I never focus on anything but the guy
that’s in front of me. -You scared of a face-off today?
-There’s no need to talk anymore. [ Indistinct shouting ] Talking doesn’t win fights. Fighting wins fights. … ♪♪ Narrator: The massive build-up
to the biggest event in boxing history
was a war of words… I’m the truth, man.
Can’t nobody beat me. …filled with
outrageous predictions… McGregor: I’m going to knock him
out inside four rounds. Mark my words. Narrator:
…and genuine animosity. You…weasel,
and you… [ Cheering ] Narrator: As the day
of reckoning nears, that remains unchanged. [ Screams ] That’s what
we do… Soon, showmanship
will mean nothing because hype doesn’t win fights. Announcer: Gentlemen,
let’s do this. ♪♪ What up, Tom? I’m going to come
see you this year. Brady:Good.
I’d love that.
Okay. I got you. You know, 40 —
with both of us — 40 ain’t never
looked so good. [ Chuckles ] Keep up the good work.I will, man. You too.All right. Have fun. All right. Ranallo: Why can’t they
even test you, Floyd? Like, what is it about
Floyd Mayweather that even now at 40, you’re going
to show everybody why you’re the best in the game? When my dad first
took me to the gym, he at all me about movement, and then the first thing
he told me is this. He said, “The less
you get hit, the longer you gonna
last in this sport.” I was just his student.
Just like this. And I soak up everything,
and I go home, and I watch VHS tapes
all day long. I’m being honest.
That was my school. Narrator: With his last fight
of his storied career just days away,
nostalgia is in the air at the Mayweather Boxing Club. As for the first time in nearly
15 years, Floyd’s father, instead of his uncle, Roger,
holds the pads. Mayweather:
My dad is a hell of a trainer. He taught me the sport. -Let’s see a triple.
-Triple. I’m with you. And everything that he taught me
from day one I still know. He still is the best trainer
to ever train me. Hands down. I beat all these fighters with everything
that my dad taught me. Give it to me short.
Give it to me short. Just like that. There’s key things in boxing
that fighters need. Greatest that
ever did it, man. That’s right. That’s why I had the ups
on most fighters, because I had done those key
things that my dad taught me. Conor, you okay?
Conor, I’m sorry. You okay? [ Laughter ] Narrator:
After a two-year prelude, fight day finally arrives. ♪♪ [ Laughter ]He calls himself “Mystic Mac”
because he says things
that come true.And he has the ability
to make you believe.
McGregor: I am calm,
comfortable. I am excited to put on
a performance for this side of the game. This is a different side
of combat sport. They are all eager to see me, and I am eager to perform
for them and put on a show. I see me truly outclassing this
man and putting him to sleep. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Siren wails ] Narrator: The idea of the
world’s two best fighters from two different
disciplines meeting is older than
the Coliseum itself. Primal, tribal, timeless. Announcer: We’ve reached
fight night of one of the most highly anticipated events
in the history of combat sports. It’s an event that
has energized the sport, polarized the fans, and really just blown up
social media. But in the end,
it’s not really about the money. It’s not about the bravado.
It’s not about the trash talk. It’s about who is the best
pugilist inside the boxing ring. Guys, I never thought I’d see
an MMA champion against one of the best to ever
put on the boxing gloves, and, yet, the improbable
is now imminent. Gray: The butterflies,
nerves kicked in yet? McGregor: No. When does that happen?
When you walk out? No. I’ve been fighting
my entire existence. You told me you get
a little internal anxiety. No. I do not care about
his record or achievements. A fight is a fight. When you get in there,
it’s man versus man. And you’re only
as good as your last one, so add to that
my hard work, my focus, the dedication I put
into this camp, that’s where I get
my confidence from. Mayweather: I want
to see you knock me out in three, four rounds. If your…can get
to three, four rounds, say what you talking about
you can dish up, hope you can take it
the same way now. [ Chuckles ] I feel good. All right, man. I’ll see you out there.
I don’t want to…with you. Do your thing. I’m good. I’m good. All right? Thank you. Narrator: 45 minutes before
he is scheduled to walk out, McGregor is ready
to get dressed. There is only one problem. The gear should be
already here. What?
They gave it to them? Yeah, but then,
the jock strap, I don’t know where
that jock strap is. Train off of that? That’s right. -All the gear was in the shed.
