Serial killers do the darndest things. Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. It’s Halloweek on Good Mythical Morning.
– (ghoulish voice) Wooo. That’s the week before Halloween, and that means two things. One, we’re gonna be talking
about some spooky things this week. – Uh huh.
– And two, this set is so spooky. Oh, there’s a spooky shield down there, – with a skull on it.
– That’s not a shield. – That’s what they call a tombstone, Neal.
– Oh! – (crew laugh)
– (silly voice) Spooky shield, otherwise known as a tombstone. It says R.I.P. on it,
but that’s not in the shot, so they didn’t know that.
You could of gone along with me. I think they already knew what it is,
cause they’re smart. – Few things– So am I!
– Yeah you’re very…uh, yeah, smarter than the average bear, and when
I say bear I mean the actual animal. Come on!
I can take it. He’s just joking, right? – Yes.
– I can think of few things freakier – than serial killers.
– Oh gosh! – Cause I lose cereal.
– (laughs) But today, we’re not gonna
be quizzing you, Rhett, on the killing facts about
these serial killers, we’re gonna be quizzing you
on the quirky facts about serial killers. (silly high voice) Oh quirky?
Quirky serial killers? Yup, it’s time to play,
Is this guy serial killing? Or am I serial filling your head
with fake facts? We’ll see how smart you are, sir. Mr. Are you smarter than a bear? – I know that–
– Bears know all of these things, man! I know that’s a tombstone,
that’s all I can say. And that right there, that fruit on top,
that’s a pumpkin, Link. – (mocking voice) See that fruit on top?
– It’s not an orange. It’s a vegetable, thank you very much. Okay, these are fun facts
about serial killers. We’re gonna have lots of fun with them. But if you don’t get over five of–
Let’s say five. – That sounds like a threat.
– If you don’t get five– Oh, it is! If you don’t get five of these right,
in More, you have to hold hands with a serial killer. We have one here today, guys. That’s impressive. Let’s get right into it.
In March of 1919, the Axeman of New Orleans
wrote a letter to the local papers promising that he would go
on a killing spree the following Tuesday, but, that any home that had been–
had some swinging jazz music playing in it would go unharmed. Is this serial killer fact or fiction? Sends out a notice,
but he says, I’m not gonna harm – the houses where there’s
– if they’re playing some (both) swinging jazz music. Now, first of all, let me understand–
let me say, I understand the logic here. If it’s true. This sounds so right. ♪(sings a jazz melody)♪
True. It hit me like a chorus. And what’s your logic? I’m just listening to the music
in the air, man. – It said true.
– You said you understood the logic. – Okay, you’re right.
– (shouts) Ha! See? (ding sound) It was actually reported as one
of the loudest nights in New Orleans, and the Axeman kept his word.
He did not kill anyone that night. It was sort of like
a serial killer Passover. Because everybody was playing jazz music? Yeah, yeah. Off to a good start, Rhett. Harold Shipman was a British doctor,
who put down more than fifteen of his patients,
and then falsified their wills. He got away with this for twenty three
years, and here’s the real kicker, he was a Gynecologist. – You don’t have to–
– Serial killer Gynecologist. I don’t want to think
about this one a lot. (crew laughs) I just want to guess false. Just, without even
really thinking about it. Just false. (ding sound) – You’re right, he was not a Gynecologist.
– (laughs) What was he? Tried to get you.
He was a General Practitioner, but he was caught when a colleague
noticed that he was putting in an awful lot of cremation requests. Yelp reviews going
(silly voice) down the tubes. Yeah, General Practitioner doesn’t need
to be doing the cremation. Cremating that much people, man. No. Yeah, that’s bad form. – Alright, you already got two.
– Yeah, well, I’m smart. Well, it’s actually scary that your intuition
aligns with a serial killer. – Yeah, well, see that how you will.
– Maybe you don’t wanna get them all right. In the late 1970s, many Wichita, – Kansas citizens–
– Wichita? Wichita, like where the Lineman was from. Ordered home security systems
to protect themselves from – the infamous BTK killer–
– BTK. BTK killer.
What they didn’t realize was that the BTK killer
was doing the installing. Whoops! – That’s a conflict of interest.
– He was installing the security systems. BTK. Bacon, tomatoes and ketchup?
What are we talking about here? Is that what it is?
It’s a sandwich? I’m not giving you any more information
cause then– He eats a sandwich while he kills. A bacon, tomato and ketchup. The tomatoes and ketchup –
little redundant. Gotta tell you, right now,
you don’t need both of them. I agree. BTK true. (ding sound) – It is true!
– (laughs) You’re scaring me that you know
so much about these guys. I know how these guys think, man. – BTK actually–
– I got relatives. – You wanna know what it stood for?
– What? Bind, torture, kindly install
your ADT home security system. – (laughs) Oh! Bind, torture, kill.
– Yeah. It’s like having your dentist
also be your meth dealer. Ah, that happened one time. John Wayne Gacy not only performed
around Norwood Park, Illinois, – as Pogo, the party clown– Woo!
– Uh huh. He also was involved in the local
Democratic party, where he received Special Secret Service
clearance to meet with the First Lady, Rosalyn Carter John Wayne Gacy was a Republican.
False! (buzzer sound) – No it’s true. Picture right here, look.
– (laughs) (Link) A freaking serial killer
shaking hands with the First Lady – (Rhett) Oh man!
– (Link) of the United States of America. – Can’t get them all right.
– And, you know what– you shouldn’t. We go Pogo here. (Link) It’s John Wayne Gacy himself,
this is exactly what he– What he is. That’s him.
That’s not Chase, that’s him. Hold on, I gotta shake hands with him? You gotta hold his hand throughout More. If I don’t get five? – And, if not, I do.
