all right and welcome today we are gonna take a little trip both to Egypt and then back to the Great Salt Lake and look at the similarities that are clearly from an ancient civilization so let's get started here we go – not far from Giza and Cairo let's zoom out a little bit actually so you can get a feel of where we are and there's Cairo and of course the pyramids are just right there but that is something that everybody is looking at this on the other hand is really interesting what we see in what seems to be is swampland when you zoom in it's very fascinating and I'm not sure what we're looking at here was this old farms or old neighborhoods definitely an old civilization I do not think that these are natural formations by any means just so interesting I mean what kind of sense can we even make of this and maybe you've seen things like this I know I have and I never thought anything of it I thought that they were natural at least when I saw them from the road but here this is a very extreme version I mean you know originally I've seen things like this in along the Great Salt Lake and just thought they were waste ponds or some kind of waste but this this is just another level so here you can see civilization you know right on the edge and again maybe if I lived here you know I would just assume that this was some industrial waste but when you look at the scale and really when you look at this I mean this is like a flood land I'm not even sure what this would look like from the ground and this video is just going to be a quick glimpse but I really will do more research and and trying to get some pictures of what this might look like from a little closer but let's jump to another little area and again the scale of this and again we should note that this is you know I'm not going to use the roller right now but I would say this is you know several miles out of town and yet I think that you can drive on these and so this little area I'm calling an ancient port but you can see this sandbar right here and again we're you know we're out of this town of Port Sayid I mean it really gets remote here there's you know it seems like civilization ends around here and yet we have this amazing sandbar and they call this a lake I mean this is not a lake this is a little port here you can see a port entry and I don't know I don't know if you've ever heard of you know things connected to the ocean in that way that they call Lakes but to me that's not a like so let's look a little bit closer here and this kind of reminds me of what we see in the Nevada area you know we can see that clearly these have become neighborhoods but these houses are you know pretty much as basic as a house could be these are pretty small houses but yet the layout is very very uniform for clearly of people that don't have very much money and really you know nobody's laying out this town but yet you can see it's laid on top of an older grid here as well we see the older grid and so yeah I mean this is the practice that we see all over the world is that we in our short history have just built on top of these much older whatever we're going to call them I really don't know and now you know when we look at these kind of floodplains but there's no there's no randomness to this this is completely this has a purpose an ancient purpose and there's no way that man you know even isolate little maybe you do a little fish farm but on this scale I mean this when you're looking at it from above you you really think that it's it's City and now some of it could be farms but then I'm uncertain about now let's have a look a little closer here and this is why I don't think that it's farms first of all we see the glare of the water this to me is water glare I don't think these are farms especially when you zoom out this is like a floodplain you have canals running through here here's a canal and then all this floods I mean this I believe that this whole thing is some kind of ancient technology I have we can't even conceive we cannot even conceive but yeah I mean you can see it from even this high up and then when you zoom in this is not random this is not something that nature doesn't impose you know squares in this fashion so now I wanted to answer some questions from one of my other videos about what I was calling airports and I want to address you know a lot of military installations in the US have been built on top of these I believe more ancient things now now they'll typically have this kind of an a pattern or a for pattern in here you can see again all of these all of this ancient tech I really can't even conceive even this canal this canal is so old and yet what engineering I mean what a what an amazing piece of engineering as old as this canal is we're pretty much pretty much is perfect and you can see on both sides it's not just like the canal you know ran this way these are again ancient Mayans and whether they've flooded in but of course they'll tell us that they've been built and there's a nice story behind them but now I want to go to what I've called the Ancients epicenter now this touches on a lot of different things if this was in the US I believe that this would have been turned into a military installation again I've these are ancient roads and even these farms I'll show you later on in the video that these farms these circular types of farming is actually ancient as well here you can see another you see this little shape of this city now you see another little shape down here as well that has not been maintained and it's very decomposed but nevertheless you see that pentagram shape underneath there and now I'm going to show you another airport now these airports are all over the world they have this a shape or sometimes kind of a four shape but I do believe that they're much older and the way you can tell if they're much older is because yes they'll be runways that's fine but then you know always in this a shape and then other runways next to them and maybe they'll pave