Today I want to share some fascinating
evidence that the story of humanity is much more ancient, and much more
mysterious than we currently understand. All over the world, many of the most
famous ancient structures and archaeological sites are filled with
unexplained mysteries, some of which are so strange and compelling that they
suggest we are missing major chapters from our understanding of history. So in
this video I’m going to be discussing 10 of these ancient mysteries and more
specifically, 10 pieces of evidence that at some point in the distant past, highly
advanced civilizations may have flourished on earth ,which have since
been forgotten and lost to time. And I know that’s a bold claim because it
flies in the face of everything we’ve been taught in everything on history
books but I encourage you to look at these 10 pieces of evidence with an open
mind and draw your own conclusions because I believe that this study of our
ancient past has very significant implications for our present. So thirteen
thousand years ago something happened called the Younger Dryas climate
catastrophe. It was most likely caused by an asteroid or a comet impact and it was
essentially a complete planetary reset. There was a massive and sudden 400 foot
rise in sea levels the earth entered into a deep freeze for more than a
thousand years and many animal species were driven into extinction. If we were to have another event like the event that happened twelve thousand eight
hundred years ago I can say with absolute confidence that our
civilization would not survive it. It would not survive it all these great
buildings all this amazing machinery all this tech we would be, we would be gone. If we suddenly- if humans left the planet, five thousand ten thousand years from now, you’re not going to find much to
show that we had been here. So considering that the earth is 4.5
billion years old a few thousand years really is nothing, and this really
highlights how little we know about our history and how much time there has been
for other civilizations before us to potentially have come and gone. I want to start with a place called Gobekli Tepe because this site is so ancient and so
mysterious that it’s forcing us to fundamentally rethink our entire
understanding of history. Gobekli Tepe is dated to be around 12,000 years old
and just to put that into perspective that’s 7,000 years older than Stonehenge,
7,000 years older than Stonehenge! And yet it’s 50 times bigger. Supposedly the
first civilization on earth was Sumer located in Mesopotamia but we are closer
in age to the ancient Sumerians than the ancient Sumerians were to this place!
Which is just mind-blowing to think about. So gobekli tepe was constructed at
a time long before any civilization existed we have no idea who built this
or why. And supposedly only hunter-gatherers were around at this
time. But this site has more than 200 of these big stone pillars weighing 20 to
60 tons each- 60 tons is the equivalent of seven full-grown elephants that they
were moving around here, so you would obviously need a huge and well-organized
workforce to construct this and that raises the question of how did a group
of hunter-gatherers accomplish that task? and even more incredibly Gobekli Tepe
is aligned to true north- it’s perfectly aligned to true north, which requires
highly advanced astronomical knowledge of constellations and significant
engineering skill to actually do that. And again this was built at a time
before writing was supposedly invented so where did these so-called
hunter-gatherers get this sophisticated knowledge of astronomy and engineering?
For some reason this site was intentionally buried around 10,000 years
ago and we have no idea why. Why would people create a site of this scale and
sophistication and then intentionally bury it? Could this have been an effort
of the survivors of the Younger Dryas catastrophe to preserve the knowledge of
their people and pass it on to future generations? We’ve only excavated 5% of this massive site and for sure it will continue to
reveal new insights into the mysteries of our past. The builders of gobekli tepe used massive stones weighing up to 60 tons but
compared to what I’m about to show you that is nothing. Here at a place called
Baalbek in Lebanon we find some of the largest stones ever cut lifted and moved.
These three stones here are referred to as the trilithon and each one of them
weighs almost a thousand tons- that’s 2 million pounds and yet somehow each of
these stones was transported uphill from the quarry almost a mile away
and lifted more than 30 feet off the ground. For some perspective this here is
a 340 ton stone moved in modern times as an art installation. 340 tons, and to move
this stone we needed this custom-built truck that was almost 300 feet long and
it took nine days moving it at 6 miles an hour to move this thing 60 miles and
each one of these stones here at Baalbek were 3 times heavier how the hell was
this accomplished it’s just incredible and it’s truly a mystery. What were the
methods and the technologies and the techniques used in cutting and moving
these stones? This megalithic construction using absolutely massive
stones is seen in numerous places around the globe. For example, here are what are
called the Colossi of Memnon in ancient Egypt which were originally carved out
of a single piece of stone and weighed around 800 tons each. And get this- they
were moved 700 kilometres from their quarry to this site.
