I don't know if this is a good idea guys I don't know if I'm ready for this you are ready and here's why turning that bailed on us last week we need a new co-host and it's you baby yeah you just need to get some jokes and a pair of sneakers and you'll be all right yeah but now I have to start putting texts over my own head come on put you put the glasses on you ready come on baby you ready yeah look you got it got what move don't talk don't talk what are you doing I didn't owe you no no you don't know anything get this little fiddle Mart out my goddamn spot what are you doing who's this kid what what are you doing brother was a new co-host Oh for real oh why don't you get your ass up out of here what about that what do you mean is Trinidad liPuma in this bitch try to replace me me hello to every single member of the fs army watching across the world of course I'm your co-host Brendan done on that Welty trinidad james' a couple of special guests for us for our season finale here gentlemen if you want to introduce yourselves mayhem the rent okay baklava okay two two two gentlemen with the long history in the footwear game we're gonna talk about all of that as well as some current events things of that nature why aren't you wearing an outfit first thing I want to do is discuss what everyone's wearing today well tee with sneakers together I got to overkill xzx 10,000 you're kind of over killing that shoe you've done it a couple times now in the air but we're gonna give you time yeah haven't ever done this colorway yet Bronson I'm rocking the air spend to buy pot mm-hmm nice cutaway nice and comfortable I could go hiking I could go to the club I have on the Nike moon racers here shout out to my boy Jonah pool put me on these GOP game alright good player classic sixes man sixes of my favorite Jordan lacking infrared it's all felt like pulling up today okay I got the Air Max Plus on thank you to the good people at champs for sword me out with these the purple one it's possible no they didn't pay for that you know I used to buy warm-up suits at champs yeah yeah bought my first pair of authentic Syracuse shorts there mmm nowadays you walk in to get em for free no I don't wear the Syracuse short I'm saying John's guy hey okay no shadow Chris Mullin come on show Laurie Ronson you and turn it out have kind of a long history right you guys were on the freshmen cover yeah for a long time do you want me to tell you something about that shoe I want you to tell me everything about that motherfucker I had fifty five thousand pairs of shoes laid out in this area every type of loafer you could imagine I could I was just astonished mm-hmm I've never seen that many loafers at one time I've blown advanced a lot of things is a partial part of it alright Jesus when you think of that like to not get too deep into it but first of all shot the Vanessa at that look so nice here for us the Queen I mean that was a very interesting group of people everybody had their own style you know it was like kind of like pocket clicks but you know people was like letting people rock you know from school board cue to Travis sky like that's the first time people was like yeah what is Travis Scott you know the closet records when Thirteen's like it was wow everyone on that cover is pretty successful it's a look of a mint gentlemen let's talk some sneaker news the first item here is the obj Nike Air Max 720 there's no official info about these yeah but he posted them on his Instagram you guys you guys care about obj in general yeah I love I mean he's a good dude enough fuck with the 727 little squishy but you know you get you get used to it I just saw these okay okay safety officer coming the show um in my opinion you know obviously the 720 incredible shoe am I totally unbiased opinion but I I don't I don't really understand this I don't think we need this model you know 720 720 I love this represent is my totally unbiased opinion please solid green short okay shirtless am I am yes yes you let me sleep on the couch no that's all you need I'm moving forward gentleman that Travis Scott Jordan air one how do you feel about the Jordan one is it one of your favorite models less favorite if eclis you know like I'm hard to I'm a hard person to talk to about Jordans don't we start with opening I don't fuck with Jordans period I don't fuck with Mike I don't fuck would you sit the right guy Knicks fan it's not even about that it's just about you know I'm not fucking with it like that right I had them I had a lot of original joints when they all came out when did you stop like what fuckin with Jordans like I'm done with this shit no man last pair of Jordans I bought was at a doctor J's and Main Street Flushing so that's probably 20 years ago my uncle Jordan come and film a hammer four five six okay no it doesn't look comfortable I have a wide foot what am I gonna do with it but how do we feel about the reverse swoosh on it is that whacker whatever it's cute when they were latest thing is cute I got just move okay I've gotta move over cuz that is so now Nike has to be they're doing a Jordan one again like the last mountain from before and it starts off as a Lakers colorway as you see right now and then as you wear more you supposed to skating of course but it peels away to Chicago Bulls cut away so this is like a fair-weather Fairweather fans this is one of those where you scratch it off and back yes with Jersey off the other team on underneath things like in case we lose tonight that's a disloyal foot you got a pic aside or chapped your photos yeah shoes right now how about you said face cringing over there I wouldn't say