their GM Kevin Colbert was
totally cool with it too, even enabling that dynamic and
alluded to Ben’s 52 teammates as kids which only served to underscore and validate Brown’s point. Running back Le’Veon Bell
fresh off signing a long sought multi-year deal with the Jets
explained that doing things Ben’s way was tough and
that management allowed him to become larger than the team. The final straw came
with the March 1st airing of an episode of The
Shop, a talk show produced by LeBron James in which Brown executed a rapid fire verbal assault on Ben. – And all year the dude
call me out, we lose a game he like yeah AB shoulda
ran a better route. – Why would Ben do that? – The type of guy he is. He feel like he the owner. Bro you threw this shit to the D-line. How the (bleep) I’m
gonna run the route wrong. (laughing) Give me a better ball. – [Narrator] The very next
day an interview with ESPN’s Jeff Darlington aired in
which he went in some more on Ben and their relationship. – I would’ve liked for me
and Ben able to be cool, you know what I mean? I thought we was cool but when I think, I been in his house one time, he been in my house one time. You know what I mean? We don’t workout in the off season. It’s like yo, we really wanna win. You think that’s winning? That’s not winning. That’s not a winning culture. – [Narrator] For Roethlisberger,
the man who was never bashful about speaking his
mind and sparking controversy on the radio, had pretty
much gone totally silent with nothing left to do but sit and wait for the end to come. And he didn’t have to wait long. A week later Brown’s wish for a divorce from Ben and the Steelers was granted when they flipped him to the Raiders. Problems that could’ve
seemingly been hashed out behind closed doors were instead exacerbated when taken public. Ben perceived his star
wide receiver to be too hot tempered, erratic and sloppy. Brown thought the two rings
won by his star quarterback somehow managed to make
his head even bigger and felt slighted by a lack of respect from his QB, while resenting the deference the organization showed to Ben. Things quickly spiraled out of control when the two were forced
to coexist as teammates. Now that’s ancient history. Brown hasn’t let his exit from Pittsburgh diminish any hard feelings,
whether toward his old quarterback, GM or even fellow
wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster. Anyway, click here for
more QB, wide receiver beef and while you’re at it,
check out the entire menu of exquisitely procured beef. (playful music)

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  1. I’m sorry I cannot feel bad for a person that acted and reacts like a spoiled teenager consistently. If you don’t want people to talk about your behavior, if you don’t want stories being written about your actions then don’t do those things. That’s just how life is, sometimes things can be unfairly said, but here that’s not the case. AB gets mad when people discuss the things he’s actually done!!!!

  2. who's here after AB
    – asked for a trade from the raiders
    – backed out
    – asked again
    – got released by the raiders
    – picked up by the patriots
    – accused of rape

  3. man i been a pittsburgh fan since i was at least the age of 8..i really wish the “Killer B’s” could’ve worked out. wether it was ab and ben or ben and leveon. i don’t blame em for wanting there departure..

  4. That's what happens when a dude grows up as the star of every team he's played on and never had to deal with real world employment situations. What if you quit everytime someone at work did or said something you didn't like? What are the chances Brady or Belichick don't at some point say something that hurts his feelings? Time bomb!

  5. I think everyone who knows football knows that AB and Ben have huge egos, and AB is quite eccentric but it’s also well known that Ben is a huge douchebag period. Those 2 sexual assault issues in Bens past are real.

  6. I hate th barber shop scene wth Antonio Brown. There are always these giggling black men, laughing at everything the one and only star in th room says. They don't even know what Brown said cos they giggled too quick. Pathetic lil men kissin butt-helping to berate someone by their laughing.

  7. Whose watching this… because… ahh who cares.. damn he is good. Needs to start his own team I guess.. Play Qb and throw to himself.

  8. SB Nation. You just had to add an unnecessary and obnoxious soundtrack. ARROGANT ARSE. WE CAN NOT MUTE

  9. Why cant this man just humble himself and play da game accordingly dis man needs to take a good look in the mirror n look at himself ruining his career hes worse den OBJ even tho now hes calmed dwn a bit

  10. lol national media (like you and this video) was trying to blame the Steelers for the AB drama. Well he forced his way out of Oakland and will be soon be cut by the Patriots, as he was just accused for rape among so many other things the last 6 months. Nice try, but this video is now irreverent and not true.

