NARRATOR: Huntsville,
Alabama, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Here, in March of 2011,
astrobiologist Richard Hoover reports the extraordinary
news that he found microfossil organisms,
or ancient bacteria, inside rare meteorites
that are more than 4 billion years old,
dating back to the birth of our solar system. Until recently, scientists did
not believe life could survive the rigors of space travel. But Hoover’s finding
suggests that live bacteria made it to Earth and may
have even taken root here. FIORELLA TERENZI: Microorganisms
trapped inside comets can survive the travel
through interplanetary space and interstellar space. And the reason is
that microorganisms are trapped in the rocky core. Around, you have a thick
shield of icy material. And on top, you have
stratification of dust. Dust is highly effective in
shielding the microorganisms from ultraviolet light. So comets are an
excellent vehicle to transport a microorganism,
single-cell life, amino acid in the vastness of space. NARRATOR: The theory
that life on Earth began with alien
organisms landing here from other parts of the
universe is controversial, called panspermia. One of the most vocal
proponents of this theory was Sir Francis Crick,
a British scientist who co-discovered DNA in 1953. PETER FIEBAG: [speaking german] INTERPRETER: Francis
Crick, co-discoverer of the double helix
in cells, said that all this can’t
happen by chance but has to have been engineered. One of his arguments is
that the rotation of the DNA is in the same direction
for all living things. Had DNA developed on
Earth, it would probably have had a 50/50 distribution. And that’s exactly
what we don’t have. NARRATOR: Today, scientists
know that only about 5% of the DNA contained
in our genes is used to reproduce
human beings. The remainder is an
undecipherable code, once referred to as junk DNA. GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS: Just
because we cannot decipher 95% of our genetic material
doesn’t necessarily mean that that 95% is, in fact, useless. Nature is extremely efficient. DNA is the most powerful
storage device in the universe. Not even with all the
supercomputers combined in the world could we
store as much information as we could store on DNA. So I’m suggesting that
the ultimate proof of extraterrestrial
life will not be found in a crashed
spaceship or in a text, but it will be found
within our own genes.

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  2. Always saying, “It was Ancient Aliens” and never giving credit to humans, makes us humans look stupid. What if we humans are really Ancient Aliens ?

  3. The origins of life are god creating Adam & eve.Even for exterestrials demons & angels everything in the universe was created by god .& creatures & worlds we don’t know or seen yet .these videos are to cause confusion & to control the masses

  4. You guys are pretty reasonable and confuse a lot with your logic and evidence. Why aren't your theories accepted, any explanation ?

  5. Ya I had dreams of the Minotaur & other anomalies all my life, & that's long before Fighting Masters from Sega Genesis came out. Just saying,,, it's all here.

  6. Shame to all people they don’t know their creator they think they know what was before 6000000000…… years ago . Read the bible

  7. Theres nothing junk about us! That STUPID! All of our DNA is for something, when will all these stupid ideas die!! I'm sorry but I can't stand baby boomers!! When it comes to science! To many where stupid!!! And they were the majority,! So the ones that knew better wouldn't be heard. But once the all pass away then we can get some real work done!

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