I'm cringing I didn't won the first Lance mountain joints I mean the only Lance mountain joints the Lance mountain the original that was good I don't mind that they like redid the idea I wish they would have come up with something better and something more original they're just revisiting the old good idea I think they're still ok but I'm not super impressed I'm not not a great effort speaking about more Jordan shit which we all want to talk about oh yeah yeah we got some Flyknit Air Jordan 4 is coming out all Volt he's coming by company like 4 different colors red it's like this Air Jordan 4 deep side from Branson i'ma ask you because you like do you like force but how do you feel about this is this another shirtless shoe mmm but handless shoe still the planet f was once one of my favorite new sneaker I really will completely underrated not blasphemous on any level all-white flying in air force once I should've bought more when I had the chance okay I love those but this is this a little crazy is there any color they can doing this then make you actually like oh this is the one you got orange you got blue think I read it I think when you go offline that you want to go black or white okay no actually what you think about this though you know I'm not it's a Georgia so it sucks but you can strip my I'm not completely mad at the fly in this situation it's just like it's beating a dead horse you know what I mean right just come up with a new design or just snap I mean release to the beach slope to the beach aqua stock for the beach you'll aquatic person you go hunt to the beach yeah go cycle barefoot before I go a knows how do you guys feel about this general idea of taking old sneakers and updating them with new tech is that is that gonna pass from you in general I don't like it but again Flyknit Air Force Ones that to me that's the one that you do like no it's the case the case basis but I just think that there needs to be some new minds produces some new sneakers why was this such a renaissance in the 90s where there was 700 different thousand pairs of shoes but you know you just got to keep fucking bringing back the same ten right I don't get that you got start designer for us move hey listen man I do many things I wear a hat I'll put it on Bronson we're doing something very innovative with sneakers today actually because we do have a gift for you really if something something yes but again I think this is mostly mostly for Bronson because I don't know if they have partakes in this sort of activity but this is a nondescript it may look like a classic shoe but this is a nondescript sneaker that we have turned into a water pipe of amazing yeah so we're gonna we're gonna assemble this just for you you put that you can wear not your bow last one that leaves and hand assembled by the full-size bathroom fully functional as far as oil if you want that for for whatever whatever very much guys we didn't do it in Jordans cuz we didn't wanna get it ones little this is the I don't really want to say what I just want to say but let's hear it no this is a one-story this is the perfect shoe this is a perfect shoe for a summer day mayhem have you ever done any criminal activities in a blackberry Air Force Ones I don't think I've did any criminal activity not wearing black you see no wearing all-black in forever as you think of one person in specific who is a great who is it well bleep his name up you know if you can talk about it but listen if you ever see me with a pair of highs with a gum sole don't even talk to me I'm gonna fishing something about to go down after gum Souls out yeah Bronson any any plans with this what do you think did we do okay as far as craftsmanship is top quality no that last one you got was no one I know about is insane I got a couple of them that's not safe many showing out now I don't buy jewelry I just buy phones twenty thousand bucks on the bomb it's not a bong it's a water gift anytime so I got X because honestly I've never heard anybody say I don't Phunk with Jordan unequivocally yeah I'd like to wait like I'm not with that type of passion a type of energy that type of time that you want I've never heard nobody say that about mj's or MJ is it I would like to know like what what is that about you know I grew up born and raised New York City Queens to be exact I'm a big New York City Knick fan knickerbockers is my team just he ruined our our our entire hoop dreams when I was young okay he's not a nice guy when I met him okay we didn't say like I tried to give him a handshake we gave each other handshake but he did a walking one get to with the chameleon oh I don't know what does a chameleon it was like a weird hand I know he told but everyone with the chameleon they're not some of them I told him something and then I had Oakley tell him something oh oh he's gonna choke him now he's like what do you want to choke slam Jesus but on the flip side you also grew up in New York City and you don't have this kind of stigma around Jordans you're you're fine with it Jordan says go did you ever feel like conflicted wearing it no not at all all right this is what it is when Josh gave him that work was that like the best moment of your life or oh yeah I mean that's amazing there's a lot of great moments I like Derek Harper resting please Anthony Mason of course Queens we used to get haircuts at the same spot a big maze thanks I get I used to get designs in my head because of Anthony Mason from barber no he didn't have to I've been to many Russian buffers but this one Harbor right by hillside in addition to not really liking Jordan I get the idea that like you