It’s become something of a tradition in
Pokémon games to have some kind of creepy or ghostly element that’s mentioned or happens
or even just occurs in the background without the game bringing notice to it. Think of the
mystery girl in Lumiose City or the ghost girl sitting behind Phoebe in Omega Ruby & Alpha
Sapphire. There always seems to be one, and Sword & Shield are no different. In fact,
you may have already come across this moment without realizing it. As you explore Hammerlocke, you’ll find
a little girl named Paula near the school on the eastern side of the city. When you
talk to her, she says that you look like someone she could trust and nervously asks you to
deliver a love letter to a boy she likes in Ballonlea named Frank. What’s a little odd
though is how old it looks. But you’ll likely put it out of your mind and not really think
about it until you finally do arrive in Ballonlea. There’s a little boy outside westmost house
who mentions that Frank is his grandfather. Inside the house, you can hand over the letter
to Frank who immediately recognizes the name Paula. He remembers that the two of them spent
all their time playing when they were young. But, unfortunately, she fell ill and didn’t
tell him just how sick she was causing the two to get into a fight. Not long after, he
had to move away and never saw her again. You’re trainer will realize that something
is a bit off about this, but Frank will hand over a Choice Scarf, happy for the old memory
and piece of his childhood. So what about Paula? Well, if you return to
Hammerlocke where she was, she’ll be completely missing. There’s nothing to interact with
and nothing more to see…which means you delivered a letter from a ghost. Poor Paula
passed away from her illness and never got to make up with Frank or confess her feelings.
It’s a sadder tale than most of the other ghost stories in Pokémon which tend to favor
the creepy or mysterious. But it’s possible that Paula’s now there with Frank. After
all, there’s a little girl in his house talking to the wall and asking you not to
interrupt her conversation. Maybe she’s found someone new to play with. What do you
think though? Let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for
more on Pokémon and other things gaming.

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  1. If you return to the spot there is an object that reminds of ghostly stuff stuff and there is a new final dialogue, which confirms it is a ghost

  2. I think this would’ve been better if it was handled like a post game side quest kinda like BW2. I probably would’ve felt something if it wasn’t just

    “I died from an illness, take this to my would have been boyfriend”

    “Okay I believe you”

  3. I didn't notice Frank's grandson so when I first met Frank I was VERY concerned about a kid writing a love letter to an old man.

    And then the ghost story stuff happened and things got less creepy

  4. Huh. That's one way of looking at it, I guess.
    My friend actually interpreted it more along the lines of reincarnation – that she died, was reborn, but kept the memories of her past life, unable to go all the way to Ballonlea herself.
    Guess it depends on how exactly the letter looks "old" to the protagonist.

  5. In my head I like to imagine the slow realization and the trainer frantically goes back running past Hop or Sonia with a frantic look and goes back to find the girl never existed. Then it hits them like a ton of bricks and looks fuckin terrified.

  6. That's actually wrong! Once you go back after delivering the letter, if you press A where Paula used to be, you'll find a Reaper Cloth, and, without appearing, Paula will thank you for delivering the letter!

  7. I saw this and was like “well look at that it’s the next ghost girl.”

    Also click at the same spot again and you get a reaper cloth (which I believe evolves dusclops) and it says “Thank you for sending the letter”

  8. I think that thin walls is a Japanese story of children who were capable of talking to ghosts through the walls or something like that. Good touch.

  9. Derrick. If you return to where she was standing and press A you obtain Reaper Cloth and your character gets a ? on top of his head

  10. I like a lot of the “heart” surrounding the side quests in the game, there also is that one quest with the Applin too for that sort of theming.

  11. Actually, if you interact with the spot where she was; you get a reaper cloth and a ghostly voice thanking you for helping her.

  12. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon had a secret event all about ghost stories
    go to the trainer school at night and talk to the girl and her Drifloon outside

  13. Writing this before watching: I bet it's the event with the little girl at Hamerlocke where you have to deliver her letter to the old man in Ballonlea
    Edit: seems I was right, hope Paula now can rest in peace now that she knows it has been delivered

  14. *This comment session has be compromise by the FTC under the laws of COPPA adults can not like cartoons, cartoons is a genre only for kids

  15. There actually is something you can interact with when you return to the girl, you get a note that says thank you and also a reapers cloth

  16. I was wondering about the girl talking to the wall. I did the quest and never realised that.
    Could you do a guide for ballonlea quest for fiery type clothing? Thanks.

  17. well actually I just played it and there’s a reaper cloth left where she was standing and it says “thank u…for delivering my letter….” yee

  18. There's also a little girl in that same house talking to her invisible "friend" and she gets mad when you interrupt her conversation. Is it connected? 🤔

  19. when i first do that quest i didn't notice when i got to frank's house, it gave me chill's and so sad that she never said am sorry :'-(

  20. If that was true about her passing away when she had the letter sent… I would cry for her and Frank… I mean sure it might seem creepy for some… but for me I just find it so upsetting…!

  21. "No interaction after the delivering the letter"


    ReviewTech USA track starts playing: "EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE"

  22. I’m still wondering where the mystery girl will appear again, she appeared in X and Y, then in ORAS, with the same line in both games, and she never showed up again

  23. there's a lot of sad elements to sword and shield…. corsola and it's evolution, the fossil pokemon being a mismatched abominations, Yamask being sucked into a carving.

  24. Thank you for making a video on this but you forgot the worse part. If you inspect where she was standing you find a REAPER CLOTH and random text thanking you.
    This one is kinda dark and legit creeped me out.

  25. When i did that quest i was shocked and surprised that a sad, depressing story is in a lovable, kid-friendly Pokemon game.

  26. Shame… Game Freak lost the chance to use the more than half removed roster as the ghosts instead! Jokes aside, fascinating how there was data found of some of them supposedly removed from the game, only discovered via hacks…

    When will we see them, then?

  27. I am so happy i went back to talk to the little girl in hammerlocke. Otherwise i never would have realized I delivered a ghost’s love letter

  28. Pokémon Black/2 and White/2, also had a sad ghost story, a girl fell into Darkrai's eternal nightmare and died from it while her parents tried desperately to save her. Her father got the Lunar Wing to awake her from the nightmare but it was too late, and her ghostly apparition gives you the Lunar Wing to return it back to Cresselia.
    Game Theory made a video on it.

  29. Actually if you press A where she was standing you get a Reapers Cloth and a message thanking you for delivering the letter! 😄

  30. I genuinely never considered the ghostly possibility. I just thought I confused her for a young girl, unless Frank was a pedophile

  31. i low key always hoped that later in the game you would continue the mystery of the ghost situations or it would lead to something….to me it felt like the right opportunity for something random story wise to happen

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