The Economist in 1947 Britain prepared to end nearly a century of rule over the Indian subcontinent and its 390 million people Hindus were concentrated in central and southern India Muslims in Bengal in the northwest a British Commission divided the territory into majority Muslim Pakistan and majority Hindu India in the chaos that followed partitioned 15 million people fled across the new borders and 500,000 died in rioting for border regions saw the worst of it Sindh Bengal Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir among India’s 565 princely states only Jammu and Kashmir had a Hindu Maharajah ruling over a majority Muslim population India claimed the Maharaja decided to join India Pakistan disputed this in October pushed tunes from Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province invaded Kashmir with the support of Pakistan’s government in October of 1947 the Maharaja left Srinagar Indian troops were airlifted in but were ill-prepared for the cold and altitude Pakistan responded with its own campaign and India approached the United Nations to broker a ceasefire which went into effect on January 1st 1949 establishing a line of control but no final border in 1962 China attacked India in the oxide chin region of Kashmir easily defeating India’s poorly equipped Himalayan troops China retains control of the oxide Chin today three years later encouraged by China’s success Pakistan sent troops across the line of control dressed as Kashmiri locals the fighting proved brief and inconclusive on September 22nd both sides agreed to a un-backed ceasefire another brief war broke out over East Pakistan in 1971 this one conclusive East Pakistan seceded ten million refugees streamed into West Bengal and with India’s help Bangladesh was born in 1999 after both India and Pakistan had successfully tested nuclear weapons full-scale war was barely avoided when Pakistan tried to seize the cargill region of indian-controlled Kashmir at one time an average of one Pakistani soldier every four days and one Indian soldier every other day died at the chn glacier and the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008 were reportedly planned by senior members of lashkar-e-taiba which Pakistan created a fight Indian domination of Kashmir and which India accuses of terrorist atrocities all over India the conflict simmers in 2007 777 people were killed in violence in Jammu and Kashmir bringing the two decade total above 47,000 by India’s official count according to some cash marries the total is twice that number

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  1. Is indias history starts from 1947 …?, talk about kashmir one has to talk its 800 year old histiry when it was hindu only region

  2. pleaze do not call it indian occupied. It is Jammu and Kashmir. And how come you don’t show Chinese Illegally occupied aksai chin as occupied??

  3. The toxicity in this comment section amazes me.
    Can't we just respectfully state our opinions without dragging other people down?

  4. none of this would have happened if them damn englishmen didnt chop up our country like a steak … they did the same thing with Israel and Palestine. Us pakistanis and indians shouldn't fight, politicians on both sides are brainwashing their people.

  5. KASHMIR is only issue that INDIA AND PAKISTAN against each other

    But legally technically and logicaly kashmir belong to india bcoz INSTRUMENT OF ACCASSATION signed by MAHARAJA OF KASHMIR

    Pakistan will withdraw their claim and interfare to the KASHMIR then their half of the problem is solve within 1 day and some year whole pakistan problem solved.
    Let explaine

    (01)*INDIA* is ready to sign treaty to with pakistan for NO WAR AGAINST PAKISTAN INDIA EACH OTHER in any condition (except terrorism) and INDIA AND PAKISTAN STANDS EACH OTHER WHEREVER ANY COUNTRY ATTACK ANY OF THEM then pakistan dont need to waste their 25% budget to the army.
    (03) Amount of MONEY AND MANPOWER to the terrorist ornganisation also no need.
    (04)Pakistan trade is rise on 30 to 40% beacause india support every kind of business technology ,health sector and so many way .
    (05)When this all are happened then pakistan no need to china because india also want one road plan with pakistan and india then trade route with middle east of india and trade route with vietnam bangladesh,combodia etc for pakistan is also opened wich is good for both country.
    (06)After uniting of INDIAN AND PAKISTANI ARMY balochistan sindh iraan afganistaan whole issue are solved for pakistan.

  6. The economist is absolutely IDIOT to write india occupied kashmir . That is the state of jammu and kashmir and it has been legally the part of india since independence .
    The economist doesn't have the brain of a child . Correct your mistakes then talk .

  7. Most Kashmiri either want Independent or Join Pakistan. But India don't let Kashmiri independence instead India doing ethnic cleansing, forced exodus, oppressed and forcibly keep kashmir under their control.

