Activity: Are your kids getting enough?

so physical activity it really depends on the age of your child infants were really looking at them spending more time on their tummies as they do that they're actually gaining gross motor skills and that will lead them to be able to develop the ultimate motor skills so that they can actually play healthy and develop normally as they get older once kids hit the toddler preschool age group we really want them to accumulate about a hundred and eighty minutes a day of any type of intensity activity now many many many children in that age group are already naturally wanting to be active so restricting the amount of time they spend sitting or being in a car seat or sitting in a high chair would be very very important to just let nature take its course so there's lots of great family things you can do from hiking dancing to music after supper is very easy just put on the music and your kids and you can go dancing after supper is a great thing to do and little bursts of activity like that it doesn't need to be a whole one or two hours at one time ten minutes fifteen minutes here and there is really great for families to think about it because once children hit six years of age and all the way to about 18 years of age we want them to achieve 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity at the same time it's important that about three days a week the in corporate activity that will help build their bones and their muscles and it's also important that they three days a week that they do more vigorous physical activities that actually makes their hearts work even harder so again it depends on the age group but ultimately we want all kids to be active I mean physical activity can be anything from making the decision to walk your child at a shopping mall its varying degrees it doesn't necessarily mean to rally the family together and go for a run or a long bike ride this is spending time outside kids who are four five six with other kids around which is right they will natch want to play and be active and you don't necessarily have to do anything as a parent but bring them to the school or at the community center and let them play so they need to find some way where there's indoor activities they can participate in and I think if they can involve other peer their peers other kids then they have much better success with it but if you can involve the entire family that's an embedded you can have a big envelope or a great big bowl filled with activities that you and your kids can do afterwards so for example you can put something there like jumping jacks you know dance for five minutes you name it you as a family can come up with a whole bunch of twenty or thirty of these little things to put on a card and then you put these cards in a bowl and then your child gets to pick card – do you spend 10 or 15 minutes after supper doing that there's lots of ideas you can do that if you tell yourself every month every day that I'm going to do it for a month then after a month it's not a big deal it's it's become part of your habit it becomes for your lifestyle and you can be successful at that you

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  1. I'm glad they include dancing because its so fun to see how my littles change and develop just in that one activity

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