superbug apocalypse and antibiotic
resistance those are big scary words but how bad is
it really well according to the World Health Organization, W.H.O., antibiotic
resistance is one of the greatest threats that we have to global health
every 15 minutes someone dies in the United States because of a super bug
that we basically created that’s thirty five thousand people a year and around
the world over 700 thousand people die every year now from superbugs and that’s
not even the worst part even though that’s a large number what’s even worse
is what’s about to happen and the World Health Organization estimates that we
will have 10 million deaths a year from superbugs unless we drastically change
the way that we use antibiotics in this video you will learn what an antibiotic
really is how it actually works and when it does more harm than good that way you
can know enough to be part of the solution rather than the problem when it
comes to superbugs coming right up hey I’m Dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
understanding how the body really works make sure you subscribe and hit that
notification bell so that you don’t miss anything what if I told you that medical
doctors around the world are breeding superbugs in the general population in
people like you and me and the people are not informed that they’re part of
that experiment that sound crazy right that sounds like the biggest conspiracy
theory you ever heard and yet unfortunately that’s pretty much exactly
what’s going on it’s not happening because people are evil it’s because
they are ignorant they are uninformed they don’t realize what’s happening and
the seriousness of what they’re participating in and this should be of
concern to all of us because this cuts across men and women all ages all
countries and it’s a growing problem so let’s just start off with some of the
basics what is an antibiotic what what does antibiotic mean well the word
itself means against life all right it’s a substance that kills something
and the good thing about antibiotics is that they kill bacteria without killing
the body’s cells so it’s selective in that sense okay that’s why they were so
revolutionary that’s why it is a miracle drug
but once we understand that they are against life that they kill something we
also have to realize that they can be very destructive and especially when
they’re overused they are very destructive so the thing that they kill
even though they spare human cells they also kill off the bacteria in your gut
your microbiome and since you can only be as healthy as your microbiome every
time that you take an antibiotic you are upsetting the balance you’re killing off
certain strains and you’re allowing other
strains to proliferate and then if you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods
now you’re going to give all of those non wanted unwanted bacteria in a
virtual buffet so you’re further upsetting that balance so because
antibiotics kill things even though they spare human cells they do kill off both
wanted and unwanted bacteria in your body so in your gut you have something
called your microbiome the flora of all the life-forms and bacteria that live in
your gut and you can only be as healthy as your gut bacteria when they are
unhealthy you’re unhealthy when they’re out of balance you’re out of balance so
an antibiotic it doesn’t discriminate much it pretty much just kills off a lot
or most of the bacteria in your gut and then depending on what you eat
afterwards you might replenish the bacteria that you want or the ones that
you don’t want and if you’d love sugar and processed food and grain then you’re
going to selectively feed the pathogenic bacteria you’re gonna feed the ones you
don’t want and they’re gonna start taking over and then if you repeat this
antibiotics course which happens to a lot of people now you’re getting your
bacterial flora more and more out of whack
the second reason not to use antibiotics unless you have to is that it decreases
your immunity how does it do that well the way that you build immunity is
by being exposed to pathogens and then your immune system goes to work to
identify and develop a defense against those pathogens so the more varied
pathogens you’re exposed to and the more that you successfully develop your own
defense against them the stronger your immune system is the more capable it is
but if every time you get an infection you take an antibiotic
then you’re not allowing your body the chance to develop that
immunity so you’re hampering your immune system babies are born pretty much
without an immune system that’s why the mothers milk contain immunoglobulins to
help the baby fight off disease but if you keep giving the baby antibiotics
everything they get a little sniffle it never gets a chance to develop a proper
immunity the next thing we need to understand is how antibiotics work when
do they work and when do they not work so the mechanism by which an antibiotic
works is that it destroys cell walls and it interferes with metabolism and in a
bacterium and bacterium has a cell wall this would be a bacterium and very often
they have a little tail so they can move around and inside they have a metabolic
machinery that’s very similar to what you’re inside of cells look like they
can make proteins they can create energy out of sugar and so forth so a bacterium
is alive and the antibiotic works because it’s against life it can destroy
the cell walls so the bacterium starts leaking and it can interfere with the
life-sustaining processes and the duplication of that bacterium however a
virus is not like a bacterium a virus doesn’t have a cell wall a virus doesn’t
have metabolism a virus is technically not alive so you can’t kill it
all right so an antibiotic being against life has no impact on a virus the virus
is more like a crystal it can’t generate energy on its own it uses the energy of
the host cell a virus is pretty much just a cluster of genetic material and a
few more parts and it uses the energy it uses the resources of the cell it’s