these are believed to have been too heavy to move up the Nile so they had to
have been carried overland and again how was that done? Over in South America
there are many more of these megalithic sites, at one spot called Saqsaywaman
some of the stones weigh up to 200 tons that’s a hundred large SUVs, and they’re
all interlocking and fit together perfectly the quarry is located miles
away and we’re talking rough mountainous terrain here these stones are literally
hauled up mountains I mean how is this possible and finally here at Yangshan
quarry, there is this gigantic rock that was never lifted or moved,
but it was cut and it weighs in at a ridiculous 16 thousand tons. And the
question becomes why would agent people using hammers and chisels have insisted
on cutting and moving these massive stones if it would have made their job
so much more difficult to the point of being nearly impossible? it’s almost as
though lifting and moving these hundreds of tons of stone over large distances
wasn’t really that difficult for them to do. We would struggle to match these
abilities today and even though none of this proves anything yet it has to make
you wonder how ancient people did this. So what I’m about to do is link together
numerous of these ancient sites across the world and what I’m about to describe
just might be the most definitive proof of ancient advanced civilizations having
once existed on earth. Many of these ancient sites display similarities and
common characteristics which are incredibly specific and yes people all
over the world built common structures such as pyramids but I’m talking way
more specific than that. So check this out- this is called polygonal masonry and
it’s a style of building seen in multiple places around the globe where
ancient builders use these irregularly shaped blocks fitting together with
amazing precision without the use of mortar. some of these stones are just
ridiculous this stone for example has 12 sides and some of the stones have more
than 30 faces and yet the fits are so precise and exact that they are often
watertight and these walls are earthquake resistant. Replicating this
today with modern technology would still be very difficult and you have to wonder
why if they’re hammering away at this with a chisel why would they make it so
difficult on themselves when there are much simpler and more efficient ways of
building a wall? but okay here’s where it gets really mind-blowing… you see these
little bumps or notches on these walls? They’re found at many different sites
all over the world most notably in South America. they seem to be placed randomly
we really have no idea what they are or what function they
served. but check this out, these exact same notches that are seen all over
sites in South America are also found here in Egypt! on the casing stones of
the pyramids. and here in the Osirieon Temple, also in Egypt. And are these here
the same bumps at yangshan quarry in China? Guys, please explain to me how this
is possible… supposedly these structures are the work
of vastly different cultures at different times and yet the connection
here is undeniable to me this is definitive proof of some
sort of link between whoever built these structures dating back thousands of
years when supposedly these people had no
means of communication and didn’t even know each other existed. But that’s not all, let’s travel now to Petra in Jordan
which is another one of these absolutely incredible beautiful sites you can see
on the walls here that there are these scratching tool marks where the rock has
been carved out in this regular pattern of long parallel lines now compare that
to the tool marks found here back at Baalbek in Lebanon and compare that to
the tool marks found here in China at Yangzhou cave, and here at Yangshan
quarry, and even here at this temple in India. and there are many many more
examples of these similarities and these patterns at different sites across the
world such as these tool marks which seem to be scoops out of the rock found
in Egypt and elsewhere. As well as these metal bracings which were used to fit
together large stones so again how is this possible the ability to travel or
communicate across continents suggests undeniably that some sort of advanced
technology was present. Next I want to highlight some more of these tool marks
found at ancient sites across the world that demonstrate this perfect machine
like precision almost as if these stones were shaped by power tools or some type
of lost technology. On a number of sites across the world in Egypt, South America, India, and elsewhere, the craftsmanship and the finish on some of these structures is so
perfect and precise that it’s really hard to understand how anyone could do
this with a hammer and chisel. at a place called the Serapeum in Egypt there are
these 100 ton massive stone boxes carved out of a single piece of rock which have
this incredible polished finish. Then there are these mysterious holes which
undeniably seem to be drilled by some sort of power tool because they
penetrate more than two feet through hard granite rock which we can only cut
today with diamond tipped drills and there’s just no way that a hammer and
chisel could achieve this kind of a perfectly bored hole some of these
blocks of stone found in ancient Egypt have what appeared to be circular saw
marks. India too, is filled with many ancient structures and temples that have
these mysterious tool marks and such fine finishes that there is no way these
could have been created by a hammer and chisel. Take for example these columns
here which you can see the the tool marks here
these were undeniably turned on a circular lathe which is a technology
that was supposedly beyond the capabilities of the builders at that
time especially considering that these are massive columns. Now the fifth piece
of evidence here is what I refer to as layered technology where at some of
these ancient sites you can see different layers of building different
styles of building where the more recent people have built upon older work. For
example here at Machu Picchu you can clearly see two different building
styles two different technologies used at two different times. You can also see the
same here in Cusco and the same here at the Osirian in Egypt. and yet what’s so
interesting about this is that the lower older levels are clearly way more
advanced and way more refined, and have way better craftsmanship. Why is that?
what happened to the knowledge and techniques needed to create this- versus
this? My own personal belief is that for example at Machu Picchu the Incan people
found this site which may have already existed for who
knows how long, saw it as a sacred site and claimed it as their own, inhabited it
and built on top of it. Now I want to travel to Egypt for a second and talk
about the Sphinx. Geologists John Anthony West and Robert Schoch have put forth
astonishing research presenting undeniable evidence of water erosion
around the Sphinx now why is this significant? Mainstream archeologists believe that the Sphinx was constructed by the
Egyptians 4,500 years ago but for this type of water erosion to have occurred
here in Egypt geologists estimate that the Sphinx must have been there for at
least 10,000 years! what I was seeing I was convinced was precipitation
weathering and erosion from rainfall from water beating down on it. now how do
you have that when it’s been Sahara Desert for five thousand or more years?
