There will be a new winner this season.
Who knows, it could even be Ajax. I love this Ajax team; they’re *scoff* They’re energetic, they play with no fear. – They’re really good.
– Yeah. Really good and I mean they dominate. They destroyed those guys. – Everything Ajax do turns to gold.
– What a performance from the .. uhm .. Dutch champions there. – Brilliant and absolutely fearless; this Ajax team.
– And they’re playing without fear ‘n that’s a great thing. – This is beyond extraordinary!
– They ripped them apart every time they went forward. – Credit to Ajax.
– They thought it couldn’t be done, Ajax are doing it. – Ajax simply world graded them. (?!)
– This is truly remarkable. *chanting*NL: voor onze club uit Amsterdam, gekkenhuis op de tribune, niemand die ons stoppen kan.
ENG: For our club from Amsterdam, insanity on the stands, there is no one that can stop us. Pléa, HEEL, and it’s in. There it is, the 2-2 by Vincent Marcel. 2-2, and the away goals are what killed Ajax. Zeefuik, has been subbed in as well, 19 years old, no experience and Achmed Bendrov even makes his third. For the first time since 1966, they will not participate in a main tournament. No cup football anymore in Amsterdam. European competition had been out of reach longer. And in the national league the gap to the top of the table is 5 points. Ajax wants to change directions and has fired head coach Marcel Keizer and his assistants Dennis Bergkamp and Hennie Spijkerman. Eric ten Hag is to be the new head coach for Ajax. After the game between Willem 2 and FC Utrecht, Ajax wants to talk about a transfer. Bergwijn, still, BERGWIJN! 3-0! And that is the third goal for the Eindhovenaren.
On the road to an enormous celebration. After exactly 90 minutes, it is done… and PSV wins this game against rival club Ajax with 3-0.
Which makes them Dutch league champions for the 24th time. Genee: It is not going to work with ten Hag.
Van der Gijp: Absolutely, this man has absolutely no chance.
Genee: But don’t you think…. Van der Gijp: NO chance.
Derksen: The man has to be really, really careful. He’s got everything working against him. And now Ajax, with little more than a month to go, has to be ready for the first preliminary of the Champions League. PAOK Saloniki and Sturm Gratz were the possible opponents. The draw matched Ajax to the Austrians. Ten Hag: Austrian football is on the rise, and yeah… It’s simply a strong squad. Ten Hag: Well it is a.. a solid, rigid squad. A good team that plays football passionately. Ten Hag: We are ready to cross swords tomorrow on.. uhh.. the European stage. Roughly thirty-five thousand, will take a seat here tonight, for the first match this season of Ajax against Sturm Gratz from Austria. Tagliafico waits patiently on the left.. ZIYECH, shot, GOOOAAAL. Hakim Ziyech, gives the men from Amsterdam a lead. Neres.. Neres gets taken down and now it will be a penalty for Ajax Lasse Schöne is the man of the penalties for Ajax. If he scores the 2-0, the Amsterdammers are comfortable. At first it’s a save by Siebenhandl, but the ball falls in front of Lasse Schöne. That is the final whistle from the Spanish referee. Ajax wins with 2-0 against Sturm Gratz. Now the chances of proceeding to the third preliminary round are huge. Ten Hag: Indeed, a great game and as a coach the first thing you look at is the process… …but in the end the result is all that matters in football, which makes the second victory really great and sweet. It’s the Mercuur Arena, where Sturm Gratz and Ajax meet. Ajax has a good starting position to proceed to the next round of the Champions League preliminaries. Neres… moved to the right flank. Neres.. and Huntelaar, hoo! It’s a goal for Ajax. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar scores for Ajax.
Seven minutes before half-time. Good pass from Carel Eiting, Tadic is front of goal and there is a really early goal in the second half. Wöber.. Nice pass from Wöber and Huntelaaaaaaar… YES! And that.. is number three for Ajax and two by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Wow… Well… And the clean sheet is gone. Ajax proceeds to the next round. Huntelaar: The most important thing is to win, which we did these two games and now we proceed to the next round. Ajax will face either Slavia Prague from the Czech Republic or Dynamo Kiev from Ukraine, in the play-offs. However, that is only the case if Ajax manages to beat Standart Liège, during the third preliminaries of the Champions League. The first match will be tomorrow night in Belgium. Schöne: They will be playing a home game, enthusiastic crowd, but uhh.. .. well, I think we showed we definitely have something in store during the last three matches. Ten Hag: And I believe chances are 50/50 and… Yes uhm.. Ten Hag: Let’s say, form over those two days will be the deciding factor on whoever will proceed. This is the first of two matches. Next week Tuesday, the events will take place between the numbers two in Belgium and the Netherlands, in the Johan Cruijf Arena. Tadic… Beautifully done, the cross and THERE IT IS: the important away goal. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar! And finally, another goal. Yeah.. the director lost track for a second and Tadic must have thought: “I’ll do it myself, for once,” Carcela.. Again with a good move and a great goal. Yeah, and all of a sudden Standart can have hope. This time it really is a penalty. Will it be 2-2 here? Emond.. Emond.. Yes. It is 2-2. 2-2, that is the final result, today. Ajax, of course, with two away goals and a draw. Ajax has the better perspective for the match next Tuesday in the Johan Cruijf Arena. Van de Beek: We gave away too many shots around the penalty area and uhh.. Van de Beek: That was constantly and we got away with it a few times but.. Van de Beek: Eventually, they got the goal and that is never allowed. Van de Beek: Well, I think, if you look at the second half, we shouldn’t complain and uhh.. Van de Beek: Then you have 2-2 and uhh.. I think that is a deserved result. The entrance of the gladiators. Right at the start, early in the season, THE most important game for Ajax, maybe even of the entire season. And then to the left, to Tadic. Tagliafico. Huntelaar! 1-0; Ajax! Klaas-Jan Huntelaar! His eighteenth European goal. The goal by De Ligt, 2-0! Matthijs De Ligt. Ball was touched. And within a few minutes Ajax makes a difference; Matthijs De Ligt. Tadic… Aaahh, what a move. Tadic… passes it back… Yes! 3-0, Neres.’ What a Joy! With a capital J. 3-0, the end result here, in Amsterdam Huntelaar, De Ligt and Neres; the goal scorers for Ajax. Interviewer: What are most proud of today? De Ligt: That we are through to the next round, combined with moments of really great football and I think we can all look back at a good game. Ten Hag: It was an amazing time; on the bench and I think that the people in the stadium enjoyed themselves. Huntelaar: I think the interaction with the audience was fantastic and uhh.. Then you can see that the squad get a lot of energy from the crowd. Wednesday is the important game against Dynamo Kiev in the play-offs of the Champions League. Ten Hag: It’s a strong opponent and in European competition it’s important to not be scored against during home-games. Ten Hag: And of course, we want to score one too, because if we were to win we have an excellent precedent. That is what we play for. The final stop on the road to where Ajax desires to be. Ziyech.. There’s space here for Tadic.. lays it off to van de Beek and first chance for Ajax is A GOAL!