the one next to it too even if they don't need it even in the middle of Egypt here I mean they really don't need this grand scale of an airport you know one runway would be adequate another one maybe here and then another one I mean it just goes on and on and because they were not originally airports these lines were already here and now what I did is I took the Google measuring tool and I measured and this is two miles long and you know imagine what two miles is I'm sure two miles and again this is this is very remote I mean there's not really we have this grid all around what appears to be farming but that's a really big Airport that really really is I don't know again I mean it's not a major area it really doesn't mean to be but in any case let's jump to another what I'm gonna call a future airport now this is one that has not been paved and this one is in Nevada or I'm sorry this one is in Utah so this is exactly what I'm talking about now this round here we'll talk about that road in a minute but here here is what an ancient airport looks like now anybody could come in here and pave it in the military they've they've made so many sure they couldn't allocate another how many hundreds of millions to build another but yeah this is a perfect airport right here this is a perfect example of the lines that I'm talking about and these lines don't seem to have been altered too much here we have what looks like a little I don't know it seems like along these lines there's this energy field and what we end up seeing is what we ended up seeing is water accumulating and so a lot of these old old lines will have water that accumulates along these lines and then it creates natural springs I'm sorry I'm just having a little issue in here but yes now I want to take you just right here next to this area next to this what could easily become an airport and and just be wiped off there if nobody would ever know that these old lines are old and we're here in the middle now we're in fact they did put a little helipad here heliport maybe that was just to throw us off a little bit but in any case I'm gonna take you now to this fascinating Road now I believe this is a railway now it really does appear as if it's a railway but it also appears to be on a much older and ancient Road now see it crosses into the water here in this road is 18 miles across a chunk of the Great Salt Lake now that's absolutely amazing I mean you know there you know forgive me for not researching and I know the railway did come through here the railway came from the east and from the west and Metz I believe in Ogden right here so this very well could be that railway and they may have just cut through for some reason Google doesn't want us to get a clear image here but here's what throws this whole thing off is all the other ancient roads around here you see here's one that just shoots off into the water and then there's of course this one that we're looking at 18 miles I mean apparently a hundred years ago or so is when this railway came through and yet you know why wouldn't you go around I mean you would build eighteen miles through water and I suppose you know I suppose they could very well be a possibility but I think what throws this whole thing off is when we look at the railway comes this way and it goes south south of the island and continues along but now this this canal right here and even this one it's as if these are older canals not far from here it gets really mysterious because again how I was talking about oh you know maybe I thought that certain things were just waste you know it would be so wrong to be dumping waste all over the place I mean like some green and discolored waste and like everything was just a bunch of waste facilities but you know that's what I thought I really did but now I really believe that this is something much older much much older that we're looking at I mean absolutely amazing this is old tech and it's just laying around all around and we this is this is the Salt Lake Lake and yet look at this look at what's going on again I used to live in Salt Lake City and I took all this for granted I mean when I flew flew out in a plane I just thought oh that's weird you know toxic toxic you know ponds or industrial but no this is something else I mean first of all you have to go out in the water and create all these this is all flood water if anyone's you know been out there so again I want to show a mysterious road and these are everywhere out there just everywhere roads and sometimes there they are roads I mean it's as if somebody made roads but then there they'll turn into canals and here's a good example here's you can see the ancient road and an ancient canal that runs right along it just a beautiful just really straight and then this road ends but yet it turns into a canal and then back into a road and again a road let's zoom out a little bit a road but then there's water that runs because this is flood water I mean this is this is really swampy out here but yeah this road just goes in a disrepair and water runs through it and yet this is very very old and there's no reason there's no history of any building out in the swamps now follow this road and what do we have what I was telling you is some sort of little spring you know who's usually end with water or water willow will be in between them so a lot of mysteries are along the Salt Lake area now let's look at another ancient airport just along the North Shore the Salt Lake that's like and here again you know we might think ok this is a Ford Ranchero port they tell it's great great weather we needed an airport out here there's nothing out here there's airports everywhere from major cities along the Wasatch Front but we needed an airport right here nobody goes but here is my proof and I really do feel like this is proof this is not modern was not put here by modern people is that first of all this thing is in disrepair and of course it is because it was never really meant to be an airport