  8. It isnt called majority muslim area, if u see the religious composition hindu were less just 1 -5 percent than muslims, but later the hindus were massacred or evacuated from the land after partition

  9. If Pakistan disputed Kashmir where Muslim Majority voted for Pakistan but what about other states like Haidrabad, Jonagarh etc Who Voted for Pakistan but a bein surrounded by India , India captured them. Sikkam was a state captured by India only in 1975

  10. FYI Maharaja Hari singh didn't leave kashmir he came to India for help and u forgot to mention that he signed the instrument of ascension with India as the other heads of the other princely states had.

  11. It's not indian occupied Kashmir , Kashmir is an integral part of India… If you don't have complete knowledge don't make these foolish videos.

  12. Kashmir is neither India's property nor Pakistani property ,it was an independent state it should be given its freedom back. Two countries fighting for something that doesn't belong to them, the British is responsible for all this chaos. They ripped apart india into pieces. Both india And Pakistan don't realise they are both actually victims of the same tragedy the pain of partition has been beared by both there was no Pakistan it was forcefully created by the British instead of helping each other heal we are making wounds incurable for each other n the actual culprits are enjoying, .poor kashmir had nothing to do with all this India and Pakistan are behaving just like the British.

  13. Its not Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
    People in Pakistani Kashmir are living happily and aren’t facing any persecution that is. Called Azad Kashmir which is peaceful without any fear of terror and no military presence there
    And Gilgit Baltistan is not a part of Kashmir anymore they want to declare as 5th province of Pakistan and soon its going to be
    India has occupied Kashmir and now killing thousands of innocent people and are oppressing them
    U should really learn the meaning of Occupation and then make video…

  14. A bright day for india Modi gov revoked 35 A and 370 and annexed jammu and kashmir in india ,now everyone in india can buy lands and start businesses in kashmir

  15. Its not Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

    People in Pakistani Kashmir are living happily and aren’t facing any persecution that is. Called Azad Kashmir which is peaceful without any fear of terror and no military presence there

    And Gilgit Baltistan is not a part of Kashmir anymore they want to declare as 5th province of Pakistan and soon its going to be

    India has occupied Kashmir and now killing thousands of innocent people and are oppressing them

    U should really learn the meaning of Occupation and then make video…

  16. Lmao India and Pakistan are slaughtering thousands of innocent Kashmiris' for a stupid piece of land. Give Kashmir its independence and move on from what happened almost 75 years ago and stop wasting money and resources. If we want to be mad, we should be mad at the British for dividing the country and leaving it in chaos. The imperialists British are responsible for this mess and are now sitting back wiping the blood from their hands and enjoying the fun

  17. Sheer bullshit!!… Who gave the right to present a wrong history of my country? What audacity of you to present concocted stories as the description of india?

  18. People say India never invaded a country but now because of this foolish BJP SUPPORTERS we invaded a poor state . So people should not forget that jammu and Kashmir is just partial to India they have every rights to cut off both india and pak . Indian economy is going down so it's all drama to make most off the India people to fool themselves.

  19. There is Pak occupied Indian Kashmir, China occupied Indian Kashmir….the left over Kashmir of India that has resisted the gradual erosion

  20. Don't call it Indian controlled Kashmir…Get ur facts right..It is Jammu and Kashmir and it is India's Union Territory

  21. mother fucker you told about Mumbai attack but never told about what Indian army doing with kashmeers in Kashmir

  22. On August 5th 2019 India abruptly ended the special status that afforded Kashmir a limited degree of autonomy within India. Phone lines and internet access in the valley of Kashmir were cut. You can read our analysis here:

  23. Why kashmiris don't realize, things Bangladesh suffered when it was with pakistan? Religious bias is the only card these pakistanis play to woo the kashmiri crowd over. As if jobs, development, tourism, peace and prosperity aren't important so long as they get a islamic state. Pakistan economy is dwindling, can't even manage their own country, yet they seek kashmir as if they can help. It's more of a selfish interest to pursue kashmir for pakis as they need the control over the indus rivers from the glaciers in kashmir plus the strategic military positioning of troops near New Delhi will also work in infiltrating terrorists right into Indian capital.
    So in the long run, one military will replace another in kashmir if you side up with pakis.

  24. In the end remember you're all converted muslims, used to be Hindus. So this war on religious ground doesn't even make sense.