It’s in. Donny van de Beek! Here it comes from the right. Again the header. And again Onana, but this time it’s in. 1-1, Tomasz Kedziora from Poland. Ziyech.. Now him and this is how he likes them. ZIYECH! Tagliafico.. A lot of people in front of goal and there is.. Dusan Tadic! 3-1! Excellent victory, in the first game of the Champions League Play-offs for Ajax, that wins from Dynamo Kiev with 3-1. Next week we will be sure. Van de Beek: Yeah, this is extraordinary, I think this was the most beautiful games I’ve ever played in terms of atmosphere. Van de Beek: That’s just amazing and I think that everyone has enjoyed Ajax today. Ten Hag: Of course, our starting position is good, but still something we have to keep in mind; it’s only half-time now. Ten Hag: We continue next week. Mazraoui: If they were really dangerous, more than us, then it wouldn’t have been 3-1. Mazraoui: So I think that if we score fast next game we can crush their hopes and silence their stadium. Mazraoui: At that point we only have to play the endgame. Champions League or Europa League. It’s a world of difference for Ajax and PSV, because this is the week it all has to happen. Ajax has a game tonight, and PSV tomorrow. Ajax has to secure the group stages for the Champions League, in Kiev this Tuesday. It’s an important game for the club, the players and the coach. Ten Hag: It would be a great realisation of a dream to be active in the Champions League, the real one and in a group. The amazing night has arrived. Can you hear that *knock 5x* knocking, my children… …at the door of the Champions League, the group stages? Yes, that would be Ajax. Tsyhankov, actually the best player and that is what he’s showing. BUT there’s Onana! That was an beautiful effort by Dynamo Kiev. Ziyech.. Someone is being held there. PENALTY. PENALTY, for Ajax! De Ligt was being held, no doubt! Dusan Tadic! Hits the post! The post! And that as well! Well, this absolutely is some game! Grab your armrest. Ziyeeeech.. And that is van de Beek! About a metre off, I think. Again; a chance. Well played by Mazraoui. Van de Beek.. and then Huntelaaaarr.. But that keeper, Boiko! It’s that kind of day today where he simply stops everything. Tadic.. Mazraouiiiiiii.. And the save by Boiko! So, Ziyech.. And it’s in! No! Again the bar! Twice the pole and twice the bar. And there is a man free. That has to get to Huntelaar and Huntelaar has to finish.. .. and again it’s Boikooooo! It is finished! Ajax proceeds to the Champions League! The amazing night has indeed arrived! And there will be at least six more coming! Ajax has finally re-joined the best of Europa. Interviewer: Going to the Champions League.. De Jong: Yeah, isn’t it fantastic? My first time, as well as for other boys, I think. Yeah, really great! Van de Beek: Yes, It’s great. Everyone went crazy and this is wonderful for the.. for the club, the players, the fans, for everyone. Van de Beek: It’s been too long without Champions League football. Van de Beek: I think it’s incredible that for everyone. Ten Hag: Yes, of course we are enjoying this. When you actualize something like this, together with all these people. Well, the players played fantastically. Van de Beek: We fought hard for this together and we showed we really are a team, I think. Blind: This is a stage where you want to act, as a footballer. The Champions League theme-song in the background. This is what we play for. Blind: It’s really awesome to have made it, as a team. Ten Hag: I think this is incredible for the entirety of Dutch football. And uhh… Ten Hag: For Ajax firstly, of course. Ten Hag: Most of all: for the individual players, to be active on the biggest stage in club football. Van de Beek: It was something we really wanted and it is amazing. Blind: My compliments to the team and the group. It’s fantastic to proceed after three preliminaries, I think deservedly. Ajax is not getting an easy task, which actually is impossible in the group stages of the Champions League. Der Rekordmeister, Bayern Munich with Arjen Robben is one of the opponents in group E. With Bayern, furthermore Benfica; the number two from Portugal and AEK Athens; the champion from Greece. Ten Hag: Yeah, I think, uuuhh.. that we will A) play exciting opponents, but also see chances. – This is a beautiful draw.
– A dream draw, says Ten Hag. – Yeah, that’s something I can imagine. Ten Hag: You can grab points from every single opponent, but I think.. Ten Hag: Let me put it this way; We have to be at our best every single day during the Champions League, to get those points. Only six minutes to go until Ajax kicks off against AEK Athens in the Johan Cruijf Arena, in the Champions League. Ten Hag: We’ve got the confidence, the fans have waited for this a long time. That hunger will undoubtable be transformed into a beautiful ambiance. Also the Greeks will bring a lot of fans, … Ten Hag: … which to leads a European Cup atmosphere and that is what we are looking forward to. The atmosphere is terrific. Maybe that it will infatuate Ajax with a good PASS, like this Tagliafico! Ajax has got its goals lightning fast. Tadic stays on his feet after a foul. And that 2-0! Yes, van de Beek, near the second post, found effortlessly by Tadic. During Europa Cup evening they sometimes in the Johan Cruijf Arena… OOOHHHH! Goal! Tagliafico! Ajax wins their first game in the Champions League with a score of 3-0, in the Johan Cruijf Arena. Ten Hag: Yeah amazing. The first match in group stages is incredibly important to win, which is what we did. Ten Hag: And secondly, home games need to be won and the first steps have now been taken. Ten Hag: We have to enjoy this for a while, as well as the way we played has to be enjoyed. Ten Hag: I believe we’ve played very professionally and grown up. And to win with 3-0, is absolutely fine. Eiting: This is how you want to start, which is easy to say and along the lines like: This we have to win eitherway. Eiting: Amazing we were able to do that in this style. It is not second nature to people from Amsterdam, but playing against Bayern Munich demands humility even from Ajax. Looking ahead, it seems there is nothing to steal from the absolute favourite in this group. Tadic: Yeah, I think uhh.. This is a great game to play for everyone and uhh.. we are very happy that we will play tomorrow this kind of games. Tadic: What I say; we just need to be calm and to believe in our qualities. Van Gaal: I think Ajax is very talented and I don’t they are any less than uhh… Van Gaal: .. for example, their eleven from ’95, that was also very young with Kluivert and Seedorf, … Van Gaal: … And Overmars; who was a very young boy at that time. For the ninth time, Ajax and Bayern Munich will face each other. Robben… stayed far away from the battle. And here is the goal already. And it is Hummels, who heads that amazing cross from Robben in the net. Tadic… Well.. Mazraoui…! And goal, GOOOAAAALLL AJAX! 1-1, I’ve said it, they’re growing into their own game. This pass is incredible, from Ziyech, of course it’s Ziyech.

