With the ability to sequence ancient DNA,
we now know that some modern humans got busy with each other, Neanderthals, and at least
two other ancient human groups. Which begs the question: who wouldn’t our
ancestors get freaky with? Hey guys! Anatomically Modern Human Natalia here for
DNews! When our ancestors left Africa and trekked
into Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, they crossed paths with other ancient human groups
like Neanderthals, Denisovans and at least one other group. Apparently, humans weren’t so picky about
their sexual partners, so they admixed – “science” for got down with – these other archaic humans. How do we know? It’s all in the genes! Scientists have been able to find the DNA
of these other archaic humans in living populations today. This love story has four characters. First — Neandertals. These hearty hominins lived in Europe, the
Middle East and Western Asia roughly 400,000 to 40,000 years ago. Because they had lived in the harsh cold of
Eurasia far before modern humans left Africa their biology was adapted to that climate. They had thicker and lighter skin, which helped
with vitamin D absorption, a bigger nose designed to warm cold air, and a stockier build to
retain heat. Tres sexy, no? Second character in this love story? — well in 2008, a new archaic human lineage
was discovered in the Denisova Cave in Siberia. Scientists found a finger bone with viable
DNA and were able sequence the genome. It turns out it belonged to a young adult
female who lived roughly 40,000 years ago and these new archaic humans were dubbed the
Denisovans! Researchers have been able to find traces
of Denisovan DNA in populations as far as Southeast Asia stretching to Australia. This indicates that Denisovans and their descendents
may have had a greater geographic area than previously thought. Now, I know there’s a third “mystery” guest,
but we’ll come back to them. So, in 2003 we sequenced the human genome,
in 2010 we sequenced the Neanderthal and the Denisovan genome about the same time. Now that we’ve done all that, we can compare
all this DNA. And the results were shockingly sexy. Scientists found Neanderthal DNA, Denisovan
DNA, and that mystery group’s DNA in current living populations! This is how we know that many people of Eurasian
descent have a small percentage of Neanderthal DNA in their genome like our very own Trace. Natalia, do these “genes” make me look
Neanderthal? Hm, give or take Trace percent. Alriiiight But what were the potential benefits of admixing
with Neanderthals and Denisovans — besides producing Trace, of course? When humans mated with these other ancient
groups scientists argue that they picked up genes that improved their immune system and
helped them adapt to a new environment. Researchers found that those of European and
Asian ancestry had a higher abundance of human leukocyte antigen genes, or HLAs. HLA is a protein that helps regulate our immune
system. This is an example of hybrid vigor, or the
tendency of a crossbred individual to show qualities superior to those of both parents. And remember that fourth mystery group we’ve
danced around? Well, scientists have found a 3rd population
of archaic humans that we got *ahem* friendly with as we migrated into Asia and down into
Australasia. This ‘Unknown DNA’ has been found in populations
of South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Australasians – including the population of the Andaman
Islands. Roughly 2-3% of of this unknown DNA has been
found in individuals in the region. Researchers think that this new possible ancestor
could help explain the shorter stature of people in those areas! These new data also support that there was
only one main wave of migration out of Africa into Asia rather than two waves as is also
hypothesized! DNA is truly fascinating– not only is it
the building blocks of an organism, it can tell the story of a species’ journey through
time and space. And who they boned. Admixing with Neanderthals may have been good
for our health, but research shows they were far smarter and artistic than previously given
credit for. Check it out! What about you? Would you get down with a Neanderthal? A Denisovan? An unknown human ancestor? C’mon…be honest. Let us know in the comments below and don’t
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  1. As lame and white bread as I know it sounds, I'm always drawn to Sagan's; pale blue dot.. It's so spot on to point out the pointless back and forth crap that will never, ever find an even keel,.as a good man once told me; we may have our tech, but we're still too bloodthirsty to use it smartly.

  2. Cute lol, but how's that for being alive for no particular reason? and watch the backlash from evolution scientists r nice enough to say its a religion as well.

  3. Maybe this is not a good subject to talk about in a superficial sensational American-like way. If you talk about something that is scientific, be serious and honest. A little fun included is not bad at all, but try to keep a certain level of seriousness. Otherwise, go talking about Justin Bieber or bubblegums.

