would you get kicked in the groin to break a world record world ret world record let's talk about that good mythical morning there is one thing that the world is not in short supply of and that is records and we're both big fans of world records yeah oath had the book I remember the book with the big twins on it they were on the backs of the motorcycles and then butt cracks were both showing yeah well I love that as a kid how would they put that on the cover you had the hardcover yeah I had the softcover yeah crap it's like a soft-shell crab so was it paperback that's was like yeah a soft shell that's soft shell but I'm hoping that your knowledge of World Records was a difficult thing for me to say is going to help you with this game because the day you're gonna be trying to guess some World Records and all you choose between two numbers linked our numbers involved but you just have to choose between two numbers okay link are you ready to play can you guess the records of these we're world records weird world records weird world records link Neil come on down well what a response does that make you feel welcome yeah I asked him to do that you're the next contestant on can you guess the record of these weird world records hey that's how I'm gonna say it close okay very simple I'm going to describe a world record for you and then there's gonna be two choices they're gonna be numbers and you just make a choice between the two 48 and and then if you get 4 out of 7 in these correct you get a special world record prize we were talking about in good mythical more for real yeah okay in 2008 a guy named who's gonna open the things oh yeah we uh see these back here that wasn't quite as great of an interest as I was planning for oh yeah he's bad about her I'm sorry I'm sorry he forgot I didn't forget to quiet I saw you crossing back there the whole time welcome Stevie thank you in 2008 a guy named the hui Zheng the his first name is Han it's got a V in it okay don't be distracted by that though achieved a world record for most rotations hanging from a power drill in one minute okay hanging from a rope hanging from a power drill spinning around how many times did the zuy hang spin while hanging from that drill one minute is a 48 or 148 first of all either way I think we can break it okay you got I'm so I'm sorry it's fast okay well then you just gave me a hint then I'm gonna say 148 link you are gonna say 48 until really okay yeah well 48 we wouldn't even be one a second so take a look at this oh my goodness Oh his arms are gonna drip off good gracious he's he's been by my house next week doing some home improvement just having him drastically I don't know if he actually screws anything in hey sup himself okay I love how you're hitting your stuff in the mouth sorry Polly want a cracker nope Polly wants a cold one in January 22 of Zack the McCall set the world record for most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute man they really push it with your parents are smart yeah the great can openers too how many cans is that crack open in one minute link this is a parrot well this would be no be one it's actually easy he's at mccall macaw yeah does that change your answer one a minute one every two seconds tell me one a second one every two seconds and he only has to just break the break this duck that's opening it no like church just so you know just so you understand man I think you do one a seconds I think he could do one a second 58 I misled you a little bit yeah but he has to be pecked pretty hard I mean I mean it's it's still pretty day I mean so freaking bird man yeah it's pretty good you're all right remember that guy um he could really liven up our parties around here though you know think about if you got a party that's going bad and you break Zack out bartender bring out 35 cold ones top top top there's a competition where people compete I'm tracking to see who can make the ugliest face it's known as gurning editor and woods has the record for the most gurning world championship female wins wins ugliest face female with how many wins she can make an ugly face so she's not ugly and she's well she can make an ugly face look we'll go with that and she has won the championship how many times she holds the world record much of a discrepancy here well there is a discrepancy of one this is a crapshoot man precision is important in this game can you not tell by the way I'm dressed uh uh can I use a lifeline we don't have those I'd like to use the stevie pull this card out lifeline nope that doesn't work so I'm going for 20 say 28 Oh what do you think that she actually did win 28 but she got the record for 27 oh she died here she is making her ugly face god rest her soul but we actually we take her place she's not making that face anymore because it takes effort listen here's some footage from the 2010 gurning championship I just want you to get a load of what these dudes do that guy is competing the one in the thing look at that you put that thing on and then you just look at that link you be so good at that you got a lot of facial look at it look at that man you be so good at that your face has so many muscles yeah that's my backup of course you were wrong Channing Tatum may have broken hearts you said that right usually say that wrong imitating yeah Channing Tatum may have broken hearts as a as a Magic Mike but former real estate agent Bernie Baker or Bernie Barker well I mean I have screwed this one up so bad name is Barker and I'm like Barker Marnie Barker broke records the oldest male stripper okay he began oiling his pecs and shaking his moneymaker for the ladies at the ripe old age of is it 60 or 80 oh gosh oldest male stripper I think a 60 year old male stripper sad but an 80 year old male stripper that's some bad chicken there's a sick pleasure day that's right that's wrong Bernie I want you to look at him oh gosh she's only 16 look at that belly man I can only hope for a belly like that when I get to be that age it's not a happy trail that's a happy Canyon yeah Craig you got a problems notice his hair is very similar to you okay okay all right okay I get it the micro nectar schulte also known as the water boatmen is a small insect that makes the loudest noise of any animal relative to its body size and the noise comes from its penis how many decibels can the record-breaking loudest penis in the world reach don't ask me how this is this is decibels decibels oh yeah there's no these are the choices what do you what I was just thinking about that I can 21.4 decibels or ninety nine point two dozen I have no point of reference for what a decibel exactly what is the decibel it's a unit of sound give me a point of reference like oh how many decibels is that how did that would give it a baby twenty one point four is my answer are you sure about that yes yes yeah sure yes because if you don't get I mean you've already missed three I mean you gotta get I know what you're doing to anyone now listen for a point of reference yeah you're so helpful look at this look at the scale ninety nine point two is as loud as sitting on the front row of an orchestral concert and it's just coming from the things penis I pay money I pay money to hear that before I hear to Orchestra got it does it hurt it oh not he does it a lot like if you can sweep these Nipponese next to I'm still gonna give you the price okay good you got to get two in a row right though if not I get the prize which is weird okay yeah when antiques dealer Ben Ray died in 1988 he left behind his life savings to his closest companion his cat Blackie the inheritance earned Blackie the Guinness world record for the wealthiest cat with a total fortune of five hundred fifteen thousand dollars or twelve point five million dollars gracious I hope to catch that rich okay twelve point five and let's go with that look at your your honor only Kirby Roy's crotch has been kicked so many times he can withstand more pain than the average man in 2010 Kirby received or achieved the world record for hardest kick to the groin when American Gladiator Jessie Justice gave him a swift swift gosh a swift one to the jewels how many miles per hour was the groin busting kick go ahead kissed me in the jewels do it I'm asking 22 miles per hour or 45 miles per American Gladiator would you peasant how long is legged Americans they got a fast foot they do but 45 miles per hour that's how fast David Bennett could run in high school it was he was lying yeah we're going with 45 all right Linc here's the famous kick to the groin you'd only have it one time that it show it a bunch look at that and watch what happens next watch what happens will okay I get it look look look look thank you for that okay link I got eyes that is penis making that noise and how many decibels that was that guy kicking oh so sorry link you didn't win I did win but we can together judge the Krug earning contest they took some gurning pictures and will judge it together okay thanks for liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is I am Tessa I'm Kyle and we're from Logan Utah its Minister horse Monday and time to spin the wheel of mythicality do you want to have the world record for the coolest hoodie you can for the good mythical hoodie not really technically I will record but don't think of it like that Breitling calm sliced or get you some and what you click through to good mythical more would you the crews gonna make some ugly faces we're gonna judge them but you need to be rhett and Link are synchronized swimmers what's the music what's the music they had music in post wiki we oh I can't get this one out of my mind and the second one I can't get over right is the guy you know how when a tractor-trailer they they pull it they I'm glad what they Morgan your face inspired all this hey just so you know

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