After Toy Story 3’s almost perfect ending,
Pixar has brought the toys back for a sequel that’s positively bursting with easter eggs
and amazing hidden details. The movie has call-backs and deep-cut references
to every single Pixar film so far. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’ll be helping you navigate the maze of Pixar easter eggs, in-jokes, and crucial
details you might have missed in Toy Story 4.
There are some mild spoilers ahead, though I avoid discussing any major plot points.
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and let me know which easter eggs you spotted for a chance to win. Let’s kick things off with a nostalgic easter
egg to Up when Woody reunites with Bo Peep at the carnival.
When Bo’s sheep bring her a bottle top, look closely as it’s the grape soda pin that Ellie
gave Carl when they were kids. “You and me, we’re in a club now.”
Carl also gave the pin to Russell at the end of that movie and it’s a nice touch by Pixar
to include it in Toy Story 4 when Woody and Bo reunite as it links back to the love that
Carl and Ellie shared in Up. And powering Bo’s skunk car are some BnL batteries.
BnL, aka Buy n Large, is the corporation in WALL•E that basically enabled the pollution
of the planet and sent humans away from Earth while it attempted to clear it up. Pixar always includes an easter egg to its
next movie and for Onward you’ll need to look carefully among the various attractions at
the Carnival. There’s a stand called Dragon Zone which also
has a little dragon on its banner. “Blazey! Down!
Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to walk her. Oh! Bad dragon!
Back to your lair!” Pixar’s famous Pizza Planet Truck has also
been hidden at the carnival in a very curious way.
Keep your eyes focused on the carnival worker who runs the game booth where Ducky and Bunny
are prizes. You can see the truck for just a split second
as a tattoo on the back of his leg in this scene where he knocks Buzz over.
By the way, the official Art of Toy Story 4 book shows that the design of the Pizza
Planet truck tattoo is styled in a similar fashion to the flaming targets at the carnie’s
game booth. The Pizza Planet truck appeared in the very
first Toy Story movie and is a regular Pixar easter egg. The stand also has lots more easter eggs hidden
among the toys. There’s a couple of tiny red and white rockets
attached to a toy planet with a similar look to the iconic red and white Pizza Planet rocket
from the Pizza Planet restaurant in the first Toy Story movie. Another similar rocket design also appears
on some of the caps at the game booth. There are also several toy guitars with designs
and patterns similar to the guitar that Miguel took from Ernesto de la Cruz’s mausoleum in
Coco. Other prizes include some rockets labelled
X-99, a nod to Toy Story 2 which was released in 1999. And the red star on a yellow circle with blue
stripes to the side is a little Luxo ball easter egg.
The full Luxo ball appears in the antique shop and I’ll be getting to that easter egg
very shortly. The green frog here also looks very similar
to one of the garbage truck toys that Lotso joined when he was picked up by the driver
at the end of Toy Story 3. “Hey, buddy, you might wanna keep your mouth
shut.” Toy Story 4 has an interesting connection
with the Pixar short Toy Story of Terror via the Ship It truck which you can spot parked
outside the antiques store. Ship It was the delivery company that was
picking up packages from the Sleep Well Motel in Toy Story of Terror.
And it’s also the same truck that Combat Carl and some other toys hopped on in the short’s
closing credits to escape from Ron, the motel manager who was stealing toys to sell them
on the internet. “Next stop, Billy’s house” This one’s tricky to spot, but the same wooden
cart plus balloons that Carl from Up had when he was a balloon salesman appears at the carnival. Also at the carnival is a truck with a clown
painted on the side, a reference to the 1987 Pixar short film Red Stream. When Woody and the gang open up a hatch on
the roof of the antique store, the famous Pixar Luxo ball appears on the floor below
them for just a split second. The Luxo ball is a regular Pixar easter egg
and an homage to the animation studio’s first short film, Luxo Jr. Inside the store is a veritable cornucopia
of vintage objects and Pixar easter eggs. There’s a box of Casey Jr Cookies which were
used in A Bug’s Life as wagons to transport P.T. Flea’s circus.
