73 Historical Photographs (1941 to 1945) You Won't Find In History books #27


  1. The title and entire content of this web site are ridiculous. Each of these photos have been published many times over. The title seeks to attract nut case conspiracy theorists.

  2. 1941-1945- yet another piece of western propaganda! still trying to convince the whole world that II World War didn't start in 1939 in Poland??? I see every single national here except the Polish! (yes you have actually put 2 photos from Warsaw uprising but fail to mention that it was in Poland). And yet it was the Polish who first broke the Enigma, were first to fight the German Nazis, fought fiercely on every front of this war and suffered greatest (in percentage) losses during II W.W. You want to make historical presentations? learn history first!

  3. "You Won't Find In History Books" – ?? The pictures of the Pearl Harbor attack and the Russian soldier with a flag on the roof of the Reichstag have been printed countless times.

  4. This add is offense, disturbing, upsetting and false. Please take it down?! I have already collected a huge number of names that are standing behind me. I will see to it, that it is officially given to the right party. Thank you sincerely,

  5. History,…..
    11:45.. of course this murderer Churchill would wish to be like the führer, he doesn't even reach his heels.!!
    5:13 that's true even these days.
    … Ah.. 70 years from now, images about the war in Syria, the migrant crisis, the earthquakes, tsunami, etc……. Will be memorable………..

  6. Amazing photographs, thank you.
    I have a question. How come the Empire State building not collapse after the B52 crashed into it? I would have thought a WW11 bomber would be heavier than the commercial commercial aircraft that destroyed the twin Towers. Just wondering.

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