-Huh? All the gear
dropped into the shed. No, I don’t want to hear
any of that. The jock strap and all,
boys, come on. The jock strap. Mayweather: They say
McGregor forgot his cup. That’s what he said. Hey, tell him I got
a cup for him. I brought an extra one. I knew he was gonna
say that… I brought
an extra cup for him. Here you go.
I’ll give you one. He can have this.
-He can have it. Take it to him.
-Here you go. -Yeah, go give him one.
-Where he at? Can I go over there
and give him one? -No, no.
-Oh, okay. Tell him he forgot his cup.
Tell him we got one for him. Narrator: Remarkably,
neither of Conor’s cornermen have ever cornered
a professional boxing match. You, sir, are gonna
be responsible for your fighter’s conduct
in the ring and for the conduct
of your corner, okay? What I’m going to talk about
is expectations. What you can expect from me,
what I expect from you, okay? If you are up against the ropes
and you are comfortable, it’s okay with me,
but you have a responsibility to me to show me that
you are both willing and capable of defending yourself. You do that, and I’m gonna
let you fight. If you don’t do that, I’m going
to take care of you, okay? Any concerns, any issues,
let’s talk about it now. None at all.
I just don’t want no rabbit punching
in the back of the head. That’s it. Almost everything
on the side and the front, I’m fine with that. I got you. All right. No problem. Your concerns are noted. No questions, no concerns,
no issues? -No.
-No. Good luck to you. -Thank you.
-Good luck. -Thank you.
-All right. Announcer: It’s show time! It is time for our main event. Thousands of fans assembled
here at T-Mobile Arena. Man: I’m not working the corner
on those two extra people. -Get the flag.
-We got to go now, guys. You guys, if you don’t have
a gray wristband on, you got to move out. ♪♪ Ranallo: Conor McGregor
having the audacity to go beyond the wall
of the octagon to conquer one of the best
in boxing history. Lennon Jr.: Ladies and
gentlemen, please welcome MMA’s undisputed top attraction,
the one and only, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor! [ Bell dings ] Ranallo: McGregor
has convinced thousands of tri-color supporters
to take over Sin City. The question is will these
Irish eyes be smiling or crying when they leave
T-Mobile Arena tonight? 49-0.
Coming out of retirement. He says for easy money. -Rod, get my mask.
-Rod. Lennon Jr.: And his opponent
across the ring fighting out of the blue corner… He is undefeated in his
remarkable 20-year campaign in the ring with a record
of 49 wins, no losses. Introducing the sensational
and undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather! -Let’s go, Dad!
-Let’s go, Dad! Byrd: This will be a clean,
efficiently fought bout under boxing rules. That said, Mr. McGregor,
Mr. Mayweather. Yes. Gentlemen, let’s do this. Ranallo: Referee Robert Byrd
with final instructions. Mayweather 9-0
against southpaws. Conor looks scared.
Oh, boy, you don’t know what you got yourself
into now. Undefeated versus
ultimate underdog. [ Bell dings ] The bell, and McGregor immediately going on the attack. Malignaggi: Floyd usually
takes these early rounds to study the opponent. Bernstein: And then
he has his way. Ranallo: Conor McGregor
predicting a second round K.O. All this whack…man.
Light his…up. Ranallo: Conor McGregor
is already showing off some of his showmanship. Malignaggi: He’s keeping
Floyd guessing. Ranallo:
Oh, he just caught Floyd coming in with that left hook. A nice start
for the notorious one. [ Bell dings ] Time! Malignaggi: That’s a round
for McGregor, guys. That’s what I told you
about the foreground. You’re gonna be in it. Harder, the same. [ Bell dings ] Ranallo: It would be incumbent upon Conor McGregor
to really make the most of these early rounds. Stop! Stop! Don’t do that.
Don’t do that. Ranallo: No hammer fists
allowed in boxing. What is he doing? Floyd Mayweather, again,
usually takes the early rounds to collect data. [ Cheering ] All right, come on, Floyd. Wow. Nice right hand.
Now switching stances. ♪♪ Conor McGregor definitely looks
like he belongs in this fight. Nice slip in. Stop! Fake, fake, fake. ♪♪ Stop, stop, stop. [ Bell dings ] Mayweather: I know. [ Bell dings ] Mystic Mac’s prognostication
didn’t come true. He is definitely
representing himself well. And again going on the attack
but he has to be careful. Conor, stop. Don’t do that.
Don’t do that. We know that both
of these guys are not averse to bending the rules. Popped Mayweather’s head
back with a jab. Right hand to the body
by Mayweather. That’s it.
