This is titled, “What Do You Think of Me?” Hello. I’m 31-year-old Kim Yeongho from Gyeongsang-do. This summer is too cold for me. A part of my heart feels very empty. “Hey! It’s Friday! Let’s have a drink!” “I have a date. Sorry.” “Let’s meet up this weekend, buddy.” “I’m going to my in-law’s home with my wife. Let’s meet up next time.” My friends have girlfriends or wives, but I’m still single. That’s not all. I haven’t had a single fling for a decade. That’s a long time. “Why don’t I have a girlfriend? I don’t get it.” “Look at yourself. It’s because you’re so short!” “It’s not his height. It’s his hairstyle.” That’s right. I’m 5’2″ and because of hair loss, I shaved my head. But is that a problem? I look all right and have a great job. I am also very considerate. So what’s the problem? Please help me on Hello Counselor so that I can find a girlfriend this year. What’s the first thing you look at in someone? Of course looks and other factors are important. – Hyeonju. / – What do you look at? To be honest, looks are important. But that’s not the only thing you look at, right? Well, that’s the first thing I see, so I guess I do have to like his looks in order to be interested in the guy. What kind of man do you like? It’s not you. I like a manly man. (Wiggle) – Oh, a manly man. / – Yes. Macho style. What was important to you, Bomin? Looks were important to me, too. When I first met my husband, his looks weren’t my type. I just thought, “Oh, it’s Kim Namil.” But when he said hello, his voice was so nice. Due to my job, I like people with great voices. Oh, really? Yes, someone’s voice is important. (Master of voices) Let’s bring him out. Please come on out. (Who wants to find a girlfriend?) (Thumbs up) He’s cute! (Welcome!) That excitement of something is about to start… It’s been 10 years? Yes. Have you ever had a girlfriend before? Yes, I have. About 10 years ago, I met someone through my friend and we dated for about 6 months. I didn’t know that would be my first and last. If you dated her for 6 months, you two did become somewhat intimate, right? We’ve done what you’re thinking. That far? That far? Do you know what’s on my mind? We can see that. Why do you think you haven’t found someone? I’m short and I shaved my head 4-5 years ago due to severe hair loss. I think it’s because of my looks. You could have a nicely-shaped head. Can we see it? (Curious) (Shaved) It has a nice shape. I think you could’ve dated more women if you were more aggressive. I can’t believe you’ve only had one girlfriend. You’re so confident, too. I asked my friends to set me up with women. When I liked someone, I would call her up and pursue her, but she rejected me. One time, I wanted to play hard to get. Play hard to get? I liked someone, but didn’t call her until 3-4 days later. But she wasn’t interested. You played hard to get and she just left. You played too hard. (Let me wipe away my tears…) When you dated someone for 6 months, why do you think the two of you broke up? She was transferred to another location and we just drifted apart. She transferred her job on purpose. (He needs to find someone quickly!) Maybe if you continue to meet people on different occasions, you could find someone. Do you not like to go out and meet people? I do. But it’s not easy to find those occasions. What do you like to do? – I like hiking. / – That’s nice. I recently started to take jujitsu lessons. Jujitsu… Women don’t… You like things that most women don’t like. What do other people say? Maybe your parents? My dad asks me why I don’t get married. My friends suggested we start a project to find me a wife. Let’s figure out what the cause is. Hello. Hello. First friend, are you married or do you have a girlfriend? I got married eight months ago. You’re a newlywed. What about you? I broke up with mine 3 months ago. Why did you bring someone who just broke up? Getting over it is hard enough. It’s been a year and a half for me. Since you started dating? No, since we broke up. (They truly love their friend!) (Thanks, buddy) Couldn’t you introduce someone to him? He texts me every other day. “Introduce me to a woman.” “Are you having a drink with women?” If he sees a nice woman on my social media, he asks me to introduce her to him. So I wanted him to meet this woman, so I got everyone together for a drink. Yeongho must’ve been too nervous. He drank too much from the beginning. Then we went to a karaoke room. She asked him to sing with her. (She was somewhat interested in him) He suddenly started to sing popular trot songs like Park Yoonkyung’s “1234” and “Busan Seagull.” When was “Busan Seagull” popular? It was popular then? But he was so drunk that he couldn’t sing it. (He’s also the master of re-enacting) The thing is, he sang that same song four times. The woman just went home. Why don’t you sing for us? – Sing it for us. / – You always sing it, right? Right. A man who sings well is quite charming. Just