kind of the quality of the sneakers he's putting on do you feel like that has slid quite a bit in recent years yeah the design is just a fucking ugly you know they're ugly sneakers them pokey this shitty look in a new model I see there's a lot I just think that sneakers in general not quality you just gone to shit okay after 14 they went down whoo okay any Jordan after 14 really didn't do it for me but how about how they're making the retros like that the classic stuff are they doing the right thing I mean I'm gonna keep it real at my weight I can't tell ya it's luck there's a lot of pressure on the Jordans oh he must could be made amazing I'd do one spin moving there's a breeze no ma'am also I know that you kind of were tapped by Nike when they brought the Air Max 97 back they had a little interview with you it's right about how important was the air max 97 to you and Air Max lied to you growing up I mean it max is everything like I love 95 95 might be my favorite sneaker ever but uh 97 – right after a nice on the Jordan certain Jordans you know what yeah I would say so okay you went to your you got locked up in the Concorde 11 grandpa History Day wearing a fucking call can I shirt with the block with the CB 34 zone and like a six you're making dance that's a fit you know that's not your porno I didn't go to prom thing I dropped out at that time do you want no me neither Wow again none of us went to prom I went to the after-party I pulled up in the limo after you worked with like almost every single sneaker brand oh except Nike why is that I really you know I haven't really worked with every single brand adidas they're fuckin shitty people what yeah well I was supposed to get my friends and family sneakers and they fucked it up I was the first one to design the ones with the you know like a real tree and now ultra boost yeah every motherfucker in the past two years I put a real tree on a shoe before that I hadn't seen it in I don't think ever cover so they fucking played games I went on GQ fucking preview demand everything they asked me to do the collaboration was a wax it was a combination of a bunch of them so all I know is that I don't fuck with them I've always fucked with Nike I don't care about doing a collaboration at this point I just want to wear what I like okay unless they want to fucking give me the bread the bag like I ate a sour taste in my mouth mmm and that's what I have do you still hate New Balance I don't hate New Balance I know ever you ever had no pain no I never hated new bouncer just stop fucking with them because it became over you know it's too much it's overdone okay okay the Trump thing happened you know like when they co-signed that I thought you got a little mad you said you wanted to give away your new battle shoes and I just I don't I don't fuck with Trump but I had 500 pair of New Balances in my studio and I had nowhere to paint so I had to give them away you know when they give you fucking shoes that you're not gonna even wear I feel bad taking it I complain that what you design your own shoe at New Balance people are crazy man hardest at one point I mean there's a lot of people I put on for the hardest but I'm not I'm not over here to fucking I'm sad now now now I'm tight now I leave you I'm gonna make phone calls screaming at people we're gonna make things wrong Charles Oakley we could do whatever you have said you know somewhere throw Jim Davis through the fucking gym the guy who made Garfield the founder of New Balance that's the guy who make guys tell me about your new bands bug or just how you feel about new bounces in general I like em bees I mean the 990s 991 992 is like a cryptid on the back all gray reflected with the USA on the back like that's the classic show and then when I was wearing not he put me early 1900 we were saying at the same time fours going on sneaker missions back in the days where were those girl give me a gimmick going a good one he's seventh and sixth Avenue was a little Chinese man that had all the old shit you could literally get the original kamikazes you get some weird e tonics you could get the NFL preseason pump with the football pump those were on Jamaica Avenue no but yeah it was just like unbelievable amounts of things like football max is that you challenge and make a little little kid size although I used to wear a size 7 2 and 11 lights air raids yeah all you guys going out of town on those trips even not so much just pillaging the city branch city pillage but anyway we went that was part of Italy oh really Northern Boulevard and in the shopping center you guys boosting screws through or no yeah I would definitely run out of Sports Authority with sneakers 100% what was the plan was however boost I've fucking walked out I wasn't like a blatant throw down the leg Steelers I know we're gonna felt like we we grew up with a lot of people that throw things down the leg you open the zipper and you just throw three tins gonna throw the 4940 down the legs that's Elementary I'm talking about walking out with TVs and just you know literally just wearing suits I got arrested a suspect tell me tell me I want to hear the story from a thousands of cans of paint walking at a home depot with these little PD saws that cost $80.00 when you return them bro 32 inch screen TVs that's when the fucking was big it was no flat where's your TV though what would have caught just walk out like I paid for it I have a suit on right what they gonna tell you I have a suit on I officially bought it there it is exactly that's what I thought all right all right so boostin is one thing but when it comes to selling sneakers and