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  1. Bless you Displeased Eskimo, I keep coming back to watch a few of your videos even after all these years. Hope life is going well.

  2. (0:13) Big Bang
    (0:15) Formation of Earth (modern Earth did not look like this back then)
    (0:19) First life
    (0:34) First animals (some of these species I've never heard of)
    (0:41) Fish
    (0:46) Colonization of land, first reptiles
    (0:57) Dinosaurs
    (1:03) K-T Meteor Strike
    (1:08) First birds
    (1:13) Evolution of humans
    (1:20) Invention of fire
    (1:28) Hunter-gatherers (Mammoths actually got beaten by the humans)
    (1:35) Pyramids of Giza
    (1:40) The wars between Sparta and Athens (just like the movie 300)
    (1:45) Birth of Jesus
    (1:57) Death of Julius Caesar
    (2:02) Vikings
    (2:05) Medieval times
    (2:11) Colonial wars
    (2:16) Age of Exploration
    (2:18) Industrial Revolution
    (2:24) World War I
    (2:33) Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity
    (2:36) Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    (2:39) Spaceship Challenger
    (2:42) A view of the entire universe zoomed out

    Not exactly everything, but good video by the way.

  3. I like how the video has 4M views but in the description the guy's just happy about getting full marks. Gotta wonder about what he's up to in 2018.

  4. lol
    I just thought of something.

    What if God made everything evolve but stopped at a certain point and let evolution do it's own work?

    lmao idk if it can be possible but maybe this will make both sides happy.

  5. this video was made in 2010 there was no such thing as gender equality. But at the Superbowl in 2017, we change the national anthem to "brotherhood" and "sisterhood"

  6. Lol there were both TF2 sounds and HL2 sounds. My favorite had to be the sandvich eating sound with the fish at the beginning

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