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  1. How to Survive in the Woods:
    1. Have your Armor in Diamond
    2. Have all your Tools made in Diamond
    3. Bring Cooked Meat
    4. Watch out for Lava and Mobs

  2. If you’re reading this pls sub to my YouTube I’m really tryna get the hell outta college tbh😭😭😭🥱🥱🥱

  3. think these guys who teach survival tactics need to go on progs like N&Afraid. as so many of these guys go on there & fail miserably

  4. How do you believe this stuff when its set up as a FAKE set? Is he an actor like Bear Grylls and all those other fake survival shows?
    And BuzzFeed to find STOCK video clips of scenes..

  5. I know this is a buzzfeed video but this is way too simplified acorns cannot be eaten until you leech the tannins from them, there are hallucinogenic cacti, many cacti have alkalis that will give you diarrhea and dehydrate you further, etc etc

  6. Me: This guy is really living his best life in the wild ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽💯💯💯

    Him: Knocks down studio equipment … 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. I was taught this stuff by my dad and grandfathers before I was 12 years old. plus this guys priorities are wrong if you are in a survival situation. . But I'm from the south and camping in the wilderness with minimum supplies is what we call a vacation lol.

  8. So true, years ago I had confront with a lion, I did not run but did what the video does.

    I finally got self

    dying with dignity

  9. for bears: if it's brown lay down, if it's black fight back, if it's white goodnight

    I should note that some brown bears can be black and vise versa so this is a fun rhyme but I wouldn't rely on this and nothing else.

  10. I almost skipped this, but it was great. I'll never forget those tips..unless a black bear kills me..then I know..forget.

  11. That was informative and fun thank you what a lovely guy too very apologetic about a possible breakage made me smile lots 😃

  12. " two sources of food… Plants, and animals "
    yes… Usually when im out in the wild, i try to eat both Horses and Butterflies

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  14. I came across a black bear in the woods once when I was on my own. It was maybe 30 feet away from me. I'm 5 feet tall, can't see too good and was armed with a stick so intimidation, fighting or fleeing weren't really viable options. It looked at me like a confused dog trying to figure out what I was, so figured the best plan was to just talk to it "Hey bear. I see you, I know you see me. How about you go your way and I'll just go mine". Of course it didn't understand what I was saying but I wasn't really afraid (and so didn't act like pray) and I wasn't threatening ethier and it ended up just continuing on its way.

  15. The larva of the thumbnail must be what an albino weiner looks like. Im not leaving home anytime soon to have such meal lmao.

  16. Huh….basic info but still important none the less. For me it's, tools, shelter, fire, water, then food. Carry the 5 C's (combustion, cordage, container, cutting, cover) of survival and you'll be fine more times than not.

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