Sur, Costa Rica. While clearing the
jungles in the 1930s, crews discover hundreds of
monolithic stone spheres. DAVID CHILDRESS: Many
of them are huge. They’re 10 feet in diameter. They’re gigantically huge. Others are much smaller,
the size of a basketball or of a car tire or
something like that. NARRATOR: To date,
over 300 stone spheres have been found
at archaeological sites across the region. And Las Bolas, as
they are called, are some of the
most precise stone carvings in the ancient world. Some experts believe these
mysterious stone balls could be 96% completely spherical. DAVID CHILDRESS: A
perfectly spherical round ball is hard to make. And in fact, where they’re
found is a primitive area. So the stone balls that
we see at Costa Rica would have been very,
very hard to make by just bashing them
out with a rock. It almost seems like
there was some kind of megalithic carving school. Who could create the
most perfect sphere? Some of them are still
hidden within the jungles. So what were they doing there? Why were they constructed? DAVID CHILDRESS: Jungle
dwelling local chiefs were sometimes buried with
some of the smaller balls. But some of the balls
are gigantically huge. In fact, they’re so large,
they couldn’t fit in any grave. So the great mystery
with the stone balls really is what
their purpose was. GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS: According
to the legends of Costa Rica, those stone spheres
were used as cannonballs by the god of
thunder to drive away the god of wind and hurricanes. Now, these are all
wonderful ideas of a story. But as we all know, every
story has a core of truth. And the question is,
what is that core? NARRATOR: Are the legends of
gods battling storms really a description of ancient
astronaut machinery at work, as some researchers suggest? And if so, might the
discovery of stone spheres reveal the ultimate
purpose for monoliths? Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2004. A team of
archaeologists discover stone spheres in
forests and creek beds near the town of Banja Luka. DAVID CHILDRESS: If
you go into that area, it’s a ravine in a mountainside
that’s been cut by a stream, and in it are all of these stone
balls, very similar to the ones in Costa Rica. They’re half buried
in this mountainside. And some are exposed. It is a tourist area. And in fact, Bosnia has
four or five areas where these stone balls can be seen. The tree was standing there. But in the last
storm, the tree fell, and all this dirt,
all this material covered with [inaudible] here,
which is here, right here. The biggest source of
Bosnian stone spheres is the central Bosnian
town of Zavidovici. We took samples from
four different stone spheres and samples of natural
stones that we found nearby. And then we did
chemical analysis. And the conclusion was
the stone spheres were made from the liquid state. They would melt them. They were adding certain
additives to get the better properties of material. And then when they got
dry in certain molds, they were getting a perfect
shape of the sphere. NARRATOR: Like most
other monoliths, researchers believe
the spheres were likely used for ceremonial rituals. But is it possible that these
monoliths, like the stone spheres in Costa
Rica, helped create a connection to
celestial beings, as ancient astronaut
theorists contend? DAVID CHILDRESS: Another
theory of the stone balls is that they were somehow
used as star maps, and that they were
rolled around, and they would show
where stars were, and their relationship
to other areas, very much like some extraterrestrial map. PHILIP COPPENS: It’s also said
that these stone balls were there to concentrate thought,
that they were somehow physical devices, that
somehow by touching or working with these stones,
were able to establish a bridge to another dimension. And so we might actually be
looking at a civilization who realized that the places
where these stone spheres were located were
somehow power spots, that somehow there was some form
of energy whereby if we were able to concentrate,
we would indeed be transported to a
world where we could communicate with the gods. And that might be why
these stone spheres are located in the places they are.

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  2. i saw similar spheres 2167 and the reason behind these huge spheres is : they are just love beads for female giants!

  3. Extraterrestrial my a$$! Those were weapons of the nephalim, stones to shoot from a sling shot or hand held catapult. They are all over the world, NOT just in costa rica. They are almost as wide spread as bullets i find with metal detector all over.

  4. And i make stone pendants, with amethyst, charoite, opals, moon stone, ect, and i make BY HAND perfect spheres. Not hard for any bored individual to learn. And not unexpected by ancients. Sure there were aliens n deamons, but they were not needed to make perfect stone spheres.

  5. Used in the building or moving(as leverage)monolithic stones or any building or wall,temple,pyramid.ridiculous saying aliens left them

  6. I don't agree with these experts . I am also an ancient astronaut theorist and I personally believe these spheres are fossilized testicles of giant aliens .

  7. They are the most bent pefect stone spheres I ever saw🤣😂🤣
    They built giant buildings but yet they think they couldn't make a ball LOL

  8. If I got one of these round stones I could take it to pawn and make an offer to Les “hi I’ve got this space ball from space I wanna sell”
    The look on his face 🤪

  9. So what your telling me is that my old boss in Florida is an alien? Must be seeing as how he has been making stone and concrete spheres just like these for years, and he doesn't even use molds….you guys are a waste of oxygen.