so immediately I saw this anomaly. I’m convinced at this point for a number of
technical reasons that actually the seismic data suggest that we have to go
back to at least around 10,000 BC. Now to move close by to the Pyramids of Giza
there is a lot to be said here obviously but I’ll try to keep it brief- the
sophistication and the precision of these structures is just so completely
mind-blowing. the Great Pyramid weighs in around six million tonnes and has a
footprint of 13 acres. in its construction, there are 70 ton blocks of
granite which were raised more than 300 feet. yet despite being so massive it’s
also incredibly precise, it’s aligned to True North within one twentieth of a
single degree. The geometry of these pyramids corresponds with astronomical
knowledge and understandings of the Earth’s geography in a way that is so
accurate that supposedly this was not possible at the time they were built and
it’s interesting to note that there is not one single hieroglyph found anywhere
in Egypt about the constructions or about the massive undertaking that it
must have been to build these structures over many years- not one hieroglyph or
written record record anywhere. Mainstream archaeologists insist that
these structures were built as a tomb but honestly we have no idea what the
true purpose was of these pyramids in my opinion this is clearly not a tomb this
is something much stranger and much more sophisticated than that. The Pyramids of Giza are one of the most mysterious archaeological sites but there are
thousands of ancient structures all over the world which we don’t understand we
can’t explain how or why they were built for example in a number of places across
the globe there are these false doors etched into the stone, which are so
fascinating to me. and this one here in Peru is particularly impressive because
I mean just look at it it’s it’s almost as if it’s laser-cut with these perfect
90-degree angles if this was done with a hammer and chisel to this level of
perfection then surely it would have taken forever. And in that case what was
its purpose? It’s found in the middle of nowhere on a mountain- why would someone
invest so much time into this? and what about this random carving here next to
it which also seems to be without a clear purpose? These same questions can
be posed for these other false doors found carved into the rock in other
places around the world. I also want to mention the Nazca lines- there is plenty
of speculation and controversy around the Nazca lines, how they were
constructed and why… and not only that but at the same site, at these Nazca
lines you have these massive edgings into the ground where it’s almost like
entire mountaintops were flattened and removed and again you have to ask
yourself why was this done why would these ancient builders have done this?
Just as there are strange archaeological sites, there have also been found many
thousands of so-called out-of-place artifacts which seem to display a
knowledge or a level of technological advancement which is just inexplicable
for the time they were supposedly made. now there are many of these out-of-place
artifacts but I just want to mention a few so you can research them more
yourselves. This is the controversial ancient Sumerian seal which demonstrates
knowledge of our solar system many thousands of years before Copernicus
determined that the Earth orbits the Sun. Then there are these Quimbaya airplanes
found in Colombia, which seemed to clearly represent flying
machines. And in Mexico there is a huge number of ancient Mayan artifacts which
bizarrely seem to display UFO or extraterrestrial contact. Just to mention
a few more of these out of place artifacts, we have the Dorchester pot, the
Sayhuite stone, the Piri Reis map the Dendera light and the Starchild skull-
all of these really challenge our understanding of the chronology of human
history And number 10: there have also been many unusual discoveries of human
skeletal remains which date back to extremely ancient geological periods. In
his book Forbidden Archaeology, Michael Cremo documents hundreds of these cases
which suggests that anatomically modern humans were present on earth long before
we currently believe. What I’ve shown in my work is that there are hundreds of
these cases where archaeologists geologists and other scientists who are
digging into the earth have found human bones, human artifacts, and human
footprints that go far further back in time than the now dominant and consensus
allows. For example we have the Laetoli footprints found in solidified volcanic
ash which is three million seven hundred years seven hundred thousand years old
the cast and dolo bones were found in a geological layer which would give this
skull an age of three to four million years old. And similarly we have the
Buenos Aires skull where workers in Argentina unearthed a human skull
allegedly which dated to one and a half million years old. Okay guys well there it is.
I’ve thrown a lot of information at you today and this is probably my
longest video yet but I’m really curious to hear your thoughts about all this, and
whether or not you find this compelling. Personally I’m now convinced that all
the evidence adds up to a very clear conclusion that we are missing major
copper’s in the story of human history. I believe that we are approaching a
paradigm shift here we’re at a time now as a species where we are opening up to
a broader awareness, a bigger picture understanding of our place in the cosmos.
And I see the study of ancient history as a key puzzle piece in that process.
thank you so much as always for joining me, if you would like to support this
channel I’ve just set up a patreon account which is linked below. I’m so
grateful to all of you and I will see you back here very soon.

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