a little bit. ♪ My friend ♪ ♪ Raise the glass ♪ ♪ Of our friendship high ♪ (Interesting…) I’ll stop here. You sang this with her? You have the taste of a man in his 50s. Do women think he’s a bit old-fashioned? Yes, very much so. We had a reception after my wedding. Some people find love at wedding receptions. He wore a white shirt with a big collar in a black suit with black shoes. That was fine. But then he had a huge gold necklace on with an unbuttoned top button. With a shaved head? And that gold ring he’s wearing now. That’s how he came to my wedding. It’s so big. He has a mustache, too. Women don’t really like men with mustaches. (Ta da!) The production crew told us that he insisted on wearing his gold necklace today. But the necklace made noise on the microphone, so we asked him to take it off. He had a hard time parting with it. He recently wore pants with suspenders. With his gold necklace? Probably. Oh my. (A wealthy Chinese guy?) – He looks like a rich Chinese man. / – Yeah. (His eyes don’t know where to focus on) But… Your styles aren’t consistent. It’s okay to wear a gold necklace and a gold ring. But then you have to build your body. You need a tattoo, too. If you want to look rich, wearing shorts and a jacket like that is fine. But you need to have money. Your style must… (His outfits don’t match his image) What women think seems important. What do you think? I think… “He’s a unique person.” (Meaning: He’s not my style) He’s someone we need time to get used to. (We need time to think you look nice) People like us take time to get used to. We need to think hard about what we wear. I think he did. (I did think of what to wear) Not in that way. You need to wear something that women like. This is what your friends say. Do you admit it? What do you think of your fashion? I do try to dress up like celebrities do on TV. Which celebrity are you copying? No one in particular. Who did you copy to grow your mustache? This is mine. I didn’t copy anyone. Italian men are known to be the most romantic men in the world. They approach women with confidence. What are the manners that you always keep? What manners do Italian men always keep? (I want to know) (Very badly) There are two types of restaurants. Customers are lined up in front of one. A man is yelling, “This is place is great! We give discounts!” in front of the other. Which restaurant would you go into? I don’t know. Why are you asking us this? I would go into the one that has people lined up. Yes, you would. That’s my point. When you meet a woman, you must be relaxed like a restaurant that has customers lined up outside. I’m a popular restaurant. Don’t brag about yourself on a blind date. The key person on that date is the other person. If you keep that in mind… (Okay, got it) What improvements do you think he must make? He has many pictures on his social media of him doing a thumbs up on the mountains. (He did have that thumb up when he came out) He also writes, “The mountain has let me come, so I get to stay here briefly.” Oh my. That’s too much. (Trying to act cool) (Obsessed with putting his thumb up) (“The mountain permitted me to come. Thank you”) (Beware of cheesy comments) He doesn’t seem like a man in his early 30s. I think the comments he makes are the problem. You can’t do anything about a person’s looks, but what he writes is just so… (One loss) You can’t do anything about it. I always pose with my thumbs up because each celebrity has his own popular saying. That’s my own unique pose. It’s too old-fashioned. So it’s like your trademark. So this is what you want. “Thumbs-up guy. Did you see his pictures? The thumbs-up guy. The thumbs-up guy…” Let me quiz you to see if you’re old-fashioned. Try to see where you belong. What are the lyrics after “From head to toe?” What song are you reminded of? “Lovable.” I thought of “Hot Issue.” From head to toe, Oronamin C. You’re in your 30s if you thought “Lovable.” You’re in your 20s if you thought of “Hot Issue.” You’re a teen if you thought of “Oronamin C.” The name “Yuri” reminds you of which group? (2007: Girls’ Generation / 1998: Fin.K.L / 1995: Cool) Cool. (He chooses “Cool” without hesitation) Girls’ Generation. – Girls’ Generation. / – Sure. You know those newly made-up words? – GMAMO. / – What’s that? I don’t know. “Getting more and more unpleasant.” (Alberto knows the younger generation’s slang) You’re part of the new generation. IDLYBILY. I don’t know, but can I take a guess? I don’t think we can air it. If it’s not suitable to be aired, don’t say it. Whisper it in my ear. (Totally ugly person) We all heard it. (Why did I hear it?) You were wrong from the first word. The first word you said can’t be aired. “I don’t like you, but I love you.” – Do you know what “geupsikche” is? / – Yes. “Dongui”? Yes. It means “agree.” (Dongui Bogam!) He just said he agrees. (Scratching his head) He can’t carry on a conversation well. I see. He only