On January 28, 1997, a meeting took place
in the Bournemouth Winter Gardens. The purpose of the gathering was to save the local football club, at that stage in the lower
reaches of what is now League One. The club had debts of around £4.5million,
but it was the £350,000 owed to the Inland Revenue that
threatened to send the club out of existence, after a winding up order was imposed. It’s extraordinary that the club, AFC Bournemouth,
are now established in the Premier League. That time, fans helped to raise a ‘fighting
fund’ of £300,000, partly after a bucket collection, and the club survived. Just. “There was one press conference at 12 o’clock
when, at five to 12, I didn’t know if I had the money to continue
trading,” said administrator Gerald Krasner. “I came within five minutes of liquidating the club.” But that wasn’t the end of their troubles. 11 years later, the club went into administration,
were docked ten points and dropped into League Two. But there were severe doubts about
whether Bournemouth would even be allowed to compete in the following season:
uncertainty over their finances and a proposed takeover meant that the Football League
tried to block them from taking part. In the end, they were allowed to take their
place in the division, but only with a 17-point penalty. Relegation into non-league looked certain,
particularly after manager Kevin Bond was sacked early in the season and his replacement, Jimmy Quinn, was also dismissed on New Year’s
Day, following calamitous defeats in the league and to Blyth Spartans in the FA Cup. A 31-year-old ex-defender, who made 313 appearances for the club before having to retire with a knee injury, and was the head of the club’s
centre of excellence, was put in caretaker charge. Nobody could have possibly known that Eddie Howe would eventually lead them to the Premier League. Howe, who had no previous managerial experience
and was the youngest boss in English football, inherited a team second-bottom of
League Two and seven points from safety. Going into the last home game, they required a victory to ensure a remarkable survival, which they
duly earned with club hero Steve Fletcher, who had returned from Crawley earlier in the
season, scoring a winner against Grimsby. The ‘Great Escape’, from starting the season with a 17-point penalty, had been achieved: without
the deduction, they would’ve been a handful of points off the playoffs. In Howe’s first full season, they won automatic
promotion back to League One, finishing second despite a transfer embargo remaining
as the last punishment for administration. But by now Howe was getting attention, and was approached by Charlton, Crystal Palace and
Burnley for their manager’s jobs. Despite initially saying he would stay, he
left for Burnley in 2011 with the team second in League One. Lee Bradbury took over, but despite reaching
the playoffs, they lost in heartbreaking fashion to Huddersfield, on penalties. The following season was disappointing, Bradbury
was sacked and his replacement Paul Groves also went
after a calamitous start to the 2012/13 campaign. That was when Howe came back, citing family
reasons, and was immediately successful. The team were 20 th in the table when he returned,
but he turned the season around and won promotion to the Championship. As important as Howe to Bournemouth’s incredible
rise has been Russian businessman Maxim Demin, who bought the club along with
chairman Eddie Mitchell in 2011. Demin has poured millions into the club, improving the stadium but most crucially the squad: his
investment allowed Bournemouth to nearly quadruple their transfer record for striker Matt
Tubbs just after he arrived, and also make moves for players like Callum Wilson in later years.​ In the early days of his tenure, Demin’s wife
Irena gave a half-time teamtalk, and it worked: they were 1-0 down to MK Dons, and ended up
drawing 2-2. It was in 2014/15 that their remarkable rise
was complete. They spent much of the season at
the top of the Championship, the highlight of the early months being an incredible 8-0 win over Birmingham. They didn’t lose a game after February, and
a 3-0 thrashing of Bolton in the penultimate match virtually sealed promotion
to the top flight for the first time in their history. “This club was on its knees,” said Howe,
about when he took over. From near extinction to
the top flight in six years: after that, surviving comfortably for two seasons in a row was
almost simple. Given that they’re backed by a Russian millionaire,
this isn’t quite the romantic fairytale that some say, but for
a club the size of Bournemouth to come from where they are, it’s still an absolutely remarkable

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  1. What a story we have. On the subject of Fletch, absolutely lovely man who is still part of this club and although he was the one who scored THAT goal remains humble. Up the Cherries!

  2. I was avoiding watchin' this video but in the end after many days i click to watched it and it was such a remarkable story should everyone knows about

  3. As a Bournemouth fan, I was there in the Winter gardens all those years ago putting money in their buckets, now 20 years later the reward is me watching my home town sitting 9th in the premier league .

