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  3. I am from CT. I used to believe that I was abducted as a child, several times, actually. I remember seeing the Greys, two different kinds (one was genetically modified to survive in deep space, the other was a different race that had chosen a similar path for their evolution but was much younger). All this was almost a decade before their image was popular enough for me to notice. The first time I had seen anything like them was that night when I was about nine years old. I also remember some insect like aliens, like the ones he described. Their were two other groups of races, one was human like but cold and unyielding, the other groups were robotic; the robotic races were many but I did not interact with them.

    After three decades of living with these "memories" and having so many other ideas connected with aliens, I had even thought they were communicating with me, telling me about future kinds of space propulsion, I made a model for a resonate cavity thruster back in 1998 but I called it the MMKED (Magnetized Momentum to Kinetic Energy Drive), instead of the EM-Drive.

    Then, I began to travel the world and I saw how insignificant I was and I woke up from my ego trip. I still look back on all that insanity with a mixture of comical fondness and apprehension. I am so happy to have been pulled from the comfort and self importance of my delusions. Maybe I am wrong and there are aliens visiting us, but there is zero evidence for that claim and until some substantial evidence comes to light, it needs to be treated with complete skepticism.

  4. I want to experience this extraordinary event so that I can say that alien abduction is/was real but for sure I'll start to be ridicule

  5. Oh yes, because aliens really want to abduct people from Massachusetts, the cream of the crop of the American people πŸ™„πŸ™„

  6. It’s all 100 % True … millions of people around the world over thousands of years have been abducted and their experiences are all the same . Explain that you non believers.

  7. Ancient aliens were definitely on this planet thousands of years ago, and if you have seen the show or Nan- Madol, then you know what I’m talking about!

  8. I got abducted by Aliens, but they realized that I am totally useless and they dumped me back at my home. I missed them lot.

  9. Aliens are true,I was almost abduct by aliens when I was 17yeare old.. when me and my friend was walking in the street, it was some time 9:30pm ,. We don't notice it when it was suddenly a light blue from our head lights towards us.. then we just wonder when we bow our head as the streets turns lighted.. i. then we look up.. when we held our head high it was suddenly move in a bit far, I saw a very big saucer in the air, an unidentified flying object move very fast when we look up. Iand my friend might be abduct when we didn't look up. We just "WHOAHH!!" Then .we just run towards it wonder what is that flying above us..and we wanted to follow but then it was gone thin in a air. Till that day happened, I always wonder why it was showed up to me and my friend,then oy followed me more dreams about that object since then till now and I am now 31.

  10. Now his children or grandsons are going to get abducted by aliens πŸ‘½ in the near future. They won’t ever be normal again.

  11. there is a way to find out hypnosis,,,ive had it happen too i have physical proof .several things to remind me of sep 2001 and areound march-april 2003 (d have to look at the cat scan of my ear and brain) and many more experiences but i have no physical evidence of them,just pragmented memories

  12. This program is the ONLY reason I regret giving up cable TV. Just couldn't justify $100 month for only Ancient Aliens. 😭

  13. I myself was abducted by aliens and returned. Mine was Jan 2019 but I can not get anyone to believe me. My next question to the guy that said he was abducted does he have anything in his chest from the aliens?

  14. The biggest lie out there is our Bible is not missing a book. 1 Enoch. Genesis 6 and 1 Enoch together create a picture of the time we are in now. Jesus calls it this way. So shall it be as in the days of Noah. We dig up bones of creatures that look strange. We see u.f.o.s in the sky. But we take for granted the truth. The truth is fallen angels came down to earth and had relations with women . They bore Giants. Half human, half angels. In turn they created the nephilim. The reason for the flood was because of these creatures . They taught the people dark things. They were sinning with animals genes. They made strange things. This is the reason for the bones they find. God pronounced judgment on them for doing that. They died in the flood and there spirits became ghosts on the Earth. That we see now.

  15. Amazing story. I have seen a lot of videos and interviews on this family. They are one of the most famous and well researched cases in ufology. He and his brother have been featured in many ufo shows.

  16. Its very rare to proof you seen anything. So i dont blame you. Just be lucky that the ailens didn't want $2.50 from you.

  17. For anyone watching this for your information the history channel IS NOT a good way to learn about UFOs, they are very real, dig deeper.

  18. He almost seems to be justifying himself after most questions, too much body language and movement for what was asked, he wasn't being interrogated.

  19. Regardless if he is lying or not in most cases I have never heard of anyone remembering laying on a table. Sure most people remember the being of there abduction and some times the end if they are returned. For the most part that I remember being taking, I do not remember anything after being taking other than not being able to see anything or hear anything and when I was returned I remember seeing the Aliens, their ships, and the loud humming ring sound when they left.

  20. Ahh. An ancient civilization watching us studying us and picking up a very few exceptions. And modifying them aliens are real I find it funny how people find it silly. They are really simply another resign of life and a different bred of race. Wouldn't we all find it funny when we first heard of Light coming from the sky and winds spinning and destroying everything in this odd little world. These beings aren't stupid they could one be an evolved version of us in the future fixing us to and teaching us improving us by sending down small meteorites containing viruses to affect and kill millions cruel at first but the one that survives will evolve mentality and approve themselves making a cure and preventing this future flaw from applying. They are helping trust me if they wanted to kill us we would already be dead. An example do you guys really actually think. We are really the only intelligent life form that exists within the whole universe? Oh, you guys have been sadly mistaken. Aliens are real it isn't silly or crazy at all. You have to believe and wait patiently until the time comes for the final review.

  21. I don't believe one word one fact is you want to believe that every one came from out OF space ITS a fact that we live in out of space …The children's of the most high Lords female and male…Gods

  22. The History of woman is a hidden History ..because she came before man and that unexpected journey because no man can tell that story because they do not know it ………….this is a story that got them puzzling. blessings

  23. the stick like creature has been seen before and its like a doctor or baby sitter. it is not an insect but like a humanoid that is very thin and thin face. they have been known to hold the children. this guy knows stuff he shouldnt have known 50 years ago. this could be human and ET experiment. i could never be sure. the blue or red orb is known to be small greys and they use a high pitched frequency noise to teleport inside it. to you and me you might see something like large pixels in the air but to them they are just levitating and they can go through the sphere like it was a liquid but it is not. it is metal.

  24. Yeah the government is allowing that to happen they know about it but the treaty says they can abduct as long as the bring you back to the point of abduction unharmed n no memory of it

  25. This is what you call Confabulation in Psychology, meaning A person who filled forgot memory/ gaps memory in the past with made up lies

  26. yeah there's a way: regressive hypnosis. At this point though, just leave it alone; the regressive experience will only cause more harm than good. Some things really are better left unexplored and unknown.

  27. This seems similar to a story I saw on a TV show about 30 years ago.. maybe Unsolved Mysteries? Two women and a boy were driving and encountered a diamond shaped UFO with a light/flame coming out of the bottom of it. It maneuvered over the road in front of them and was close enough that they felt energy/heat emanating from it. It then moved away and was soon followed by several helicopters. At least one of the women got sick after the encounter and had burns on her arms. She was interviewed on the show and I think she later died of cancer. Does anyone remember this show/story? I'm pretty sure I have it recorded on VHS somewhere.

  28. He was actually taken to Arizona by giant ants and the ants forced him to mate with the queen ant and he was sprayed with ant pheromones and he became very confused and psychotic.. πŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸ‘ΈπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ˜…πŸ™ŠπŸ’€πŸ­πŸ‘½πŸ˜·πŸ˜·

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