Ancient Greek State in Afghanistan


  1. I do follow your every single videos and I am looking for more about AFGHANISTAN.
    a big thanks for everybody who create the video.
    Never thought my ancestors were Greeks.

  2. I visited Bactria (Balkh) in 2016, and I really enjoyed my stay there. There is something about Balkh. You can sense the past there, and the fields there have a distinctive ancient smell. I found some Bactrian coins and seen some human bones in the ruins of ancient city walls.

  3. Fantastic videos! So the ancient Civilisation of Greece still lives on in the world's oldest living Civilisation mother India. Buddha Sharanam Gacchami, Dharmam Sharanam Gacchami, Sangam Sharanam Gacchami 🙏. Hara Hara Mahadeva

  4. I'm from Afghanistan. It's sad to see the pitiful state of my country today. Afghanistan has always been not just the crossroads of the different regions, but a welcoming home to peoples from around the world. My own ancestors were Israelites and later Arabs who came as captives and later conquerors. But you pay a high price when you are at the center of everything… Especially in the Mongol invasions, most of the population was slaughtered. Still, even the Turks and Mongols were welcomed. But how the fuck do you survive America and USSR fighting a 10 year long battle on your soil? And don't even get me started on Wahabism… So today, Afghans, descendants of Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Israelites, Turks, Mongols, Indians, are reviled the world over as savages, our country lays in ruins, and the only time you hear about us in the news is because of a terrorist attack on our soil or because some low life trying the same abroad. Millions of us are refugees, and millions more are internally displaced. History is fucking cruel. Maybe in another 500 years, things will be better. Until then, I guess I'll have to shed bitter tears over our better days and work to reverse the shit that's happening now.

  5. I’m Indian and this strikes me as a bunch of bullshit. There are plenty of ancient ruins in India and none of them look remotely Greek. Most of the ancient sources quoted were Greek and it makes you wonder if any of them had ever been to India. This just sounds like a bunch of irredentist propaganda.

  6. Thank you very much for this video. I can't imagine the hard work behind it.

    Most of the information was new to me. Back in school in history class this subject was dealt with one-liners : "By the way there were some Greco-Indian kingdoms that lasted a couple of centuries and led to some interesting cultural exchanges between Greek and Indian civilization. Anyway, moving on …."

    I am not up to date with school books today, but back then they had us jumping from one subject to another, with a few one-liners in between.

  7. Puts huge holes in the Hindu extremists fake theories that India was ruled only by Aryans until Muslims came. Also that they are only true natives and pure bloods.

    India has been a salad bowl of races and cultures and is most diverse nation on Earth.

  8. That’s why I knew I got some Greek on me it’s all over India Pakistan Afghanistan and Nepal may be more also in Uzbek, Tazkh area too but their are very few and those Ancient Greek offsprings don’t know what Greeks were brainwashed by religion mostly by Islam Greek culture completely gone from these regions it’s a curse to Greek civilization they were the most intelligent people who could study the stars, universe at that time they knew about everything but still couldn’t save their civilization

    Afgan archaeologists : Actually now that you mentioned so, we kind of find quite a lot of Greek stuff here…
    Afgan Talibans : Kill archaeologists! Archaeology is immoral!

  10. 1:20 Why did Alexander go so far East but made virtually no Western progress? Was it because he already had his entire army East already due to conquering the Persians?

  11. This was mostly "all Greek to me" – though I found it highly digestible and understandable. I've been waiting to type that on a Greek vid comment page for along time. Though I usually like more forensic detail histories – these K&G's are really ENTERTAINING and informative – I never miss an episode. Addicting 🙂

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