  4. Considering they didn’t know those other “people” were of a different species and that it is and was common to visit other tribes for mating (instinctive seek for genetic variability, not to mention rape), I guess I’d probably be one of those that would have mixed up. Lol

  5. Pretty sure that an anatomically modern human wouldn’t be attracted to Neanderthal man. No mitochondrial DNA from Neanderthals has been found meaning no Neanderthal WOMEN getting it on with modern human men. So likely scenario is the male neanderthals took modern women by force. Understandable especially since they died out from likely inbreeding. Ultimately we have Denisovans from that union and most of us have 2% – 4% Neanderthal dna

  6. Rock age humen had sex all the time from when they are about 9years old to death (very little of people died when they was old).

  7. This is the history of the caucazoid. He still sleeps w animals today. So much so, laws have been written giving them permission to copulate w their pets n livestock

  8. Damn if only white people would have never left their caves I wonder wat kind of world we would live in

  9. It's absolute RUBBISH that the offspring of two different species is superior. Its just throwing the dice and creating greater dispersion. Inbreeding for instance can accentuate certain traits and is also a wild card with its own bell curve.

  10. Cut the bs, we didn't come from Africa. We all developed within different continents with different body types, skin color, etc all to adapt to the different regions. And, we didn't come from monkeys…..maybe you did, i didn't.

  11. Duh it goes without saying we were more primitive during that time. Our instincts probably were more animal like. Like the phrase I want to f*** you like an animal.

  12. So what happened when the Europeans got to the shores of Australia. That would be an interesting topic. Since European deseases wiped out a lot of local tribes wonder if the rna mutations from Black Plague had a factor in those events where European groups meet with isolated ethnic group like, the Americas and pacific austral Asia regions…

  13. When aliens create the paradise, just let it bloom, then harvest and kill certain races and ethnic groups… 😏

  14. Homo Sapiens are from Africa. Neanderthals are from Europe. Africans mated with Neanderthals and gave birth to the first “Europeans.” (White Homo sapiens) The same happened in Asia with the Denisovans.

  15. Why are all these pop shows so dumb, stupid and vapid, always with a fast talking stupid girl or guy with annoying insufferable voices???
    Does anyone actually listen to this shit.

  16. Mating? It could have been rape? Spoiks of war? When a conquering army won the battle the defeated were taken as slaves and women were raped.

  17. The morale story we learn from this is that our ancestors did not have prejudice towards other races of humans…

    While the racist modern human takes a look at his past and not think it was beautiful, instead, this racist modern human think “oh they f***ed everything that moves”.

    That is racist you guys. Try to learn something here. Ancient humans found the other races to be beautiful and they acted on those feelings. RESPECT ✊

  18. Not trying to be perverted, but Denisovan were tall and musucular. I wonder if they had big penis' ? If so no wonder our female ancestors were freaky with them, lol

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  20. I'm three year old video , people back then thought host is hot , today i think she is hot tomorrow someone else
    100 years: if you still there without deleting data
    Some gona say she is hot
    So that's mean i should stop writing this doesn't make , we are dust we'll be dust , so what is life , I'm sure this question will Neve have satisfied answer, but you should stay good – helping people's – cause you'll have good sleep (8-9hrs) in return , your will be happy , either you believe in science or gods but, surely believe in yourself and goodness, all just coverd in rust we have just make it shine again ,have faith in you heart ,good day.

  21. After 50 mya , some other evolved species will study about our homo sapiens gay , lesbian and say that this species was real shit

  22. The birth of the Indo-European Caucasoid, he is a admixture race of mutations. In Eurasia, interbreeding between Neanderthals and Denisovans with modern humans took place several times. The introgression events into modern humans is estimated to have happened about 47,000–65,000 years ago with Neanderthals and about 44,000–54,000 years ago with Denisovans.
    The stable temperatures of caves provided a cool habitat in summers and a warm, dry shelter in the winter. Approximately 100,000 years ago, some Neanderthal humans dwelt in caves in Europe and western Asia. Caves there also were inhabited by some Cro-Magnons from about 35,000 years ago until approximately 8,000 BC. His existence on earth is of a minuscule of time, a creation not of natural but unnatural to nature, the Sun dose not acknowledge or recognize him, for he has no commonplace with the Laws of the Universe.

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