there are countless mysteries and wonders within the world the most baffling of which can only be seen from this guy these magnificent geoglyphs have been etched onto the surface of our planet for thousands of years complex networks of ground markings such as the Nazca lines pitched into the sands of Peru southern desert the steppe geoglyphs in kazakhstan only discovered in 2007 on google earth revealing approximately 260 cheerless of geometric shapes including squares crosses and circles ranging in sizes from 295 feet to more than 1300 feet in length the sajama lines of Western Bolivia thousands of perfectly straight interjecting paths pitched into the ground and continuously worked on for more than 3,000 years a network of paths covering an area of approximately 22,000 525 square kilometers or 8700 square miles these mystifying shapes and designs give us a real glimpse into the ancient societies of our past yet with decades of research and examination published historians are still unable to explain analogical reasoning or purpose for this reoccurring phenomena with his open-minded approach an ancient alien philosophy Erich von däniken believes the simple answer to be that these geoglyphs are messages to the sky gods an advanced race of extraterrestrials has described in many ancient religions as superior beings are being from outside of this world a non-human entity appearing from the skies we can prove that in antiquity our forefathers made gigantic science in the ground like today's crop circle just it was done by our forefather some thousands of years ago and all these designs are laid out in a way that they are so big you can see them only from the air I mean Nazca in Peru is one of the examples but it's not only nuts cap in the meantime because of our flying aircraft because of our helicopters we found gigantic designs dating from prehistoric time in in Saudi Arabia in Australia in today's jordania then even here in in the United States in California a place called blight you see figures in the ground you can see them only from the air in Mexico the Sonora Desert there are hundreds of designs which you can see only from the air and the main mystery is definitely not sky in Peru for those who do not yet know the Nazca lines are a series of geoglyphs located some 400 kilometers south of the Peruvian capital Lima and are believed to have been drawn by the Nazca civilization between 500 and 200 BC they depict many different animals and creatures such as a spider a hummingbird a monkey and a strange human-like figure there are believed to be over 800 straight lines 300 geometric designs and 70 animal and plant designs some of which are up to 370 meters long I was so many times in Nazca I made myself over 5,000 pictures of Nazca I show you here now pictures of Nazca which were never shown on television and you really are shocked when you see these designs and look at them carefully until today the scientific community has come up with the following information all these designs on the ground is an astronomical calendar it made no sense then they say it was a cult for the other gods another scientist retested now it was a cult for the mountain gods I read always in scientific magazines now it is a cult for aquaculture my god this is ridiculous there was never a creek culture it's too hot for it if every in every time somebody something was growing their green then you would not see the designs anymore another suggested now it's a prehistoric Inca spot place something like an a prehistoric of Colombia other side now is that copies of fata morgana so they're not if somewhere in the air they have seen some lines maybe in the clouds it was a starting place for hot-air balloon we know that hot-air balloons could have existed in prehistoric time in South America it's theoretically possible but we have no writing no written recall about it but even for hot-air balloons you don't need landing strips hot-air balloon chest out on one place another one said and now these are acre plots but acre plots means growing of something there was never something growing there another one said now these are procession streets you know for some religion it's ridiculous streets which started abruptly ended abruptly etc another one suggested now this is a prehistoric map the map for what for where or a cultural atlas we have had in the scientific community so many explanations and every scientists think this is plausible that's the next natural right version it's all nonsense just look at these gigantic lines this is eye openers and on television you never see these pictures I have 5000 of them in Nazca there you see some mountains which were artificially cut off you never see these mountains on television somebody cut the top of the mountain of you can clearly prove it in the pictures normal mountains around Nazca they come to the top from both sides and you see it's the top of the mountain then you see one mount where the cold tub is cut off and there is a line on this mountain and under the line the line looking like an airstrip starting abruptly ending abruptly under the line is a zigzag line no idea no suggesting what this was I simply suggest our investigators speculate it has something to do with flying you see today we need a electromagnetic impulses for example to start machines Magna magnetic it could be something inside we have sent a scientific crew to Nazca and I have asked the scientists a few questions which archaeologists would never ask archaeologists ask for datings for bones for fireplaces and all these things I asked for example please go to the desert of Nazca with your modern equipment and measure the resistance of electricity what is the