infecting to duplicate that material but it never was alive so you
can’t really kill it that’s why antibiotics have no effect and they are
never ever recommended for a virus the only time they are recommended is for
and bacterium so antibiotics don’t work for viruses and they destroy your
microbiome your gut flora you don’t want to take them unless it’s absolutely
necessary but how does that lead to superbugs
well bacteria just like humans are constantly evolving they’re constantly
adapting their certain mutations there’s certain traits that get strengthened and
bacteria are no exception so if you have an area a tissue that has been infected
by bacteria there’s going to be different kinds of bacteria there’s
going to be a variation in the strains of those bacteria so let’s say that
there be a certain number of blue ones and a certain number of red ones and
they’re kind of the same but there’s slight variations and the red ones are a
little bit more resistant they’re a little bit stronger and then you give
this person an antibiotic and the antibiotic goes to work to kill off
bacteria and which one is it going to kill first the strong ones were the weak
ones right it’s going to kill off the weak ones first and the ones that have
the most resistance the ones that have adapted the ones that have changed a
little bit so they’re not as affected by the antibiotic they’re gonna survive
and now what we have done is we’ve given them a competitive advantage whatever
fuel and resources are available in this tissue there is no competition it’s a
buffet it’s a smorgasbord it’s free for all and now we have selectively bred a
stronger bacterium that’s more resistant and then eventually if we do this over
and over and over and over then these bugs are going to develop into superbugs
because every time that we step in and kill off the weak ones
the stronger a competitive advantage so when should
you use an antibiotic well if it is indeed a bacterial infection you may or
may not need an antibiotic if your body can fight it off on its own you’re
better off without the antibiotic because you’re not destroying your biome
and you’re strengthening your immunity but there are times when the body is so
stressed when the body is so challenged when your immune system is so beaten
down and when the bug is so strong that you’d want to use an antibiotic so for
serious bacterial infections they can be life-saving
and one of the primary examples there may be others but this is the one they
always point out in school is bacterial and seffle itís basically brain
inflammation and this one could be viral or it could be bacterial now if it is
bacterial in an antibiotic will help and if it is bacterial and you don’t treat
it if you don’t get the antibiotic it’s over 70% fatal these people die in a
couple of days and the antibiotic will save their life if it’s untreated 70%
died and the ones who survive pretty much across the board will have severe
neurological damage so it’s almost a hundred percent of people that get their
life destroyed and an antibiotic can help so this is where we want to use it
and that’s why it’s so critical that we don’t use it when we don’t have to so
that we don’t develop the superbugs and that we have the the miracle drug when
appropriate so the only other time that it’s appropriate
besides when it’s life-threatening is when it looks like it could be
life-threatening if something is looking so bad and it’s getting worse quickly
then you may not want to take the time and wait to see to verify that it is
bacterial and that would be a time when it’d be still appropriate even though
you don’t know for sure and so if it looks like or it could be fatal or
threatening then obviously that could be appropriate and that would be a decision
that the doctor would make at the time so this is a huge problem it has been
growing for decades and all the government agencies and the World Health
Organization they know that this is a big deal so they’ve issued some
guidelines and here are the guidelines from the CDC and they say a common cold
is the third most frequent diagnosis in adults it’s by far the most common
respiratory infection and it’s the cause for the common cold that most adults
experience about two to four times per year and in no circumstance is an
antibiotic recommended for a viral infection so next condition is called
acute rhinosinusitis Rhyno means no sinuses or sinuses so it’s like a head
cold basically and this is when you have pressure and stuffiness and stuff oozing
and it happens to about 12% of people every year so it’s like the common cold
is 40 times more common than the diagnosis of acute rhinosinusitis and
then they go on to saying that up to 98% of this condition is viral again
antibiotics don’t work for viruses and then they say that it may not even help
for a bacterial infection even if it’s bacterial antibiotics may still not help
right so the management the recommendations are that if they have
established a bacterial infection then they say watch and wait unless it is a
complicated case so in the small percentage that is actually bacterial
they still recommend that you wait so that’s for the head cold now if it moves
down into the chest then the most common thing is called acute uncomplicated
bronchitis and again they establish that 95% of the
is viral according to the American Association of family physicians the
recommended treatment routine treatment of uncomplicated acute bronchitis with
antibiotics is not recommended regardless of how long you have had it
next is pharyngitis this is when you lose your voice because of an infection
and this is caused by something called GA s group a beta hemolytic
streptococcal bacteria and this is the only time where it’s usually appropriate
with an antibiotic but they go on to saying only five to ten percent of these
cases of adult sore throat are caused by this ga s so they say it is not
recommended to give antibiotics unless you run a test first to establish that
