I'll slash ask reddit what activity is socially accepted but actually borderline psychotic checking people's online status last active last seen across various social media frequently technology is an incredible thing and there is no denying that social media brings us closer to those that are physically further away but I believe the ability to digitally store people plays a major role in social anxiety and psychotic behavior today does your username stands for I bet you can't work out what this means it does indeed I guess I need to change my username now edit non-obligatory first gold Thanks crime stranger people who are obsessed with celebrities to the point of following their every move and talking about it with friends I like to believe that you are anonymous celebrity and this is your moment of reprieve did you hear what muscles Mukherjee said over did today jealous couples who keep tabs on each other's every move shared faster book account check in by text ever five minutes dirty looks when somebody attractive walks by etc seriously if there's so little trust why even be together shared FAFSA book accounts creep me the duck out am I speaking with Jimmy or Jane can i crack a joke or will they go insane faster book pages for uteri also creep me out I wasn't allowed to get faster book because my dad told me they were just going to steal and sell my info way to call it daddy-o but at 15 I rebelled and made one at a friend's house so like when the baby is born so they inherit the account how do they explain to their friends that their FB account is older than they are why don't the parents just post the u.s. pictures to their own page like a regular person who's waiting to meet a little person they made it doesn't make sense at all to me the beginning of your comment sounds like the start of some super crazy slam poetry or something competitive dog breeding or what's it called people obsessed with the dog breeds appearance that prioritize aesthetics before health concerns just look at the Shifa with its hind legs or pugs who can barely breathe and not to forget all the other dog breeds with an endless list of health problems vets are campaigning to end the breeding of snub snouted dogs they can take up in or for a whole week in some surgeries they have been campaigning for years for the AKC to allow some crossbreeding to make the line healthier and to increase its pathetic six-year expected lifespan but they are refusing duck the AKC edit turns out Bulldogs life expectancy is eight to ten years not six still pathetically short advertisements for prescription medication in the US if you're going to a doctor for a problem why not let the doctor suggest a medication if you need one I mean the advertisement isn't even aimed at selling the product directly it's telling you to ask your doctor about it why the duck would I want to influence my doctor in a medication choice they are the one who went to school for it not me absolutely the pharmacy industry is crazy I'm very scared of them in general it was one of things I wasn't expecting about us TV when I first visited we advertise over-the-counter stuff but no prescription medicines in the UK child beauty pageants let's overtly excel eyes super young children for literally no reason and have their attractiveness judged by adults many times men it gives me chills edit okay guys I get it women are equal opportunity offenders and not all men are pedophiles I understand please stop messaging me saying I'm a man hating it I'm not we definitely need to make a song about not to the link kids I don't diddle kids younger than my wife older than my daughter putting the entire timeline and life of your child on Facebook while they grow up and have no control over parents posting everything about them edit thanks for taking my gold Jenna T my mom does this with my kid sister it's kind of unsettling had her own Facebook account since she was born and yet my mom doesn't have an account because she doesn't want people from high school contacting her and doesn't want people knowing her business it's the most if a critical hit I've ever heard my mom doesn't have a real faster book because of that that she made one as my old now past ryp catch years and years ago and now posts as herself but with my caps name honestly I think it's hilarious that my mom has a weed-like FAFSA book account the way we treat people on the Internet the complete and utter lack of empathy plus lack of remorse is a psychopathic tre I hope this gets higher up this comment section most of us would never treat people in person the way we do online of course there are psychological reasons for that we evolved to interact in person and empathy is partly dependent on it but it only takes a few seconds to take some deep breaths and remember there are real people behind these usernames I'm not excluding myself from this to be clear I've made a concerted effort over the last two years to take those breaths and I think I've done a really good job but I still fail on occasion I try to talk to people on here like I would in real life but sometimes it is hard I can just go there and tell someone that they are ducking stale ham sandwich and it only takes me around five seconds to do it but then I'll be insulting a person right to their face people that think releasing an unwanted pet into the wild is OK my ex and his family did this they had a red healer that they said was useless on the farm so they put him in the back of use drove off into the rural area kicked him out and laughed as he tried to chase after them while they drove away he's a domesticated dog he will die a slow horrible death from starvation I still get so upset even now I never forgave them for what they did also saw a video a while back of a lady that lived near a spot where people commonly dumped dogs a few people kicked the dogs as it tried to get back in their car some dogs chased after their owners car and got hit by another car some dogs stayed in the same spot waiting for their owners to come back and slowly starve to death duck those people rest in peace rusty you will always be a good boy to me edit 1 r.i.p meiyan barks I promise I'm reading and replying as fast as I can edit to thank you kind stranger for the gold I don't know what to do with it though edit 3 these people were rural Aussie farmers where pets are viewed as property so common out there edit 4 sorry for making so many people angry and/or sad I'm 100% with you but I'm glad to say that this is a no way socially accepted where I live we have almost no strays anywhere and all the people I know treat their pets properly to the most part we have no strays around where I live because my mom takes them all in law if she finds a cat she feeds it and such and tries to find the owner if she can't then she will clean the cat up and take it to the vet to get fixed and get shots she has kept a couple of them but usually she finds them new homes she is a teacher so usually there is another teacher or a kid in their family that wants the kitty edit thank you to everyone responding my mom is pretty awesome it drives my dad crazy but she keeps doing it I always named that cats she is helping out some of her recent ones our Oscar party Toby Marian fury and tears fury showed up pregnant she is fixed now my sister kept one of the kittens and named her laude my parents kept fury they also chose to keep Toby she tried to a home Marian with a teacher friend of hers five miles out in the country Marian walked back to my parents house twice my son loves her so mom decided to just keep her law we don't have any pet shelters around here so it is a good thing we have her treating animals like they are disposable I worked at pets but in