  4. Bournemouths Biggest Rivals Are Without a doubt Manchester United. Them 2 Clubs Really do hate each other. They can't stand each other. It all goes back to the 1901-1902 Season When Manchester United beat Bournemouth 2-1 In The 4th Round of the Fa Cup.

  5. Eddie Howe is brilliant manager I’ve heard people say that he is a fraud but what he has done even with the financial backing for a club like Bournemouth is incredible

  6. If any phoenix story in football ever needed a film it's this one. They were playing recent non-league sides such as Stevenage as recently as the 2011-12 season. The fact they are now holding their own season after season in the Premier League is the stuff fairytales are made of.

  7. Great Videos. Could you do a video of when Doncaster Rovers nearly collapsed in the 90's when we was relegated out of the football league and our chairman tried burning our Belle Vue ground down for insurance

  8. Why are you using the stadium Solitude, the home of Cliftonville FC ? And letting on it was Bournemouths lol….

  9. Bournemouth's journey always reminds me of the story of Dundalk FC here in Ireland, back in mid 2012, the club was a matter of days away from liquidation with majority owner filling for bankruptcy and leaving the supporters group to raise money to pay debts left by the previous owner, the community got together to raise money, they had a bucket collection throughout the town and managed to pay back the debts, they also narrowly avoided relegation a few months afterwards. Their new manager Stephen Kenny then led them to 2nd the following season and then won 3 league titles in a row, in 2016 they were narrowly knocked out of the Champions League by Legia Warsaw in the play-off round but managed to qualify for the Europa League group stage for the first time in their history and the 2nd ever Irish team to qualify for the group stage of a European competition(after Shamrock Rovers in 2011). They stayed in contention to qualify for the last 32 of the EL but fell to narrow defeat to Macabbi Tel-Aviv. ATM Dundalk and Cork have been battling for the league for the past 5 years and hopefully that continues for the good of our league.

  10. While it's true that Maxim Demin is a millionaire, we haven't spent a lot, I think the final comment was a little unfair. In our first season in the Premier League we were the lowest value team by a serious margin, in our second season only one team had less value than us. This isn't a club where money has been poured in, this is a club where the access to funds has been spent incredibly wisely.

  11. Its this kind of stuff that interests me, because you never jnow what will happen to football in the future. Shit we could have Stevenage in the premier league while Liverpool are in league 2 in the next 15 to 25 years

  12. Taking nothing away from Eddie Howe to get them into the Championship, Bournemouth essentially bought their way into the Premier League with the Russian money.

  13. "established premier League club" ? Steady on matey. This is football never take anything for granted – I am a Man City supporter of 50+ years – I have seen the highs, the lows and the highs again and I still don't take anything as read…………

  14. Eddie was working miracles long before that money came in. He might even have got us to the Premier league without Demin's money but it would have been harder granted.

  15. If this team wins something big they deserve a movie. Their odds were even worse than Leicester’s if u take in account the 5 minutes away from liquidation situation

  16. Nice story. The millionaire invested in them as he probably saw the perseverance and strive the club and the population had. The club did seem to deserve that influx of liquidity. I am more fond of Bournemouth now that I have seen this video. Best of luck to the Cherries.

  17. Most of the team that played in their first couple of Premier League seasons had been there since League One so the Russian millionaire thing is a bit sour grapes considering plenty of other clubs have spent more on players and failed to achieve what Bournemouth have.

  18. 50 seconds in, Krasner wasn't the administrator at the time of The Winter Gardens + buckets; the receiver at that time was Alan Lewis (he even bought a season ticket)
    Krasner was 10-years later and he spent freely on himself staying at The Chewton Glen. He knew he had the money, as the administration was a pre-pack, paid for by the then chairman of the club.

  19. when i was 15-16 years old, i remember that i've take them in FM 2007 when they were in league one and in 5 years we arrived in premier league;in short, a classic career on FM :D. Few years later, when I read the newly promoted in the premier league and saw them, I couldn't hold back a smile, remembering the moments spent with this team! Greeeting to bournemouth from Florence

  20. I’ve been watching Bournemouth since 2009 and I never got a season ticket and now it’s virtually impossible to get one ffs 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Well , Eddy is great but lucky at the same time . If Artur Boruc did not agree to go down to Championship from Saints , EPL would never happend .

  22. Non league Barrow is my home club, and although Liverpool have always been my real love. I have so much respect for Bournemouth. A true rags to riches story. Although I feel took much emphasis was placed on the owner. In the first season or so they really did live within their means. In saying that….Eddie Howe, build that man a statue!

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