my name is Joseph Carter and I am the minke man when I was a senior in high school I started learning about the American mink I was told that me for horrible vicious little animals who are impossible to tame challenge accepted I've been in love with me ever since I get mean from fur farms and give them a new life in this new life my mink live as naturally as possible even hunting for their dinner the way a wild mink would so come join me on my adventures as we learn more about this intense little predator the amazing American mink so we're gonna do a big rat hunt today is hopefully we'll get a bunch got all the meat floated up here we're taking two males and four females and it'll be pulling up for them to work this time so let's get them loaded up you see the doctors come on you want to see it come over here see how vile I'll see horsey horsey [Applause] do you like the horsies there's no oh wow is that scary look come here holy there's a baby back [Applause] wow it's a horse let me sniff in your face this lighter-colored dog is my little brother's dog chewy and the black dog is my bullet your boss boss is just an 8 month old pub and I didn't want him to get overwhelmed from ratting all day long so he kept him tied up for the first half of the day and then let him work the second half okay so we got a terrier one side we got big dog this side dog tied up let's get going he be here one excited he didn't vitiation this is okay she's down Oh everywhere rats everywhere good dog yes there's like yeah in here like six of them that was like there was at least four red Oh No mink Oh finally yeah good little mink finally oh right over here tiny one it's like really tiny – baby we're gonna go it's right there right there look right boy she's digging and everything Joseph we need to get her over there underneath some of the cement though where they really are bring me over here bring it over in your hand sorry that's why I said it so calmly [Laughter] brat brat it jumped under there it came from here she she's killing something under there cuz I can hear I heard it squealing hey let go get it go get it go get it go ahead come here girl okay girls – we sat – boy good boy good boy good girl good girl okay it's good it's good you got it there was one more that was running around in here too I mean oh right oh that's your me because mink are semi-aquatic they easily become dehydrated or overheated so in the warmer months of the year we do our best to always keep a bucket of water handy for the mink to drink and swim in oh good get in there and dig good girl right here down this hole she does so down oh I just missed it oh say something back okay hey good work tell me you don't even need dogs oh it's a little one I didn't see it come out there's so many oh yeah your dog she's filming daddy there's so many under there show us what you made yeah he's like they're like two or three big ones don't you got another big one can you see oh yeah he got a decent-sized one there's once there's some still a little live on touch he's gonna go get him yeah there there's no one coming out Freddie the far corner pick it up pick it up let's poke his head up good job boss kill beer Brock killed the other one yeah oh the efficiency of using mink girlby she wants everyone come in Oh finger bite me we do our best to collect all of the dead rats possible I used to feed the dead rats to my mink but I have since realized that it's far more efficient if I sell them to people with pet snakes I can then take the money I made from selling the rats and buy chicken in bulk I can add this chicken to my mixture of muskrat squirrel and rabbit and other meat that we grind up to make meat food I can sell one pound of rats to snake people and then turn right around and buy over five pounds of chicken with it now if you look in the background there I am I've got my back turned busy filling in rat holes and these guys decide to flip the whole slab of concrete without me I was a little frustrated as that's not how I would have liked to have things done is very inefficient this is how I prefer to do things it's much more efficient in this room and we catch most of the rats Oh drop it drop it oh that another stuff a couple not very many done there's at least one more now there's there's at least three more think about to come out violet to speak oh here's another oh you're just you can't quite fit but there's busy suppose coming Neela's so fast I'm gonna get him maybe someone got to vote good job over here my boss either see Oh okay gig here I need an ear you believe us well exactly there's another one right here yes doesn't know if there's a big one alright saw a big one that keep going boy yeah this great day today we caught a buncha racks we caught bare minimum of 60 we lost track of a few but we know he caught over 60 so pretty good day fun to see boss catching his first rats and yeah it's a great time but be out here again in a couple weeks catching some more and next time we're gonna bring Mamba and let her take Barton and catching some of the younger rats so stay tuned we'll show you guys more

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  1. Some have dogs
    Some have cats
    Some have goldfish
    Some have cows
    And…some have minks like mink man

  2. Man, your kid Olive is an animal lover.
    She is not even afraid to go up to something as big as a horse and tries to touch them! haha

  3. Joseph it just amazing to watch how you dogs listen to you commands and that Dutch hound is fast but the little white and black one is amazing

  4. Seeing the mouse being killed is so satisfying. And I speak Spanish so that means I can understand words that are Spanish and I only speak English for so long.

  5. Camera person: “another rat!!!”
    Joseph:” *looking around like where”
    Camera man: “in your hand…”
    me:” I just died..

  6. For some reason i was wishing the girl found a rat and threw at the fence and it hit its neck and died then she'd be a level 1000 mafia boss

  7. 2:31–2:50 baby Olive was so adorable with the animals. straight out of a Disney (er DreamWorks) animation 🥰

  8. You could totally capture one of those rats, alter its DNA or give it a neurovirus and it would wipe the whole lot out on its own.

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