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And here, it might go in! He had to shoot it through the net, Tadic! And here, he passes, and again a chance, for Neuer to simply pick up that ball. Maybe now, van de Beek! Again, no. How many chances do you want against, of all clubs, Bayern Munich?! Here it comes, an easy chance. Against the post and then Onana’s knee. Lasse Schöne! Oh! And it almost went in! Almost went in! It is done. Only 1 to 1, people are saying here, but we will get you in the Johan Cruijf Arena. Ten Hag: Yes, of course, on the one hand you are satisfied, on the other hand I have mixed feelings. Ten Hag: Because we could and should have won here, I think. Ziyech: Uhmm.. I think that we fought for each other and that we can be happy together. Ten Hag: It’s clear we have quality players, and they show what they are capable of. Ten Hag: They show the level they are able to rise to. It’s amazing to see this. Ziyech: It’s important to keep growing now and to find what our real level can be. Ajax wants to move forward in the Champions League. To do so they have to beat the Portuguese club Benfica. Ziyech: We already showed a lot on the international stage, two years ago. Ziyech: Unfortunatly, we couldn’t last year. Ziyech: We absolutely have the feeling it’s now or never. Ten Hag: We have to win our home games. But when in the end it’s clear a draw is all we can get, we need to accept that; it’s still fine. Ten Hag: We will strive to defeat them. And when we do our prospects are good, but nothing is definitive. This is a beautiful picture, the eleven of Ajax.
*Speaker in the background: Number 27: Kasper Dolberg!* *Speaker in the background: Number 31: Nico Tagliafico!*
The game against Benfica; leader of the competition in Portugal. And again *incomprehensible* Lot’s of space on the right; Salvio. This can not go unpunished for long, one might say! De Ligt keeps the ball away from the line. Ziyech.. Dolberg.. No offside.. Dolbeeeeeeerg! Good save, Odisseas. In the back, towards De Ligt. Can he pass it back? Dolberg! Is that ball in or not?! Even the wristwatch doesn’t notify anything. Rafa.. Gets by De Jong.. Crosses.. Good save, by Onana. On the other side, Tadic brakes through, searching and finds Ziyech close by. That might be it.. Ziyech.. Van de BEEEEEEEEEEEK! OOF, what a save! What a save.. Ball towards David Neres. Conti misses it. Could this be the chance? No not anymore! Dolberg couldn’t reach it. Mazraoui.. YES! And yet! And yet! Again, it’s Mazraoui! During added time. What a release. What a revelation. Ajax beats Benfica 1 to 0, with a goal during added time by Mazraoui. A huge leap to an amazing continuation in Europe. Mazraoui: I almost accepted it was going to be a draw. And then this was a sort of.. What should I say? Mazraoui: This was sort of a gifted three points, suddenly. Just wonderful. Ten Hag: I’ve mainly watched the team, in that circle celebrating together with the fans, that is pure enjoyment. Mazraoui: This team, we flow, everything. The vibe in team is good. Mazraoui: This way we rewards ourselves, that is fantastic. Schöne: We’ve played three, seven points. I believe that’s quite good. Tonight, Ajax could possibly go through to the next round of the Champions League, against Benfica, after only four games. Ajax and Bayern Munich are tied in first place with the same number of points and the same goal tally. Which means, if Ajax beats Benfica, is it guaranteed to continue to the next round. Ten Hag: As we have seen in Amsterdam, they have an incredible team. Ten Hag: We need to aware, but we definitely have a chance to get a great result. Blind: We have to believe in our own strength, our own qualities and to be brave is really important. 64,642 supporters are present. It is almost sold out. Salvio.. Cervi.. Good build up play. He’s completely at the wrong place. Here’s Jonas, 1-0. One doesn’t have to be very smart for this, even though Jonas really is. Schöne, so close! And now absolutely nothing. Donny van de Beek. *chuckle* And Frenkie de Jong shows his anger. Ziyech.. Tadic receives the ball.. He has to hit it and score! And he does, GOAL! GOAL GOAL GOAAAAAAL. Ajax 1-1 Rafa Silva…! And Onana..! And this one is in..! No it’s not, Onana! Ajax did not play well, but is able to get eight points. And is able to keep Benfica at a four point distance. De Ligt: We are very happy. De Ligt: Beforehand, we promised ourselves to at least finish third in this group. Well, we already fulfilled that. De Ligt: With two games to go, our future looks bright. De Jong: In the end, a 1-1 draw is not a bad result, since we have ensured European football after winter break, which is nice. De Jong: But uhh.. To have won would have been great, but I’m not sad about this draw. Ten Hag: We are now advancing, in the European competition, but we need to ask more of ourselves. Interviewer: At least, you survived in Europe. De Jong: Exactly, and that is nice. But now we will strive to stay in the Champions League. This might be an amazing evening for Ajax. If Ajax beats AEK tonight in Athens, they will be sure to advance to the knock-out stages in the Champions League Ten Hag: We need to be unmovable and stoic, keep playing our game and not get dependent on other clubs. Ten Hag: That has to be our starting position. De Jong: We are well on our way, and to advance that would be a great next step. After that, we shall see. Ten Hag: I think they played well in the Champion League. But the ball is in our court. Ten Hag: That is how we enter every game and we want to win every game. Ten Hag: Tomorrow, we will do exactly the same. Tadic.. Passes it back to van de Beek. VAN DE BEEK! Hits the post. Crosses