American Kids Sports Center's owner accused of "inappropriate activity"

good evening a local business owner has been accused of inappropriate activity possibly impacting the safety of students who attend his sports facility the owner of American kids sports center facing allegations of inappropriate activity surrounding cheerleaders from North's middle school to attend that popular facility 23 ABC's Josh Sanders joins us tonight live outside of the sports facility earlier tonight he spoke with parents whose three children attend the center Josh what's the latest yeah to bejaz a statement from the Kern County superintendent's office says that they were made aware of alleged quote inappropriate activity from the center's owner as of now it's unclear what that activity was but it's not something they could ignore it's terrifying Rebecca batt says three children attend the American kids sports center in Northwest Bakersfield her two daughters take gymnastics her son hip-hop Banta concern after finding out Wednesday about alleged inappropriate activity stemming from May of this year by the center's owner Mike Williams and a statement from kern county superintendent chief of staff Stephen Sanders in May the North School District received anonymous information of inappropriate activity on the part of the owner and that the AKS C facility is used by the Norse middle school cheer program Williams and his wife are listed on the business license for the center Williams known for his time as a current high school district board member if there was an accusation against a coach of something to that high of an extent that is something that every parent should be notified the district did not provide details surrounding the inappropriate activity and contacted local law enforcement but both Bakersfield police in Kern County sheriff's say there are no current investigations into the allegations in Rosedale Union School District also saying there are no current complaints against Williams district officials say they visited IKS centers and confirmed Williams was no longer involved in day-to-day operations or present at the facilities Center staff saying they contacted parents in May letting them know Williams was leaving due to health related issues we reached out to a KS C staff about getting a copy of it was sent to parents as of now we haven't heard back I just want to make sure to let viewers know again that this is alleged accusations that they was investigated that as of now works from the superintendent's office as well as staff Mike Williams is not involved in day-to-day operations here at the center's if you want to take a look at that full statement you can head to our website at Turner 23 dot-com this continues to be a developing story so we will follow it on our social media platforms for now in Northwest Bakersfield Josh Sanders 23 ABC connecting you

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