now I want you to focus not on the runway but on the perimeter the perimeter now the vegetation is completely different whatever made this had some kind of an energy field some kind of future technology that's cutting these lines all over the world and it leaves an energy field and if anything from this picture it makes things better it seems that the vegetation is growing much better within this within this and again I mean this if somebody was to survey this I mean it's just you know I surveyed a piece of land before and it's a big job I mean just to survey something out here but forget about the surveying that could be done what cannot be done is the changing of the vegetation and that is the effect of something else and I'd be really interesting to explore this area let's move on and here I'm calling this the ancient grid and we see these all over the world and again the ancient land that runs through and a complete change in the vegetation the grid is not over here on this side of the line the grid is on this side of the line again this is the middle of nowhere no need for building such straight and perfect roads in fact you can see this is a good lesson on roads you see here's a man's road and here's a man's road see there there imperfectly they go where they need to they fall the easiest path here these might be cow roads these might be cow paths leading to this spring right here you see the cow travels in a you know very zig zaggy fashion but what we're seeing here is this is not natural and then here this line this line is one of the older roads and these lines and and I find that it's inappropriate for me to even call them roads before I even can conceive of what they really are now this is a little area today I had a lot of questions about again we see intersecting roads all over a lot of mysteries here would be interesting to see what what they say about these formations but actually we're not going to get into this one too much let's jump over to this and this is what I'm calling an ancient railway now we just did look at some railways one going across a chunk of the Salt Lake waterway but here we see ancient road and for the first time we see intersecting pieces at least for the first time for me intersecting pieces that to me remind me of a kind of a track so here we go let me zoom out a little and here we follow this track and and that's the only thing I could make it conceive of it and what a giant giant track I mean what kind of and again probably everything is gone all we're seeing is an imprint I really don't know without having my feet on the ground here but it is massive again I mean the width and these are old you know when we see the two and how interesting that they call this locomotive Springs Road but yet you know this is the locomotive Springs Road they're saying here you know there's no tracks here and even look at the size of this compared to the locomotive Springs Road the width compared to the new modern Road that gives you an idea of the monstrosity of this ancient something but even the locomotive Springs Road you see it's true and straight as an arrow and then things it takes a little detour here and turns into a triangle which you know I believe the airports are those triangles and that ancient railway just goes on and on until we reach this area and then it takes a little jog south and again the complete discoloration you can go for as far back as you can on the images and complete discoloration or D vegetation I should say I mean what an amazing thing what an amazing thing to be able to we can't do that we can't we might spray some roundup or ancient Agent Orange which I think was the original formula of roundup but in any case we'll never achieve that kind of an herbicide and straight lines in that same fashion for years and years and years and years so oops time let's go to an ancient road to nowhere his wife called this one this again we're really on the Nevada Utah border here and this is just an example of an ancient road you see the ancient road underneath it and again why why on earth would a modern man take this path oh here we are I'm sorry we're right by the Salt Lake still we're right on the shore of the Salt Lake here and the i-80 major i-80 many of us have many of you have driven through here I'm sure Salt Lake to wind over to the border of Nevada and Utah and here again industrial waste ponds what I always thought we were industrial waste ponds you know and you just drive on it seems boring from the driver's perspective you just move on but yet you know if we look carefully we have these roads in these canals out here and what we thought was nothing is again really something special now this if it was on land would be again a perfect candidate for an airport here if we jump over a little bit we can see some intersecting lines and now I want to show you guys before the farm is what I'm calling this you know now I've talked about a lot of these circular farms here's one for example here's one and these are everywhere I'm sure you've seen them and I believe that these are ancient now the farm is modern somebody is growing and I know they make equipment that can water a field like this and it's it's very grave but I do believe that these are older and I've seen lots of them all over the world in fact but for this I'm going to show a little example right here in the middle of the desert and this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about here it is nothing out here imperfect little trails around then we do see a perfect line here a perfect angle in an ancient road up here but yeah this is what I'm talking about and then you know if some guy bought this land he'd say okay I'm gonna put a wheel here and here we go we're gonna water it you know it's most of the works been done already it's tilled out nicely be interesting I'd like to talk to farmers and see if you know how well it grows in these circular things and be an interesting study you see ancient mines all through