the things that you've went through like when you had your first kid how whatever you know you played before we get em see that's the question yes both you guys have you ever resold sneakers yes yeah not not as a reseller but sometime back and a you've got an issue when you gotta you got to drop 70 pair flight club and get that money and fix your life that was early that was the early on you know I don't understand some all the meat ah shit like hmm don't need a fucking 95 I just had a crazy collection and that's what she raised well just craziness where'd you sell it I sold it to a bunch of the homies in the neighborhood yeah not not the flight club mission I didn't do flight club I did a couple of pairs over there most part I did local local cash talking about guys from the neighborhood I heard a story from you once who said you saw somebody somebody kind of body and they were wearing LA gear sneakers and the cops kind of tracked them down because they saw the flashing lights and that was fuckin that so I got caught did you guys ever remember any any other crazy sneaker stories in the neighborhood you know you ever see somebody get taken for their sneakers yeah beaten for sneak with sneakers to Jordan yeah yeah we can meet up a bargain a 4x Jack oh yeah are you watching it from across I don't I don't do things I'm not a bully I'm in there I'll just see you go to the bottom forces you're not gonna take it above all oh that's why in my car I keep the club this good it's of a Snickers you wouldn't want to steal though in your opinion with all these rappers nigger collabs nowadays like physic every other guys get in the Shu and they should probably give both of you shoes definitely it's kind of crazy but which rapper when you saw it is like your dough shits are whack you I haven't seen a lot of the collabs yeah okay with with with rappers to tell you the truth I'm more like um I don't really know bro give me a name or what about it like the Travis Scott when I like Travis but the shoe I just don't like Jordan if it was a different shoe I probably would have liked it because I like cat Jack also from ECW there's a lot of correlation with me bang-bang Cactus Jack I like that she's very Park imaginary Park is bamb it will say once someone handed me a CD and they were wearing team Jordan so I broke it in half I assumed you are well experienced in cleaning sneakers you know you're in the kitchen quite a bit you have any any good tips for us getting food out of our sneakers grease maybe grease off the sneaker yeah it happened to you like some joints that you love like did you love the Kennedys out the bottom you saw me on Kennedy's come on you saw me on the fucking crazy Frank the butcher joints in the 1600 at ease I got you I got those regards the ones but you know what a good way to get grease stains out I'll never do this on sneakers but like I let's say you're eating pizza and you spill some oil on a rugby yeah just put a little baby powder and let it absorb the oil okay and flick it off and get brand new oh wow I don't know if that'll work on the bottom of the shoe but I think the bottom of the shoe you need is one good lick Fat Joe style yeah that's wrong it's just wrong mush that looks reflect the mustache I respect which arrow back when I thought you were wearing a toupee that's a good look thank you ma'am I got a question we're at I thought I met you at our party years ago with that you told the story about your ex-girlfriend buying a pair of feel awkward oh yeah let's see here I got back oh no this is sit-down memory this is seventh grade I got a pair of grant Hill's the old black ones with the patent leather hey hoser big and he'll come on the show little did I know Kimberly Kim kimberleigh took her father's debit card to get me those and we both got in a lot of trouble but I didn't know she did that she just loved she's in such a way that that's how I went down I didn't tell her to do that landfill was it like when he showed up and was like I need those sneakers back he didn't get him back no he's gotta talk with my parents I kept that's funny I forgot about it Grant Hill was a good shoe gentlemen every week here on the show we punished someone who said the most egregious thing last week we make them take off their sneakers and replace them with a terrible pair of sneakers for the worst take section it is Trinidad James who skipped last week in an episode that many have dubbed a historic failure Trinidad where are you our episode a slightly comatose rich the kid so it's Richard she fed out grams so tuna is going to have to take off his sneakers and replace them with these what why do we had these Commission like guys there's what how real thing it's a custom based on I'm so glad I'm so glad on that you got your wine glass you need to make a fucking disgusted by Jordans winery I don't know she's right now so general check where we also do a segment while I put on the worst Jordans ever thank you I mean I could put off anything but I didn't want to take off my shoes with my suit yeah you just couldn't pull off you got the wine tea on the side line but you see that I saw the wine it's really hard to miss that one key guys we do a segment also called drip flipper skip drip being it looks good do you know like you guys outfits today oh whatever flip being you like it but you wouldn't wear it so you'll get some money for what then skip we don't fuck with it so ma'am I start with Julie we got the Reebok instant pump fury og first jump flip her skin for you say I'm gonna say drip I like those and I'm not a big Reebok versus but those are Iverson's Oh Ivan shoes for sure