NARRATOR: Pasadena, California. June 17, 2018. Thousands gather at the
Pasadena Convention Center for Aliencon, a
three-day convention to explore the mysteries
of ancient civilization, extraterrestrial existence,
and the unexplained phenomena of our universe. I am about to
introduce you to a man that in 1968 published
a book by the name of “Chariots of the Gods. The legend, Erich von Daniken. [APPLAUSE] NARRATOR: Erich von
Daniken takes the stage before an audience of 3,500
people, men and women who are convinced that mankind’s
past and its future is more extraordinary
and more hopeful than they had been led to
believe by mainstream science. I would like to say that over
the course of history on planet Earth, we’ve seen great men,
Moses being one of those, Abraham Lincoln being another. I’d like to honor you in
that same group of men. [APPLAUSE] Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you. It all started because
of religious doubts. That was the power in me
to find out what is God. By the way, I still am
a deep believer in God. So simply, I had doubts
in my own religion. In the meantime,
I’m 83 years old. The gods love me. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Since 1968, it’s
been 50 years. How has the reception
of the ancient astronaut theory, in your opinion,
changed over 50 years? It was an immediate bestseller
in Germany and in Switzerland. Then it was sold to
the United States. It was a bestseller here. And soon as it was a bestseller,
I was, of course, attacked. I was crushed down practically
by every scientific community, by every scientist,
by newspapers. They all found, this is nonsense
what this young Swiss fellow is writing. This is garbage. So I was attacked. And I’m not the
one who gives up. So I started to fight,
and fight, and fight. So in total, I have written
41 titles, or roughly 76 million copies in 32 languages. Not bad. [APPLAUSE] In the 50 years since
“Chariots,” what do you think are some of the best
pieces of evidence that have come forward that you
did not cover in “Chariots”? Well, of course, all of these
years, always new material had come. And we know so much more
about the Great Pyramid. We detected the rooms,
shafts, corridors, things inside which I never
knew in 1966 when I made “Chariots of the Gods.” Now that a sequel of
“Chariots of the Gods” is already on the market,
there is, of course, material in there which
you have never seen and you would not
believe on this planet. [APPLAUSE]

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