– Okay, alright. It’s looking pretty good for me. I’m a little scared at this point. A lot of clown hysteria
going around these days. – Yeah.
– We shouldn’t be adding to it, but we are. (crew laughs) – Rodney Alcala,
– Ah! Hm mm. is estimated to have killed more than– – (both) Fifty people.
– (crew laughs) But the other thing he killed
was his appearance on the 1970’s game show The Dating Game, because he actually won! Did a serial killer named, Rodney Alcala
win The Dating Game? I feel like I know something–
I seen something about this, that there was a serial killer
on The Dating Game, but are you telling me he was on there
and he didn’t win? Is this a little switcheroo? He did kill more than fifty people.
That is a fact. True. (ding sound) – You’re right.
– (shouts) Yes! This is crazy to think about.
Here’s the clip. Let’s watch a snippet. I’m a drama teacher,
and I’m going to audition each of you – for my private class.
– (Rhett) Uh oh! Bachelor number one,
(old man voice) you’re a dirty old man, – take it.
– (audience laughs) Come on over here, (grunts).
– (Link) That’s him. – I am serving you for dinner.
– (Alcala) Oh. What are you called?
And what do you look like? I’m called the banana,
and I look really good. (audience laughs) Honestly, if you’d
have asked me to identify– – I’m called the banana.
– (crew laughs) If you’d have asked me
to identify the serial killer, – I would have said Sheryl.
– Oh, really? – (crew laughs)
– Yeah, in that clip. – Afterward–
– (silly voice) Dirty old man. – (crew laughs)
– She actually refused to go out on a date with him, because she found him too (both) creepy.
– afterward. – Right.
– If you want to date a serial killer do it with a wall in-between
you and him. – Preferably a prison wall.
– Good for her. Good for you, Sheryl. – Does he have all of them right? I hope not.
– No, I’ve got four. The most prolific serial killer
in American History, – the Green River Killer – over a hundred –
– Hundred. was lucky enough to find love in prison. He got married to his pen pal
in a ceremony that lasted nine minutes. – Nine minute ceremony, huh?
– Hm mm. That’s an interesting tidbit. Got married after killing
a hundred people. – The Green River Killer?
– Hm mm. I think that’s made up, buddy. Why? He’s in prison. I feel like I would know about it,
cause I’m in tune with these things, I’m saying (whispers) false. (ding sound) – (unintelligible noise) It’s false.
– (laughs) – Yeah! Yeah!
– If you got married in prison, – you have to do it quick.
– Yeah, right. – I thought you’d fall for that.
– Nine minutes exactly. You know, Manson had a pen pal
that he married in prison. It happens. – Yeah, but he’s a good guy.
– No, he’s not. – You don’t think so?
– For the record. I’m talking about Charles Manson. But now, though,
he’s like a good guy. – Are you his pen pal?
– (crew and Rhett laugh) But now he’s cool, right? The Green River Killer is still in prison
and he’s still very single. But if the ceremony happened
the song that would have been playing is Islands in the Stream,
with the words changed a little bit. It would have been,
♪ Bodies in the stream, ♪ ♪ That is where the are. ♪ ♪ Cause I dumped them there, ♪ ♪ Don’t have to look far. ♪ I would have actually
been the wedding singer. (crew laughs) You owned that a little too well. – The Dolly part?
– (laughs) The killer part, man. The Hillside Stranglers–
This is just for me not to hold hands – with Pogo, longer than I have to.
– Okay. The Hillside Stranglers
were serial killer cousins, who terrorized the hills of L.A.
in the 1970’s. But by day, they were taxidermists. After getting caught, their work
was sold at auction where the highest bidder
was Jack Nicholson. So many details here.
So many details. – I don’t know think–
– Did Jack Nicholson buy their taxidermy after they were caught? I don’t think that–
I think that your brain would have malfunctioned
in generating those details, so I’m gonna say
it must all be true. (buzzer sound) – Better late than never, that’s false.
– (shouts) Ah! So I did trick you. I got one more for you.
You might know Ted Bundy as the heartless murderer
of over thirty victims, but he also saved a child from drowning. – True or false?
– Cause he’s a good guy. – He’s a good guy.
– He’s a good guy. For a serial killer. – He’s a great guy.
– Ted Bundy’s one of the good ones. He’s one of the good
serial killers, right? If I’m getting this right. – You’re being so weird today.
– (crew laughs) It’s Halloweek, man. – True of false, Rhett?
– True. He’s a good guy, true. (ding sound) – Yes, he did save a child,
– Yes! and fun fact, that child grew up
to be a serial killer? – Made that part up.
– (laughs) – Alright, I’ll hold hands with Pogo. Man!
– Yeah you will. You were too good at this.
It’s creepy that you were so good at it. I hope you weren’t. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. I’m a banana.
You know what time it is. Hi. I’m Patches, the clown
from Texas. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. You know, it might get cold
when you’re out Trick-or-Treating next week, and the only way
to protect yourself – is with a Good Mythical hoodie.
– (ghoulish voice) Wooo! – Put it over your costume temporarily.
– (laughs) Get it!, and click through
to Good Mythical More where I’ve got some more questions,
and we have a member of our crew – who has a serial killer connection.
– Oh my goodness. ♪(trumpet fanfare music)♪
– But not before we declare a winner. – Congratulations to
– (both) mizzjennjenn05. (Rhett) You win Eddie’s face,
from the set. (Link) What? Eddie’s face! – It’s just been right over there.
– We’re finally giving this away? – Oh, look at that.
– Eddie, will you sign it? – (Eddie) Sure.
– She’ll love it. Congratulations. Signed by Eddie. Ha! [Captioned by Jack:
GMM Captioning Team]

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