yeah of course questions come on I stole my first pair of Iverson's from gym class incredible a little red toe so they weren't even that flavor at the time you get in trouble for this in detention I don't know who that is but he's a great educator fuck you one of America's finest Brendan Jeff Ripper scripts Isis a drip this is a classic shower Stephen Smith cum yeah yeah well T Joe flippers crimson I think the drip it's it's crazy remember Stephen Smith said this shirt was inspired by like a communism rock band t-shirt which don't fuck with the do my brother that's trippy for sure yep yeah oh my god I'm a giver to dress the og show and give it a drip curry sinks may have almost got out the way bra summer start with your go to you I know you love this be honest with you Steph Curry almost made me buy the curries yeah he's so good that he make him motherfucker buy those I love that so I give us a chef with the drift Steph with the drip all his Under Armour's shit is fire I'm a collector which country has the best curry depends on what you're looking for spicing London I'm with the war kebab house recipes Gary war net I think that was my guy that was a favorite of his for sure yep I was my guy he was one of the first people to ever write about me note about me in a beautiful way shout I care and my Welty come on no white dude and we're under armor and like have any like sense of like yo I look cool going outside you gotta be able to fucking it doesn't matter the color you all you got to be able to pull it off my bro so it's a skip think you just made Welty's head explode when you told him it doesn't matter what color you are beau or calling them bro well either one of the two blue is fucking top off yeah so guys we would you outfits through not just shoes man take me down memory lane always had a spiked bat to hit the screen with chef Maggie those Jesus yeah we used to be in shape though all right where are we what is going on hologram is hologram is hugging natty I mean we were up to no good in the throwback ever I'ma be honest like can I point out my man is wearing a tee freestyle on the basement right actually pair a five pocket guest farmer shorts too sure so look that well sure you got on that's a pip and that's a that's a force what about when Pip and uncle Patrick I mean it is what it is he was only at that juncture his knee hurt this is Oliver Brendan this is a skip for me just because I don't come from this and I don't this you know like I you know what I mean I look at me and you could tell that I could that's a skipper what do you come from this what a jolly these are boosting shorts right now those shorts with chillin shorts those were hanging Shores how do you boost those shorts it's gonna go right through right but I have fucking special underwear catches everything the dribbler this is drip come on Tim's with basketball jerseys yeah I'm say this is drip I'm a bias for jerseys I'm by the beach of course we're here to check out Oh dare you hey I thought you gotta come through in the same outfit I have that shirt injury in the green room that fuck what what Saul hit that cart pull over whatever you want to call right right right there has been in more countries than motherfuckers will ever see in their entire life well that's that's travel in peace that's a traveling piece right here this driving gloves made in Vienna in my pocket I'm wearing the rematch Trevor Berbick versus Tyson hat there's a pair of Air Max ones it's a nice royal blue navy blue red bubble shorts a Harbor Bay okay this car work to the bag do they break you off don't fucking give me shit man why I don't know nothing I'm not a researcher outer so I'm a I'm drift upper skin not a super drip right there Brendan this is a drip I can respect this one hey you know well – yeah definitely oh we already know thank you drip thank you zip all across the boy so guys I went down to ATL for honcho day shut up with white whale shots at amigos shout-out to everybody that plays shot the Colin Kaepernick I think a lot young guys I walked in the locker room and Colin Kaepernick was sitting in the back corner glowing in Black Panther portrays the Sun okay I was like oh this is amazing and we did it a little different for trip flipper skip there so I'm not you guys see that all right let's take a gander yo what's up guys dad hair trim that James and a man I'm on the note all right it's honcho day happy early birthday to my boy huevo he's doing it big number love we've got to play some football but you know me I'm always addicted to the drip so I got to go Aksum drippy questions all right my brother how you doing I'm gonna get my boy drip or the SP outfits to drill before we got our brother to chains yeah you got the Fendi the new friend that's that new friendly or whatever like and then the friend II have their offline brother Bo brother Bo so I can't and drip drip and drip and flu young jock we the off-white Gucci book bag I think that's a joint Russell ashore with it boy he got on the Versace two chains fellas in the way and the Jack Boyle in the bike the boys on the right girls man can now break ins man first spot came out yet I'm saying custom-made for the boy and you know we come through dripping all day no place holiday no play drink what I got on who do you have what everybody never know we had a show can tap upon us in this marriage a key measure I get with a bet months hoodie let's go got a Martel hang them somewhere else in advance all right take it back now Internet myself came through tripping Network gold with diamonds we transcend so I got to save that that's an archive classic classic classic