And, of course, they’re also a Disney reference to the steam train which transported the circus
in Dumbo. Next to the Casey Jr Cookies is the diving
mask that belonged to the dentist in Finding Nemo. And Carl’s cane from Up is also there hidden
away on an upper shelf. “Where’s my cane I just had it here?” On the wall in the store is a painting that
references the scene in Up where Russell passes a group of dogs playing poker.
In this painting, Charles Muntz and Dug the dog have also been added to the gambling table.
The original scene in Up was itself a reference to a famous series of paintings of dogs playing
cards which were commissioned to advertise cigars. Also hanging on the wall is an unlit sign
for Dinoco, the oil company and gas station that’s appeared in Pixar films including the
Toy Story and Cars movies. Bonnie and her family also stop for gas at
a Dinoco during their road trip. It’s tricky to see but there’s a miniature
black Ford Model T toy on one of the shelves, a nod to Lizzie from the Cars movies. You can spot another Cars reference on a licence
plate during the Forky rescue attempt. There’s Carb County, short for Carburetor
County, which is where Radiator Springs is located. And above the licence number is Torqueville,
another location in the Cars universe. As the toys flee from Gabby Gabby’s ventriloquist
dummies, they fly past an old-looking square box with the word “Pixar” on it.
This is a vintage 80s Pixar Image Computer, a graphics machine developed by the company
back in the days when it belonged to Lucasfilm. You can also see it used as the logo in some
of Pixar’s older short films. When Bo slides through Gabby Gabby’s cabinet,
there’s a commemorative plate with a symbol that fans of Pixar’s Brave will recognise
as the sword symbol represents King Fergus and Merida’s clan. When Bo takes Woody to meet Duke Caboom inside
the store, they go to a secret toy hang-out inside a pinball machine.
The Art of Toy Story 4 book shows that the arcade machine is called “Tiki Party”, a reference
to the Tiki heads inside the fish tank from Finding Nemo. And there are some great easter eggs inside
the pinball machine. The first one is Tinny, a one-man band player
who originally appeared in the 1998 Pixar short film Tin Toy.
Tinny was actually going to be one of the main protagonists of the original Toy Story
movie, until it was decided the toy was too old-fashioned and he was replaced by Buzz
Lightyear. Also inside the toy hang-out are a couple
of vintage Star Wars toys for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ponda Baba.
The wonderful thing about this particular easter egg is that if you look very carefully,
Obi-Wan Kenobi is repeatedly striking Ponda Baba on the arm with his lightsabre in an
awesome homage to the original Star Wars Cantina scene where Obi-Wan sliced off the Walrus
Man’s arm. And there may be another Star Wars arm loss
reference when Woody accidentally pulls Bo’s arm off. Franklin the toy bald eagle from the Toy Story
short “Small Fry” is also inside the pinball machine.
Franklin was part of the discarded fun meal toys support group in that short, so it makes
sense he’s with the group of “lost toys” in Toy Story 4.
“Why don’t the kids like me? I’m like history but on wheels!” Bo and Woody finally get to meet Duke Caboom,
the Canadian stuntman toy who previously appeared in Jack-Jack’s crib as an easter egg in Incredibles
2. When Duke Caboom does the jump from the Ferris
wheel, he passes across the moon in a little homage not just to E.T., but also to when
Mater did a similar jump through the air in the first Cars movie. Duke Caboom is voiced by Keanu Reeves, and
it’s an especially fitting role for the actor as not only has Reeves starred in many action
movies including John Wick, The Matrix, and Speed, but he’s also a keen motorcyclist and
even co-owns a company that makes custom motorcycles. “Duke Caboom!
Canada’s greatest stuntman! Huh. Oh yeah!
Ha. Huh. Yes.” And as Caboom, Reeves also gets to deliver
his famous “Whoa” line from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in the movie’s mid-credits.