resistance of electricity if I have a 100 volt and then I have a measurement measuring device and I want to see if the electricity is flowing so I can measure the flow of electricity and I wanted to know from the scientific world thus the electricity flow in Nazca is it the same flowing as in the desert or on these so-called lines they made their scientific measurements and as expected in the desert in the sand there is no flowing electricity because sand is an isolator like ceramic is an isolator but then they made the same experience on the lines on the lines with that cut of mountain what is it and the the speed of the electrical resistance was 8,000 time higher than just a few meters in this er so there is something I asked the scientist can you measure magnetic fields in Nazca is there something wrong of course there are changement in the magnetic field and especially on the lines on that mountain they found the magnetic field in the ground under the line which is so high that they could not measure it anymore so there is something behind it but nobody knows what it is and nobody is allowed to go there or make diggings so we know that something is wrong in Nazca because we can measure the flow of electricity the difference in the sand and the difference in the so called lines we can definitely measure the changing of the magnetic field on the g'tok line there's something deep down there but in practice one would say okay so make a hole what's so difficult there it's not possible Nazca is completely protected you don't receive the permission to simply scratch a little stone away if you do something you are immediately arrested you get in jail in Peru and you have to pay the pay about ten thousand dollars to get out again so we know by measurement something is wrong in not scrap but in practice we have no possibility to check it you after his lifelong research around ancient civilizations Erich von däniken is convinced that the mythology signs and descriptions given all around the world point towards the same conclusion close encounters of the fifth kind a direct communication between humans and a superior alien race I know from my knowledge of ancient texts of ancient mythologies that some thousands of years ago a gigantic mother spaceship was surrounding around the earth now this mothership spaceship after a long trip they need something to refuel I mean is it organic material eg geranium is it whatever so they measure the planet where could he find something maybe they are looking for gold and from an orbit they can measure where we find gold or whatever now they simply send an automatic space probe down an automatic space probe would not need a landing strip he simply came down with like one of our satellites and before it came to a standstill it might be that this automatic space probe is blowing away some sand and stones and etc becoming kept before it comes to a standstill one of the actives was watching this something was coming from the gods from the sky and this space probe makes some measurements hello what is the magnetic field here do we find gold uranium or whatever and this appears again another nap teef goes to his tribe and say hey something was descending from the god I saw it here on the plane of Nazca and you see a small line simply made created by the blown-away stone and sand and other natives may sink obviously the gods want that we make some lines for them and it becomes a religion a cult that the natives now make lines in all kinds of direction small lines large lines thin lines long lines the longest of the small lines in Nazca is 23 kilometers long over cross mountain he'll try the way 23 kilometers the longest of the air straight looking lines is three point eight kilometers long enough to land the jumbo jet now that was my suggestion the lines were made by the natives because it has become a religious cult but that's not all the extraterrestrials in fact they found something there something which they used we have no idea what it used and they took it off from Nazca it was the extraterrestrials not an artist who cut the mountain because something which they needed was in there by cutting off the mountain you have the breeze there is nothing in Nazca where is all this the breeze which they took up from the cotton mountain and maybe they had an automatic landing machine and the landing machine was working on a magnetic field and for the magnetic field they needed zigzag line under the line because you with a zigzag line you compose an electromagnetic field so it comes to a standstill and you pour it the other way around and you start it again the local people made the figures you see if you have in the ground your figures of fishes aspire those monkeys birds and this kind of thing and these figures were made by the local you know Nazca is very very hot the surface of the desert of Nazca is composited of little brown stones and sand now you have only to use your shoes and to scratch away these little brown stones and you see itself a higher bright shining a level appears and with this you can in fact make these figures there is no mystery in making the figures you can also make some lines this is also possible by scratching away with your shoes the surface of it but the large lines starting abruptly ending abruptly the large big lines on mountains which are cut off are not made by scratching away with your shoes here technology was used so you have to differentiate there was high technology in my eyes from extraterrestrials which has to do with the cut off mountains zigzag lines and this thing and there is imitations of tentative even after the extraterrestrials left when they have received what they wanted