Ancient Megalithic Portal Of Amaru Muru Near Lake Titicaca Peru

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  1. Could the “key” for that particular portal reside in Gobekli Tepe

  2. Whoa! Those look like giant, worn, diagonally placed megalithic rectangular pillars of some type. So deliberate looking. Excellent drone & camera work!

  3. So … when was this discovered because … what if there was a 'plate-like' structure attached to that wall. And a certain organization came with some kind of excavator and notched it loose from the top corners and took it away. I say notched loose because those corner notches might not be part of the original situation. Just thinking out loud.

  4. Thanks again for taking us along. Great shots interesting places. Why does ancient archaeological sites bring out comments that sound like they’re at a ComicCon convention. What makes people come up with such bizarre ideas such a portals to other dimensions and other sci-fi legends?

  5. This portal probably housed a religious idol of some kind. There are similar carved nooks in Petra and other known pagan shrines around the world.

  6. Brien. I heard you say you think the portal was done with hand tools. But is that machine tool marks in the upper right hand corner? Great vid by the way.

  7. Mr.Foerster I have great respect for you. The portal is actually the back wall of a temple the rest of the building is long gone; you can think of the "doorway" as actually a niche.

  8. If you can't see its modern and they tried to fake it to the left there is something wrong . Then tourists pay 2000 a trip to see a modern day carving of a square . Wow .

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