“Whoa!” For more on Toy Story 4’s post-credits, check
out the second part of my easter egg guide which I’ll link to at the end of this video. As for the voice of the TV announcer on the
Duke Caboom commercial, that’s Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
“He’s the most spectacular daredevil Canada has ever seen!” The A113 easter egg is a regular Pixar one
that proved a little tougher than usual to spot in Toy Story 4 compared to previous movies
where it’s often simply appeared on licence plates or written on walls.
This time, you’ll see it in Second Chance Antiques but as a vintage 70s-style sign.
The appearance of A113 in Pixar’s films is a tribute to the classroom at California Institute
of the Arts where many of Pixar’s animators studied. Other vintage sign easter eggs to look out
for in the store include this one for “Ye Olde Poultry Palace”.
Poultry Palace is the chicken restaurant that featured in the Toy Story Toon short “Small
Fry” And in Toy Story 4, Bonnie and her family
also visit the fast food chain during their road trip. There’s an old record player in the antique
store with an Ernesto de la Cruz greatest hits record. Keep your eyes peeled for a vintage ad for
TripleDent, which is the brand of chewing gum with that very memorable jingle in Inside
Out! “The song from the gum commercial!”
“You know sometimes we send that one up to headquarters for no reason.” There’s a classic Eggman Moving Company sign
in the antique shop, an easter to the Eggman Movers who appeared in the first Toy Story
film. And as Vincent the ventriloquist doll wheels
Gabby Gabby, Woody, and Forky away, another old record starts playing.
The song is “Midnight, The Stars And You”, which played at the end of The Shining.
There’ve been numerous tributes to director Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie in Pixar’s
films over the years including the carpet in Sid’s house in the first Toy Story movie
and various references to the horror film’s creepy Room 237.
“Who’s Velocistar237?” “That’s just a dinosaur toy down the street.
That’s nothing. Let me just take care of that.” And there’s another Kubrick homage when Buzz
presses one of his buttons and his inner voice says ‘Open the pod bay doors’, which is a
famous line from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ducky and Bunny’s fantasy sequences about
how to get the key from the antique store owner are particularly hilarious.
“What about the old plush rush?” “There you go.”
“Oh, where did you two come from?” “Give us the keys!”
“Well we’re not doing that.” And in another scenario, when the old lady
opens her fridge at home, we get a glimpse at another regular Pixar easter egg: the Chinese
take-out box. The box has a very specific design and has
appeared in the back of the Pizza Planet Truck in Toy Story 2, in Inside Out, Monsters Inc,
Ratatouille, and also Incredibles 2. Its first appearance was in A Bug’s Life where
it was called “the Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis”. There’s a ton more Pixar objects in Second
Chance Antiques and I’ll run through a quick list of some to look out for.
Elastigirl’s Elasticycle from Incredibles 2 can be seen as a toy in the store. There’s also one of the Monsters Inc scream
canisters for sale. And there’s a bear carving from Brave. The house from Up which Carl so memorably
took on a balloon journey has been shrunk down into a doll house and is now for sale. Bing Bong’s Rocket from Inside Out also appears. Plus, there are board games for two Pixar
shorts, “Knick Knack” and “Lifted”. The antique store itself is also a double
easter egg. Firstly, the address number is 1200, a reference
to 1200 Park Avenue in Emeryville, the address of Pixar Animation Studios. And Second Chance Antiques was founded in
1986, the same year Pixar was spun out as a separate corporation from Lucasfilm. We’ve also got some very cool easter eggs
to talk about from the movie’s opening flashback scene, plus an intriguing change that Pixar
made to Toy Story 4 that could completely debunk the Pixar Theory.
Those will be all in the second part of this video.
I’ll add the link here and in the video description for you to watch as soon as it’s ready. So, which easter eggs did you spot in Toy
Story 4? And are there any I missed?
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Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!

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