it with power. Maybe someone will walk it in. HANDS. It’s a penalty. On the spot it is. Yes, it’s a hand ball. Facing Barkas, Tadiiiiiiiic… And the first goal for Ajax is made. Neres is able to continue and passes it back to Huntelaar. He can either finish or leave it to Tadic and… That’s 2-0. Tadic! This is quite a nice dribble, decisively shoots.. But Onana saves! Two goals by Dusan Tadic, a great result for the celebrating players of Ajax. De Ligt: Very happy, of course. This is what we’ve been working towards the entire season. De Ligt: Like you’ve said; to be sure to have placed for the next round, with a game to spare. Incredible. Huntelaar: This is only the first stunt. If you end third then uhh… Huntelaar: Third in the group, nobody would expect us to advance. Ten Hag: We have to take a moment to enjoy this. Ten Hag: This is an incredibly important night, especially for the club and the Dutch competition in general. Ten Hag: We’ve absolutely earned this and this is a great achievement. Ten Hag: But at the same time, we have to look forward because now we want to finish top of the group. De Ligt: Well I believe, after getting 11 points in 5 games in this group, we can say we’ve done really well. Ten Hag: We have to continue. *In English* Keep going. Crystallise our next goals. Huntelaar: In the end, I believe we have done well, played well and we deserve to advance. Huntelaar: Who knows what else is in store. Tonight, Ajax might be able to finish as group winner in the Champions League. Only if they beat Bayern Munich at home. Ten Hag: That first place, in the Champions League, in the group, is important. Ten Hag: That way we may be able to brighten our future. Mazraoui: I absolutely think it’s important to end on top. Mazraoui: We don’t want to enter the next round and that’s it. Mazraoui: We want to go move on and then look even further. Mazraoui: And to win the group would means to have an easier time later on. Ten Hag: Another important thing is; we want to test ourselves. Ten Hag: This is a huge challenge. It’s Bayern Munich; one of the best in the world. Gnabry.. The flag stays down *Raises voice*… …for Lewandowski … And that is a hit. The chances Gnabry misses, he does finish. Yeah there we go.. Lewandowski.. OOHH ONANA! Incredible! Next; it goes wide. Either way. It’s not in. Ziyech.. Van de Beek.. Van de Beek does it on his own! OHHH, Tadic just walk it in! 1-1. Here.. OHH, HO HO HOOO ONANA! Unbelievable. Goretzka.. Stopped by Wöber. RED! Red card for Max Wöber.. SO! SO! Müller, well, knows where to find the right card. Yes! Müller, too, has to leave the pitch, dear lord. On the other side of the field is Ziyech.. This is even better.. Dolberg.. Well.. Yes, he calls it! Penalty for Ajax. He did it in Athens, he does it in Amsterdam as well! Ajax is group winner, if it stays this way. Thiago.. Thiago gets very close.. Oh, he calls this one as well.. Bayern gets a penalty kick too. Wow, that one is places precisely in the side-netting. Thiago.. Coman.. has some time and space Comaaaaaaaan.. Scores! Bayern is about to win the group, the match. Mazraoui, plucks it out of the air. Straight onto Kimmich’s arms. But Huntelaar can go on and… … Tagliafico walks it in and now the score stands at 3-3 That’s the final whistle. Memorable; 3-3! Blind: Such a shame! But I’m really proud of the team. Tadic: Yeah we are *sigh* a little bit disappointed because… Tadic: I think one to one, we should have won the game. Ten Hag: I think this was an incredible spectacle. Ten Hag: It’s such a shame we were not able to hang on. Ten Hag: The team deserves enormous praise for the way they’ve fought. Blind: What a great game, I think the crowd has enjoyed it. Blind: We certainly have enjoyed the game ourselves. Tadic: I think it was a great match to watch. For the fans, for everyone. Blind: We were second in the group anyway, so we fought as hard as we could to finish first. Ten Hag: Let it be clear, this team has shown large amounts of mentality and character. Ten Hag: And that the team has played such great football, is obvious as well. Mazraoui: I think we can look back with pride. Mazraoui: Too bad we only finished second, we almost made everything a lot easier. Ten Hag: We came here through preliminaries, and then to remain unbeaten in group stage, is an amazing achievement. Ten Hag: And that means we are on the right track. Blind: We can be proud on our achievements in European football, but it’s not over yet. We will continue and we shall see who we need to face. Blind: I think we have definitely shown we are able to play to our strengths and we that we shouldn’t be scared of anyone. Ten Hag: We must learn from our mistakes in these past games, including tonight’s match. Ten Hag: But most certain we can start to realise we are able to play well at this level. Ten Hag: And we are able to make it an exciting competition. Ten Hag: We are a real competitor and I think no opponent would be happy to have to face Ajax. Ajax will face Real Madrid in the round of 16. Madid has won the Champions League the past three consecutive years, but has not shown good form for a while. There are many positive reactions to the draw for the round of 16 in the Champions League for Ajax. The men from Amsterdam is going to play against Real Madrid. Kraaij Jr.: I have to be honest in that I don’t think they had the worst possible draw. Kraaij Jr.: After Ronaldo left, nothing is as smooth anymore. Real Madrid without Ronaldo, is a completely different team from Real Madid including Ronaldo. Which is also noticeable in the Spanish league, where Real Madrid are currently in fourth place. Derksen: But Ajax can beat anyone of the contenders, when in form.