the natives continue to make lines in hundreds of the God so you have bows their high technology from extraterrestrial and simply primitive lines made by the native if you stand in a nuts car with your foot you see nothing you see no difference you have to stand exactly on the line then you see it goes down into the ground about four five centimeters but you see it only directly standing there two meters away you see no difference it's all brown rushed sand that's all the natives want to give science to the gods one day the work of the so-called gods was done they said goodbye we came back in a few thousand years goodbye everyone it disappeared but in earth the natives had the next generation of the next generation and they were all talking about the gods and they said to our grandfathers time the gods from the sky worry which God's up there then a high priest we may come up with a good idea we must show them science the god he was signalized them we are still here we are praying we are hoping of your return and now the natives start to make science in the ground of such an over dimensional size that you can see them only from the air and again Nazca is not isolated I know from the Ethiopian book of the King the Kebra Nagast that King Solomon had a flying machine in that in the Kebra Nagast it says that King Solomon had not only flying machines he had maps maps from the surface of the earth he knew exactly on which part is a jungle on which part is a desert etc it might well be that King Solomon with one of his flying machines once flew to Nazca in the Hindu mythology we have the twins called the Maroons they are described they had flying machines they were flying over the planet visiting different tribe so King Solomon the flying Meru mouths the twins were maybe in Nazca and they all created line when they came to a landing point and the natives imitated made lines and the knot each made sign for that hey we are here expect you we have offerings for you we have food for you please visit us again give us your knowledge that's why the natives made gigantic figures in the ground in Nazca there is a geometrical figure which is never shown to the tourists I made a few hundred photos of it it's gigantic it's different circles a big circle to smaller circles and around them are triangles and so and this is geometry is high geometry it does not fit to the natives we don't today we don't know what the meaning is of it the tourists are not over flown there by the way the tourists today in Nazca this is another thing which I I hate to pilots they fly the tourists of these signs the fishness monkeys birds etc but knocked over the lines and not of the geometrical pattern and just a few years ago in England the same design which I call looks like a mandala the same design appeared but this time in England between England and Nazca there are twenty thousand miles in the last few years in the desert of Jordan again Tryg and it figures were found only found by the air it's comparable to Nazca with hundreds of designs rings circles triangles etc and this mystery goes on worldwide always some of the prehistoric people made designs for the gods because of course can see them only prompt there since roughly 30 years we are confronted with the phenomenon which we call crop circles in the beginning there were simple primitive circles and now it is normal in our society we look for the reasonable explanation so we found all kinds of explanations what could it be and I read in the scientific literature incredible stupidities how to explain these crop circles but the pictures of the so-called circles are not circles anymore they become bigger and bigger and much more complicated now we always look for the next plausible reasonable answer and one of these reasonable answer well it must be hoaxes so and of course we found hoaxes they admitted how they showed even how they make these circles and things but the hoaxes are nothing compared to the real gigantic pictures which in the mean time appear of a sudden and in some cases you can prove it they appear within a few minutes they are there so there's no way out it's no more hoaxes the primitive circle yes are hoaxes but not the Tryg antic pictures so somebody is obviously trying to give us an information I suggest that we are visited again in our days by extraterrestrials they are looking to us now it would be easy with their technology to just show up on a gigantic football stadium the cameras are there already but because they know us we are the offspring of them they know how our reaction would be we'll be completely shocked our religions worldwide would crash down it would be a catastrophe and they don't want to shock us they know our reaction that they do it in another way slowly slowly they make gigantic pictures in the ground knowing that humans use and search for the next plausible answers so we have 20 plausible answers and then we realize the next plausible answers makes no sense anymore because these things appear overnight these things appear within a few minutes so we have to come up with the question what is it is someone are there who cries to give us an information are we too stupid to understand the information because we always think well it must be wrong it must be hoaxes some of them are hoaxes but the big complicated designs are not hoaxsters anymore they want that we realize there is something out of humanity out of this planet after we have tried to explain everything in a natural way we have to come to a conclusion there is no more natural answer there's something behind our knowledge that's why they do it [Applause] UFO sightings are in the meantime worldwide we have ten thousands of people