wants to talk about his interests. He asks women to go hiking with him on weekends. That’s… (Oh no) When he’s with a woman, if things seem to be going well, he pretends not to know where he is. What is that? It’s awkward to show you… – Please show us. / – Have a drink. Where am I? That’s cute. That’s what men like. Men like that. Women don’t. Women like funny guys, right? Yes, sure. But it’s about when he makes a joke. A person must listen to what a woman says and make a joke about what she said. Bomin, is your husband funny? He tosses out jokes at times. I text him, “Do you love me or not?” I ask him at times. He answers, “Yes.” I say “Why is it so short?” He says, “Yeeeeeees.” It might not look like much, but it’s so cute and I’m so grateful. He got his point across. In terms of looks, what kind of woman do you like? If I say it… That’s okay. You can mention anyone. Sandara Park. Oh… Sandara Park. Yes, she’s very beautiful. Well… I… We don’t know what to say after “Sandara Park.” I may be out of line to ask you this, Hyeonju, but could you pretend this is a blind date? Oh, an act? Sure. Imagine that you are on a blind date. Act how you normally do on a blind date. Your friends are watching. (We are on a blind date) Say hello to each other. – Hello. / – Hello. I’m Kim Yeongho. I’m Lee Hyeonju. What’s your hobby? What? My hobby? I like to go to great restaurants. Do you like to go to mountains? Mountains? He’s crazy. I’m not much of a hiker. Do you like mountains? Yes, I do. I like to take poses with my thumb up at the top. I try to go at least once a week. Every weekend? Move onto the next topic. (Awkward) – Ask what she likes! / – Ask her. What’s your hobby? You already asked her that. You can’t remember what you asked earlier? Food. Food. What kind of food do you like? I like to eat meat. I can’t find his charm at all. Let’s ask Alberto to show us now. Sungkwang… Hyeonju. This is my friend, Alberto. Alberto, this is my friend Hyeonju. – Nice to meet you. Hello. / – Hello. Is it your first time here? This is nice. He’s kneeling down. He’s kneeling? He’s kneeling down. Do you come here often? No, this is my first time here. This is actually my favorite cafe. It’s normally ordinary, but it seems nicer today. Why is that? I like it, too. It’s an ordinary cafe, but it’s nicer today. (Hearts racing) Women notice these things. (With Yeongho / With Alberto) (She reacts so differently) That was so natural. He came and asked if she’s been here. You came and asked her what her hobby is. (Is he an investigator?) Like an investigator. Thank you, Alberto. Good job. That was a nice comment. Oh, they left their cake. They left their cake. I realized that the first impression is important. He wasn’t making eye contact with me. He seemed nervous. He seemed stiff. – Nervous. / – Yes. – Because he wasn’t looking at you? / – Right. Men know men and women know women. As his old friends, what’s great about him? What are great aspects about him? He has a house and a car. He cooks well and he’s outgoing. What do you do? I work with my father. You inherited the family business? – Yes, I am going to. / – Okay, stop right there. He’ll inherit his father’s business. Do you have any siblings? Are you the eldest? Yes. Any younger siblings? I have a younger sister. Oh… That’s good. We were just curious. That’s all. What do you have in your possession? I own an apartment building. (Okay, that’s enough!) (How funny) No one owns a building at age 31. But his ideal woman is Sandara Park. Well, that was just his ideal woman. I don’t know if I should tell you this as a man, but you have beautiful eyes. He has nice double eyelids. – They’re brown. / – They’re beautiful. (Oh my) Don’t look away when you meet a woman. Your eyes are very beautiful. We’ll keep this confidential. If you think he is nice and you’d like to meet him, please press the button. (What will be the result?) Please press the button. (Up) (Unbelievable) (Surprised) Please stop. (He got 40 votes!) Look at that. (The audience automatically applauds) This is life. You know there’s a woman out there who likes you, but you can’t meet her. She’s like a unicorn. She’s out there somewhere. If you work hard, you’ll meet a unicorn someday. Please show your charm to the women watching this. When I love a woman, I do everything for her. I look at her and her only. If you’re interested after watching the show, please give me a call. (Please make a request on our website) Let’s start with Sungkwang. I don’t think it’s a concern. I think it’s a concern. – I think… / – It’s a concern? I don’t think it’s a concern. I’m sure someone will contact you after the show airs. If it works out, I’ll be the MC at your wedding. – Wow. / – It’s not a concern. If you think it’s a concern for him, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please show us the result. The last digit. Did they get over 100 votes? I don’t think so. (They got 83 votes)