*Everyone agrees* When in form. Genee: When looking historically; out of twelve games against Real, Ajax won four. Ten Hag: We have a great eleven, which was shown in matches such as against Bayern Munich. Ten Hag: We’ve shown are able to stay in the game at that level. Ten Hag: We are here to play. But not only to play; we want to win against these opponents. Blind: I believe there’s always a chance. But being realistic, Madrid have won the Champions League a few years in a row. Blind: It won’t be easy, but we will play with intend to reach the next round. Ten Hag: This is going to be a big challenge Here is for example, TADIIIIIC… OHH! Only millimetres keep Ajax from taking the lead against Real Madrid. Tagliafico.. Neres.. In the box, Tadic again.. Van de Beek passes it to ZIYEEECH..! NO! Courtois. This was an even bigger opportunity than Tadic’s. Schöne, once again. De Ligt, jumps up, De Ligt with the header! Courtois touches it. And theeeeen…. GOAL! It’s in! Ajax takes the lead! Marciniak checks from the van, and let’s wait a moment for the final decision. Offside, he denies the goal, the party’s over. Carvajal to Benzema.. And Onana! Well done, now van de Beek. Neres sprints. Neres gets the ball, no offside. David Neres has to go wide. Angle is difficult.. Courtois.. Mazraoui has to keep his eyes on the ball, and on Vinicius. Vinicius is gone. Mazraoui tries to stop him, but Vinicius Jr. waits until the right time. That’s now, that’s BENZEMA. That’s 1-0 for Real Madrid. Vázquez.. Allows a lot of space, Neres now at top speed, Carvajal in pursuit. HERE IS ZIYEEECH! Ajax levelled with Real Madrid. Carvajal.. De Jong gets run over.. The cross, and Asensio! Asensio.. 1-2, Real by Marco Asensio. Or.. Neres.. Beautiful pass to Dolberg..!
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AND DOLBERG! No! No! Courtois. And that’s the final whistle by Damir Skomina. Real wins 2-1 in the Johan Cruijf Arena. Ten Hag: The boys have done a great job and have played with their hearts and with courage. Ten Hag: Unfortunately, they did not reward themselves. Ten Hag: If they had been slightly more accurate in their chances, we would’ve won tonight. De Ligt: This way it’s an even bigger shame to be standing here defeated. De Ligt: I think we defended ourselves really well and even in the first half created better opportunities. De Ligt: The only difference being we did not finish or it was nullified by the ref. De Ligt: No matter how well you played or how proud you are of the team, we’re still empty handed and that’s tough… Ziyech: I have conflicting feelings… Ziyech: On one side we can be proud of the way we played Ziyech: But mainly I’m disappointed because of the result. De Jong: I agree, but if we play this way in Bernabeu… De Jong: To show courage and to play the same way… De Jong: That way their own audience will pressure them more. De Jong: That way I think, nothing is definitive. Ten Hag: It’s going to be very tough, I’ve said it multiple times. Ten Hag: But nothing is impossible. Ten Hag: And indeed, we’ve played a really good match. Ten Hag: I think they will be more aware of Ajax, at home. Ten Hag: But we can be confident in knowing we can win. Ziyech: I think that with what we showed; so much fight and simply our play.. Ziyech: ..we definitely have a chance, if we bring the same things. Tonight, Ajax is facing a nearly impossible task; making it to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. After the 1-2 loss at home against Real Madrid, three weeks ago, Ajax has to score at least twice. Ten Hag: Our starting position is not great, let that be clear. Ten Hag: After losing the first game at home; it’s pretty bad. Ten Hag: But we’ve established that we are able to rise to this level. Ten Hag: Today our challenge is to repeat that. Seedorf: I agree, Ajax has a very good chance to win tomorrow. Driessen: I am here because I have no faith. Driessen: “I was supposed to go …” Genee: “*Interrupts* You stayed at home and not for us?!” Genee: “But because you have no faith?!” Driessen: “Yes exactly, I have no hopes…” Van der Vaart: The audience is the biggest critic, so if we start well and Real doesn’t, a lot of good things could happen. The Champions League is, since last Saturday, no longer the best option, but the only one. Vazquez.. Good cross and what a chance! Here’s the opportunity! AND GOAL!!! BY AJAX. Hakim Ziyech. In the 7th minute, Tadic takes advantage of a slip up in the back and Ziyech fires Ajax to a lead in Bernabeu. Goo goo, HAHA, wow! Ziyech, do it! Do it! Put it in! And the score is… 0-2, *shouting loudly* NERES (4x). We thank your mother and Ziyech’s mother for birthing you! What a goal! This is an opportunity for Neres! Another huge chance for Ajax..!
00:34:22 –>00:34:24
David Neres, another lob.. But not this time.. Mazraoui, surprised by the pass behind him. Mazraoui, keep your hands to yourself! Bale, hits the post again! The acceleration, Ziyech is no defender.. Benzema…! Ball stays in by Mazraoui. But did it really, didn’t it go over the line? Ziyech.. Tagliafico.. Van de Beek.. Ajax with four players.. Tagliafico, van de Beek again.. *Shouts* Tadic! 4x In the back of the net! 0-3! Goal! 0-3, 0-3! Real Madrid vs. Ajax: 0-3. Hope has returned to Real. Bale! Onana saves. Ziyech runs.. Reguillon.. That’s 3-1! 3-1, that was fast! Schöne.. Well.. YES! *Shouting* Yes, (3x) *Laughing* 1-4! Now Real has to score a hundred! Frenkie de Jong, Benzema is after him. That’s just too much, that’s too much! This has to be the 4-2! Benzema, no, he slips! Bale..! Onana. This is where Tadic steals the ball. Will this be the fifth? That is very possible *shouting* but this is an absolute sitter from the category unbelievable. Same as Benzama on the other side. Van de Beek starts a run but ohh.. Gets takes out from behind. Yes, that has to be red card. Now it’s decided, Ajax beats Real Madrid with a score of 4 to 1, and is part of the eight best teams in Europe. De Ligt: Most people still can’t believe it. De Ligt: But we knew it was possible, that Real Madrid would leave open spaces. De Ligt: And when you play with guts, they get a hard time. They are not used to that. Mazraoui: This is indescribable. Ten Hag: Everything was perfect. We’ve imposed this. Ten Hag: And looking back on these two games; us heading to the next round is more than deserved. Ten Hag: What we did tonight, the level we brought to the plate… World class in my opinion. De Ligt: The same as in the home game; we showed we are capable of a lot. We created many chances and we only did not finish them. De Ligt: Today, the first two chances we get we score immediately, and that must be the biggest difference. De Jong: I think this is amazing, to win with 4-1 in Bernabeu. De Jong: People may have expected this, but not in this way. Ten Hag: There were a few experts that questioned