it’s probably bacterial at least so the guidelines are pretty clear that the
only time it’s appropriate is with a serious bacterial infection now how well
is that working they set out to do a study where they looked at the
prescriptions and the diagnosis and what the procedure was dr. Jeffery Lanier of
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago led a team that
looked at a total of 510 thousand prescriptions from 514 clinics over a
period of two years and it turned out that 54% of the time they had a
diagnosis of an infection he didn’t specify if it was bacterial or viral but
half the time they had an infection and the other half they didn’t so 46 percent
of the time there was no diagnosis no indication of anything infectious going
on and yet they were given an antibiotic prescription in 29 percent of the cases
they had a diagnosis of something else like headache or high blood pressure
in 17% of the cases there was no diagnosis at all so when we look back
about what we just talked about from the CDC that about 85 to 90 percent of
infections are viral and then we realize that half the time they don’t even make
a diagnosis then we can safely assume that the red that little sliver here is
when it may be appropriate to prescribe an antibiotic and the rest of the time
it was inappropriate and this is out of 270 million prescriptions in the United
States so it’s almost one per person per year
now with well-educated and caring doctors how did we get to this point
well first of all before nineteen 1900s there were no miracle drugs and when
they discovered penicillin and antibiotics it was a miracle it saved a
bunch of people that had previously died so of course everyone was excited and
they started using it for everything but then we also have to understand that
medical doctors are just people they have a few more years of education but
they still have bills to pay and they still want to be nice to people
so when someone comes in and says I’m coughing I’d like a prescription give me
something for this and then we train the patient that they’re supposed to get
something now next time if the patient comes and they don’t get something they
think the doctors not doing his job and then they’re gonna go down the street to
someone who will do the job properly and prescribe that prescription so we’ve
been trained to expect a prescription when we go to the doctor so it becomes
more and more difficult for doctors to deny that they have to spend a lot of
times to explain they have to know how big the problem is and they have to be
willing to take the time to explain to the patient why it’s not a good idea to
get an antibiotic another big problem is that the majority of Antep
actually go in animal feed and it doesn’t matter if the bacteria mutates
and get the competitive advantage in a human or in an animal they still kind of
get out into the environment and when we look at animal feed more and more
products that I see they say they state on the package that absolutely no
antibiotics or hormones were used in the feeding of these animals in the
production of this food and more and more people are sort of getting their
eyes open and realizing that hey I don’t want that stuff and yet the sales of
antibiotics go up the sales of antibiotics for animal feed between 2009
and 2014 it went up 25% and at the same time more
and more products are saying that they don’t use it I don’t want to point
fingers here but I think there’s something a little fishy going on so now
what what do we do about this how can we be part of the solution and stop being
part of the problem well first of all just say no understand when it might be
appropriate and if it’s not appropriate just don’t take it use it only if
necessary and that’s a big if because to me now this isn’t going to
hold true for everyone but based on my experience in my life I have only once
in my life taken an antibiotic and it was a really bad idea because I had no
idea why I was taking it at the time this was back in college when I was
training for the Olympics and I had some foot pain and they said well we don’t
know what it is let’s try an antibiotic and because I had never been exposed to
antibiotics growing up in Sweden I had never ever hardly heard of him I didn’t
know what it was I didn’t know if it was something I was supposed to say no to or
if it could be a bad thing so I took it and of course it didn’t help the foot
but I didn’t know when better and then that was 35 years ago
and I’m doing pretty well without antibiotics I’m not saying there will
never be a time I’m not saying I’m not open to taking it if it’s necessary but
I’m not going to take one just for convenience if it’s the difference
between being sick for not taking it and being sick for another week I’ll be sick
for another week because then I’ll still have my gut
flora intact and I will have strengthened my immunity a little bit
okay so if it is life-threatening if it’s
serious if it could do some serious damage then of course you want to take
it the next thing is that if for some reason for whatever reason you start it
let’s say that you watch this video and you just started on antibiotics and then
you hear this and you say oh I don’t want to take those I’ll stop don’t do
that okay if you have started the course finish the course because if you take if
you go halfway through now you’re gonna kill off some of these bugs and you’re
gonna give a competitive advantage not just to the strongest but to some of the
ones that you haven’t killed off completely so now you run the risk of
getting sick again and making more superbugs so if you started it then you
want to finish the course so I encourage you to learn enough learn enough about
antibiotics learn enough about health so that you can be a resource for yourself
and for others tell others how this works and that way you can be an active
part in the solution and we can stop this from happening if you enjoyed this
video I am sure you’re going to love that one thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video