  10. Has anyone thought that maybe everyone back then navigated at night via the stars. So I would assume naturally, since they didnt have gps, they would orientate their city's along the constellation lines, and also put landmarks (these balls) along the way to show you're on the right path, ect.

    The landscape was probably a lot different than it is now.

  11. I was thinking it Were from a giant regular river bed. But after hearing they were made(maybe) they were used for something(idk) what reason..

  12. We have been around @2000 years. No one knows who or what was around fully. To build most of what is around would take a lot of time. So I'm 100% sure computers are much older than IBM.

  13. My mother once told me when I was young and it was thundering and lightning out God was bowling with the angels.
    Maybe there just left over bowling balls..

  14. Just here to count the number of times “BALLS” is said here! It’s the Forrest Gump of Balls 😂😂😂

  15. He's large Stones keep a larger ships from making a divoit in the Earth so there would be no trace of their landing the Earth has magnetic properties and stones with Spears magnets in cardboard and magnets do a little research and you'll see the cardboard can cause the Earth quote unquote magnet to act as a if you're interested Peeked we can build a spaceship

  16. You need to see if stone spheres are found near layline because if they were made from molten rock the who knows what else they were adding in to the mixture in order to find the perfect ensemble to harness the layline enery which i theorise is what the Egyptians and many acients did, if you look at nickola teslas free enery tower it has many similarities to the construction of the pyramid, the main key to all acient civilisations is they knew that everything is made up of frequency and they knew how to manipulate frequency to their advantage, FREQUENCY = ENERGY

    Things are only solid because we vibrate at the same frequency as the object

  17. And just to let everyone know theres no such thing as god which is proven if you look at cargo cults in Indonesia, something that is too advanced for the brain to understand is subconsciously (dumbed down) to try to make sense of something seemingly impossible for the whatever situation that brain is in. Gods or clo- complexed living creatures, older than our planet, a planet where the dominant inhabitants were continuously improving unlike our planet, our species where we have been phrased as a species with amnesia because we are always losing track of our history and accomplishments which creates a species set back, whether it may be intellectual set back, or physical evolutionary set backs

  18. Many planets, many unresolved mysteries and many new things have been out, but still, no alliens found, why?

  19. It's from the dark ages they use as fireballs for catapults I guess, scattered in some places here on earth where the battle between kingdoms happen. 😊

  20. Ancient Aliens is such a crock. I think any creatures able to get here from across the cosmos gave up building with stone a few trillion years ago.

  21. Might it be: to hold the dead down? From the wind and rain… If the dead have been found underneath. Can't say, it's not so.

    But maybe they have a deeper meaning. What could it be? Gods!

  22. I think that these stone spheres are products of the same technology that allows walls to be built with blocks of stone the size of a house and with no gap between the blocks bigger then a hair , now I believe that this form of construction involves not only the ability to liquidise rock but to also levitate it into position,I wonder what would happen if they could liquidise and levitate at the same time I wonder if you would end up with a sphere,,,,,,,,,,,,,wonder where the word levitate comes from

  23. 8739 signatures on the petition to close this channel only 1261 left to go before this greedy pisstake and outright violation of education is removed from youtube enjoy misleading and taking advantage of people's gullibility whilst you still can

  24. I can tell what there used for , since antigravity was a fact in the ancient world they would take these round stones to high altitude and fire them at an attacking enemy.

  25. Ancient astronaut machinery at work? … these people are going insane, they have no clue why these were made, they love making their theories sound like facts to deceive others.

  26. Ol fat boy in green, lookin for some, "KOIND" of a burger joint!
    MF be takin a bite out of them stone 👽 alien balls!

  27. WE ALL COME FROM SPIRIT………WE ALL RETURN TO IT!……….what "ALIEN" has a thing to do with it!?????????? anyone?

  28. every story has a core of truth hmmmmm isnt tht like a sceptic way of looking at things so a guy tht works at ancient aliens is a sceptic

  29. Everything that comes out of your mouth, Think about: Are signs you will understand later. "UNI"

    I think in context with this video. It means when someone is talking to you " They are broadcasting to the universe" and Whatever comes out of your mouth Is the process in which you are broadcasting

  30. In y'all great minds y'all haven't get it yet y'all great GOD is a alien playing GOD for y'all with y'all primitive minds you still believe is GOD talking to moses in the burning bush 🤣🤣

  31. If the world keeps denying my name "Jesus Barajas" then the world will never meet me and you will not be able to to wake up Spiritually

  32. A stone for one member of the royal family. Forget the elements get the age, was it during the river that helped builders transport stone to make the pyramid of egypt???

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