hi it's Rob from zeedans today I want to talk to you about the Activity Feed which is one of the most popular aspects of leadings activity is all about you having a conversation with your participants so that it's not a one-way discourse but really a collaboration that everyone can participate in so activity is located up here on the left hand side and let's open it up so activities a space where your participants can post comments and questions and it's really great when you want to you know empower people that are often too shy to stand up and ask some question or those people that think that their questions silly but really it's the one that everyone is thinking and once answered this is a safe space where they can share you can allow them to do it anonymously right at the very least privately and so they feel comfortable you know telling you exactly what they think and what's on their mind it allows you to be a much more effective presenter so let's run through our works firstly at the top is the space where you can post in your comment I'll just say hello and instantly that gets populated into the feed you'll see because I'm the presenter it's actually picked up my profile picture it's also automatically populated the name of this account for participants it will display either a question mark or speech marks depending on if it's a question or comment it's useful to display the profile picture for the presenter so people know those are coming directly from you rather than another participant you'll notice that each post also has a reply button underneath it let's click that this is a space where you can either you can respond or your participants can respond to the questions so I'll just say hi great you'll also notice that when you drill down into the reply view there's a delete button next to each initial post and the replies clicking it can clear it participants are able to delete their own posts and you are able to delete posts from both front participants and obviously ones you post yourself participants are not however able to delete each other's posts let's go back there's also like button on each post this is a really good way of allowing your participants to identify which questions or comments resonate with them most and for you as a presenter it's a really quick way of knowing which questions people most want answered you'll notice at the top you can sort the feed by the most recent comments or by the ones that get the most likes so it's really an opportunity to crowdsource the questions people most want answered next you'll notice on the right hand side there's a hashtag with a number that number represents the slide that you were displaying when the comment was posted so you can see this has a hashtag one because I'm on the first slide of the 62 page presentation don't worry we're not going to go through the 62 pages if I turn to the next page and I post a new comment I hope you do a question the Sun as you're going you'll notice that that's now – and these are live links so I can click and it will take me exactly back to the place that I was when that question or comment was posted next up is a feature that I love and that is the display feature you can pick any comment or question that your participants post and instantly display it on the big screen so let's take this one all I have to do is click display and it instantly blows up on my content area this can also be shown in full screen now one of the things that's a really great technique is that you can sign in to your seedings account with with your mobile phone and during your presentation you can use your phone to pick which comments you want to display whilst your laptop is connected to the main screen in full-screen displaying them like this let's jump back the other way to display posts in the Activity Feed so I'm just gonna hide this one is what we call the activity war let's open that up the activity wall is a space for comments and questions fly in real time as they posted and as you can see they're displayed a bit like a bit like a Twitter for now each comment you can also see has the number of likes and down the side here you can actually sort the feed by the most likes or by the most recent as well this is a really good way of getting everyone's attention and you put it up on a big screen in full screen and it can be used for brainstorming gathering questions and using the likes you can identify which questions people most want answered they'll automatically float to the top I'll give you a quick look at what this looks like in a live setting you can see here you know it looks great on a big screen everyone's questions and comments populating in real time now there are a few settings that you can use to control the Activity Feed so let's take a look at those now they're located in the settings screen I'll click that and if you scroll down to your preferences open up activity you've got a few things you were able to do yet the first is you can choose to turn activity on and off you can also choose to keep post private what this means is that comments or questions that your participants post will only be visible to you let's take that just once the other option is to change the background color when you're displaying posts so previously it was the green I showed you you know we can change it to orange now let's take a quick look at the participant view so this is the participant view on mobile let's jump into activity you can see it's been updated with all the most recent comments and if I post something also either I'm gonna leave the name blank you know often your participants they want to be anonymous so that they can you know share their thoughts their questions privately I'll post now let's jump back to the present of you let's jump out of settings there's a new post that's automatically going to show up and you can see there it is it's anonymous and this one is puppies private because we we changed their setting so until I choose to make a public only me as the presenter can view it this one I'm happy to make public it can be displayed and you can see the display is now orange so that's the Activity Feed I hope you enjoy using it and until next time have a good one bye

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