who saw UFOs and people who are serious not only hoaxes again our security is based on being prepared to meet all threats there was a time when we depended on coastal forts and artillery batteries because with the weaponry of that day any attack would have had to come by sea well this is a different world and our defenses must be based on recognition and awareness of the weaponry possessed by other nations in the nuclear age we can't afford to believe that we will never be threatened there had been two world wars in my lifetime we didn't start them and indeed did everything we could to avoid being drawn into them but we were ill-prepared for both had we been better prepared peace might have been preserved [Laughter] in antiquity the gods were here the humans worshipped the gods the human said to the gods we want to make a construction a temple something in your honor so that our ancestors native thousands of years ago may understand that you were here and the gods said yes make it but make it only on this place in this place so the humans made these structures today is different today we have no high culture there are no humans which adore some gods and say in your honor we want to make a gigantic structure the time is different in the Africa there is a tribe called the Dogon and the Dogon they say they were visited by beings from the star a solar system of Sirius the humans asked the gods where you come from and they give names but the names mean nothing to us the names are the names of them to us it's a word which has no meaning in it on the firmament so we don't know where they came from and we don't know where they went definitely they want back and they promised to return they are back again the Dogon have demonstrated a deep understanding of the celestial universe knowledge of astronomical events and planetary movements passed down by the normal a group of beings that come from the Sirius Star System the Dogon claim that the Nommo came to the earth in a visible star in the sky a description that sounds similar to that of light phenomena and UFO sightings reported around the world this fascinating tribe revealed knowledge of Saturn and its rings the planet Jupiter and it's four moons and the Dogon star an orbiting star deep within stellar space this was confirmed in the 1950s at the United States Naval Observatory in Washington DC is this yet another example of historically documented encounters with an advanced race of beings from the stars let us know your thoughts in the comments below more mysteriously they also claim to have knowledge of an invisible star and its movements throughout the heavens many researchers believe this to be the planet Nibiru as mentioned in Zecharia Sitchin's translations of the Sumerian tablets theorizing that when the celestial Orbis are closest to the earth the Anunnaki planet hop from Nibiru originally genetically modified primitive human DNA the engineers of humanity as we know it erich von daniken and satire Sitchin are of a similar mind in this theological conclusion extraterrestrials created the first humans simile Adam and Eve they again made children and they change lament again children they multiply and multiply and in these generations there was only one language Adam and Eve they came directly from the tribe of the Apes the Apes had no language now Adam and Eve in the the legend were put into a place called Paradise where they learned the language Eden was the first man who was able to speak he had what we called Broca's Center two formal words now Edom was the one who gave to everything a name Eden was the inventor that this is called a bush this is called a river this is called grass grass is not the same thing as water water is not the same thing as the sky when you want to talk together you have to have definition the meaning of the objects that's why Adam started the whole language I suggest the first language with the humans head were the language of the extraterrestrials this you can still read in the Bible before the Tower of Babel it says and everyone had the same language at that time later the human society separated they started to travel and they started to develop their own languages the first language of the humans was the language of the extraterrestrials adam learned it from the extraterrestrials and Edom give everything the name later they separated and they developed other languages I live in a small country Switzerland in the Alps and only in Switzerland we have 23 different dialects because every society creates its own world if they use technology the god they would give a gigantic sign in the sky they would show something big that everyone can see us for example they could show with a laser a sign on the moon we have full moon and we have empty moon now there's nothing at an empty moment of a sudden you see a gigantic inscription on the moon this will be technology but on the other hand I'm sure the information is within us is in our genes and we continue to give this information to the next generation and our genetics will find out that we are not only humans we have been influenced by an artificial mutation by extraterrestrials so we will find the answers anyhow it makes no sense to be against all these hypotheses of an extraterrestrial received in the past because everything points to it and the final answer is in US and our genetics will find it I'm Erich von däniken join me next time on beyond the legends to see more of the series beyond the legend with Erich von Daniken and many other great Gaia originals check out the links in the video description below thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs 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