at the moment now we have some really major health care problems promise light obesity this is to mismatch between our lifestyle and leading out with your life and also big worries about depression so we think that the modern world doesn't have all the answers this is a good time for looking looking back and finding out whether there are things in the world of the Greeks and Romans that we could we could use now there's a lot to be learned from the second century AD dr. Gailen who bears John and myself have been working on quite intensively Galen seems were put together a health care system which the individual can administer that maps onto the way that peopled is now remarkably well a whole life can be maintained in a system that's the person is in control all food and drink and exercise sleep environment mental well-being and keeping an overall balance in lifestyle activities the great strength is of the Galen program is for both those who were already very healthy and those who are not it maintains health and also works on improving health overburdened NHS that's a very strong and important message the person needs to be taking responsibility in knowing their own body the idea that happiness depends on the agent on us is is another very valuable insight I

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