Oh world record doggy ready what is that for everybody welcome back
to another episode of world record Wednesdays thanks to whistle sports for
making this one happen today we are with the super khaalis and celebrity dog
trainer Sarah Carson we’re gonna be breaking some world records we’re gonna
see what these dogs can do this is hero this is marvel hey it’s gonna be an
awesome video everybody make sure you watch the end for the world record but
first let’s just seal these dogs can do let’s go I so marvel its favorite thing to do is
to catch flying discs so we’re gonna do some risky look all right we’re gonna try and show off
his walking past and I’ll show you a trick they don’t work on
and she doesn’t do it then we won’t use it but it’s definitely cool if she’s
nail it I’ve never done it outside of home stay ready yes they mean up the dog
for that while the dogs rest up a little bit they’ve been doing so many cool
things break a little bit of a break where have where people seen maybe
senior your super college before come they’ve definitely seen hero from David
Letterman we were on there so there’s a stupid pet tricks segment nice back in
2012 but most recently they’ve probably seen all of my dogs on America’s Got
Talent we placed fifth last season fifth put it
was quite the adventure I mean it was a lot of stress and anxiety but it was
worth every minute of it we break a world record every single Wednesday on
this channels if you guys haven’t subscribed yet make sure you do but you
guys already have one Guinness world record
we have one yes that’s pretty awesome most amount of dog tricks in 60 seconds
most dog tricks in 60 seconds and do you think we can show you can we try some
version of that yeah we can definitely show you some of those drinks one thing
Sarah just told me is that there is a such thing as frisbee juggling which I
of course want to see my drone throwing up ding – no look
trick shot so Sara’s gonna teach us some fun tricks
that we can do with your Oh all right so I’m gonna get your eyes and
put your arms out and fix fruit that’s it look just like that we’re gonna try
it first that’s it here’s the cookie okay I think we need
to do with your arm I opened up know how much room to be have open the other way
yeah there we go get so much more room that way professional dog trainer right here all
right use your cookie if they’re on your left
you put your right down yeah you think about how much room you got ask if you
do this how much yep sit that’s right yep through there we go feel how good that one was
otherwise you didn’t touch me yeah me at all I sit down here oh and
Sarah are going to attempt to break the world record for most dog tricks in 60
seconds which is 32 well give it a try that’s really fast I’m not very good at
math but that’s like 3 2 1 go hi I got this is dirty this is it this is gonna
be it braking 32 here we go right here right now three two go that was very impressive
good job hero world record doggy so good by the way we may have hit 34 today but
we actually hold the current record for 45 they recently broke the record of 32
so you took that from someone else yep which is awesome but the record is
currently 49 and if we had all of your crazy stuff today we can do that but may
will show a quick clip of that are you shy all right so let’s do like weaves so
this is the easiest trick that anybody at home can do with your dogs oh wow
yeah so you’re gonna put the dog on your left side into sit so here ready ready
go get it good sit you’re gonna spread your right
leg forward and point so at home when your dog doesn’t know this trick you’re
gonna put the Treat through and lower them through but because you know that
I’ll just get you guys to point are you ready here through all right easy enough
here we go all right let’s see yeah yeah a little higher you can jet they’re hanging in look we record longest distance walked wait
this wooden frame world record okay he go good doggy
awesome well that’s super cool learning how do you do I’ve never trained a dog
before not that I trained the dogs were already trained I’ve never done a trip
for the dog before and Sarah and the super colleagues actually have an app
called pepper yes yeah where anyone can learn anybody can
learn dog tricks and basic obedience on an Apple and Android so link description
is there if you one thing that app and that says video thank you so much for
joining me that was awesome thank you guys I learned about the super
colleagues on Instagram to make sure you follow them on Instagram at the super
Colley’s we’ve got videos every Monday every ones every Saturday every single
Wednesday we’re breaking or setting some sort of world record like the one you
saw today to make sure you subscribe here’s our Instagram shoutouts for today
we got one here one up here follow us on Instagram let’s follow all of us on
Instagram for your chance will you scream shout out again thanks to whistle
sports making it happen in car to check out another video from whistle sports I
think that’s all you said good one more trick you have to do if you’re ready

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