us, but I believe we showed that we are a great team. Ten Hag: We have a lot in store and I more than enjoyed my team. My biggest compliments. Mazraoui: This is something huge. Mazraoui: We’ve made ourselves proud, we’ve made Amsterdam proud, we’ve made our club proud. Mazroui: This is uhh.. like I’ve said before; indescribable really. Tadic: It’s a great feeling and we have made everyone that likes Ajax proud. Mazraoui: This is a part of history now. Mazraoui: Such an awesome feeling, simply indescribable. Ten Hag: I myself, am very impressed by our progress. Ten Hag: We have to continue to build on this, because I believe we haven’t seen the best yet. Ten Hag: But for now we have to enjoy the night. Ziyech: Of course, everyone is overjoyed. Ziyech: We have uhh.. sort of.. uhmm.. (in the background: JODEN!) Ziyech: Created a little history, so to speak. Ziyech: And we know we want even more. Derksen: I did not think Ajax was capable of this. Derksen: We know they have a lot of talent but they didn’t just beat Real Madrid.. Derksen: They’ve declassified them. Jansen: This is an achievement unlike any other, by Ajax. Great for Dutch football. Jansen: Every single superlative can be used now. Ikink: Isn’t just lovely! Zijlemans: Humiliation is the most used word for this deposition of the Champions. Zijlemans: They have won the Champions League three times in a row. Blind sr.: It was held impossible to achieve this against those kinds of clubs, in the last few years. Jansen: It is of course, incredible to eliminate the grand Real Madrid in this fashion. Jansen: Ajax has rewritten history and these images will cross the globe. De Vries: There are not enough words in dictionary for this: legendary, epic… and so on… De Vries: This is the kind of match we will remember in 30 years from now. R. De Boer: What happened in ’95 was nice, but this takes the cake. Egberts: This is an upcoming generation of which we cannot predict what more they have in them. Ronaldo’s club will be Ajax’s opponent in the quarter finals of the Champions League. Juventus plucked the Portuguese this season away from Madrid to win the Champions League for the first time in 23 years. In the quarters finals Ajax will face, among others, Cristiano Ronaldo; Juventus. Ten Hag: A great poster and an amazing game for us. Van der Vaart: I’ve experienced it myself; against Italian squads it seems like you play better than them and it feels good… Van der Vaart: But in the end, you never win. Driessen: This is the most unthinkable… uhh most unfortunate opponent Ajax could’ve drawn. Öztürk: An unbelievably hard draw. Öztürk: And when reaching stage farther you will probably have to face Manchester City. Öztürk: So, Ajax is in a hard predicament. Ten Hag: In football, there are always opportunities. Juventus is clearly the favourite to win. Ten Hag: But we face them uninhibited and realistically, we definitely have a chance. Öztürk: This is best draw Juve could have gotten to reach the semi-finals. Mazraoui: We have to brace ourselves. But I believe we’ve shown that the moment we go in full throttle with faith… Mazraoui: …in the same way as against Real Madrid, we definitely stand a chance. Here come Ajax and Juventus. This is the first quarterfinal match in the Champions League for Ajax since 2002/2003. Ziyech.. Goes for his left foot, ZIYECH..! Wrong side of the net… Rock solid. And Ziyech…! That 1.95m height Szczesny has is incredibly useful right now. But it will be this, Tadic.. Van de Beek.. Ball slips underneath his foot, van de Beek! 3 against 2, Bernardeschi.. Beautifully done by De Jong, that sliding. Onana has to claim that, but he does nothing! And Bernardeschi..! Shoots it beside the wrong side of the pole. Cancelo.. Ronaldo.. And that is in! It’s Cristiano Ronaldo again! 0-1 Neres.. Neeheeeeeress.. OHH HO HO, he always looks so sleepy, but is he alive? Oh yes, he really is alive! Tadic.. Ekkelenkamp..! EKKELENKAMP! This is that Brazilian link, beautiful movements by Douglas Costa. Don’t let him finish! Hits the post! Ekkelenkamp grabs Ronaldo That’s really.. *Chuckles* He will be getting a yellow card later, But that was a really important foul, because Ronaldo was headed towards a danger area. And that’s the final whistle, Ajax draws with 1-1 against Juventus. The first 90 minutes of this quarterfinals are done. Next week on Tuesday, they will be playing for all the marbles. De Ligt: I think we have a team with huge potential. De Ligt: In these Champions League games we live up that, I believe. De Ligt: Here you see we give it our all, press the opponent and fight for each other. De Ligt: We showed amazing things. Ten Hag: This was an immensely attractive match, with a well-playing Ajax. Ten Hag: I only regret not rewarding ourselves with a victory, because that was absolutely possible. Schöne: Too bad we haven’t scored one more goal. Schöne: But we’ll manage with a 1-1, but we’re not entirely satisfied. Veltman: I think we need to continue like this, only without the opposition scoring. Veltman: When that happens we can get a good result at their stadium. De Ligt: As a team I believe we deserve to be in these quarterfinals. De Ligt: I believe we can do even more, which we showed today. De Ligt: In the away match; we have to play at least the same. De Ligt: Simply because it is known Juventus is stronger playing at home. De Ligt: It’s going to be a very hard game. Ten Hag: We showed we are capable. That’s what we have to bring to Turin. Ten Hag: We seen in Madrid, that nothing in impossible. Schöne: It’s not done yet, I mean Real beat us at home with 2-1 so.. Schöne: We’ve got very high hopes. Van de Beek: There are a lot of possibilities so, we’ll go for it. For the first time in 22 years, Ajax might be able to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League tonight. In 1997, it was Juventus who stopped Ajax from reaches the finals. Tonight, Juventus is the opponent in the quarterfinal. Ten Hag: Juventus are set to win. Ten Hag: That was the case the last time, especially after the 1-1 in Amsterdam. Boskamp: I think it will be harder than against Madrid. Mazraoui: After people claiming it’s not possible, we’ve proven them the opposite. Mazraoui: That’s empowering and boosts our confidence. Mazraoui: That’s such a satisfying feeling. Derksen: I am really split, but then again, I also was against Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Derksen: At that time I was so surprised by Ajax, I am split again. Driessen: A 1-1 score seems to be a fairly dangerous starting position, simply because you have to score. Driessen: But I still think Ajax has good prospects, even in Turin. Ten Hag: Last week in Amsterdam, we’ve noticed that if we play well our chances are high. Driessen: Ajax always scores, and scores everywhere, so tonight they will score here as well. This is ultimate