here and up here's one it's an old grid the old grid runs through and there's a lot of anomalous stuff going on here I mean you can see here I have not seen this before this is not something I was going to show in the video but yeah this is really anomalous and amazing actually so now I'm gonna take you to a place in Utah called Dugway now I didn't even know there was a place called I knew there's a place called Dugway proving grounds with a military you know supposedly you know does experiments and bombs and whatever but then you know I ran across this town here just not far from this area we're just looking at and excuse what I named it but you know again this is the middle of nowhere and I've never heard of a town called Dugway and now you can see you know an ancient line runs through here I really should take roads off when I do this let me take that off okay so yeah now that makes a little little more sense to where we are here this is not a major road I don't even know I don't even know but this is an ancient road that runs along here intersects again so here we have the perfect candidate for an airport and here you know this is not far from the Dugway proving grounds and so yeah they've they said they say that this is a town and here we even have a church and I'm sure you know people do go to that church but this is a really strange town I mean like everybody has the same color groove like that doesn't happen anywhere and I don't know that's really creepy actually the creepy pattern of this town I mean to me this is ancient this is the ancient grid and somebody availed themselves and here again the track that I showed the race tracks like we have these all over the world those are old and we usually just fill them in just like we do the round farms and airports but yeah this is a pretty creepy little town and I might have to go out here and check it out it seems military to me and I believe that it is military because look at this so they posed as a normal town you know doesn't look even though it does look weird but then if you look here yeah this is definitely a military town tanks all of that military so yeah they've if they don't build a base over the ancient sites you know maybe they have too many bases then they build a town like this you know a clearly fake town it's a real town but it's not a real time if you know what I mean so yeah let's actually move on even though there's actually a lot to explore around here and I believe that that's why they put this here you know it's just to pull the eye away especially from that pattern you know out here again we have an airport I mean like there are so many you would never need there's so many airports but again you see the older pattern underneath us here's something that I was calling an ancient grid just like what we looked at in Egypt earlier but this is here in the middle of nowhere and I think it's really amazing now if I would have seen this years ago I would have said oh that's for you no I would have had the explanation that they you know they would give us oh this is for the military it's a target but I don't think so actually not this many roads in the middle of nowhere I mean why and again that vegetation doesn't grow I mean you just couldn't maintain something like that and here it actually does appear as if there are pock marks like maybe they're not really very big not like the craters we saw in Nevada in the other video so not far from here we're going to look at an ancient road and that's a big road I really should measure the distance here but what interested me about this one again it's the middle of nowhere but it was these intersecting pieces here I mean completely completely unnecessary as far as I can tell from you know out here let's get an idea of where we are so yeah out in the Great Salt Lake desert the edge of it this is really the middle of nowhere and these clamps are really fascinating here's another one this one has more of a round nature to it and and again what we can see is if this even is a road I don't even know it might be I mean a modern road is what I'm saying or railway or something but again how do you know that it's ancient is because there's another one or several more on either side I think you just wouldn't need to clear the vegetation and to make more lines more roads on either side and those clamps are really anomalous I don't know what to make of them so now this is a place another place that I called before the farm that's all I can really say about them I mean when we find these places in the middle of nowhere oh here I hadn't noticed that before here's a you know therefore let's have a look at that in a minute but you know this is this is what I'm talking about this is a perfect example of what would turn into a farm if there were people in the vicinity but there aren't so it remains preserved that I'm so glad actually that this has remained preserved for us too for us to appreciate yeah these old lines that run next to it and go off in different directions some kind of old tech which is what I really think a lot of it is is just old tech old technology and we just can't even conceive I mean on a giant scale as if maybe the earth was some kind of a machine but yeah this is really fascinating actually this is just an ancient road I can tell right away by the change in the vegetation it's completely changed the vegetation and this is again the middle of nowhere there's no need the first I I this would have been an airport if there was if they could have even have just a find it they would have turned all this into the military or Airport but maybe they figured nobody would zoom in this close to this area who would waste their time so so that's it for this presentation I hope I hope I shed some light and I hope I made you speculate a little more on some some more questions let me know if you have any if you have any info to share I always appreciate it have a blessed day

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