the way people treated fish small animals and birds was terrible I cried so many times in that or over my role in consigning these animals to neglect and abuse management never had my back and wouldn't refuse a sale there was one time a guy came in with a bag of fish clearly boiled in the bag because he had left them in the Sun in the car my manager didn't refuse the sale because he had a receipt from the previous day for the fish and we couldn't prove they died like that the bag was hot to the touch and the water was green they had clearly not even made it to a tank so yeah this this is psychotic I don't think I would do well with that job I already have a low opinion of people as it is tbh it wasn't all bad there were bright spots amongst the muck but yeah if you are an animal lover your soul will slowly die workaholism taking pride in working 22 hours a day and getting 30 minutes of sleep seems really insane to me I can understand wanting to make a comfortable living and being passionate about what you do for work but when you can't turn it off and relax it shouldn't be worth celebrating source just got out of a relationship with a workaholic and I'm so much happier edit you all please put down the work at all if you know someone who is using and abusing worker Hill please call one eight zero treble five work to speak to a worker Hill addiction specialist sometimes it's not the Paycheck or better job you're after it's just a good distraction from the rest of a hitting life my old boss was the hardest worker I've ever seen first one in the office and last one out super friendly and you can tell she really cared about the company in her team she killed herself out of the blue this year edit she was the best boss I ever had everyone in the company loved her she was a dream supervisor it's just so sad she had this private struggle that we were all oblivious to breeding and selectively engineering dogs to make them cuter and smaller it's really weird when you think that people have done this to create dogs that are small enough to fit in your hand or look just like a teddy bear it's like borderline mad scientist behavior especially when you consider that many of these dogs have health problems because of the way they are and those same people won't eat GMO foods but are okay with GMO dogs they are so clueless have modahl are foodies mediums or psychics who basically make a living preying on vulnerable people who have probably recently lost someone they love delayed so much they believe some arsal who can't wait to cash in on it aaww yes your husband is definitely here but to hear what he wants to say I'd like $25 edit a lot of people pointing out it's similar to religion and can have closure for some people which I completely understand 100% however I personally don't believe any psychic who offers this closure for money is even remotely close to a good person it's not about the result it's about the intent of the use of the person who's in a hit place for money if they get closure great if they don't great I still got paid to talk waffle edit to surprisingly a lot of people claiming this isn't socially acceptable where I'm from there are quite a few who claim to be psychic and have public and private shows at a cost how Danny made it his life's goal to defrock all mediums after the death of his wife he told her a secret phrase that only they knew and the mediums would never say the phrase his hatred stemmed from them preying on weak people and giving them false hope how Danny would then do the mediums routines at magic shows to mock them and make money he was a great dude magicians have a long proud history of debunking frauds after all who better than a magician to know the tricks that fool gullible minds being interviewed for just a bit higher than minimum wage job and there being four interviewers on the panel I mean you're trying to see if this person will be the best fit in your company so you make them tell you about all their achievements whilst being scrutinized by four people and then not give them the job if they are so nervous they miss out vital info what interested you in the vacant position a paycheck most of the time that's the reason but I don't think anyone actually says this instead you have to think of we'll hit about challenge or some other nonsense edit well this has been blowing up certainly seems to be the case that employers are looking for more enthusiasm but when you aren't even sure what career you want to embark upon you can find yourself a bit wanting in that department I'm a big fan of money I like it I use it I have a little I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator I'd like to put more in that jar that's where you come in working from 1565 in hopes of having enough income to not go broke till you die most likely a decade or so after retirement yup die in a nursing home I work in a nursing home that doesn't allow TV I'm offing myself before I ever get to the point to go into a home spending dollar-sign 20k plus on a wedding I'd rather people pony up dollar sign 20k plus so me and the bride can go on a month-long honeymoon to anywhere in the world rather than rent a mansion for a few hours so I can feed a couple 100 people edit it has taken me literally six hours to understand why people were laughing about feeding a couple 100 people in my mind I redditors feel a couple hundred people I definitely know what you mean but the way you worded me and the bride sounds kind of like you're not her spouse and are just going to take her off somewhere just after she was married to another man made me chuckle reloading and reloading run it with a right eye casting a glance to the envelope in the corner hoping it is read this is hilarious to me because I never expect replies I see the little red envelope and think Oh hid what did I do you know what you did dudes and those win suits that glide really close to mountains a lot of them are dead r.i.p harry potter in my opinion alcoholism it's a lot more dangerous that we deuce and has ended so many people lives that being said I'm still gonna rank though honestly I don't think alcohol should be illegal but honestly duck alcohol it causes nothing but problems it kills 9x as many people in the u.s. each year as gun violence and then I need to deal with ronk sitting in the bed and yet every weekend I definitely don't think any drugs should be illegal but it completely boggles my mind held out of every substance alcohol was the ones that's been legalized and normalized in most countries I mean I love drinking as much as everyone else but I've made so many bad decisions while on it not to mention the hangovers I've had are the worst I've had from any drug the fact my parents are so fine with me getting blackout in the weekend but somehow smoking weed is completely demin iced in their eyes is insane to me edit okay maybe some things should be illegal cool Instagram is the most effective social media platform for developing a cluster B personality disorder I'm not a TM HP but I had to attend the Saemaul staff training as a mental health hospital it is an alarming thing and you should check yourself before you wreck yourself very important at it I meant developers and grow feed and exacerbate you won't catch a personality disorder by using Instagram this makes me feel validated first thing I did when I had a huge mental health crisis last year was stop posting on social media along with cutting alcohol and drugs it's been over a year and I only go on to like the odd thing of someone else when your self-esteem depends on internet likes the only way is down make sure to LIKE and subscribe for more ask reddit videos

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