test, Juve is not Real Madrid. This is Juventus, eight time champions, against whom Ajax must battle tomorrow night in the Champions League Onana: I am very confident. Onana: Because of the way we are playing, the way we are training. Onana: And when I see my guys, they usually look confident. And I am more confident than them. Ten Hag: The team has developed so much, that we have become self-aware. Ten Hag: And that we are able to compare ourselves to these giants. Ten Hag: Our hopes are high and we believe in a good result. Ten Hag: That’s how we will start tomorrow as well. It is a night where Juventus know they should, but Ajax sense they just might.. Mazraoui.. Get’s tapped. A very small tap and gets scared. A tap and turn, means the end of the game for Mazraoui. Sinkgraven comes in. Yes, not much room. Neres! Neres, NERES! OH! Van de Beek! And here’s Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s surreal, unbelievable. Again Cristiano Ronaldo scores against Ajax. Drops at the edge of the box. A shot from afar. Is it not offside!? Than that’s a goal. GOAL! Ajax scores! Donny van de Beek! Neres can do it by himself. Van de Beek.. Ziyech is in an even better position..! OH! Szczesny! What an amazing save. Here comes Ajax. Van de Beek. Does it on his own! OH! Van de Beek…! OOOHHHH! Szczesny! A moment ago with his left, now with his right. DE LIGT! De Ligt, it’s in! Famous captain’s goal for Ajax! They are irrepressible! Ajax takes the lead, 2-1. Mazraoui.. There goes Neres..! Yes finish it! How did he not finish that, Neres?! And it’s done! Ajax made it to the semi-finals in the Champions League. It’s a celebration, Ajax will be going to the semi-finals for the first time since 1996. It’s an adventure. They’ve started so long ago in the preliminaries. What a performance! Van de Beek: Everybody is over the moon. It’s so special to reach the semi-finals with Ajax. Sinkgraven: Absurd. I really needed a moment to let it sink in, but this is so nice. Van de Beek: This is absurd. It hasn’t fully sunk in yet and we’re in the semi-finals with Ajax. Van de Beek: That’s f***ing special. Blind: As an Ajax fan this is great and I am Ajax supporter. Blind: I’m very proud to be a part of this. Schöne: I’m simply very proud of this squad and it was a great game. Ten Hag: I think we have a good team that’s capable of pushing their limits every time. Ten Hag: We’ll continue doing that. Van de Beek: It’s fantastic and a bit emotional at the same time because nobody expected this. Van de Beek: To be a part of this is special for everyone. Blind: This is fantastic, especially since it’s with the club where I grew up, to be getting this far in Europe. Blind: That’s is something else. Van de Beek: We’ve fought as a collective. I will never forget this. Ten Hag: We’re still active in three competitions. We are in the right positions, but we want to win titles. Ten Hag: That means keeping our heads in the game. But tonight we’re allowed to enjoy the moment. Ajax, the grandchildren of Johan Cruijf, reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. They are THE sensation in Europe. Jansen: It’s no longer possible to say an opponent is too strong for Ajax. Jansen: After Juve and Real and Bayern Munich and Benfica and all the others. Jansen: That might be the best thing to say right now about Ajax. Ajax has impressed so much, internationally. Jansen: Every time you think: ‘Real Madrid, no they will be a bit too strong.’ Jansen: But no, Ajax was dominant in Bernabeu. Jansen: ‘Juventus, no they are a bit too strong.’ Jansen: But here, in the Allianz Stadium behind us, especially in the second half; Ajax was dominant. The diptych for a place in the finals begins tomorrow night against Tottenham Hotspur, the current number three in England. Derksen: If Ajax shows their regular form, Spurs has no chance. R. de Boer: Suddenly, you have an opponent where you might be the favourite a little. Driessen: In my opinion Ajax is going to the finals with one hand tied to their backs. Van der Gijp: I mean if you’re able to get past Bayern, Real and Juve, than you’re the favourite against Tottenham. R. de Boer: Judging based on the previous results, I believe this will work out fine. Van der Vaart: We’re not playing against an incredible team. Van der Vaart: I expect a great match and a lot of goals. Ten Hag: Now that we are in the semi-finals facing a really strong squad like Tottenham, we have to be better than we were against Madrid and Juventus. Ten Hag: We will have to be better in order to take the next step. Van de Beek: We had to work hard in order to be where we are now. Van de Beek: We have to enjoy that and make the most of it at the same time Van de Beek: And show what we always do. Ten Hag: We are fit, we are able to perform at our best. Ten Hag: We are aware of this and we if play our style our chances look good. This is the semi-final of the Champions League. With a Dutch team for the first time in 22 years. Schöne.. Ziyech.. Here it comes! Here it is…! He has to finish! And it’s 0-1 for Ajax! DONNY! DONNY VAN DE BEEK! On the Playstation it’s never as easy as Ajax does it. What a show! It might go in again! Lloris prevents it. Rush in late. Onana.. He hits Alderweireld. It’s not looking good. He’s gestured towards the bench, he’s coming off. Trippier.. And Alderweireld.. another free header. Tagliafico.. Yeah, well, if Ziyech had touched that..! That shot wasn’t that bad. And that’s Dele Alli! Good move! Tadiiiiiiiiiic.. Passes to Neres! GOOOOOAAAAAAAL…..! POOOOOOSST ooohhh… Ajax took a huge leap towards to Champions League Finals De Ligt: This is only one match, but our prospects look good. Ten Hag: Absolutely, a great performance. Ten Hag: We stood as a team and we fought like lions. Ten Hag: We played really well, especially during the opening stages. De Ligt: The away goal is the most important thing. De Ligt: Unfortunately, that ball hit the post, otherwise we would have been even further. De Ligt: Overall, I think we can be quite happy with a 0-1 win. Ten Hag: One way or another, let’s be honest; great performance. Veltman: In the end we are delighted we got that 1-0. De Ligt: Us Dutchman we pretend Tottenham is some kind of B-squad we can easily roll over, De Ligt: But if you look at the speed or their play and their quality players; we know better, De Ligt: We were extremely focussed and this gave us the victory. Ten Hag: We are half-way, we can call it that. We got a good start, but I think we need to do even better next week than we did today. Onana: We’re not sure yet, we have another difficult game at home. We need to prepare well and I hope we make it. Van de Beek: Next week, at home, I’ve got good faith and the audience too. We must finish it. In about two hours Ajax will kick-off the match versus Tottenham Hotspur, in the Johan Cruijf Arena. Who will be