That’s it. Byrd: No, no, no, no, no.
Stop. You’re tied up. Stop. You’re tied up. -Cool it.
-He…up. That right hand gonna come. That right hand gonna come. [ Bell dings ] Ranallo: We are through
three rounds of the money fight in Sin City. Byrd: You bending over. That’s why he hitting
you down there, okay? I can move my head. Yeah, but he’s hitting you
when you do that. You’re crowding me.
I can move my head. Man: Stay smart. Good recovery.
You’re winning every round now. Come on, Dad! [ Bell dings ] Bernstein: Mayweather needs
to take him into deep water, which is later rounds,
and then be aggressive. Mayweather motioning
that one may have been just south of the equator. Byrd: Stop, stop.
Don’t lean on him. Don’t lean on him.
Don’t lean on him. Malignaggi: One thing Conor
still has to get adept to is working on the inside. It’s the hardest thing to learn. Ranallo: Oh, and defense,
nice left hand. Come on, Conor! Come on, sonny!
You knock it! Right hand to the body
by Mayweather. Oh, nice counter left,
though, by McGregor. Nice. -Let’s go!
-Let’s do it! -Let’s go!
-Go to the face. Go back.
Go back to the right! He’s tired! He’s tired!
He’s tired! Ranallo: Oh, right hand. Of course Mayweather known
for that pull counter. Good right hand by Mayweather. Malignaggi: Mayweather
starting to land with some more authority. ♪♪ -There you go! Yeah!
-Nice combination by Mayweather. Let’s go! [ Bell dings ] Byrd: Time! Bernstein: That’s
a very close round. Koraun: Dad, let’s
go for the kill. Dad, let’s go for the kill. [ Whistle blows ] Send him off of his feet. Take control of the ring.
Push him back, Conor. Ranallo: Mayweather right away
takes the fight to McGregor. Byrd: Get off, stop!
Don’t lean on him. Don’t lean —
-He’s looking at the clock. He keeps looking
at the clock. Ranallo: This is what
we thought we’d see. Stop means stop. -He’s tired.
-Bring the hook, bring the hook. Bring the hook. Big left hook again,
bring it again. Ranallo: Final seconds
of the fifth. [ Bell dings ] Time! Hey, hey, hey, hey,
go. Don’t do that.
Don’t do that. Come on! [ Whistle blows ] Man: Keep it clean, guys.
Keep it clean. Ranallo: Most boxing experts
predicted that this would be where Mayweather may start
to take control of the fight. Bernstein: I mean, that’s crazy. Ranallo: McGregor
lands another jab. And another right hand
by Floyd Mayweather. And now Mayweather, the tide
beginning to turn in round 6. Now Mayweather beginning to get
up on McGregor as he backs up. Hands are low. McGregor flashing his tongue. He’s having fun
in the money fight. Good right hand by Mayweather. A compelling contest
through six rounds. We are at the mid-point
of the money fight in Sin City. [ Bell dings ] Break. [ Cheering ] Get off his neck. And Mayweather now
becoming more active and very accurate here
in round seven, and you wonder now is McGregor
starting to fatigue now in the seventh round? Bernstein: McGregor needs
a counter punch to slow — Ranallo: Oh! And on the reset, Mayweather picks him off
with the jab. Malignaggi: And Conor’s
running out of ideas. Bernstein: This has been a very
good round for Mayweather. Maybe his best in the fight. [ Bell dings ] Byrd: Time! [ Cheering ] [ Whistle blows ] Byrd: This is round 8,
gentlemen, round 8. [ Bell dings ] Bernstein: McGregor needs
to land something of note I think in this round. Ranallo: There’s one.
Left hand. Bernstein: There it is. Yeah. Ranallo: Mayweather with
the more effective, more powerful strikes. Good stuff here in round 8. Bernstein: What we’re getting
is a very compelling round. -It’s a compelling fight.
-Yeah. Bernstein: When was the last
fight you saw Floyd Mayweather coming forward to try
and knock someone out? Doesn’t happen. And that’s making it more fun, and McGregor is boxing his way
to what he hopes might be a chance at victory. This is a close round. Ranallo: It’s 24 minutes
now in the books. McGregor has only been
25 minutes once. Man: That was a good round. ♪♪ [ Bell dings ] Ranallo: Here at the
T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the money fight
has reached round 9. McGregor looking
for the money shot. Stop, stop, stop.
