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  1. The book of enoch talks about the fallen angels teaching here on earth forbidden knowledge. Interesting enough metal working was something they taught.

  2. No offense but this day and age is not a super civilization…. Ancient times were far superior to what we have today.

  3. I believe you.
    I always wondered where some of our knowledge came from.
    Humans are smart now, because we know so much. An average BSEE of today, is like a super-genius, 5000 years ago.
    Back then, they were as dumb as they come, and believed everything was a God of some sort.
    Smelting Iron out of rock, is not something you can stumble onto, or discover by accident.
    producing 1,538 °C to melt Iron, is no child's play.

  4. Humans: "why have you created us?"
    Aliens: "We did not create you. We just guided you in your evolution. Human is the product of tweak in the algorithm."

    Humans: "why have you guided in our evolution?
    Aliens: "to create species more intelligent than our own. Earth was a special kind of planet capable of hosting and evolving millions of various intelligent species. Its particular hyper-livable conditions allows for greater friction between living organisms, fostering evolution of greater complexity and eventually greater intelligence. We saw chimpanzee-like creatures to be the most promising creature to possess the capabilities that we perceive to be integral for development of higher intelligence. We have guided your evolution through the hunter-and-gatherer and throughout history of civilizations."
    Humans: "Aren't you still much more intelligent than us?"
    Aliens: "Humans are a failure. A detrimental, misguided evolution. Humans have destroyed the planet and the conditions for greater experiments. It's time humans be wiped off from this planet before it damages this planet and its billions of years of products even further."

  5. According to ancient astronaut theorist everything we can't explain how they were formed or made must of extraterrestial origin.

  6. I love how these people don't realize that they're just repeat the book of Enoch in another light and don't realize it

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