  11. Lol.

    "If Ben called me out in public on a radio show."

    "I would literally walk up to him and say, dont do that."

    Hahaha Well said. Started off so gangster. Ended up so sad. Lol

  12. Ben might be abrasive and smug.

    But AB is a childlike, me first, clown.

    Great on the field. Nearly the exact opposite off of it.

    Its funny how ABs fake accent changes, completely based, on who hes talking to. Lol. So phony.

    He AB. Lebron isnt your friend either. Im sure you havent even seen him again. Since he was using you on his show. To keep building his name, and keep things growing. Grow up.

  13. AB criticizing Big Ben for paying off sexual assault accusers; what are you gonna do now AB? Pay her off? Take it to court? Either way it don't look good for AB. Of course it looks like she's after some money but that text message looks bad and from reports she is only sueing him for 85 thousand dollars. If that is true then it doesn't look that much like a money grab.
    And what about the crap AB pulled in Oakland? Sounds really familiar, missing practices, meetings, helmet BS, mysterious injury. The only difference is that Carr has been nothing but gracious when talking about AB. Hmmm.

  14. And now AB is with the patriots and he will probably not finish the season bc he was just accused of raping his old trainer!!!!!! Why don’t you add that to the video SBnation

  15. The gem I got from this was Big Ben thinking he runs everything…that’s why the Steelers haven’t done anything even tho they always have the roster to be able to make significant noise. I’m starting to understand the toxic environment in Pittsburg. Once two or 3 ppl say the same thing about a person it’s has truth to it …that goes for both AB and Big Ben

  16. Hes good, hes a scoring machine no doubt.
    But, If u took his first 8 seasons and multiplied them x3, he would have played 4 more years than Jerry rice but still trail THE GOAT by 20 receiving TD.
    4 more years on the field AND STILL 20 TD SHORT. And the last 2 years of his career, Rice only had 5 TD combined.
    *His best 4 season TD total was 63. Actually it's 66 if u count his 3 rush tds.

  17. Very well done history. But let's face it, Ben as well as the Steelers leadership allowed AB to do whatever he wanted including not running the correct routes which caused Ben to have to look for AB. Ben never got full credit for being flexible and instead got criticized by others connected to the team when all along Ben was overall being a good dude.

  18. On topic: This video has gotten a lot more interesting since AB signed with the Patriots.

    Off topic: Good God! Those ugly-ass all-orange Bronco jerseys. WHY!? Stick with white or blue pants with the orange jerseys.

  19. Its not all on AB, Ben has been given too much power. Can't play with grown men like that and play victim. Stop talking about your teammates to outside people. Its like family, you don't discuss family matters to the outside…now AB is considered this bad egg when really it COULD be other things.

  20. Dude a clown big Ben been to 3 superbowls without ab and leveon bell but they wanna act like they were something special gtfoh all these players nowadays are money hungry…why dont you worry about the team and winning championships and I'm pretty sure you'll be rewarded

  21. Antonio ain't wrong to feel like that because as pointed out, plenty do. Big Ben is petty, their best plays are gone, and now he's out for the year. Glad to see you're making sure your kingdom burns with you, Ben.

  22. Well well! As a a Pats fan I'm delighted to know that last season’s drama wasn't all on Antonio. A lot of wide outs are divas but you give a guy a couple of rings early and he thinks he God in an organization.
    As for the stuff in Oakland, it's NOT the 70’s and 80's anymore, after playing for the Steelers would you want to play for the Raiders?

  23. A.B is a piece of garbage. So is every player who gets paid millions of dollars to play a damn game while most men break their back for peanuts or just enough to get by on. Its bs and one of the biggest flaws in America. These athletes are paid far too much to not even be working. Its a GAME. They should shut tf up and just play it. Gettin paid MILLIONS. Grow up dbags.

  24. It’s funny that brown calls out Big Ben for supposed rape allegations then now he’s got allegations against him now. Can you say Karma

  25. And now, both of them are pretty much out of the picture.

    Brown is in New England, and Ben is out for the year with an elbow injury.

    Everything corrects themselves eventually.

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