everyone is Micah Chen while historians and archaeologists spend much of their time scanning through historical texts or digging up human remains in the name of science sometimes they do come across things that are a bit more mind-boggling so here are some of the most mysterious historical finds and discoveries of 2015 number one a rare metal from Atlantis recovered from a shipwreck gleaming cast metal called orichalcum which was said by ancient Greeks to be found in the legendary Atlantis has been recovered from a ship that sunk 2600 years ago off the coast of Sicily the 39 ingots were arriving to Jayla in southern Sicily possibly coming from Greece or Asia Minor the ship that was carrying them was likely caught in a storm and sunk just when it was about to enter the port for a cow come has long been considered a mysterious metal its composition and origin widely debated according to ancient Greeks it was invented by Cadmus a Greek mythological character orichalcum became legendary when the Greek philosopher Plato mentioned it in the creases dialogue with his description of Atlantis being a realm that flashes with the red light of the mysterious metal orichalcum was considered second only to gold in value and was found and mined in many parts of the legendary Atlantis in ancient times many experts today believe that the metal is a brass like alloy produced using a process known as cementation number two mysterious discs found near Volgograd Russia a team of investigators in Russia found more than a dozen stone discs in the Volgograd region according to our Russian news outlet in expedition by the Russian ethology group cosmo poisk discovered these discs in a ridge near Volgograd on September 9th 2015 several similar discs have been found in a region recently some only about a metre in diameter the nature of the discs swimming a mystery but do you follow gists who examined this reported that part of it consists of the metal constant they also concluded that the discs could be about a million years old the suggestion that part of the stone discs is tungsten metal is significant because it strengthens the notion that this is a product of alien space technology the metal is very hard and has a very high density thus it is used in projectiles designed to penetrate armor it also has the unique distinction of the highest melting point of all elements thus it is used to build parts exposed to extreme heat this disk is reportedly being studied by experts in it is now on display at the jury na ski museum personally I just want to say that if I was a giant that would be like the perfect skipping stone number three mummy found inside a 1000 year old Buddha statue a shocking discovery was made in February when researchers studied a Chinese Buddha statue and found the mummified remains of a Buddhist monk the monk is believed to be Chinese master the old trend of the Chinese meditation school who died around 1100 AD the finding may reflect an example of self-mummification where monks undertook years of grueling rituals to mummified themselves to death the practice was also widespread in Japan starting over 1,000 years ago and continued until it was banned in the 19th century number 4 mysterious anomalies in the Great Pyramid of Giza considered by many as one of the most important discoveries of the Pyramid of Giza scans on the pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo have found several thermal anomalies which may be explained by voice behind the surface the results have come just two weeks into operation scanned pyramids which will last until the end of 2016 the scientific mission uses non-invasive visualization techniques including 3d scans with lasers and drones to see inside the pyramids the investigation has found the one particularly impressive anomaly at the Khufu pyramid the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing in the largest pyramid ever built anomalies and thermal measurements can be explained by the presence of cavities internal air currents or different materials with specific thermal capacity meaning it could be secured rooms treasures a bunch of hidden mummies ready to bring about the mummy apocalypse number 5 the stone circles of turbine Basin approximately 200 mysterious stone circles dot the landscape in the hot and unforgiving Gobi Desert these man-made stone formations sitting atop the sand near turbine city in northwestern China may be up to 45 thirty years old the stone formations are arranged in various designs of circles and squares and it is reported that some of the circles are composed of rocks which aren't native to the area and may have been brought from far away for this specific purpose number six Stonehenge according to new evidence one of the most a magnetic ancient monuments in Britain Stonehenge was first erected in Wales researchers have found evidence suggesting that blue stones were actually queried five hundred years before they were put into place in Wiltshire prompting the theory that Stonehenge might actually be a secondhand monument and has led numerous researchers to question mainstream theories about the British monuments suggesting that the great structure could have been first erected in Wales researchers have also discovered nearly identical stones that the ancient builders had extracted but for some reason mysteriously left behind it so there you go guys let me know your thoughts on these mysterious findings if possible what mystery would you like to see solved in the new year also personally let me know how you celebrate New Years Eve I live in New York City so one thing I will not be doing is going anywhere near Times Square during the ball drop and I'm really excited for the new year because I'm actually launching two new channels I think early next year so either in January or February I think they're gonna be really fun channels so I'm excited and I hope you guys like them finally thank you so much for an awesome 2015 stay safe and I'll see you guys next year

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  1. What experts or team of investigators are you referring to? You say maybe, may have been, evidence, might actually be, so what is it?

  2. In the past 20 or 30 year's remote game cameras have become common place . and even though they've photographed lot's of strange things , everything from creepy clowns to strange children . nobody has photographed a BIG FOOT ?! Why are there no photos of big foot on game cameras ????

  3. The discs are petrified tungsten bodied flying machines that were engulfed in the Earth over 2 million years ago during a cataclysm. The metal becomes leached into surrounding Stone, and the stone becomes leached into the metal. Averaging out, finally, as Stone with a small bit of tungsten still in it. Or petrified.

    This process is seen again and again at sites all over the world. It is not actually the ancient machines themselves.. More or less like "impressions" of them as they are absorbed/coated/engulfed into local mineral clay and stone.

    Fossils of metal objects, really. Much as dinosaur bones aren't actually bone, millions of years later.

  4. Come on guys, the thermal anomaly at the base of the pyramid has to be the "true" entrance…any takers?

  5. hi Mike, in China there are similar UFO shaped stones found. just found two links for your reference, supposing you can read Chinese:

  6. did anyone noticed a man like structure in the thermal image of pyramid at 3:55 in the video
    its on the left side.

  7. If the russian disks aren't just oddly cooled magma/lava inside of pools then I'm going to say that maybe it is somehow petrified versions of the giant mushrooms that some say used to exist before trees

  8. Pre flood giant discuss. He probably skipped it across the ocean from another continent in a pissing contest.

  9. One of the thermal pictures of the pyramids looks like a heat signature of a guy peeking around one of the blocks on the left side… didn't know if you noticed that.

  10. There are hundreds of photos of stonehedge being erected 50's or 60's with huge tractors and cranes

  11. 6 Mysteries Stonehenge was built by giant people keep searching you'll find it man your answer will be told in England is very mysterious so is Ireland and Scotland in those areas I myself know this because I am head Clansman MacLeod Isle of Skye Scotland dunvegan castle there's a lot to my history I am McCloud we are the one of the strongest the other is Stuart We Rule all of Scotland

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