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    It was super interesting for me to look into, thought I might pass it along.

  50. Some years ago I ended up with a bladder infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and informed me to lay off the sugar and take probiotics after the course was completed. I don't believe she knew much about the gut health benefits of a ketogenic diet back then. Thanks to Dr Eckberg, I now have that extra amount of knowledge to make an informed decision in the event I'm infected again.

  51. Wow dr Ekberg! Even for me is crystal clear! I’ve been doing keto and IF almost for 3 years now and I hardly get sick, on winter I just get some sneezes and that’s all, I don’t need any medicine at all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  52. Thanks so much for your iluminating videos, dear Doctor. Would you be so kind to make a video explaining how to heal damaged microbiota and diarrhea caused by antibiotics? My mum has been having severe diarrhea for two months. I’ve told her to avoid sugar, milk and grains (she basically is eating white bread, rice and steamed chicken and potatoes because her doctor told her to do so) but she is afraid of eating vegetables. She is taking probiotics (one pill per day) but she isn’t improving and she doesn’t know what to eat. My very best wishes from Spain 🤗

  53. I am on my 3rd day of sick leave when I saw this video. Also on the 3rd day of azithromycin , a 5-day therapy. I went to my doc since I had a sore throat. Now I know my doc prescribed antibiotics without proper diagnose, he just took a look at my throat and listen to my lungs through a stethoscope, the whole meeting last less than 5-minutes. Every time I take antibiotics, I just feel it drains my energy, make me feel worse. Will not make the same mistake again. Thank you Dr. Ekberg for the knowledge.

  54. Bedankt Euch bei :

    ALLEN alten Menschen, die SOFORT aufhören, ihre Medikamente zu nehmen, nur weil es ihnen "besser" geht…

    … und bei sämtlichen Tierärzten, die "vorsorglich" die Viecher damit vollstopfen !

    Danke, liebe Arschgeigen !!!

    Wie gut, das es sehr viel bessere Alternativen gibt, und man sowieso keine Mykoplasmen züchten will.

    Was soll`s also?

    Es geht besser ohne diesen Dreck !

  55. I take antibiotics when I develop a bronchitis which happens every two to three years. My experience is that not taking antibiotics in this situation prolongs my chest pain and coughing for five to six weeks and to finish it I need antibiotics anyway. So I prefer to take them as soon as it is diagnosed as severe. Otherwise I completely agree with you.

  56. I thank you very much for your keto recipe for beginners. You helped me really much to fight against my diabetes. My only question is: what can I eat instead of the meat for dinner cause I am a vegan?

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