How’s everybody doing today? [ALL TOGETHER] Good. Alright, well, boys and girls, let me introduce
myself. My name is Mr. Bill, and I work at the Tennessee
Aquarium. How many of you guys have been to the Tennessee
Aquarium? I’m the education outreach coordinator here
at the Aquarium. What that means is that I’m in charge of all
programming outside the Aquarium. We typically travel within about a 125-mile
radius around Chattanooga going out to do programs. I do programs in schools, in public libraries,
for civic groups. I do programs for all ages, all the way up
to assisted living places, so anywhere from preschool to 90-plus years old. [TO KIDS] I don’t bring mean, nasty, vicious
animals that are going to hurt anybody. I only bring nice animals out! Most of the programs I do are for elementary
school kids. I love to be able to teach them about the
natural world, to teach them about different adaptations animals have. [KIDS] A tarantula! [MR. BILL] I go into a school, and the kids are
excited just to see me. “Hey, Mr. Bill!” They’re all excited. They know they’re going to be seeing something
that’s kind of out of the ordinary, out of the normal thing that they see during their
school day. That’s one thing that I really enjoy more
than anything, just being able to interact with these kids. Many times, I will schedule several programs
over the course of a school year, so we actually build up a rapport with those kids. They get to know you over the course of a
year, and you get to know them, too. It’s – it’s just a fun job. [TO KIDS] Oh, it’s not going to hurt you. It’s a nice animal. [JILL] The kids all know Mr. Bill. He’s been coming here for eight or ten years,
I think. He was one of our first visitors we had come,
and they get very excited. Half of them know him by name. He just does a fantastic job. He’s very personable and knowledgeable and
funny … always funny, which they appreciate very much. They get very excited when the Aquarium
is coming, when Mr. Bill is coming. I mean, he’s able to come here and teach them
about animals, and they get hands-on experience with these animals. I just think it makes everything come to life,
and I think Bill does a great job of doing that. He is patient and just knows how to put energy
into the program and make it exciting. He knows how to capture their attention. I think it’s just a magical power Mr. Bill
has for that. [MR. BILL, TO KIDS] It would be crazy to drive
all the way back up here to Chattanooga, Tennessee, so we’re going to turn the magic school bus
into the magic airplane. They can do these things! I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what nationality
kids are, it doesn’t matter what kind of background they come from — they’re still just kids. I just treat them with respect and don’t talk
down to them. You know, I try and keep things fun, always
keep them guessing what’s going to come out of the cooler next; they never know. That kind of helps to keep their attention
a little bit, when they don’t know what Mr. Bill is going to bring out next. [MR. BILL TO KIDS] And here it is! [KIDS] Oh, wow! [MR. BILL] Does anybody know what that is? [KIDS] A starfish! You’ve got to learn that just because people
are learning something, that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun while they’re doing it. [MR. BILL TO KIDS] This is the Chocolate-chip Sea
Star. Now, if you ate him, do you think he’s going
to taste like a chocolate chip cookie? [KIDS] No! [MR. BILL] No! He’s going to taste like a Sea Star. Yuck! I get to go out and act silly a lot of times,
and that helps you to bond with your audience. I’ve just learned that people are just people,
no matter what nationality, what religion. They’re just people, and you’ve just got to
treat them as such. [MR. BILL TO KIDS] He’s a little wet because he
was in the water, but you’d be wet, too, if you’d been in the water, wouldn’t you? What really made me want to do this is the
fact that I love to talk with people, and I love to be able to impart some of the knowledge
that worked all my life acquiring. It’s a very worthwhile thing to be able to
educate people and to teach people about the natural world. I think it’s been a very good 27 years. [MUSIC]

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  1. I love how he let kids have fun be funny and educating the kids about animals in the natural world ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒŽ ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

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