NARRATOR: Washington DC, 2013. At the Citizen
Hearing on Disclosure, six former members of the
United States Congress listened to testimony from
former high-ranking government and military officials, along
with a variety of scientists and researchers, about
extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. One of the speakers was
former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer. [applause] The American people and
the people of the world have a right to know. UFOs are as real as the
airplanes flying overhead. We live in a cosmos
teeming with life. NICK POPE: To have a former
Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister come out and say
that the UFO phenomenon is real and that we're being
visited and that there's a government cover-up, is, in
and of itself, sensational. And he also expressed the view
that some alien civilizations are concerned about
humanity, and do not want to share technology
with the human race for fear that we are not
ready for it, that we will abuse that technology. We are, after all,
a race that has used atomic bombs on our own people. NARRATOR: Other distinguished
speakers at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure included nuclear
physicist Stanton Friedman, retired Air Force Captain Robert
Salas, and a former official for the Federal
Aviation Administration, John Callahan, all
of whom corroborated Paul Hellyer's assertion
that we are being visited by other-worldly beings. They also claim that these
visitors have an interest in our technological
advancements, especially when it comes
to nuclear weapons. These objects know,
in great detail, how our missiles operate. They can shut down our
missiles at any time. If you release that information
to the public, what do you say, then, about, you know– what kind of defense do we
have against these things? NARRATOR: Could the
UFO phenomenon be real, and is it possible that
extraterrestrials have been monitoring
and, perhaps, even interfering with the
technological advancement of mankind? Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes, and suggest that the
earliest and, perhaps, strongest evidence of this can
be found in the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. According to the book of
Genesis, the Tower of Babel was built in Mesopotamia
after the Great Flood. Some accounts suggest it reached
nearly 30 stories, or 300 feet, tall. It was described as a bridge
between heaven and earth, built by a unified people. JONATHAN YOUNG: Someone got
the idea of building a tower– a tower to heaven– to make a name for ourselves. Well, this starts
to become hubris, where you start
challenging the gods. This is a key idea. A certain kind of
arrogance that is starting to think that you are a god. And so, as the tower
lifts up, God is annoyed. DAVID CHILDRESS: When you
look at the story of the Tower of Babel, it's essentially a
story of mankind developing technology and
being like the gods, being like our
extraterrestrial creators. And therefore, mankind
was, in a sense, kept from reaching a
technological level. WILLIAM HENRY: The word
"Babel" means "gate to God." And some believe
that the gate to God was, in fact, a stargate– a ladder, tower, or stairway
that reached into the heavens. And so when God saw that
humankind were building a stargate, this was too much. Well, what happened next? Powers that be watched. They observed. They spoke to one
another, saying, we have to descend to the
Earth to bring an assault upon the builders of the tower. What kind of an assault? The Biblical text is very clear. They touched the
minds of the people and corrupted their
spirit of unity. WILLIAM BRAMLEY: The
Tower of Babel story really relates to a decision
that these so-called gods had made. Human beings were
not only supposed to speak different languages. They were also supposed
to fight with each other. They were supposed to come
into conflict with each other. And as long as they're
squabbling with each other, they're not going to unite
and fight against you. GEORGE NOORY: I believe
whoever got involved realized, these human beings are coming
along pretty darn fast. We got to– we got to slow
this down a little bit, and that's what they did.

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  2. Challenging the demiurge god. Which is the god Christians worship today. Satan. The Gnostics were killed because Rome worshipped the demiurge god. Then came this Christianity today. The gnostic god was the real god.

  3. 5 minute video about the Tower of Babel waits until 47.5% of the runtime is gone before even mentioning it….just sayin’ 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. I find it funny how people will take part of the original text of the Bible and make up their own version….
    These guys are like some goofballs that smoked a joint and had some coffee on top of the mental illness…..

  5. History Channel is owned by the Disney's who are predominantly famous for making cartoons.
    I think this is the most irrelevant comment I've ever made anywhere.

  6. Nobody won't to know the truth about the aliens involved almost people are been accustomed with all this lies , and who have the rea, courage to tel something about them aliens involved ,are imediately blamed and most probably sent to mad house .i thought the babilon tower was in reality a huge interstellar mother ship which had flying back to their origine planet ,and this primitive mankind, had misunderstood this tower ,and had reply it .The same was happends after when they coming back in the ezekiels time , he thought it was the carriot of god ,even the kukulcan flying serpent would be in reality a huge mother interstellar ship too .In fact of earth exsist a lot of evidence which sbiw them involved .in the temple from hoysaleswara in india , there exsist a carved stone which show a carved image with the arrival to earth from the first star travelers ,they all had the same space suits like our modern astronauts , them own commander was the lord Vishnu , why won't to accept the mankind all this evidence and ignore it ? sfmy spelling !

  7. After 5 years…If any new kind of Bomb was dropped by US on Iran & NorthKorea…then it will was Aliens who came in UFO

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