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  1. I love their reaction after he said he like sandara park 🙂
    I hope he will get someone as his love one soon…

  2. I donr think its a concern. More likr. He need to improve his dating skills and for people not to be too choosy

  3. He's a cutie! It takes commitment to getting out there consistently (try different places…go online and join reputable dating sites) and conversate with those interested in etc etc.

  4. He reminds me of those creepy guys in their 30’s who wreak of desperation, are sleazy and their style is so outdated 😩😂

    bless his heart lol I hope he finds the right woman for him.

  5. This reminds me of the role play jjong did on HC….that's how I'd started watching this program 💙

  6. He needs dating experience. 10years ago is way too long because it just seems like he is desperate to find someone quickly. Patience is also key. The right person will come when you least expect. He needs to give himself time to grow and learn about himself. Change yourself a bit but not completely. Learn about yourself and visit the mountain less. Once in two or three months is okay. When on a date pay attention to the person you are on a date with. The date is about the person, not you. If you need dating help just watch My Daughters Men and take tips. It will be hard to find a woman that likes the things you like so keep it down a bit.

  7. what was with the reaction to sandara park?… homegirl is beautiful and talented… they’re responses were honestly pretty rude

  8. Thay said he was 5'2 and i was like 😲 it all make sense now without even watching the rest of the video

  9. I like the example that Alberto showed. The first impression for me during first date is not because of the look, but how responsive and whether he is interested to know instead of telling all of his stories. Such a turn off when the guy keep on bragging about his life as if the world just move around him instead.

  10. THAT FEELING WHEN almost everything about this concern relates to your own life. The guy in this concern is quite handsome too, but girls don't care about looks anymore in these days in time, they only care about what is in your wallet or if you're some rich CEO of a corporation!! THE STRUGGLE FOR REAL LOVE IS REAL!!!! I'm so sick of this fake Love from women who only pretend to like you or love you when all they really want is your money and not your heart!! 💔😫😫😫😫💔

  11. hahahaha I might end up like him, now that he appeared here and mentioned his properties, women will fall like flies, I hope he can get a woman who truly loves him tough

  12. Honestly he is good looking if he was taller and in my area I would approach him and maybe if he had hair too but I'm not really worried about his hair just his height

  13. i feel like he's just lacking confidence after being single for so many years but he'll eventually meet someone he likes

  14. He’s unique to the point of cringe. The Italian guy is correct, girls do notice if you’re trying too hard

  15. No matter his assets..hope he finds a lady who likes him for who he is and not for his worth..good luck guy

  16. alberto said what i wanted to say the guy has really nice eyes, i feel like if he didnt feel so rushed to meet someone, the person he deff falls in love with will really appreciate him. he has a lot of charm hes just really focused on him so he needs to learn on how to learn other aspects of his life, like being in a relationship means to try and appreciate how their partner is

  17. Dun like the women in white. When you judge others by looks. Others will also judge you.bwhat goes around comes around.

  18. His Looks are very good though. His head shape is nice too. Which makes the baldness totally irrelevant . Personality wise he seems like a fun guy who isn’t all high and mighty. Honestly the only problem is his height. The fact that he doesn’t communicate well at first dates is because of the stress. Once you get to know him he won’t be like that. It’s just a pity that there must always be some first few dates 😅 he can improve though. So he will end up with only one flaw. When looking for a partner one flaw is nothing

  19. Sandara Park brought me here xD I saw the clip of him saying Dara was his ideal type on instagram 🙂 I hope he finds someone that truly wants to be with him and not just what he can provide

  20. There reaction to Sandara Park being his ideal type was a little rude just because Dara is his ideal woman doesn’t mean that’s the only level of beauty he’s willing to date. Jung Hae In is my ideal type doesn’t mean I’ll only date guys as hot as him , he’s just the hottest celebrity in my eyes but I won’t measure him against guys I like it’s probably the same for this guy as well

  21. Every country has difference in culture and standard of beauty. So people should accept and understand it rather than blaming other culture or standard of beauty. We believe that he does not fit for a standard of beauty because we believe that men should have short hair and no facial hair. But in other countries, this considered to be their standard of beauty. So its just difference

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