that's right – except it is time to stack more than eight cars ah there we go okay our team is in the tournament ship the Costa yeah it's gone stacking the five East is a big I'm just gonna sit on the bottom it's our Kazan I don't have to do anything I don't know it will the camera from the bottom work I think it might now you can do 15 Gold's versus washing your engine up a t-bone all right so it's just put the ball away all right shall I just go at the bottom and see what it looks like yes I'm gonna OH I'll Park here yeah you can make multiple stacks I'll go I'll go over here somebody start start another one of the other side whichever ones going up faster is that one towstee why when we did this last the easy way to do is to this line up back or line up behind get a dead straight and then just jump and boost into position if you're driving when you land it doctor fears I don't know it's a weird landing if your wheels are spinning so try not have your reel spinning when you land just be boosting you've got to stack what about you guys I can't see over here I can't see here are actually there they're on a three yeah let's make one here cuz then I can actually see what there's that Oh we're honor one who's that with no nameplate oh wait super elf name plates because they didn't blow the name place for the extra paris-nice poor one get lined up oh yeah toasty – hit me with the ball oh yeah eventually the last person has to fly up it's hard but I think you can still double jump but you don't need to air really it it's pretty sure you can dose up higher than this cutie oh so you have the record already you ever get it oh who is that you somebody got up there so steamed up there come on guys knows it's harder at the edge it's easy it's like five I think if I up it's off five is so simple – jumpin boost that's a nice one how did we ever do this before there we go for Oh [Laughter] so it is like getting his bearings come on G right you could do this so C hold the jumps hold the jump as high as possible there you go [Laughter] [Laughter] I think if the first like landing isn't 100% clean it's better to jump off yeah that's what I'm saying see if we can get to fight was gonna face race rush it's ten my fingers oh just a little boost all you need o clean look at that look at that this is a cleanest turnupseed business all we've done so far is gonna be hard strategy shots like now you will he'll move a little bit every night of that double jump at my card Oh forward hahahaha I've heard that one before we're doing ten the record is currently a hey get out [Applause] [Laughter] okay we're still solid as well oh wait haha alright come on guys seen your script right check if you can jump up here I don't know if you can this is really well they still land should have like different teams of ten you gotta see they can stack the fastest very nice [Laughter] that's okay we'll get it back I had they come to your concentration doesn't work for me so my one type is to school your kbn yeah flat it doesn't seem to do any like real damage how long are these cars or these cars like two meters long what is this scale right can I drop this I think I can't only toasty if you don't have it just do that yeah yeah if you do if you're not getting it is boost off because then you don't knock it all over [Applause] okay right for this for the record time wait wait we put the ball back in the middle of a Pyxis beam it right this is for tying the record right now you can't jump it you need to play God you need to fly off that it's off okay also this tire is like totally sneaking to the right here it's alright it's alright wait am I going again REE picks his heart it's okay this you'll be fine I believe in you man yeah you have to land I don't we're so good we're so good and then you gotta fly good dodge dodge I don't want to move too much though because they might just start falling you know come on we could do ten we're all here Johnny you're so sideways I know well what can I do I could move I'm gonna solid you can wiggle a little bit I don't think so I think you start falling I'm not gonna move now okay you can jump this one yeah you can jump this high jump though you can you gotta do right though this is sorry I'm telling you away you can't up that one look everyone I mean I was okay save good save man is so wobbly if like level it's so wobbly chief we have a good structure somehow I know seven is solid I thought it wouldn't let me jump wait how is that still I did I know unlock anyone off this wait is he okay geez what is this Mike with these micro adjustments up here what is going on uh that's all we don't like pencil yeah it was more of a hole to me and I wasn't I wasn't properly I think for a second you are jump at that boost oh I'm so far to the right I'm just gonna sit still that's it Paul Gers new world records I mean I've got video evidence of any a screen show we've got a stream for this yes we still did it okay well that's a good line we got nine that's a win for today he wasn't on the stack because he doesn't have the world record now I mean I was on there with my cars as well yeah yeah you are you are yeah achievement unlocked a new challenger that trophy why is everybody spamming the future we don't even have road to the Scotland your clones Johnny got carried I think I should be awarding I see I should be like the one who's happy about it I did sets that cars that didn't chase the ball oh my heart is absolutely racing I thought about you guys just for for a clarification you got banned right now nobody saw that does anyone wanna play some up for real I will pass now boys it's been an absolute pleasure it's been a journey I feel like we've all learned a lot about each other and about ourselves not about I had to stack cars actually don't think about anything about it was probably a fluke but we did it rod records confirmed yeah I'm gonna leave used to it have a great night thank God being part of this momentous occasion all right have a good one here's me it works alright that was somehow a successful attempt I don't know how this worked there we go that was easy actually guys my plan was not to be the last car around I wanted to be a safe middle of the pile position but somehow we ended up on top oh man where we we actually landed it so that's pretty cool main car stack I didn't get ten in one game honestly I don't know but these guys reached out to me they were like hey you know your record about the 8 car sack we can beat it we know I had to get more than 8 people in a lobby I was like ok that sounds interesting so we gave it a go and it worked

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  1. Yesterday ı saw a comment down below the 8 merc stack video."This isnt breakable becase lobby is maximized at 8".I now Im watching this.

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