hello starseeds hello cosmic beings on earth my name is Laura from Pleiadian healer and today we are going to talk all about ancients Atalanta ancient Atlantis what exactly is Atlantis does it really exist is it just a fantasy world a fantasy Island like people believe ancient Atlantis did indeed exists and it was probably the last version of the new earth that is now coming about but it was destroyed eons ago ancient Atlantis and Lemuria pretty much go hand in hand they were just at different locations on this earth and I will do a separate video on Lemuria stay tuned for that ancient Atlantis seems to have been around where the Dominican Republic is right now but it also seems to have been around where Australia was or somewhere around those Pacific Islands so perhaps it went all across there through that to there and I know Lemuria was where Hawaii is the island of Kauai and Hawaii so perhaps they were all just kind of like intersecting but they weren't really at the same spot and they weren't necessarily during the same time frame either but it's pretty safe to say that Atlantis is certainly where the Dominican Republic is right now because the stone Lorimar which is this beautiful blue stone also known as the dolphin stone comes from the Dominican Republic only so you can certainly only find it in the Dominican Republic not even in other Caribbean nations or islands and that is a variable to proof way to say that ancient Atlantis was certainly around there I think it's also where parts of Brazil are now so it's just sunken it's completely like in the ocean at this point it's not even like on this vibrational level anymore but that's around the area where ancient Atlantis was what exactly was ancient Atlantis so humanity itself had vibrated to such a high level to such a high degree and this is of course the shortened version of it but it had reached such a high vibrational level where people were really awakened and really tapping into their psychic abilities and just into the full potential of who they were there were beautiful human being similar to now but not necessarily in the plastic-surgery kind of way but in a very like crystalline structure way and crystals were indeed a huge points in ancient Atlantis which is why you have lower Maur but you also have like many other crystals associated with us such as like crystal points from bazzill like clear quartz etc if you are into crystals indeed that is probably a very telltale sign that you are either Pleiadian or Atlantean or that you used to play a role in either/or and these ladies are certainly very connected to ancient Atlantis so is the fairy Kingdom however just for the sake of this video I just I cannot talk about all of this at once perhaps I will have a larger workshop on it crystal healing in general is something that really resonates with Atlantean people or people who used to be parts of the Atlantean societies in ancient Atlantis everyone was quite beautiful and there were certainly a lot of crystal structures similar to the Pleiades where you have a lot of Crystal Castles a lot of crystal structures you had the same in ancient Atlantis and people would program something inside a crystal so they would have this sometimes you have barcodes on the side of a crystal and that's certainly something that was programmed in Lemuria and ancient Atlantis and so when you are having a crystal with a barcode you're able to retrieve your own stored memories or memories of beings that are part of that society and the memories that they stored inside this crystal you're definitely able to retrieve it through meditation right now by tapping into the barcodes by rubbing over them or just by meditating with the crystal aside from the Lorimar stone dolphins and whales also really are part of ancient Atlantis in addition to turtles so all of these majestic sea animals and sea creatures played a huge role in ancient Atlantis and bringing back stored knowledge from back then to now so if you're really connecting with turtles dolphins whales like all of these sea creatures and sea animals perhaps you are connecting to your ancient life back in Atlantis and perhaps you're also connecting with being one of these animals back then or just like playing a larger role in taking care of these animals or communicating with these animals eons ago ancient Atlantis is certainly coming up right now for people to rediscover their own power that they had in Atlantis and people in ancient Atlantis just had such a great psychic power and they were just really magnificent and they were just so powerful also very into scientific things and I channeled like Atlantean priestesses like the most beautiful beings out there or for example someone being inside an oyster and inventing something or that was like part of their lifetime just spending decades inside like a beautiful oyster structure and yeah it was just like a very beautiful time to be an ancient Atlantis but also people really misused that power and people really also controlled animals and pets and other beings that they didn't consider as powerful so you for example you had a lot of mutations happening between like an animal and a human I mean of course there's also freewill and everything but essentially ancient Atlantis pretty much went down because of the misuse of power because people for example doing scientific experiments like not only that but also nuclear experiments agent Atlantis was completely destroyed like that's why a few people did rescue themselves and rescued themselves onto a different continent or different dimensions and then just came back after everything settled but you could pretty much look at it like as a nuclear war or like a nuclear bomb winds up and that entire part of the earth was destroyed not earth itself but definitely that part of the earth and that is now covered by the ocean so perhaps when you hear stories about ancient Atlantis you think it's just like one little island and that it was somewhere around Italy at least that was what my perception was when I grew up but it was certainly more in the Caribbean perhaps also like a little bit more than that and it was certainly more than just a little island and it really influenced the entire planets and entire planet Earth in general it had so much potential for people staying in 5d and even vibrating higher and bringing like heaven onto earth but because people were misusing their power the Galactic Federation of Light just decided okay we have to set an end to this and also like other being society this is not the way we want it to be this is not the route planet Earth is supposed to be going like we just can't have the shifting away from each other like the polarity and that's also the doom of ancient Atlantis that's why it was destroyed or a destroyed itself so we are pretty much at a point right now where we're bringing back ancient Atlantis and where we are bringing back heaven on earth and where we are really discovering our powers and connecting to those powers again and right now people also look like extremely beautiful or at least have the ability to really make themselves up and to really like vibrate in the crystalline level and to have like that vibrance then that vibrant aura that vibrant energy field and right now we're kind of advancing into like a futuristic version of Atlantis but in a different way so Atlantis is not really going to come about anymore but a lot of people who were around for ancient Atlantis are definitely coming back now and we incarnated and they have reincarnated over many lifetimes in between – but they're really bringing back that power and really bringing back that knowledge to bring the fifth dimension and to bring heaven on earth right now I hope you enjoyed this video on HDNet lantus and happy journey and discovering whether or not you were parts of ancient Atlantis or not

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  1. I'm learning so much from you. I don't know that much about Atlantis and I love how you bring all these different subjects to life for me. Love & light beautiful soul! 💖💕🌷🌳🍃

  2. Thank you …wow resonates so strongly we want to move to the warm Caribbean waters and Dominican Republic is a place we have been thinking about ❤️

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