  25. Not Indian help, Bangladesh fought its fight and got independence. India just came for its own interest

  26. This article is fucking piece of shit, because there is nothing soo called Indian occupied Kashmir. There is only Kashmir which belong to India


  28. captains log start date 2019, 8, 8 , India, Pakistan, and China since 1947. all support nukes! just noting facts, note if i look at this part of the world i see satan's work in the hearts and minds of its populations!

    i believe its ripe for a war that kills 2.3 billion people outlined in the 6th trumpet war of revelations! if its in that book you can expect it to come to pass in his timing! RIP 1/3 of lost souls mankind. you rejected your only hope in the son of God Yeshua and married allaha, buddha, elephant head cow gods all satanic deceptions of the devil cia and antichrist 101!

    14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

    15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

    16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

    last time i did not check? china has the 200,000,000 man army in its garage. that is a big force that can kill a lot of things just with there hands now add nukes and space specials!

  29. Pakistan claims kashmir bcz of indus valley river.. also the majority i.e hindu was converted forcefully to accept islam and now the youth is been brainwashed

  30. Ok, fair enough pakistan and India both got involved to take Kashmir but why the f**k China got involved and took part of Kashmir.

  31. There is nothing as Indian occupied Kashmir you dumbfucks. It is Jammu & Kashmir , India. Which is illegally occupied by China & Pakistan

  32. This map clearly shows the potty filled mindset of this channel . Aksai chin is Illegal China occupied Kashmir for your information white ass pigs .

  33. hindhu-muslims are brothers…we hindus like our kashmiri muslims and they too love us…they also love their country INDIA …so jammu and kashmir soon would be REJOINT to INDIA…JAI HIND…#HINDUMUSLIMLOVE #JK INDIA

  34. This Is Not Full History Of Kashmir ! If You Want To Get It Full Then Kindly Visit

  35. Kashmir, Half a century of conflict :-
    Prepared by / Tanzil Ahmad

    For more than half a century, the Kashmir issue has been a hotbed of regional tension in South Asia.
    The report answers many questions such as: How did the Kashmir conflict develop? Why have international and regional diplomatic efforts failed to contain it? And other questions.

    * First: Basic information

    * Second: Historical Backgrounds

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  37. Idiot. It's not Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. It's Pakistan illegally occupied Kashmir portion/ Illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir are Indian territory. You'll have to scrap your video. 🙂 August 5th 2019, completely cleared this up.

  38. Hello people born in swine and if you replay me that me your a motherfucker plus a banchod plus a son of a bastard plus a Hindustani and being a Hindustani is the biggest shame and that means your a Vaffanculo Gobdaw Cunt Asshole.
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  39. There is absolutely no proof that Lashker e tayyaba carried out the Bombay attacks.

    Yes they did attack military posts in Kashmir but only against military.

    India could not control them so have done false flag attacks including pulwama.

    This is to rial public opinion as well as international support.

    Just blame it on a terrorists and attack as you please, tactics followed by Israel, Burma etc.

  40. Kashmiri people wants Freedom from India.More than half a Million kashmiri has been killed by Indian Army. 2 million kashmiri ( Children ,women & Studens) have Injured hy the hands of Indian Army .70 years back had promised in the UN for plebescite in kashmir.why they r not fullfilling their promise…If Indian govt have courage arrange a plebescite for kashmiri people.All over the world will see the what kashmiri people wants? .

  41. Kashmiri people will decide about Kashmir neither Pakistan nor India. And this is the UN resolution signed by both India and Pakistan.

  42. India did not occupy Kashmir. India entered after official documents signed by Kashmir King to accede to India in return for Indian military help to push back Pak tribesmen, army who illegally occupied Kashmir. Aksai Chin is China occupied Kashmir illegally just like they did with Tibet. Moreover Pak gave part of their occupied Kashmir to China in return for benefits. Pak truly doesnt care for muslims because China suppresses their Muslims but Pak doesnt say anything.

  43. August 12, 2019- Why can't we all just get along??? Why can't we be friends??? No more war.. No more evil politicians.. No more fighting for lands.. I believe 100 percent Kashmir should be a country of its own. That way there will be NO more fighting over lands.. New country should be called Kashmir. religion should be Buddhist, Taoism, Hindi, Muslim/Islam and etc.

    PEACE…. Peace be with 🇮🇳India and Pakistan 🇵🇰 and China🇨🇳

    Respect from Bangladesh 🇧🇩



    Agree with me???😊

    If you do NOT agree with me…. Go FUCK yourself😠😡😠😡

  44. Dears …Here the PROBLEM is RELIGION …
    Kashmiris want to Apply …SHARIA -LAW ….which is not acceptable to OTHERS

    is ANSWER for these ISSUES .
    Which can CHANGE ..Public Life

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