No, no, no. Low blow. And you leaned on him.
Don’t do that. All right. Ranallo: Well, it’s been an
entertaining fight thus far as a right hand lands
for Mayweather. Malignaggi:
Conor is getting more tired. Ranallo: Mayweather
is hurting McGregor. McGregor is stumbling. Malignaggi: He’s looking
up at the clock, looking to see how much time
is left in the round, too. Ranallo: The best round of
the fight for Floyd Mayweather. Bernstein: McGregor has never
been knocked out in MMA. Ranallo: And the first round
that we have seen Conor McGregor appreciably slow down. Another right hand.
A left. All Floyd “Money” Mayweather
in the ninth as we head to round number 10. Let him go. Let him go.
Let him go. [ Bell dings ] Let’s go. [ Cheering ] Round number 10. [ Bell dings ] Man: Here we go. -Get off his neck.
-Robert Byrd admonishing McGregor. Byrd: Get off his neck.
Get off his neck, Conor. Malignaggi: Conor looking to
hold on more and more. -Yep.
-All right, you got to stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop. Malignaggi: Oh, oh. Oh. [ Screams ] [ Cheering ] ♪♪ ♪♪ Ranallo: Robert Byrd
has stopped the fight! What a night it has been
here in Las Vegas! That was early, Referee.
That was early. That was early. All right. That’s it!
That’s what I’m talking about! Ranallo: Fantastic stuff. Bernstein: It was an intriguing
matchup, and for that man, Floyd Mayweather,
first stoppage since 2011. [ Cheering ] ♪♪ A historic night. Floyd Mayweather
coming out of retirement. He is the winner by way
of technical knock-out and still undefeated, Floyd “Money” Mayweather! Mayweather: This was
my last fight tonight, ladies and gentlemen. My last fight. Conor McGregor, you are
a hell of a champion, and to the country of Ireland,
we love you guys. Gray: Floyd, congratulations.
Terrific career. McGregor: Good one tonight.
Good one tonight. [ Laughs ] You too. Nice going, lad. A little early.
A little early. I’m just happy I’m draped
in the flag. I’m happy I was able to
bring me team along, the country with me,
and just getting to perform
for a different crowd. No one’s taken
these types of risks. So…it.
Lay into me all you want. I’ll take it on the chin. [ Cheers and applause ] -Watch you heads.
-I got it. Thank you. [ Laughter ] -Steve, thank you.
-I came for you, boy. I’m here
with the champ. …male-fie,
that’s a male selfie. How are you?
I mean, you’re amazing. [ Laughter ] Congratulations. I said, “Now we in the field.
Keep shooting it.” [ Laughter ] -All work is what?
-Easy work! -All work is what?
-Easy work! Narrator:
Amidst all the accolades, some celebrations
mean more than others. I think I can get
another nine figure check. Both fighters share
attributes that extend beyond the blueprint
Mayweather perfected, and McGregor embraced. You did great, son.
I love you. Proud of you. However, stealing
a playbook is one thing. Executing it, another. -Sorry.
-Sorry? Dude, I’m ecstatic.
Very, very…ecstatic. -Be proud. Be proud. Be proud.
-I’m telling you, you’re unbelievable. Conor, do you want
a whiskey? [ Speaks indistinctly ] [ Laughter ] Another shot. [ Indistinct shouting ] -Whoo-hoo!
-Down the hatch. I like to call up
“The Notorious One,” Conor McGregor. [ Applause ] Thank you.
Thank you. [ Laughs ] Narrator: Ultimately as he exits
the arena, the night, the sport, and the city
still belong to Floyd. Perfect record intact. Résumé complete. Legacy secure. Mayweather: We’ve been
doing this for 21 years. I feel like I owe
the fans a last hurrah. Me and my dad communicated
before we went out there. The whole game plan was to go
out there and let him shoot heavy shots from the beginning. Take him down the stretch
and do what we do best, and that’s what we did tonight. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Indistinct talking ] Number 50 is just another fight. I think the fight
was real exciting. The fans were out
of their seats. I’m happy that I had
a dance partner. A good dance partner
that I could dance with. -Is this it for you?
-This is it. This is my third time
hanging it up. Three strikes, and you’re out. Great fight.
Great fight. -Last time on “All Access.”
-Not my last time “All Access.” They’re always going to do
stories and documentaries on me. This is not the end,
ladies and gentlemen. — Captions by VITAC —

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