Liverpool’s opponent in the final of the Champions League on July 1st in Madrid? Jansen: That we are here, on the 7th of May, talking about Ajax making it to the finals of the Champions League. Jansen: I think that is Ajax’s dream come true, a dream of the entirety of Dutch football. No took it seriously until recently. Driessen: Let’s wait and see what happens during the last training. Driessen: If everyone gets out whole, I expect Ajax will make it to the finals. Ten Hag: Small problem is, David is having pains. Ten Hag: He will train in a moment and I expect he’ll be able to play. Ten Hag: But I will keep my eyes open, with him. Bosz: I do expect Ajax to move on, but also that I won’t be easy. Blind: We will have to be incredibly focussed because it’s certainly not over yet. Van de Beek: We’re facing a really good squad so we will have to prepare hard and show a high level. Jansen: They are one step away from Madrid after the 1-0 away win. Jansen: They still have to finish it though. Ten Hag: Last week, our away goal was crucial. We even won. Ten Hag: It’s time to finish this, at home. This is the 8th of May, 2019. Ajax might proceed to the finals of the Champions League. Beautiful play by Schöne Tadiiiiiiiic.. Lloris, a save from a fairytale! You can see De Ligt being held from every side. But he can head it here! AND IT’S IN! De Ligt gives Ajax the lead, four minutes in! It’s 1-0 for Ajax already! Can Tadic find Dolberg? Better than that, he found Ziyech! *shouting* Goal! (3x) Ajax are on their way to Champions League final. Here… Oh what a save by Onana. Dele Alli. Moura picks it up and passes to Dele Alli. De Jong get’s nutmegged. And here it is. The first by Tottenham. Here’s a free man, Trippier! But there’s Onana! That’s a miracle, because of the keeper the ball doesn’t go in! It can still happen! Lucas Moura has done it again! Incredible! Just incredible! Tadic.. This is how we like to see Ajax and..! Almost.. scores.. Good, by Sinkgraven. Ziyech again! Yes! No! De Ligt thought about hitting it. Now crosses.. Ziyech! Ziyech hits the post! De Ligt can’t hit it.. Crossbar! And it’s NOT in! Vertonghen could have hurt his old club. It’s all over at half-time. A corner.. Keeper comes up. Keeper jumps up.. Llorente jumps up as well.. The ball goes over and it’s being celebrated like half a goal. It’s pinballing around now. Ajax fans are looking at the clock, trying to count down the seconds. One minute, one minute separates Ajax from the Champions League final versus Liverpool. So close, so close. That gentleman has been praying for a good twenty minutes now. The Arena prepares itself for a collective orgasm. Until the dying seconds, Ajax will have to fight for that ticket. Here’s Lucas Moura…! Oh, they’ve got it! I cannot believe it! Lucas Moura with the last kick of the game. The Ajax player collapse to the ground. The hell of football, it exists. And Ajax is in it.. Unbelievable.. Unbelievable.. But it happens.. A nightmare.. Nothing short of a nightmare. Ajax watches everything slip through their fingers.. De Ligt: I would’ve rather be in finals, but that won’t happen now. Interviewer: Hardest hit ever, in sports? Ziyech: Yep.. Ziyech: You can say that. Schöne: This is a disaster, the worst way of losing. Blind: Like I’ve said, this hurts so bad. Blind: A dream torn apart. Blind: Our hopes were so high.. Ziyech: Then the man with the hammer hits at the very end, that’s a hard hit. Ten Hag: We were so close. Ten Hag: This is so incredibly annoying and though. Ten Hag: Deeply disappointed. Veltman: How this happened, unimaginable. Blind: What you want me to say; this is terrible. Blind: The way it happens, last minute. Blind: So close. Blind: This is a heavy punch. De Ligt: Like you’ve said, this is a dream and we were so close. De Ligt: I believe it was in the last second, then it falls.. De Ligt: Unbelievable. Ziyech: We’ve fought very hard and that makes it, you know.. Ziyech: Extra hard that they score in the last minute… Ten Hag: We were so close and we deserved it. Ten Hag: But yeah, that very last second.. Schöne: We can be very proud about what we’ve accomplished together. Schöne: But that’s not what we’re feeling right now. Schöne: We wanted more and we were so close. Schöne: We even felt like we were already there. Interviewer: Nightmare.. Ten Hag: Yeah, you can say that, the dream is gone. Öztürk: This is terrible and painful, and this will haunt you until the end of your career. Öztürk: This is irreversible, even after winning the Champions League five times, this happened. De Ligt: We’ve lost here. We’ve been eliminated. De Ligt: But if you look at how the supporters stood behind us and cheered for us after the game, De Ligt: That gives me goose bumps. Öztürk: I’m actually happy I was able to enjoy a Dutch squad in the Champions League. Blind: We performed really well in the Champions League and I believe we can be proud of that. Blind: And I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this eleven. Advocaat: They’ve got an amazing eleven, the crowd was fantastic, we can only be proud of what they’ve done for Dutch football. Öztürk: It’s great to know it IS possible for a Dutch team reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. Öztürk: I actually lost that faith a bit. Driessen: It started in Austria, I believe the end of July 2018. And here we are in the middle of May 2019 Driessen: Not a single Dutch team as done this is in recent history, to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. Ten Hag: We had a fantastic Champions League season. We were so close. Ten Hag: *stutters* We, as a team *stutters* as individuals, have grown so much. Ten Hag: We’ve done incredibly I think. They thought it couldn’t be done, Ajax are doing it. Ajax are on their way to the Champions League final. Total dominance from in there. He is.. He’s like a lion. They believe, he believes. Everything Ajax do turns to gold. Well, these players and that man there will never forget tonight, for as long they live. The champions are stunned, a continent is stunned by this. This is truly remarkable. That is a performance for the ages. They ripped ‘em apart everything time they went forward. Brilliant and absolutely fearless, this Ajax team. And that mustn’t have been hard to say: “We can do it tonight!” And boy, have they done it! Schöne, all the way in! Wow! Ziyech schiet! GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLL (5x) Schöne’s delivery.. De Ligt! The famous captain’s goal for Ajax! They are irrepressible! Goal, Ajax! 1-1! I’ve said it: they are starting to play their own game. Tadic has played it through! And here is Neres! And Ajax lead 2-0! They have silenced the Bernabeu! Ziyech.. Tadic receives that ball. He has to hit it and he does! *shouting* Goal (4x) Ajax! Subs by Krysisz

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