classic last but not least man I want right so well I gotta think about the trip that you have gone all the knowledge you have now at this time right here like what you don't mind I tell him take no pants all right what you doing on this episode should get out of here Claire yeah skip skip skip skip thank you sir North yeah you already know baby we just wrapped up drift flipper skip quiver offset take off come on the show that that was trying to add down in ATL for honcho day in town and gentlemen we're gonna show you a special segment for the first time here we are selling shout outs now on the show for the low low price of $100 you can get a mug and me saying your name here on the show yes me the most important the co-host so we did sell out very quickly we have five people here to shout out we're gonna be selling more of them in the future season but of course we're going on a quick break for a couple weeks here so we will announce when you could get more very soon but I'm gonna I'm gonna would you guys pay $100 for him to say your name ever done a cheap for a feature yeah fuck it why not yeah fuck we do have the full-size run yes yeah megaphone here so we have a couple shout outs to read here the first one tak tak tak tak tak is that sound like when you hit a home run in Little League baseball if you want a cop like like I would talk about that Miami Vice right you know what you need to put on my glasses need to put on my glasses and it looks way much better the team litter tent is just so much beautiful beautiful oh my god see now panties are flying oh sure I can respect you a little more whoa shot – Kenneth Messer there he is yo baby of his hard-earned darling sorry thank you Ken Jon it – Allen proper and a happy 22nd birthday Allen from Becca Becca especially don't fly fil shout out okay alright give us some Becky Tommy chirps big big big big big big shout out to Tommy Terps Tommy time supporting the show and always believing in Matthew welcome me when nobody else did Wow hmm means a lot shout out hurry Tarla parley from Pennsylvania you think a refund if you pronounce her name this guy this guy DM me and he said good luck pronouncing my name so he knows that it's not gonna go well but I think hurry I'm pretty sure on that part all right Krishna yeah and then one more shout out Alex sill into a ke well T's dad well T is that really your dad like that oh no no are you sure yeah okay gentlemen before we get out of here we have one last section to go through and that is in comments section we want to see what people have been saying about us around the internet and I think there are plenty of interesting ones from last week's show which was as alluded to before a bit of a doozy first thing here we have Matthew Cox saying coming soon to a theater new you full size run the movie starring Aaron Rodgers as Brendan done Trinidad James as Trinidad James and Kevin Spacey as Matt wealthy you guys like that Oh luckily job fuck you young k-pax of the flesh Nick Massa is Jim Carrey come on the show shout out Jim Carrey rich the kids are us for sure rich Avon says wait I thought that shout-out thing was a joke I was wrong and you were you were incredibly wrong people really are paying for that at least one more here we have Tory Stanley saying wealthy 2020 please the world needs you right now wealthy any any chance on a presidential campaign from you possibly actually no mmm I will be old enough Oh 2024 how old are you someone told me at a bar once that you've been 32 for like five years so we know before we get out of here Bronson what are people looking for from you right now the book right it's don't beyond belief there it is don't be unbeliever j'en do we do we need to buy the the use the the harbor's anymore this is the gear this version right years takes a lickin and keeps on ticking at the p/e it's indestructible you can never ever break this book it doesn't die it just keeps on living forever all types of recipes all types of trickery of how to smoke weed without money man what are we looking out for you right now a new project coming out with my man derringer okay hey sooner than later okay he's in the corner right now shout out danger derringer come on the show absolutely we got a little review on the track not right now not right now later you stay here I don't know more serious serious serious note I just want to take some time just a little moment of silence for our brother Nipsey Hussle Bush how whatever like I love Nipsey Hussle if I saw a duck ever saw crip drip flipper skip you know I'm saying that if you know you know what something I just want to have a little moment of silence for nipsey man we love you bro always your family Lauren London everybody California you know I'm saying this series man this was the season finale of full-sized run we'll see you next time of course I'm your co-host Brendan done I'm Matt well T dad come on suit and this was oh your man bra Cellini oh whoa the illustrious mayhem the rent of Ichi you already know the natural disasters in the building awkward silence that's the full size by six for my kids bought a seven for my yo better late than never but in case you're hyped over 100,000 subscribers it's uh my own channel get a half thousand subscribers you don't want I'm not trying to touch that shit to his I'll go okay you guys we need more subscribe now or Joe lipoma will never take a sneaker shopping I'm at it just like will t back to being the common folk nobody wants to it's not her knee I already lost my Gucci suck they're gonna fire me we don't get more subscribers

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