so if it's too hot to bring your kids to the zoo this summer there's another unexpected place where they can look for some animals where in Taiwan is this let's have a look at the answer these animals are located at the National Palace Museum in Taipei which is home to some of the most renowned treasures from ancient China now the National Palace Museum worked with zoos in Taipei Gao Xiang and Xin Zhao and with the National Museum of marine biology and aquarium to create the special exhibit npm zoo it's designed specifically for children it shows them animals in various media they can see vivid portrayal of tigers lions and monkeys on scroll paintings that are hundreds of years old they can compare them with photographs and specimens of the same animal look at that Wow and officials say that kids usually aren't that interested in ancient Chinese art so they hope the exhibit will give them some newfound appreciation and the exhibit runs through September 25th so very cool if it's too hot to go to the zoo bring your kids to the National Palace boats

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